ACCESS AND USE SUBJECT TO TERMS OF SERVICE REPORTING: Hegelian Dialectics 2020 Special Matters: FR-18-04 Parental Kidnapping
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Since 1991, our business has served a community of less than 18,000 in rural Oklahoma. Attempting to threaten, bully, intimidate, or deride our service for choices designed to serve our local market and small customer base in a sustainable fashion are racketeering activity prohibited in XXIII-1A rule, Oklahoma Constitution, and a fraud subject immediate II-3 and II-22 report publicly as a public danger.

All privacy is disclaimed in any harassment communication to our firm in context to these threats, as afforded under 21 O.S. 21-31 and 21-32 rule. Any action prohibited under 18 USC 2261A (felony stalking) is prohibited and will be publicly reviewed. Harassment of an employer or employee is a crime under Oklahoma Law (21 O.S. 21-837 and 21-838). Aid in the prior frauds will be regarded as felony racketeering, in light of a related child snatching to extort and blackmail.

This matter is COMMERCIAL and INTERSTATE COMMERCE because the parties have knowingly created and impersonated a UNITED STATES CORPORATION in the PETERSEN v ALLEN abduction; making the matter Federal. False accounts for RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED on TWITTER, and false accounts for SHADOWDANCERS LLC, designed to contact and impersonate the Oklahoma parent in a capacity as an officer of the State, make this a serious criminal fraud against Title IV Grant programs governed by 45 CFR 302.0 and 303.0 rule. Themed 18 USC 666 felony embezzelment of Federal Benefits in conspiracy against rights (18 USC 241) on 76 O.S. 76-8 rule. INTERFERENCE IN INTERSTATE COMMERCE is covered by Title 18 Chapter 95 and 96; and 22 USC Chapter 78.

The dispute is themed an assault on Christians by sexually deviant persons in Interstate racketeering activity conjoined with Dallas Texas, Enid Oklahoma, Tulsa Oklahoma, New York City (NY), Lansing (MI), and supporting financial and sales groups impersonating not-for-profit groups in Enid OK and California, acting on behalf of NATION OF JAPAN, KINGDOM OF SWEDEN, PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, SINGAPORE, SOUTH KOREA, and ICELAND; in joint commercial patent and trademark, trade secret, and copyright infringement themed industrial espionage and industial sabotage with kidnapping context. Effort to target heterosexual Oklahoma parents and conceal their children in organization support the following claims and findings, and ultimately target children in regard to 22 USC Chapter 78 section 7102 rule.

SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP has been an opponent of hate crimes and child abuse, human trafficking, and sexual violence for 29 years of operation in Oklahoma. Attacks upon the firm are due to the conservative views of the company contrary radical socialist claims to theme Christian and anti-communist parties as mentally ill.

This classic communist party tactic, used by National Democratic Committee groups in PETERSEN v ALLEN, represent a civil rights violation contrary law and to create a false record in human trafficking and child snatching with commercial interference against an already registered and established business.

Denial During Child Abudction And Extortion Are a War Crime

"How do you know this is not some kid playing a prank?" or "It was just a joke."

When people take your child, disobey a court order, call for your murder, falsely report the contents of a formal court of law proceding, make false claims regarding debt, call for your property to be taken by force, resort to sexual violence threats, come in disguise to your home or place of business in order to threaten you or your family (or animals thereupon), and do so in conjunction with other physical attacks that show 99.999% correlation with their actions in a like fashion - that's not just "some kid" or "casual talk".

During the 2020 March threats (described below), attacks upon network systems have been monitored including 300,000 requests per day from a single source, which indicate an "industrial and organized effort to disable a business network and point of sale, communication, and business phone systems". This attack is not "noise" on the Internet, and is quite unprecedented in design and incompetence - as well as coordinated against two of seven servers on the network, affording a "control group" for traffick comparison. Traffic is also not related to services running or outbound traffic, and has specific names associated with requests of a volume and frequency which disbar any possible lawful use of the Internet transmission control protocol, to include "SYN FLOOD" abuse spanning months, repeated systematic use of very large business networks (OVH, HETZNER, OpenNetworks of Japan) and include personally crafted packets signed by the attacker who is illegally holding a minor contrary an order of possession.

Efforts by Oklahoma law enforcement to disclaim the importance or relevance of this form of attack, style the activity as outside their jurisdiction to deny protection of law, and refuse the right of COMMERCIAL CIRCUIT BUSINESS USE to victims in an effort to susppress the nature of the Title IV fraud now clearly a crime under 45 CFR and 18 USC 241, so also 18 USC 2071, on the grounds of foreign jurisdiction or statutory limitations further affirm the 21 O.S. 21-891 felony nature of such contact and demands, communication, and threats during economic crisis and to deceive the public (76 O.S. 76-4) combined with false names; that no doubt may exist in the assessment of a compentent professional of a crime aginst a business, including written confession and a sustained publication of such design to injure from 2001-2020 contrary 28 USC 1738A(e) Federal Law.

Seeking to create plausible reasons for failure to afford relief is a WAR CRIME, per the Federal Law, known as complicity and such act a heinous crime in United States Treaty, for which public notice against such act is a lawful right of self-defense citing false claims themed "FRAUD" and injury sought upon a person defined in 18 USC 1589 "serious harm" - voiding privacy of any party engaging in these acts and their employer(s).

Where a business nexus (competitor standing, in a threat of violence) is evident, such companies are liable and subject report, as the general public are not fully competent in the advantage created by such organized commercial Intestate and International forms of racketeering at an industry and intellectual property level. Awareness of this industry aspect, paired with a support of these activitys to include only a 24 hour pause in the attack March 20 2020 upon report, show gross criminal negligence and RECKLESS DISREGARD by the Japanese owned firms and STATE OF TEXAS corporation acting in this abuse, themed illegal competitive practices in our State and County.

Per Federal Law, as explicitly cited in Federal Register Volume 81 Number 244, the sole liability rests on the Title IV Agency of the State to correct the improper demand, stop abuse and cease enforcement as cited in 45 CFR 302.56 on written complaint, and abandon all debt over sixty (60) days past due per the rule. Ongoing efforts to imply a lack of proof or action by the alienated parent to justify concealment and refusal to return a child paired with false claims of mental health to disparrage commercial and public civil honors are a crime after-the-fact, and ongoing fraud in $28.6 billion Federal Title IV grant program. This is express in 42 USC 666(a)(9) rule to apply operation of law; and in 42 USC 666(a)(10) to make automatic modification on change in income or report to comply with 15 USC 1673(b) rule of 'factual' income, disbarring all powers to act then in cases of 'implied' income, and disclaiming the 'average income' method as illegal child support demand not permitted at law - and a false debt - so ruled EXCESSIVE FINE and void per SCOTUS (586 U.S. ____ case 17-1091). Citing therein by Ginsburg the abuse evident in PETERSEN v ALLEN explicitly a form of forfeiture not allowed or permitted the power of the State or Federal Civil Court whatsoever.

As attacks suspended for hours March 2020 and then RESUMED after this report, we may affirm a criminal intent of a felony degree, and apply 76 O.S. 76-9 rule to this matter, on 76-8 and 76-1 intent to violate Oklahoma Statutory Law, and with impact upon 76-6 in commercial scope to 21 O.S. 21-837 and 21-837 criminal activity themed ongoing 18 USC 241 violation at this time. See the following for details, to degree, and understand self-defense includes II-3 and II-22 rule explicitly in the ongoing XXIII-1A violations by an organized labor activity in INTERFERENCE IN INTERSTATE COMMERCE, regardless of where a specific actor in a larger INTERSTATE GROUP may be resident, in context to a written plan to extort a business of the State of Oklahoma or workers therein to abandon a trade, product, or industrial activity.

See also: Network Felony Stalking

Dealing with Sodomite Competitors
...and their dog raping friend (see March 20th threats)

For the past week a group of sodomites (persons obsessed with anal sex) have been repatedly harassing our staff via AMAZON services in addition to a 13,000 per hour TCP SACK KERNEL PANIC ATTACK which began with a shooting in September 2019 at our office.

These persons, known to us as "The 187 Group", and consisting of claims made by Donald Beal (INFOMART / ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES), Brian Young (KEIF-LP), Dorian Kim (PCH.NET), Jared Mauch (NTT AMERICA), consistently and in like fashion to the 2013-2020 publication justifying the taking, concealment, and mental and physical abuse of a minor child then ordered to the possession of JAMES ALLEN; to compel loss of business and forfeiture of estate and loans in excess of $150,000 USD by kidnapping.

In March 2020, this escalated to automated addition of 2600 "FOLLOWER" accounts created to the HMSTRYX account on the AMAZON SERVICE in an attempt to impersonate a purchase of false followers, deceiving the public to believe such services were and are a fraud in addition to intimidation of AMAZON employees to ban the commercial contracted account with SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP by AMAZON, themed an AFFILIATE AGREEMENT.

Further did this group in 2013 claim that the CISCO CHANNEL PARTNER status of RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED and SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP was ficticious, seeking to knowingly defraud the public to sell ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES services and goods into Oklahoma illegally. There claiming that the author of the claims was a CISCO CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL named "JOSIAH DEUTCH", an alleged EAST CENTRAL UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA student. Both the Ada City Police and EAST CENTRAL UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA denied that such person existed, and the language and phrasing including obsession with sexual sodomy themes toward JAMES ALLEN by Mr. DEUTCH appear to be consistent with the writing of letters to ATTORNEY MARY ROUNDS by DONALD J. BEAL, a ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES employee per court record.

On behalf of this commercial relationship, did DONALD BEAL in his letter also claim TEK SYSTEMS a co-conspirator in this fraud to abduct, conceal, and kidnap a child ordered to the possession of JAMES ALLEN; and such child taken by Veronica Petersen, Iva Petersen, and Donal Beal to a place of concealment in the letters and failing in 2002-2015 to notify the court of this place contrary law; then also did STATE OF TEXAS refuse to disclose this lack of information and payment of funds to the party during suspension of habeas corpus right of return and location; violating UNIFORM INTERSTATE FAMILY SUPPORT ACT "CHOICE OF LAW" clause, obligating both STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA to locate, communicate, and return the child as "satisfaction of all obligations"; falsely themed an unpaid debt contrary 42 U.S.C. section 666(a)(10) obligation to "modify" the support and CEASE AND DESIST any claim of obligation in excess of factual income; so defined also in 15 USC 1673(c) rule; whereby did the act to sustain this fraud and claim "owing and due" make the civil debt and all procedure and order null and void. Wrongly then themed as "no rights" to return or contact, contrary 76 O.S. 76-1 rule of 'inherent rights' and 76 O.S. 76-8 "right to return and reunificaiton" for both the Oklahoma father and the child; felony violations of 18 USC 241 Federal Law by operation of law.

By "operation of law", so defined in 42 U.S.C. section 666(a)(9) was this fraud not permitted, as described in "KELLY v KELLY" and "Malone v Malone", themed thereby "automatic mistrial", and the refusal to admit this in taking for concealment of children the felony crime 18 USC 1091 in statutory rule; or under the Oklahoma Supreme Law per U.S. Treaty there also binding superior law per 586 U.S. case 17-1091 ruling, a war crime upon the intent to disbar the suffrage right and right to own a business, operate, and to receive civil honors by the community in like fashion to similar 'ad hominem' and 'hereditary mental and emotional disorder' claims of neo-nazi genocide activity and anti-homosexual extermination practices used in the death camps of the National Socialist Party, in language and direction.

Such abuse, to theme the right to business based on the capital capacity, is a violation and crime of Oklahoma Article XXIII section XXIII-1A, and a felony. The use of the 'pink triangle' to mark for shame and violence homosexuals, was used by the MyLuv187 group to mark JAMES ALLEN in 2013-2020 publications in a fraud to take, conceal, and deny all commmunication with his child; by this group.

The use of the 'black triangle', also employed by the NAZI PARTY to mark 'asocial' (non-party dissidents and resistors to nazi eugencis and genocide claims) as mentally ill, theming these persons "anti-social" or "against soceity" and thus mentally defective or degenerate - were also and are also consitent with the threats by Brian Young, Donald Beal, Veronica Petersen, and their associates.

The disturbing aspect of having trained two of the associates now aiding in this fraud, who were for over a year instructed in the legal and criminal nature of soliciting death aginst persons and making such claims of mental health to defraud and compel as prohibited crimes; further affirms the premeditated intent to commit a felony by those parties in this matter as "organized labor" seeking to disable the company SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP and RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED.

Motive for such extreme behavior, themed terrorism under the Oklahoma Anti-Terrorism Act, where directed toward a business or place of business to include the broadcast services of a PONTOTOC COUNTY, STATE OF OKLAHOMA worker or company; are not clear until the competitor standing of NTT GROUP, PCH.NET, WHITE WOLF PUBLISHING, CCP hf (now CCP GAMES, a subsidiary of) PARADOX INTERACTIVE, and 5% market stock ownership of PARADOX INTERACTIVE by TENCENT HOLDINGS of China.

TENCENT also holds "TENCENT SHENZEN TECHNOLOGY CO LTD", a patent company seeking advantage in such forfeiture. Use of the trademark "STRYX" owned by SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP, both by contract writers in GAMES WORKSHOP PLLC subsidiary license holder FANTASY FLIGHT GAMES - and by WHITE WOLF PUBLISHING (CCP GAMES / PARADOX INTERACTIVE) to damage the well known "pen name" used by JAMES ALLEN in credit and work from 1991-2020 for GAMES WORKSHOP PRODUCTS and charcter design used at public events where WHITE WOLF PUBLISHING sold their "minds eye theater / Vampire: The Requiem" product, a part of the WORLD OF DARKNESS; utterly enjoins those parties to the claim of employment by WHITE WOLF PUBLISHING and JOSIAH DEUTCH in 2003-2006 made by his own admission during written threat to extort, blackmail, and claim of $95,500 USD sle of SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP property to aid in the kidnapping, concealment, and ransom of the child from the ALLEN FAMILY.

WHITE WOLF PRESS has since entered into similar anti-gay defamation, using genocide against gay persons in a real life series of murders, for which PARADOX INTERACTIVE has declared they have changed management due to the implied "ability to play neo-nazi characters" actively involved in the torture and murder of gays, jews, and other anti-semite targets.

WHITE WOLF PRESS has escaped notice in this 2013 December to 2020 publication of the STRYX brand as a major character themed inhuman and evil, supernatural, and identical to the portrayal of in-game characters for theater created and owned by JAMES ALLEN, by use of an unregistered company ONYX PATH PUBLISHING use of electronic direct-to-customer or direct-to-print-on-demand services; Books by GAMES WORKSHOP containing the similar derogatory character did appear in PONTOTOC COUNTY, and receipt of such book and sale shown in distribution as part of a nationwide infringement upon the party similar to the degree of HARMONY GOLD vs FASA CORPORATION in MOSPEDA images and machine designs.

Flagrant copyright and trademark infringement in this nature, driven by wholly incorrect claims that "copyright only exists for registered works" to justify theft of intangible intellectual property and content from physical and registered property, appear consistent in statements of "COPYRIGHTS, PATENT & TRADEMARKS WORLDWIDE" (1990) by Hoyt L. Barber (ISBN 0-8306-0233-X).

Brian Young and other members of the "MyLuv187" group; contrary the common law and Supreme Law of the United States governing such rights and the existence of intangible property as a right existing prior to statutory rule; as affirmed repeatedly and well known among competent commercial professionals and industry experts in intellectual property management.

In this manner, and to destroy the claim of the original author and owner of the mark, have the parties engaged in a pattern of sexual and offensive, harassing, and sustained activity paired with child abduction and concealment, child abuse, parental alienation, and leveraged such claims against very large foreign investment from countries like CHINA and JAPAN, where the age of consent for sex is only 13 years old, to support a total loss of paternal contact conditional payment of a random inconsistent with income and unlawful in the UNITED STATES per 45 CFR and 1991 rule (per FEDERAL REGISTER VOLUME 81 NO 244). Compeling by knowing fraud, design, and use of physical violence while in an INTERSTATE COMMERCE ACTIVITY and to INTERFERE IN INTERSTATE COMMERCE (18 USC 1951) with the operation of a registered agent of the UNITED STATES and UNITED STATES CORPOATION.

Examination of the relationships, locations, ownership, and community standards themed in this abuse appear to enjoin the low age of sexual maturity and consent in the OCEANIC foreign companies against UNITED STATES businesses and industry professionals who are dissenting against misuse of technology and monopoly and anti-trust violations by these firms activity in the continental United States; in clear racketeering activity prohibited under 18 USC Chapter 96 (section 1961). These themes are evident in the use of similar media like "MUSICAL.LY" - now known publicly as TIKTOK, or "ByteDance" (native name: 字节跳动), a CHINESE based company that sources images and video of minor children in the UNITED STATES.

Many United States parents do not realize the use and other applications for this content in the context to the "age of consent of 14 years" in the People's Republic of China, or similar age of 15 in Singapore, and 16 in Australia, where these "Myluv187" members and their companies are based. Nor the very low (13 years) age of consent in the Nation of Japan, and how the presumption of the father as a source of income devoid of rights if he disputes his subordinate role in the working class of that nation as set by academic and government license.

These concepts are foreign, alien, and as offensive to the UNITED STATES and XXIII-1A rule as Islamic child marriage to children under 17 is in the West; but not as readily visible until the language, letters, and sexual overtones of rape and sodomy used to sustain the ongoing 2020 March 17 harassment in PETERSEN v ALLEN appear.

Community and State law enforcement are not designed to deal with national backing for harassment or efforts to compell States to fight for welfare Title IV grant (benefits) by fraud; where such fraud is a felony (18 USC 666) and false record (23 O.S. 23-9.1) a form of foreign commercial industrial espionage or sabotage; paired with domestic partners employed to execute and sustain this abuse for pay.

When the taking of UNITED STATES CITIZENS in violation of FEDERAL LAW (45 CFR) and to compel or cause the detainment of UNITED STATES REGISTERED AGENTS in disablement of UNITED STATES CORPORATIONS becomes evident, as they have in PETERSEN v ALLEN and the "187 Group" letters; paired with complicity to commit genocide and crime of genocide; it is the duty of the POTUS to act and no authority of Congress or the JUSTICE DEPARTMENT afforded a right to oppose such relief and remedy obligated (18 USC 1593) for human trafficking and peonage (22 USC Chapter 78 and 18 USC 1589), including "serious harm" by sustained acts of terrorism against UNITED STATES organizations and legal persons during the sustained concealment or removal of their chidlren from their "ordered possession".

An order that is to be relied upon for debt, but is disclaimed for duty to return hostages, is a fraud and theft of United States benefits (18 USC 666) not afforded the right of law, as express in Federal Law (15 USC 1692d, 15 USC 1673c, 28 USC 1738Ae, 42 USC 1994).

That any American be subjected to this form of abuse, in sustained failure to call to arms and remedy obligated at law and urgency of an immediate relief afforded 18 USC 3161 rule and Oklahoma Constitution Article II section II-6; gives cause to relieve that government or officer or other agency or State of its authority, registry, books, claims, and all power of attorney at law. Leaving commercial and business persons to decide, plainly - do you side with pedophiles, sodomites, and people who are engaged in violence and sexual threats against women and children to compel a "social justice" that is alien to the United States and the People; and to disbar any officer or agent of the UNITED STATES or any Member State who offense as obligated under 22 USC Chapter 78 rule (a law, already made); and to hold the same true of any corporation or patent granted to foreign parties also which was in any part obtained by such violation or agency at law in any degree, from such honor and standing at law in the jurisdiction of the United States - as is equal protection and the duty of 18 USC 241 contrary any 'custom' or 'rational balancing' of benefits to injuries inflicted?

This is the fundamental question of the 21st Century. Is the injury to even one person, justification to ignore that crime for benefit to the community, a collective, or other imagined social cause or self-image?

March 17th 2020, the "MyLuv 187" group claimed via TWITCH.TV (an AMAZON) affiliate, that it is not - by continuing in their harassment in contact contrary express notice to CEASE AND DESIST THIS ACTIVITY. Doing so on behalf of all the corporations stated in that notice - in criminal conspiracy against rights, and in the added capacity to create accounts "anaipounder' and "big_buutthol".

big_buuthol said:

    2:43 big_buutthol: Good work james
    2:44 big_buutthol: hope ur business is doing good
    2:44 big_buutthol: Good luck with website , I m sure ur getting a lot of sales
    2:45 big_buutthol: Much love
    2:45 big_buutthol: See ya
    2:45 big_buutthol: see ya jimmy

The name used is the same as the 232 pages of death threats and citation of three women in the PONTOTOC COUNTY area for violence, calling on the community to assault the father of the concealed child; as if a legal cause for concealment were a record of the court - despite there being NONE.

So it is with confidence we disclose now the commercial relationships of these parties, who are acting as beneficiary to this sort of 'passive aggressive' harassment; where after making these claims following 2600 follows added to disrupt a contract in fraud and 300,000 unsolicited messages per day for six months with evasive IP forgery designed to disable the company servers; that the party felt then compelled to say "see ya jimmy".

Brian Young, Donald Beal, Veronica Petersen, Iva Petersen, Alica Scarbrough, Bobby Scarbrough, and the persons in their employment and clients known to be ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES, EQUINIX, PACKET CLEARING HOUSE, LOSTSERVER.NET, INFOMART, GEBHARDT BROADCASTING LLC, KEIF-LP public radio (now unregistered per fines not paid), SPARKHOSTING INTERNET SERVICES, TERRABOX.COM, TEK SYSTEMS, NTT GROUP, and representative resellers COGENT COMMUNICATIONS and ZENLAYER INC. appear by nexus with these persons then to be engaged in a sexual harassment themed child removal and concealment to extort and blackmail domestic UNITED STATES businesses, systematically using OVH HOSTING, HETZNER.DE, and other source IP addresses to block and disrupt the visibility of the Oklahoma company through attacks exceeding 1.8 million unsolicitated messages to SPARKLIGHT HOSTING BUSINESS SERVICS in ADA OKLAHOMA.

Brian Young styled this sort of "insincere and uncharacteristically false sentiment" seen above in "big_buutthol" approach and citation of derogatory names barred prior by felony 18 USC 2261A rule a form of coercion in context to forced taking of property and concealment of family members prohibited in 22 U.S. Chapter 7102 and 21 O.S. 21-748 felony crimes; as "friendly advice" in his deposition to the ADA CITY POLICE following written threat October 2010 to "ruin RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES" for disclosing his beating of an Ada High School student and classmate K.J.Chiles, who came to JAMES ALLEN for help in 2010. Then calling Chiles a "drunk" to excuse this abuse against a woman, shortly before Mr. Young's wife was hospitalized for similar injuries. It was discovered that ALICA SCARBROUGH and BRIAN YOUNG jointly then entered into a conspiracy with DONALD BEAL to seek charges for reporting this inforamtion in 2011, in execution of this threat and during ORDERED POSSESSION of the child named in PETERSEN v ALLEN, to block return of the child conditional payment of funds not lawful child support and in violation of 45 CFR and Federal Law governing Child Support and Civil fines.

This sort of "friendly persuasion" is known as EXTORTION, and as BLACKMAIL, and was further aggravated by the discovery of a drug conviction with incarceration of Brian Young's brother; and of his relationship with a student while a professor in Enid Oklahoma; similar to his relationship with Chiles during his marriage preceeding the domestic violence complaint to ALLEN.

Persons who are holding a child in violation of a court order, and write publicly about entering the property of a person to "leave them gifts so they know you were there, always watching", and to carve out the brain of the person with a "mellon baller" for their demand to have their child returned - as ORDERED and in concealment then after a TAKING BY FORCE AND SURPRISE FROM THE LEGAL RESIDENCE OF THE OKLAHOMA PARENT FOR PERPEPTUAL CONCEALMENT ON RANSOM, are not in any degree innocent or incompetent in their actions.

Which is to say, the prior statement by "big_buutthol" affirms a criminal premeditated plan to hold, extort, repeatedly contact for the purpose of felony (18 USC 2261A) harassment, and to intimidate those persons in the proximity and in direct communication with the business in real-time during such business activity, as to affirm the threats and enjoin the "jimmy" letters (323 pages, with $95,500 USD in false transerfer of title) a formal and organized criminal activity by all persons who have taken part in this matter and their respective employers, beneficiaries, and clients.

A Union, even if informally organized, is a criminal enterprise where it or any employee of such organization contrary direct registry of payroll or title, is engaged in such actions barred by XXIII-1A rule; or other felony linked to repeated approach, solicitation, and contact contrary the express prohibition of the targeted business or person.

In this way, PETERSEN v ALLEN exposes the very serious and criminal aspects of racketeering activity in STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA which warrant a Federal Investigation per 22 USC Chapter 78, a SPECIAL PROSECUTOR APPOINTMENT, and potential action under emergency powers to terminate and suspend the business license and shareholder activity of the firms so named in the direct relationship to those companies having any registered or contractual bond with this activity in nexus.

Is Islamic Support of this Sodomy and Pedophile Activity to Blame, or Athiesm in Countries with sexual access to Minors as Young as 13 (Japan)

Compare the products:

"It appears to me that the lack of moral character has created in numerous State Regent of Higher Education programs a cluster of sociopath and psychopath personality in certain graduates and undergraduates;

Who by virtue of the complexity of IT service degrees and foreign financial influence - have enjoined themselves and their business partners and clients to a pattern of criminal child trafficking and extortion for market advantage which the United States and American People cannot permit to retain standing as lawful registred business organization.

The claims to dissolve copyright and patent rights of domestic firms in favor of foreign corporations, social and sexual norms, and a sort of 'highest bidder sale' of rights; precludes our obligation to grant these persons equal standing or recognition in our markets and society; and to wholly dissolve the BERNE CONVENTION with such countries whose employees and staff have acted in any way to support neo-nazi rheotirc and anti-semitic claims themed genocide activity - either overtly or under color of law a fraud and terrorist hoax."

To say this is solely due to Radical Islamic Terrorism in the countries, like Singapore and Turkey, is to ignore the broader support of anti-religious atheist elements who have found common ground in pedophilia and sex tourism as a component of the global Internet industry; and in the sale of aggregate (meta) data and private information gained from a financial takeover of majority share of switched data transport in the optical data long-haul fiber industry, and sale of this information.

This action, following the theft of mail server bids at NORTEL NETWORKS, granting NTT GROUP those contracts in CHINA, substantially further impose a burden of proof that the NATION OF JAPAN and PRC groups later established cannot answer sufficiently to meet the PETERSEN v ALLEN burden of injury.

We may never again have a common patent registry with NATION OF JAPAN, PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, SWEDEN, SINGAPORE, ICELAND, or AUSTRALIA because of this fraud; and the severity of injury brought about by foreign investors seeking rights or control over the UNITED STATES by aid to this form of organized active commercial espionage and sabotage on the grounds of socialist "benefits marginalizing rights" with the American People. Nor may the institutions of higher learning in the United States recover from such abuse to warrant a claim of credit or monopoly which is not afforded nor deserved their purpose in a free society (XXIII-1A)."


Attacks Continue in March 2020

Attacks continue as of March 19 2020, as these logs show in one source rotating IP sources with IP forgery:

  • Summary March 18 Single Source Attacker Rotation
  • LOG of flood, limited to 3 per second*
    * Where the TTL changes while the IP remains the same, indicates IP forgery to Frame OVH for this crime.
  • Attacks continued March 20 2020 including user names "im_outside_your_home123", "i_rayp_dogs_4fun", "usmc_bdsm_bbc", and "bdsm_kids" on TWITCH.TV, repeating claims of the child abductors. Screenshots and witness testimony to this abuse are available to Congressional Representatives and the U.S. Attorney's Office. In context to a child kidnapping and concealment, refused location and health information, this makes the activity INTERSTATE RACKETEERING prohibited by the CALIFORNIA PARENTAL KIDNAPPING PREVENTION ACT under jurisdiction of TWITCH Interactive of California.
  • March 24 2020 at 6:12 pm CDT, "bummhole_mofo" contacted the TWITCH.TV system to rebroadcast a product launch, seeking to disrupt the stream in repreated 18 USC 2261A felony contact.
  • The prior subsequent Friday March 20 2020 contact in which:
    1. Child Molester Fraud to Promote false cause for Child Abduction
      Creation of bdsm_kids as a channel to harass in fraud
      - 2020 Mar 20th, Twithc.TV DM by weazelboy1
    2. Passive Voice and Projection of Fault for Report of Child Abduction by suck_my_controller
      Threatening to report the performer as if this unsolicited hosting is voluntary in an assault, to disable employment prohibited in 21 O.S. 21-837 rule.
    3. Creation of "usmc_bdsm_bbc" and two other names, prior "i_rayp_dogs_4fun"
      and punctuated by "im_outside_your_home123" as threats prior made in 2013-2020
      endorsed by LOSTSERVER.NET and DONALD J BEAL of DALLAS TEXAS in 323 page site

      see also:

    4. March 20 and March 28 2020, persons contacted JAMES ALLEN via TWITCH.TV in public violation of the Terms of Service there to appropriate content in violation of copyright for the purpose of attacking the child recovery and supporting the extortion themed by the "myluv187" user, taking two steps March 28 2020:

      1. "herp_derp_jimmy is now hosting you" (unauthorized use of a stream to a new user, a copyright violation themed a crime under the Oklahoma ANTI-COUNTERFEITING ACT.

      2. "stop this nonsense" then posted into chat before other users, in demand of action conditional termination of a criminal act in pattern 18 USC 2261A felony stalking, so themed "extortion" on face, and coercion of 21 O.S. 21-748 rule, a felony in context to 22 USC section 7102 concealment of a child.

      3. This demand followed prior claims by "bummhole_mofo" on friday, March 20 2020, coinciding with such colorful accounts created for this purpose including "im_outside_your_home123" and "i_rayp_dogs_4fun", comments aimed at MODERATOR "dog" who considered this a threat of sexual violence by the offending party similar to prior private (Direct) messages sent to him in stalking of associates based on his patronage of the channel and TWITCH.TV in regard to PETERSEN v ALLEN threats.

      4. Attacks continue March 29 2020 in 6000 ICMP in 120 minutes, 5000 in less than 60 minutes.

      5. These attacks continued as of 1700 CDT March 30 2020 from SOFTBANK, BTT (Beiing Telecom / NTT) and NTT core networks supporting the claim of NTT / JP activity targeting the U.S. Network in conjunction with attacks on 28,000 per hour flooding and port scanning of the listening system. see DNS Report 1700 DCT 2020 30 - OCN, as featured in the resume of JARED MAUCH used on LOSTSERVER.NET DNS host, shows nexus with the prior Open Computer Network of Japan in the final entry recorded 2020 Mar 30.

      6. Attacks exceed 30,000 in a direct spike of activity in 2am to 3am March 31 2020 against broadcast servers, targeting broadcasters: Broadcast Office Attack 20200331_0200_Rate_Abuse.txt

      7. ICMP attacks continue, in individual strikes, as of 4pm - 5pm March 31 2020, indicating a single source attacker in: 20200331_ICMP_10k_1hr.txt against network assets during broadcasting.

      8. DNS attacks show identitical spikes during March 31 2020 to attacks on vital network services by the single source, not a part of the coordinated acts by time-date-stamp: 20200331_DNS_attack_2am.ns1.txt DNS and web server traffick on bunny (prior) are not correlated, indicating DNS spikes are not ordinary traffic related to ordinary services of the company or legitimate website name lookups (Domain) service.

      9. User "jimmybom" appeared again at 2:00 pm CDT on TWITCH.TV channels during broadcast April 1 2020 to continue 18 USC 2261A felony harassment, and was banned immediately. This conduct appears pathological criminal activity in context to prior 3 reports.

      10. Attacks that claim M1 and A0 metric "Bad Traffic" are normal, are disproven in April 2nd and 3rd 2020 logs for SERVER 2 'diana'. The lack of traffic April 2nd 5am to 10 am shows the attacker cease, and April 3rd 12:00 am to 11am 2020 shows the attacker change IP sources moving 13500 attacks per hour move from M1 to A0 column in match traffic - a ban evasion technique. Efforts to dismiss this metric data as "delusion" is a fraud before the County Court by STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA, in defense of violation of 45 CFR and unlawful taking to perpetual concealment of a newborn child in Title IV grant fraud, a felony under 18 USC 666 rule.

      No prior contact, communication, or consent for rebroadcast of content prior the DEMAND was made, nor reply made, and such user BANNED on presentation, as a felony extortion demand related INTERSTATE COMMERCE in contract sought to be invalidated affecting the business of the firm, so set forth in 21 O.S. 21-837 and 21-838 rule, a crime.

      The Oklahoma ANTI-COUNTERFEITING ACT makes rebroadcast of content without consent in live video a crime, punishable by criminal prosecution and civil action not-respective of any aspect in 18 USC 2261 felony the act may also represent.

Threats Evident to an Ordinary Person

As any ordinary person can see, the language, themes, and claims of these persons appear to be the same party evading a ban already issued; consist without legal provocation to direct threats oriented to PONTOTOC COUNTY, STATE OF OKLAHOMA, and are consistent with the CISCO SYSTEMS representative prior claimed in 2013-2020 false business sites created to impersonate the registered company SHADOWDANCERS LLC and corporation RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED there in PONTOTOC COUNTY.

This is not ordinary behavior on TWITCH.TV, as witnessed by RUNESCAPE moderator and legacy member, and construed as direct threats supporting the child taking for concealment and extortion prior discovered in 2015-2020 frauds. Paired with a variation of attacks upon network servers of RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED, these attacks represent an interest in the disruption of INTERSTATE COMMERCE during a NATIONAL HEALTH EMERGENCY contributing to UNITED STATES economic disablement and transfer of technology to foreign registration unlawfully, themed human trafficking and prohibited by 45 CFR, Federal Law. SEVEN ALPHA, a network created by RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED, is designed to identify and protect members from this form of felony stalking (18 USC 2261A). It does not resolve the obligation of 22 U.S.C. Chapter 78 to open a formal Federal Investigation in this matter, or the concealment of a child under false trial and false fines suspending 28 USC 1738A(e) rule; or false agreements under coercion of incarceration to alter such rule in 2015-2020 by STATE OF TEXAS, prohibited by 21 O.S. 21-748, a felony crime on commission by operation of law.

No charge, conviction, or claim of any contact of an inappropriate nature has EVER BEEN FILED against JAMES ALLEN on record, per the KELLY v KELLY and Malone v Malone rule (OK Sup Court); and as such this is FRAUD, themed 76 O.S. 76-3 'deceit of the public' in such claims, before a public audience in INTERSTATE COMMERCE between TWITCH INTERACTIVE and SHADOWDANCERS LLC, styled 21 O.S. 21-837 and 21-838 Interference in performance and deliver of work.

Disclosure of this information from a 21+ rated stream is lawful, and obligated per ongoing felony stalking falsely themed delusion to gaslight the parent of a missing and exploited child, intimidate the court and local law enforcement, and conceal a child under false cause in welfare fraud (18 USC 666) violating a demand to the TITLE IV agent of habeaus corpus refused by Clay B. Pettis, Pontotoc County District Attorney on behalf of STATE OF OKLAHOMA, or its Title IV agency a franchise goverend by 45 CFR 302.0 and 303.0 rule.

The prior abuse illustrates: 1.) the use of Bondage Dominance and Sado Masochism (BDSM) community themes popular in the forum administered by SEX KITTEN (Veronica Petersen) as a component of the abuse and claims of posting such content to defame Allen in deflection from her nude photography with other men (filed with the court); 2.) efforts to allege fraudulently a threat to the child not prior claimed to the court as it is baseless of sexual misconduct between the alienated parent and child, used to install a fear in the public and social workers so shown in psychology report used to obtain controlled substances for the child in fraud by Veronica Petersen (2015); 3.) organized targeting of business and commerce in this cause to damage the Oklahoma parent to block recovery and intimidate the public against return of a child ordered to their possession in an organized and sophisticated manner; 4.) creation of five accounts to do so themed criminal violations of twitch terms of service under 18 USC 2261A rule, felony acts in each count; 5.) use of threat of violence against animals (to rape dogs) and in claim of direct proximity to the real estate in PONTOTOC COUNTY in context to this threat of felony animal cruelty; 6.) claims in the chat to justify such actions upon the presence of the persons and report of incidents under II-22 rule in this website as justifying of felony crimes to compel or coerce JAMES ALLEN to alter his business - contrary 21 O.S. 21-837 rule - overtly.

These facts alone affirm the nature of the Petersen kidnapping of "baby boy Allen" and that it persists in terrorist activity in the PONTOTOC COUNTY area, after threats by DONALD BEAL in 2002 and 2011 directly against witnesses in PONTOTOC COUNTY. All such parties did enter into INTERSTATE COMMERCE and do so in disguise and in presentation of two or more legal persons so incorporated, as to constitute a lawful 'conspiracy against rights' without lawful cause, waiving all defense at law to the felony 18 USC 241 and 242 rule afforded 21 O.S. 22-31 rights of JAMES ALLEN in his response and answer to bar this act in notice citing 'public danger' created by terrorist fraud inciting violence against his person in knowing fraud, a heinous crime and attack upon the safety and rights of his child in conistent actions affirmed a taking by force without legal cause or writ falsely plead as "abandonment" in highway kidnapping 2001 August 11th.

Meet the Management

I started a computer business in 1991, focusing on desktop publishing and inspired by my father's work at Computer Utility for Apple personal computers. My career began with the black and white macintosh era, incorporating in 1998 after false claims of ownership were reported by the Oklahoma Tax Commission in a knowing fraud against my person. Support for this fraud, including false claims of character and personal state of mind have supported the taking of property and concealment of a child ordered to my possession and prior in my possession in 2001, preceeding a premeditated kidnapping to conceal the child for ransom and extortion.

I therefore take claims to this effect - confusing my acting and writing work for live action science fiction and table-top roleplaying games very seriously. These claims, paired with frud and infringement to resell content owned exclusively by SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP, are part of a pattern of abuse linked to a labor union of persons associated with Japanese owned Michigan based NTT AMERICA and Dallas, Texas based INFOMART employees. I became aware of the corrupt union activity in Dallas in 2000, when they confessed to stealing from a company and selling property belonging to the firm, hosting pirated software and IRC servers on their client's network for non-employees, and violence against my person and other persons who reported their behavior resutling in a termination and later DUI conviction.

My firm designs, builds, and manages the lifecycle of professional workstations known as DREAM ENGINES™, WARLOCK™, ISOMER™, STRYX™, and intellectual property including the STRYX® and BEYOND WAR® science fiction property.

I hold a degree in clinical childhood psychology granted in 1999, prior the birth and kidnapping of my son by a mentally ill Texas woman who was medicated at the time she took our child for concealment from my home and plead "ABANDONMENT" in a perjury before STATE OF TEXAS judge Dee Miller, who refused to afford due process or enforce the return of my child or admit evidence included witnesses to threats of murder and physical domestic violence. Persons aiding in these threats in 2001-2012 and 2013-2020 are known as the "187 Group", named after the email of a CISCO CERTIFIED engineer who claimed to represent the group in fraud on behald of LOSTSERVER.NET, and Doneld J. Beal, a man who made these threats against women in Oklahoma in intimidation of witnesses during the 2001-2020 concealment of a child.

When you deal with our firm, remember - we will require IDENTIFICATION - and will not deal with unregistered businesses or parties. This is because of a consistent 18 USC 2261A pattern of felony violations supporting the 22 USC section 7102 human trafficking issue in the taking, concealment, and extortion of $95,500 in property and $108,000 USD in false debt for a "fully paid" civil "final judgment"; and the 18 USC 666 felony welfare fraud alleged in the STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA support of this matter without trial or protection obligated by THE VICTIMS OF A SEVERE FORM OF TRAFFICKING AND VIOLENCE ACT OF 2000 and 586 U.S. ____ case no 17-1091 EXCESSIVE FINES imposed to compel false trial made by operation of law (KELLY v KELLY, 2007).

42 U.S.C. 666(a)(9) prohibits this abuse in all fifty States, and 666(a)(10) shows the fraud, so prohibited in 45 CFR 302.56 rule and 303.6 rule prohibited any collection activity after sixty (60) days - disbarring child support of any kind that is in excess of "factual income", as is alleged owed contrary FEDERAL LAW and obtained without due process of any kind in the kidnapping of MAGNUS VINCENT PETERSEN in 2001.

My corporations were formed in support of my son's recovery, on the date of his birth and on the date of his abduction respectively, in 2009 and 2012, to sustain this contest after my death, which is expected due to hereditary illness that ordinarily causes early mortality in the mid-30s. Contrary this health issue, I have lived into my mid-40s thanks to research by Johns Hopkins into alternative treatment of metabolic disorders, known generally as takotsubo cardiomyopathy aggravated by marfanoid syndrome (an FBN1 gene disorder, per JOHNS HOPKINS).

Most of my work has to do with TEAMSPEAK voice confernecing for disabled communities, who play online games as a form of pain managment and stress relief in organized non-competitive communities. Persons in critical or end-of-life care often find mobility difficult, and our services offer persons a means of connecting without travel that can aggravate conditions and risk infection or disease after surgery.

My mother was Doctor Ann Klepper, a Pediatrician who contributed to building Doctor's Park near Valley View Hospital. My grandfather, by marriage, was Orvil Price of Witherspoon Finance, who build portions of Ada Oklahoma including the Dorthy Price Addition - which is named after his wife. You may also see streets in Ada named Susan, Nancy, and Ann, which were the result of city planning during the development of the community. This is the reason I wanted my son to come to this community and live with our family when he was born, where the extensive pediatric practice of my mother and her work at Valley View Regional Hospital would afford him excellent care.

Instead, my child was abducted and concealed, and the UNITED STATES refused to return my child contrary the "possession" obligation in the court order rendered on false trial; denying my 76 O.S. 76-8 rights over objection for 18 years while demanding I pay funds during extortion and blackmail activity by the abductors - employees of NTT AMERICA, TEK SYSTEMS, ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES, INFOMART, EQUINIX, and their associates. My work is competitive with TENCENT subsidiary "TENCENT TECHNOLOGIES (SHENZEN) CO LTD" and "PARADOX INTERACTIVE", known also as "WHITE WOLF PUBLISHING", the makers of "Vampire the Masquerade".

My product, BEYOND WAR®, is competitive with "CCP GAMES", the former owner of "WHITE WOLF PUBLISHING" at the time of threats against my person and jointly with PARADOX INTERACTIVE, and was in development in the early 1990s prior threats of infringement to allege the 2003 launch of their "EVE ONLINE" product a first-to-market product and original work of "CCP hf" (CCP GAMES) of Iceland. Efforts to defraud our company of the rights to this product, registered in 1998 as BEYOND WAR in its early performance works in ADA OKLAHOMA at "TJ LANGLEY'S - WEB COMICS AND GAMES" shop; were sold eventually to PEARLY ABYSS of South Korea. We cite the use of PACKET CLEARING HOUSE director in the LOSTSERVER.NET group and South Korean work as a link in this fraud; and affirm that the BERNE CONVENTION has no protection for countries engaged in these tactics to overturn lawful UNITED STATES PATENTS AND TRADEMARK LAW through abuse of child and family taking for welfare fraud and incitement of murder.

This firm is therefore very affirmative against foreign influenced 'state sovereign fund' tampering with UNITED STATES industry and industrial TRADE SECRETS, which the PETERSEN KIDNAPPING exposes in 323 page extortion violationg XXIII-1A rule.

The violation of XXIII-1A is a felony under 18 USC 241 and 242, and destruction of this information a felony under 18 USC 2071 rule, binding civil action in the State under 15 USC 1692d rule and 15 USC 1692n State obligations. Claims of debt in EXCESSIVE FINES are a fraud and void per 15 USC 1673(c) rule in the matter; and themed human trafficking subject to 22 USC rule; a felony act against the rights of the people subject Oklahoma Constitution Article I section I-1 and Article II section II-1 rule. You would be well advised to be familiar with these laws and 76 O.S. 76-9 rule, prior to raising objection to these matters in any jurisdiction or context.

Know the parties - Know the Law. Understand 18 USC Section 4 Misprison of a Felony.

Very large companies like RIOT GAMES (maker, League of Legends) are enjoined to the foreign corporate activity themed in PETERSEN v ALLEN, by business relationships, which make certain forms of business with our firm prohibited due non-compete non-disclosure agreements and relationships. Use of our trademarks in a derogatory manner by an organized labor union in support of the "187 Group" fraud, so named for the use of the California Code for Murder (187) used in the 323 page document published in 2013-2020 as a false prospectus of our schedule C corporate licensee of BEYOND WAR to defraud the UNITED STATES of ownership of this property in favor of SOUTH KOREA, ICELAND, AND PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA; in a knowning fraud. As the value of this property in competitor sale of record is $423 million USD in 2018 "Eve Online" transfer, we consider this a matter of National Industrial Sabotage, and a threat by Democractic Party and National Public Radio (NPR) affiliates in Dallas Texas and Enid Oklahoma, who have been fined over $10,000 USD in relation to this commercial fraud.

This is not to allege all employees or subsidiaries of a very large company, like Microsoft, such as TENCENT are actively aware of the illegal providence of the intellectual property they have paid for in false belief it was orignal or exclusive works for their use; but it is evident from ongoing attempts to breach the RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED network that such activity is supported by several persons with access to these networks engaged in a September 2019 to March 2020 ongoing TCP "SACK" attack on servers in POONTOTOC COUNTY, STATE OF OKLAHOMA, UNITED STATES, over a pattern of well-known networks associated with EQUINIX / HETZNER.DE and Ontario hosting companies associated with Donald J. Beal and Veronica Petersen.

Additional explicit death threats have barred all associates of Alica Scarbrough, Susan Quincy, and their associates in INFAMOUS PRODUCTIONS LLC of Arkansas and unregistered business activity in the STATE OF OKLAHOMA paired with repeated hostile contact and defamation to support perpetual concealment of a child. At no time did Ms. Scarbrough own any equity in SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP or any company related, and has a history of false claims of legal defamation since high school and during college at East Central University of Oklahoma including 'theft by check' and warrant for that served at 925 E 9th Street, which made disclosure of the fraud to our personnel and exposed radical religious claims designed to conceal a pattern of abuse, preceeding a written threat of murder after extensive education in the severity of such language and its use - in premeditated pattern of domestic violence and psychological abuse of persons including a Norman, Oklahoma high school student during the illness and death of her grandmother.

Our company have lost family members to this fraud, and consider support for any aspect of this fraud a direct threat upon the life and property of the persons who are targeted in this abuse, an extortion of shareholders and creditors by named parties aiding in the taking, concealment, and abuse of a minor child violating their 76 O.S. 76-6 and 76-8 rights; a deceit of the public under 76 O.S. 76-3 and effort to disclaim all 76 O.S. 76-1 rights (inherent rights) - alleging no rights exist unless granted by court, contrary United States Constitution Article I section 9 and 10, in organized fraud of benefits of the United States, a Title IV Grant fraud themed $2.2 billion USD per year from 2001-2020.

The United States ruled this a fraud in 2016, concurrent 2001-2020 period, per Federal Register Volume 81 Number 244, citing the policy of the UNITED STATES was set as such in 1991-2020 for 25 years prior the publication - there regulated as 45 CFR and deadline for such States to complly in all laws made sixty (60) days after February 20 2017. The STATE OF OKLAHOMA and STATE OF TEXAS are not in compliance, nor are the UNITED STATES officers in 2001-2020 in compliance, a fraud against the United States Treasury so prohibited in a felony per 18 USC 666 rule. An Oklahoma Resident is entitled to resistance in statement (remonstration) per Article II section II-3 and II-22 rule, and per 22 O.S. 22-31 and 22-32 rule. Allegation of mental health defect in such remonstration or report obligated per 18 USC 2133 and 2383 (insurrection, rebellion) and 2384 (sedition), and a crime per Article XXIII section XXIII-1A and also 43A O.S. 43A-5-104.

Therefore, if you act like an asshole, you will be treated as a criminal if you violate these laws without need of indictment or any conviction, and such rights to "condemn" and "give hue and cry" to the commission of a felony in full disclosure to defense against such fraud themed a felony, is reserved and will be employed. Do not act in conflict with these rights, or make demands upon the firm if you do not fully understand these laws and rights before you.

Your words, communication, and actions will be public record if you do act in such fashion, and void any right to privacy in such offense or commission of accessory after the fact to a kidnapping themed 18 USC 1589 rule, "serious harm" and no defense of "RECKLESS DISREGARD" afforded. Including and not limited to any direct or consequential damages per 18 USC 1593 rule; 21 O.S. 21-748 protections and obligations, and any claims to record an offense under 23 O.S. 23-9.1 subsection D class III offense.

Customers with questions should contact their liasion officer in our SEVEN ALPHA™ arbitration service department, for clarification. Otherwise, do not seek to make statements or claims of state-of-mind to the legal persons of this organization, office, or any business of our operation in registry. Such statements will be construed as criminal if not true to our assent and agreement.

If this frightens you, run. If you agree, and seek the same rights, welcome to our place of business: an "AMERICAN JURISPURDENCE" zone.

The ability to discuss these matters 'objectively', without ad homenem abuse and similar illegal speech, is "AMERICAN DIALECTICS". The reliance upon other (character) abuse to argue your point, is "HEGELIAN DIALECTICS", and a form of unlawful speech.

We have a lot of experience in this area, both due to killing a fuckton of nazis in the last war, and dealing with a few more god damned national socialists in 1996-2020 threats by "The 187 Group". Know the rules, know the law.

New Customer Pricing

All new account customers make a $5000 USD deposit. Monthly billing of $3000 USD per assigned agent to each account is normal. Per diem services for website, principal photography, video, studio, and other services bill against this balance of time in monthly intervals. All media buys are 7% commission flat rate, minimum $2000 USD minus commission.

What is the difference between a DIY website and a commercial service website project package? Short answer: about $150,000 USD per year in payroll for a skeleton crew of high school students. Versus a career developer and his team with 25 years experience at SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP.

Learn more about media buying.

Since disclosing information is not a business goal of our organization and industrial activity, you may not know who we are. Our motto, "We were never there." evokes many rumors and false claims by less competent personnel bureaus seeking to emulate our $200/hourly work in 1991-2020. Our clients pay us explicitly to not take credit or leave any trace of our work on their brand and success - and to ensure their success is the product, not reputation or credit for our ability as a separate entity. Our client list and other information on projects is therefore confidential. Efforts to force "proof" or "disclosure" are criminal activity, not legal business practices. Concealment of a child "ordered to the possession of JAMES ALLEN" from 2001-2020 only affirms the extent some competitors went to this goal, such as ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES and TEK SYSTEMS employees, in letters of legal threat to intimidate the public from talks with our firm against their practices and staff performance in prior duties where such personnel were summarily terminated at the direction of JAMES ALLEN in 1998-2003.

You can ignore pieces of this, rely on stock photography of uncertain origin, and technical writing services of students or family - but that is the difference between a professional presence and a friends-and-family website. Unlike Facebook or Twitter, you can also backup and restore your site despite political trends that may impact your use of the site to suit owners of those services. Having a million followers isn't worth anything if your political and commercial rights are traded for that website hosting, is it?

The standard packages is 30 days of full-time development including photography and digital editing time, plus $2000 in media advertising per month. Smaller customers have alternatives. This is our recommended entry-level package. Sustained team services are available starting at $40,000 USD per year.

Bible Quotes and Namespace at SDP

Why refer to the Bible at all as a business?

Learn more about False Personation of a Felony in 2020. The same tactic used to kill Jesus of Nazareth.

And Pilate wrote a title, and put it on the cross. And the writing was, JESUS OF NAZARETH THE KING OF THE JEWS. This title then read many of the Jews: for the place where Jesus was crucified was nigh to the city: and it was written in Hebrew, and Greek, and Latin. Then said the chief priests of the Jews to Pilate, "Write not, ‘The King of the Jews;’ but that he said, 'I am King of the Jews'." Pilate answered, "What I have written I have written." -John 19:19-22 (KJV)

In Civil Procedure, an answer that is not met with a response is affirmed to the RECORD. The priests never disclaimed he was the King of the Jews at trial, instead selling his life to the crowd for gold and inciting the vote without legal cause. So to the procedure of law, it was made so, even if the Jews killed their own King. And so as a dutiful officer did Pilate make record of this act.

Lessons we can learn in the $100 billion per year economic activity of NTT Group and support to sustain 2001-2020 PETERSEN v ALLEN fraud in concealment of a child for suppression of a former NORTEL NETWORKS Senior Software Engineer with information on securities fraud witnessed in direct observation of racketeering activity in Dallas Texas while the head of the WIREELESS ENGINEERING TOOLS DIVISION of the RICHARDSON, TEXAS campus of NORTEL NETWORKS, then JAMES ALLEN. The question is one of law and legal procedure, not ego, contrary the shouting of the crowd for (corruption of) blood.


Major Competitors have give notice of intent to distribute product at no cost in counter to our offer of SEVEN ALPHA and TEAMSPEAK 3 services. The resulting impact on network services to eliminate the load-bearing volume of voice over IP customers from market has driven costs up 25% in 48 hours. As a result, all product pricing will be affected by this unfair competition act in State of Oklahoma. Product give-aways as a class are a violation of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act, and an effort to negate cancellation due to CORONAVIRUS concerns among computer-electronic specialist trade groups NVIDIA and other companies.

While we consider these services humanitarian, in light of the 3.4% mortality rate of CORONAVIRUS, this action is a violatin of Oklahoma Law and has immediate impact on pricing and service availability which are foreseeable consequences to disable smaller vendors of voice over IP services. Anti-competitor tactics like this impacted Smoke Signals Computer Corporation and other Internet and email providers prior, led by Google Inc., and appear to be on a similar scale now by CISCO SYSTEMS and EQUINIX/NTT carriers jointly. The firm alleges these actions constitute a violation of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act, and are detrimental to the economy of States and political support therein for independent telecom services coinciding with Super Tuesday. By coordination of this announcement, impact on many states telecommunications services not affiliated with Democratic Candidates has be extreme.

SDP Multimedia Group will continue to offer TeamSpeak 3 services and other products in Voice over IP services, but cannot make such services available at no cost, similar to CISCO SYSTEMS.

Seven Alpha - CDC NOTICE / Teleconferencing

Serious Games are a non-gambling community-based product of Seven Alpha, designed to restore community activity in online play similar to social settings prior the Internet. Sevne Alpha uses keys to identify users, so members cannot abuse other members, create anonymity in a very crafted system of professional namespace for each product, and allow users a middleware to meet and socialize based on the Beyond War character project (1996-2020). AM24 areas ensure adult-only areas remain designated from family areas of our network, to affirm standards protecting 1st Amendment rights in both regions of our service cloud. Seven Alpha is the result of a "dumbing-down" of adult literature and language to suit "all ages" audiences, promoting attacks on individuals and businesses in a socialist style of felony stalking and violence.

As person-to-person contact increasingly represents a serious health risk to children and the elderly, the use of and value in "SEVEN ALPHA" products becomes apparent. Stigma that telecommunication is inferior to direct human contact contrary video, audio, and intereactive environments is a Midieval idea - despite still having diagnostic use by Oklahoma's outdated psychology medical practice. Persons who remain in their homes speaking to groups of 2000 people or more are actually more social and in contact with more people than any member of the community offline in 2020 in many communities like Ada, Oklahoma.

Despite this, retaliation and abuse of online workers in violation of XXIII-1A "RIGHT TO WORK" is very common, and a form of terrorist hoax targeting teleconferencing workers and skilled workers in PONTOTOC COUNTY and other areas of the country; primarily perpetrated by foreign owned corporations like NTT GROUP and their downline, ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES, TEK SYSTEMS, COGENT COMMUNICATIONS, GEBHARDT BROADCASTING LLC (An NPR Affiliate), former KEIF-LP (An NPR Affiliate and disgraced not-for-profit station of Enid, Oklahoma shut down by the FCC for commercial use and exploitation of the public spectrum) and other forms of medicare and social security frauds like that found in documents from the 2017 car theft and threatened concealment of our company car - themed sale of false instruments for medical billing by victims in State of Texas. Fraud relies on confidence in social networks to leverage injury against businesses that are involved in complex legal and financial dealings, to extort and allege false sale of property, and engage in identity theft to intimidate and bully the public during elections.

SEVEN ALPHA ends that fraud, by engaging your identity and your family in a strongly guarded network of security tools which preclude false personation and false signature, and allow you to enjoy the privacy the Internet was intended to provide without the legal abuse of automated and systematic account fraud used by the radical left wing communist and socialist "progressive" movement to resume "brown shirt tactics" against their political and economic opponents each election, school year, and against women and children in organized anti-American activity coercing young and vulnerable youth to embrace "socialism" under the guise of "democracy" - a less offensive term.

Customers who are not Professional Trade Persons may access SEVEN ALPHA through DEEP LAYER INC., and be registred under the BOXOFFICE operator desk. This affords families and children over the age of 12 to participate in the general audiences component of services, while AM24 league members bear the cost of eSports Registration which include promotion and service fees for events set-up and network broadcasting costs.

Featuring over 100 active eSports Users, live channels on, and Daily shows

The Largest eSports Group for 'Serious Games' in Oklahoma

Specializing in Serious Games and AM24 clients.
Not to be confused with Casual Games at OCU.

Dedicated Managed Servers - Trusted Clients - XSP

Does your Technology Service have an average of 28 years of Experience-Per-Employee (EPE)? A CS degree is 4 years prep. A PhD is 7 years with peer approval. A Professional Heavy Operator (PHO) or XSP (Cross-Platorm Solution Provider) has a minimum of 25 years practicum to qualify. Who do you trust for ensuring your business is GDPR (General Data Privacy Regulations) compliant? Clearly, not Disney Plus or any U.S. company with a working group in India today.

Customers requiring hybrid-local-cloud (HLC) can now obtain local machines with management for $20,000 USD per month. Billing is per project, not per server, and use of TeslaV100 and similar equipment are part of those product equipment costs like any major project using industrial equipment and service personnel in the 20+ year experience area. Field employees and entry-level workers with 4 and 7 year degrees are not contemporary with this service level.

This program affords an orientation period and trial for potential clients of dedicated services and support. It is not open to the general public, and requires approval from Raccoon Technologies Incorporated for client identity, history, and use case. Content is restricted to public products only - excluding any medical or adult-only sexual content.

XSP (Expert Solution Provider) programs and "Heavy Operator" duties are financially intensive and require a stable client to engage.

All communication is digitally signed. Verify signatures to prevent fraud by email and other media. For more information contact 1 (580) 399-9126. Identify your registered company for return service. No soliciting permitted.

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This site optimized for AGS and Warlock Class Systems. Having trouble? Try a professional computer screen. Size does matter. Need a 32" Ruler? (7680x4320 min recommended) Try Two!

Tell Us About the Industry

The computer industry is not 'office' and 'home' PC computing. It involves scientific and industrial uses for micro-computers. Most consumers never see a chassis with castors, and think about their cell phone or desktop. Industrial computing is a niche market which caters to information-based media workers in 2019.

New Ryzen 3rd Gen and Threadripper 3rd Gen AMD products are changing the market every month. Prices are not going down. Rather, newer architecture (PCIe 4th Gen, 88 lane) systems are coming into market, raising prices for industrial computer and doubling the speed of large data on the professional computer.

As a result, older second-line (obsolete) office and desktop PC systems are being liquidated this Fall 2019 at $199 or less, making getting into computing easier than ever before. Microsoft has announced a new $149 XBox as well, further undercutting traditional 'gaming PC' markets. Therefore, what you are about to see is for 'enterprise users' only, and not designed to replace devices with 2-8 cores found in many stores as 'consumer PCs'.

Computer Workstations
New Workstations featuring 24 and 32 cores capable of 4.5 GHz, supporting 256 GB DDR4 4666 Memory, M.2 PCIe v4 drives, 10 Gigabit Ethernet, Dual 240 Hz Display, and SLI 3-way capability for high resolution high-frame-rate eSports Content Production


Stryx.64AMD 3990X CPU$19,750
Warlock.32AMD 3970X CPU$17,250
Isomer.24AMD 3960X CPU$11,950

Conventional Internet Services
Tell Me About Pricing
#NotJustAnotherServer - IP7A Implementation Diagram

Dedicated Servers$300/month
Cloud Dedicated$59/month
Managed Client Static Hosting$15/month
Traditional Domains$30/year

All prices in USD. All sales are subject approval. Registered clients only. Offer limited to State of Oklahoma residents. Void where prohibited. For purchase, file an application and speak with your dedicated accounts representative.

Due to well known security issues, applications such as WordPress and PHPBB are not hosted by our servers. Static content and database driven publication for strong identity clients are the only secure options. SDP Multimedia Group does not maintain / secure 3rd party software for clients, and engages in moderation of networks for select audiences in well regulated business and commerce. No adult-only (AO) or controlled / regulated substances in ANY (U.S.) STATE may be sold by our clients. This is a moral and ethical policy of our service.

Monday - Friday 9am-3pm CDT
Office: 580 399 9126
(No Soliciting)

Education (Classes)

Linux Administration$200
Network Security$150
Web and Domain Services$75+$25/yr Domain
HTML / CSS / PHP / MariaDB (SQL)$300

What are Voice Servers

Voice Servers are computers that allow groups to talk to each other over the Internet. Despite being old technology, common services like SKYPE do not represent genuine large-community servers used by hundreds of people at any given time. Free services such as "DISCORD" also do not represent "True voice servers" as they have less than 10 people in voice chat usually and are exclusively a "graphic upgrade of previous decade old technology called newsgroups, which allow posting embedded video content and links with previews over actual voice conference features".

Unfortunately the lure of "free" and the reality of "strongly centralized surveillance and data mining services" which "resell your data" similar to SKYPE and DISCORD, mean most users never try genuine private encrypted voice services.

Many consumers falsely believe they "do not need privacy", failing to realize the danger of any conversation had online and the need for a local state-based business to host such services in order to ensure their regional (State civil rights) are not violated for profit (or worse) by out-of-state or foreign national actors.

SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP is a registered and established hosting company for such services including TEAMSPEAK, and Oklahoma residents can rent servers on this website

Advanced Networks: PKI Secure Hybrid Cloud Layer (HCL)

Providing advanced networks for edge defense and analysis of complex traffic activity and segmented client services in Southeastern Oklahoma. "Seven Alpha"™ network fabric provides secure context access to public and private users through a combination of public-private key encryption technology and strong user authentication with port-knock technology prohibiting general access to services for select audiences.

In the "woke" social movement of progressive "common core", where refusal to act or prosecute crimes by anonymous and collective actors are refused protection by State and Federal law enforcement, businesses need security tools traditionally reserved for military networks.

Your (customer) information is the most valuable information you handle, and where state-level actors are gainfully interested in your scientific activity and privacy, security and protection from false data tracking requires strong identification for trusted and genuine actors to collaborate efficiently. We cannot rely on public systems anymore, and employees of these services and their legal bodies are vulnerable to abuse and negligence even at the Presidential level of email and electronic communication.

SDP Multimedia Group provides these services to verified and validated clients, building on 20 years of experience with criminal activity in the State of Texas and State of Oklahoma while State and Federal Agencies left that firm 'out in the cold' during the Bush, Clinton, and Obama administration without protection of law or enforcement of orders alleged to be valid only recently by the same legal persons of the respective States and only to collect false debts in a scheme to defraud the Treasure of the United States and allege asset forfeiture on kidnapping of a newborn child (2019).

What is this Company

SDP Multimedia Group does not sell consumer equipment for small business and students. We build systems for computer professionals who want gaming performance (high response rate) in business computing (industrial and scientific processing and memory) for long term (10 year) use and ownership.

Tablets and cell phones have replaced most casual computer use scenarios, leaving word processing and multimedia to enthusiast users. Retail stores and integrators deal in risk and volume. They will not sell a computer over $2000 in value and design obsolesance into their product.

SDP Multimedia Group is like an early American car manufacturer. We build custom computers for professional use case scenarios that are built for maintenance and upgrade cycles similar to military aircraft and milspec equipment.

The firm does not accept clients without written contract for consultation due to fraud and espionage efforts against our infrastructure, employees, and clients.

The firm requires a minimum $2,000,000 contract value per quarter to consider prospectus offers for task groups. Smaller clients will not be considered due to legal obligations.

We are a botique firm and efforts to force the sale or forfeiture of our stock in fraud are documented and filed in current litigation related Interstate Commerce Interference and human trafficking thrats. Any reliance on these claims will be grounds to terminate service to clients based on a 1998-2019 ongoing pattern of abuse under cirminal complaint. Due to security threats including firearms use (Sept 2019) the identity of our employees, clients, their families and children are confidential. Effort to instigate violence against them or their property will be constured as direct threats in this fraud and human trafficking activity, and companies including ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES and Tek Systems are prohibited from further contact with our firm due to the actions of their employees in fraud now under criminal complaint.

Prior clients include Best Buy USA, FirstUSA, BankONE, AT&T, Northern Telecom (NT), Sprint, and such work done under threat of coercive fraud since 2001 regarding criminal misconduct and investigative analysis at these firms of former employees and cause for their termination. Security practices are similar to diplomatic and law enforcement practices, and themed on numerous sustianed incidents in physical and electornic felony stalking (18 USC 2261A) of our personnel to suppress testimony in Federal Criminal complaints against the perpetrators of the fraud.

Oklahoma Anti-Terrorism Act

(A Terrorist Hoax / Attacks on Networks and Property)

Efforts to these legal claims as "mental illness" are unfounded constructive 'gaslighting' in 'automatic mistrial' and now a part of a formal "Oklahoma Anti Terrorism Act" complaint paired with theft and unlawful use of registered trademarks, publicity, identity theft, and overt criminal fraud to kidnap under complaint in PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT COURT, STATE OF OKLAHOMA.

The same kind of 'gaslighting' and 'ad hominem' fraud in Federal Entitlement theft (18 USC 666) has become evident in STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA, similar to the December 2019 House handling of the articles of impeachment. Not only are these actions illegal, but organized criminal racketeering which the 5th Circuit Federal Court of Appeals has identified in organized human trafficking. Use of media to promote human trafficking under color of law is a very serious crime, and when paired with NTT and Telia abuse to support a monopoly over United States long-haul data transport and defamation of competitirs raises the matter to foreign influence of utilities and registration of patents and trademarks named now in a formal complaint of criminal activity and civil suit now open from November 2018 to January 2020 by this firm.

With computers and software valued at $10,000 USD each, these "shakedown" tactics are no different than if they were being employed against a jeweler or landover to obtain false title, and a criminal act under "Terrorist hoax" in the taking and concealment of children from the property of our employees for perpetual concealment on ransom themed a false civil procedure violating 586 U.S. case 17-1091 and 588 U.S. case 17-647 rule affording civil suit vacating all State and Federal immunity claims.

Regional negligence and obstruction of justice are formally filed in criminal complaint, citing 18 USC section 666 fraud against the Treasury of the United States United States barred by 45 CFR 303.6 and other Federal Regulations so affirmed December 16 2016 and prior (25 years the rule, per policy stated in estoppel). As this has to do with National policy and State sovereignty ruled UNCONSTITUTIONAL abuse of office and a hoax executed to restrain a child under color of law in perpetuity for extortion of money and right to business practice prior established in INTERSTATE COMMERCE a legal fact at-law over two million USD in value, it is contested at-law and a UNITED STATES matter at-law now settled 9-0 in 2019 and 5-4 in 2011, subsequent 2007 decision by the Oklahoma Supreme Court in case P100 voiding the claims carried forward in fraud to support child concealment and refuse a claim of possession by the STATE OF TEXAS not enforced conditional bribery demand now under criminal complaint.

Witnesses in this case are not obligated to answer questions outside of legal channels nor appear outside of formal trial, granted motion in January 2019 under 21 O.S. 21-748.2(B) rule of civil suit and 23 O.S. 23-9.1 subsection D class III "unlimited punitive damages" sought in filing. The value is currently themed $17 billion USD in damages or more by STATE OF OKLAHOMA vs JOHNSON & JOHNSON, awarded $572 million USD per year with admitted $100 million fraud in false testimony by STATE OF OKLAHOMA now a final judgment - on similar public nuisance complaint of false publicity in injury to a child and commerce of the people of the State of Oklahoma as executed in PETERSEN vs ALLEN (2018) and case 01-17702-R, a fraud on default of the petitioner wrongly registered default judgment against the respondent in Title IV hoax.

Consulting and Project Development

Operating in microcomputer services and network data since 1992, the firm supports business process in information technology infrastructure.

The firm provides to well validated clients. Customers must be registered parties in INTERSTATE COMMERCE authorized to do business in the STATE OF OKLAHOMA and fully registered therein. Customers should regard account costs versus FTU and medical expenses of employees versus B2B fees fully earned in contract.

Projects prior include "Newtek Lightwave 3D" testing and pre-release, Luxology Modo, Pixologic ZBrush, other NURB modelling and plug-in architecture, Butterfly distributed image processing, ray tracing processor rendering, image pipeline optimization, dynamic mesh sculpting and file I/O, and ray tracing in light and image processing with signal multiplexor technology for control systems.

Specific fields including C++, SQL and relational database systems in real-time technology, distributed and virtualized computing, and complex systems for multi-user access and security in simulation and sensory experience including deep learning feedback.

Services and Intellectual Property Development

Intangible property and management of canon in large and player-driven properties require specialists. Services are not hourly, and based on property values exceeding $2 billion USD under correct management. Efforts to intimidate, influence, or abuse IP owners therefore fall under Interstate Commerce and International Criminal Racketeering Activity, and fees for services are based on this degree of interference in property and labor to damage competitively these services. Rates of $40,000 USD per month are minimum escrow budget for projects in this field. Efforts to intimidate developers of registered properties fall under this degree of criminal and civil wrongdoing. False claims will be pursued at this level of damages, plus 23 O.S. 23-9.1 unlimited punitive jury damages, including false prosecution and frivilous litigation to obstruct or impair Interstate Commerce.

Rates including benefits exceed $200 USD per hour since August 2000, and efforts to extort or coerce employment or agreements at lower compensation are themed criminal fraud now under formal complaint in connection to kidnapping and ransom activity for United States corporations resident in Texas and Michigan. Any repost or publication of fraud in this case will flag your account and identity for denial of service with cause, terminating your contract without compensation by our firm. Clients may not expect to enjoy services or warranty in those states during this open dispute with their governments in Title 18 section 666 fraud alleged formally and related unlawful concealment of a child.

Present Fraud Case

We are aware of the following false claims in knowing fraud by convicted criminals and their associates in these states:

  • false claim of $60/hour income under oath in fraud to escape threat of murder and felony stalking complaint
  • false claim of abandonment during concealment in DENTON COUNTY from 2001-2015 concealed from a court
  • false claim of mental illness based on use of anti-depressants and injury to a child in Texas by accusers
  • false claim of abandonment during employment of a false protective order to conceal an abducted child
  • concealment demanding $1200 to release a child ordered to possession of a parent (2015-2018)
  • use of a controlled substance on a child under 8 for 3 years to cause neurological injury
  • false claim of employment and mass mailing of such fraud to intimidate public officers
  • false claim of conviction to collect a debt, violating 15 USC 1692g Federal Law
  • false claim of debt ruled paid in full and void on face by procedure at law
  • extortion in excess of $125,000 USD in formal demands, on fictional books
  • failure to report discharge of debt per contract from 2003-2019
  • animal cruelty to include starvation and torure (2002)
  • identity theft and impersonation to conceal a child
  • fraud to claim right to terms like "engineer"
  • fraud to allege a monopoly in Oklahoma
  • Title XXIII-1A violations 2001-2020
Secondary Component: Business Identity Fraud
  • Alica Scarbrough/McMahon has never been a member nor owned membership shares of SHADOWDANCERS LLC or its predicessor, and claims of such ownership are a known fraud by the party, who forged checks in PONTOTOC COUNTY prior 1999 before flight to allege some equity falsely in SHADOWDANCERS LLC using company contacts developed in STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA for her unregistered company SDC (SCARBROUGH DESIGNS C?), and related LLC in STATE OF ARKANSAS dba INFAMOUS PRODUCTIONS.

  • SCARBROUGH associates BRIAN YOUNG, SUSAN QUINCY, and their related unregistered businesses have made false claims in this cause to directly support child taking and concealment violating an alleged court order, and to seek payment of funds in excess of $2000 USD in charitable payments to Dr. JAMES CLARK DDS of ADA OK for emergency surgery performed in the county on LINDSAY TARVER, a resident of Norman, Oklahoma. These claims, recorded in 2011 by an alias used to send extortion letters, have re-appreared September 2019 in renewed threats of extortion on TWITCH.TV violating 15 USC 1692d Federal rule.

  • Other known associates include STEPHEN ECKER, BRIAN WOLFE, and members of a DALLAS TEXAS firm which made false books and false report against MICHAEL MARINO and SARAH MOORE to DUN & BRADSTREET, in knowing fraud so reported to the agency; and on complaint filed of criminal wrongdoing in false company record, stated to CHRISTOPHER MAIDT whose deposition has been filed as evidnce in VERONICA PETERSEN v JAMES ALLEN as counter-suit in the amount of $17 billion USD in damages (qui tam 45 CFR violations, $44 Billion Title IV alleged fraud in taking during concealment of a child to blackmail).

  • Claims that JAMES ALLEN or this firm or any firm related are banned at public events are the result of the prior formal criminal complaint, reported to ELIZABETH BOTELHO as false claims by the chair of the event named, and all participation with the event despite sponsorship of the relaunch by this firm suspended due to threats of sexual assault on the prior witness at WALMART store #0231 and harassment of a sexual nature in 2008-2012 reported in a formal complaint before JUDGE KILGORE October 31 2012, at which time nexus of the complaint was concealed by STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA disclaiming the child concealment and child custody order later produced NOVEMBER 21 2018 to the court exposing violation of possession prior denied a legal fact by STATE OF OKLAHOMA and STATE OF TEXAS on false claim of over $120,000 USD in demand without trial, violating the civil honors of JAMES ALLEN in denial of license and other allegations not proven and on an order never registered in the STATE OF OKLAHOMA against which charges were filed in alleged barratry and in extortion per letters sent by RENEE BANKS and CLAY B. PETTIS alleging forfeiture of assets and property themed UNCONSTITUTIONAL in 586 U.S. case #17-1091 and a right to sue both STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA in 588 U.S. case #17-647 Federal ruling by SCOTUS.

  • Allegation that a child snatching (21 O.S. 21-891) and federal kidnapping did not occur because the child was concealed by obstruction of justice and denial of standing to the parent from 2001-2019 are false, as writ of habeas corpus was served and TEXAS FAMILY CODE sec. 157.375 (immunity to contact) denied expressly by DALLAS COUNTY DISTRICT COURT and subsequently in 2015 DENTON COUNTY DISTRICT COURT, supported by STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA in letters by LAKESHIA MCMILLAN of the TEXAS ATTORNEY GENERALS OFFICE, and such actions taken prior May 2019 while the child was still a minor, during such extortion activity and debt-bondage activity described in 21 O.S. 21-748, a felony under Oklahoma State Law and UIFSA rule discharging the entire debt in such fixed instrument and order filed as indictment on no trial of 21 O.S. 21-566.1 State Law, prior registration and contest served answer December 2018 in timely accordance with Oklahoma Law, and not registered as of Sept 29 2019 pending trial set Feb 21 2019 and indictment then obtained to charge in PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT COURT by plea of "not guilty" there entered.

  • Aliases used in this fraud are on file in a formal 18 USC 2261A felony stalking complaint with the ADA CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT, and are withheld citing ongoing employment of harassment (15 USC 1692d) in a matter of criminal trial to extort, intimidate witnesses, and deny due process guaranteed to the accused in excess of $100,000 USD sought wrongly under color of law, so described in 22 USC Chapter 78 section 7102.

Claims Paired with Property Damage and Suspicious Deaths

  • September 2019 - Window show out at PONTOTOC COUNTY office of the company prior renewed contact in the prior themes via TWITCH.TV in directed harassment toward the party, so witnessed by KYLE HIBBS for the defense.
  • Two break-ins with a solid wooden door kicked in at property of family members named in 2002 threats by ALICA SCARBROUGH.
  • Multiple instances of dead animals placed on the property door, and photos of the animals posted on the 213 page website created by the abducting parties to allege these physical events were staged by the PONTOTOC COUNTY parent, in addition to the prior claims in commercial INTERFERENCE IN INTERSTATE COMMERCE alleged a fraud on false concealment of a child now disclosed ordered to their possesion in an alleged court order and prior resident upon forced taking in the home of JAMES ALLEN so confessed in written statements by VERONICA PETERSEN, filed in PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT COURT.
  • Vehicular sabotage involving the removal of four of five lug-nuts from the front-left wheel of JAMES ALLEN prior return to Oklahoma after carjacking and assault at gunpoint, resulting in loss of control at highway speed in the CHICKASAW TURNPIKE area northbound near the CITY OF ADA.
  • Death of witnesses in 2005 on the same area due to sudden veering of vehicle into oncoming traffic, resulting in fatality of a business partner of JAMES ALLEN, in similar fashion to the prior attempted murder.
  • Programmer alleged to have "walked into highway traffic" in DALLAS TEXAS, resulting in fatality.
  • Artist under contract with the firm "suffocated on a pillow" in apartment in DALLAS TEXAS.
  • Child was threatened with being carried into "highway traffic" as coercion to obtain control over JAMES ALLEN during INTERSTATE TRAVEL by VERONICA PETERSEN, following attempted murder in State of Oklahoma on Interstate 35 northbound by the Capitol Building, involving striking the driver without warning while a child was a passenger in the car and to cause loss of consciousness of the driver at highway speed.

Core Fraud Evident

If the state (of concealment) is illegal, it should have no legal bearing on the right of return. Unless injury to the child by illegal detention is considered a constructive merit against which damage by ending the fraud were misclassified as injury (18 USC 1589, "Serious Injury" defined at law).


Notice voiding the plaintif resort to fifth Amendment is therefore obligated per the "public danger" in prior events against witnesses, persons affiliated, and ongoing use of disguise to deliver letters of extortion to JAMES ALLEN via business channels of SHADOWDANCERS LLC, as formal warning to difuse and disclaim these frauds expressly made in violation of 76 O.S. 76-1 (right to custody of a child prior signed into the possession and home of the parent), 76 O.S. 76-6 (reputation of JAMES ALLEN et al), and 76-3 and 76-4 rule prohibiting deceit of the public by fraud in repeated false claims made to the attention of customers, select audiences, and the public to damage commerce and INTERSTATE COMMERCE on collateral concealment to disable the rights of a party in fraud of sole possession not afforded trial (KELLY v KELLY, P100 2007 OK Sup Court; Petersen wholly in default Dec 14 2001 and summary judgment refused to ALLEN on grounds of sex of the petitioner and violation of 18 USC 1981 rule, voiding such order and trial then without waiver of right to recovery of a child set forth in 76 O.S. 76-8 rule and 76 O.S. 76-9 immunity; so also applied in section 157.375 of TEXAS FAMILY CODE upon UIFSA claim and invoked defense obligated per UIFSA filing by CLAY B. PETTIS, attorney acting as VERONICA PETERSEN while employed by STATE OF OKLAHOMA in wrongful suit.

We therefore consider any aid in this matter to be of a felony Federal criminal violation of Title 18 section 2261A and 7102 fraud themed objective section 666 "benefits fraud" by STATE OF TEXAS, STATE OF MICHIGAN, and other parties engaged in false claims contrary the evidence and "automatic mistrial" rule of P100 Oklahoma Supreme Court, "KELLY v KELLY" (2007) ruling, voiding all obligations and demands without relief of claim in 21 O.S. 21-891 felony violation and obstruction of justice to effect stated UNCONSTITUTIONAL in 586 U.S. Case #17-1091 and subject civil suit in 588 U.S. Case #17-647 remedy plus all state and Federal relief options at law per 15 U.S.C. 1692k and 21 O.S. 21-748.2.

September 19 2019, this fraud was again communcated in direct message to our employees claiming an EXCLUSIVE RIGHT to use the term "engineer", by persons transmitting these demands from the STATE OF TEXAS to STATE OF OKLAHOMA in extortion of business services and right to commercial market practice contrary Federal Law, so prohibited by the Sherman Anti Trust Act and Oklahoma Bill of Rights. This matter of "job title as exclusive right" to deceive a public in a field and prohibit practice - reserve such practice to the STATE BOARD OF REGENTS FOR HIGHER EDUCATION of a FOREIGN STATE, or other fraud to deny employment violate Title 21 criminal code of the State of Oklahoma, and are under present complaint before PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT COURT in connection to child taking and concealment fraud.

Increased Fee Structure Due to Legal Threat

Fees reflect legal costs due to obstruction of justice themed UNCONSTITUTIONAL and BARRED by THE UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT in 2011, 2019, and FEDERAL REGISTER ruling in $54 billion USD regulatory declaration DECEMBER 16 2016, violated by officers engaged in false claims to collect UNITED STATES SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFITS in fraud on child trafficking. Such costs are themed to exceed $1,000,000 USD per year since 1999 onset of this Interstate criminal enterprise activity seeking forfeiture of estate on child snatching and concealment with genetic and hereditary claims themed genocide and radical utilitarian socialism claims in child taking and deceit to influence a registered business and estates related and without due process or cross examination afforded this fraud at any time.

Family members who were former United States Air Force service members, as well as the father of the child who served in the United States Army, have been targeted in this fraud to deny them any right to commerce over injuries sustained in the course of service and physical injuries documented by the UNITED STATES ARMY MEDICAL REVIEW BOARD, in an ongoing scheme and plan to extort and deny access to commerce and credit in fraud confessed by TEXAS FAMILY CODE section 157 seeking forfeiture of all credit without trial or due process in violation of 28 USC section 1738A (e) and 15 U.S.C. section 1673 (c), in child removal on no lawful cause for purpose of stated perpetual concealment in writing, and to extort and create inferior rank in trade skills for INTERSTATE COMMERCE violationg Title 18 section 1981 and 1994, themed BLACK CODES by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in her February 2019 opinion for the 9-0 unanimous Supreme Court.

Use of Medical Fraud in Federal Complaint

The use of false medical labels to suspend and deny civil rights are a tactic of Hegelian Utilitarian Socialism first written about in 1820 by G.W.F. Hegel, in the Prussian education system, and a fraud representing a "public danger" so themed under the FIFTH AMENDMENT (5A) barred by Title 22 section 22-31 rule in lawful public notice under the Oklahoma Bill of Rights (Article II) section II-3 and II-22 in cause of II-6 rule and violation of 23 specific amendments cited in formal criminal complaint as of August 2019 in this matter. Such "red flag laws" use in child kidnapping for concealment constitute a clear case of "Genocide" barred by International Treaty as Supreme Law per Article I-1 of the Constitution of the State of Oklahoma, and Title 18 section 1091 violation under false use of civil procedure to make pecuniary fines into a forfeiture of estate, monopoly, and excessive fines denying reunification with a child of an Oklahoma resident, to influence an existing registered Oklahoma business, and to execute industrial espionage on behalf of the beneficial owner of a MIGHIGAN corporation in excess of $289 Billion USD in declared losses (2011) bankruptcy filing of NORTHERN TELECOM of Canada (NORTEL NETWORKS, NYSE: NT).

Actions in this fraud have tainted the UNITED STATES patent and trademark registry since 2001 August, voiding claims made on obstruction of remedy and normal business practices from 2001-2019. Evidence of collusion in including medical malpractice by the UNITED STATES and STATE OF OKLAHOMA further escalate this matter to Title 18 section 666 felony complaint in violation of Title 22 Chapter 78 and Title 18 chapter 95 and 96 on discovery May 2019.

Right to Privacy in Industrial Espionage Act

The firm will therefore invoke its right to privacy and Oklahoma Trade Secret Act, Oklahoma Anti-Terrorism Act, and Oklahoma Anti-Counterfeiting Act in addition to all remedies under Trademark and other related fraud and Title 76 rights as well as other remedies at-law. Only parties identitified in contract are admitted to services. Verbal agreements do not constitute a client-service or other agreement, and are expressly disclaimed per Title XXIII Oklahoma Constitution at this time, citing Title 18 section 2384 and 2383 violations alleged prior on policy of 45 CFR and other FEDERAL REGISTER and UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT determinations at law currently disputed by those states receiving portions of the $54 billion award conditional these regulatory obligations.

August 2019 - Policy Changes

July and August releases have not lowered entry-level pricing as expected. As a result, SDP has opted to offer a new business and home user line of PC compatible with displays and existing equipment, as a means to engage more users in the State of Oklahoma with broadband technology and modern computing. Retail systems price-point do not reach this market, normally reserved for console and entertainment purpose or second-hand equipment. SDP elected after substantial research to support a 1 year warranty and basic system until price-points improve, citing the market conditions as costs on imported goods apply this August 2019.

As hostile parties become more prevelant in this market, we feel it is our duty to empower Americans with technology that support the sophisticated level of dialog that combat fraud and extremism in modern private network media outlets and in children's entertainment content which is heavily bias in public marketing of console and mobile devices today.

Personal computers are the equivalent of the printing press AND the newspaper audience which brought about political and independent will of industry in the American hemisphere. With colleges asking students to stop using the word "American" and other divisive claims, we feel the need to ensure that all People have access to advanced technology and a partner who is independent of the political process to provide it to them at all times.

The firm accomplishes this mission through truly private voice conferencing software (TeamSpeak) available to the general public, by strong security and technology, free consultation, and direction to independent products and tools affording a high degree of privacy and control over their Internet experience.

Real Programmers - A hard talk about the industry in 2001-2019

Real Programming: The Individual Estate

As attacks on our network persist at over 10 attempts per second, SDP Multimedia Group reminds our customers that foreign interfrence in the industry and economy ofthe State of Oklahoma is a criminal matter. As such, aiding such abuser in fraud or criminal enterprise to coerce our business activity may be subject to prosecution and violate the unfair business practices defined in the State of New York and 18 U.S.C. section 1951 and 1961 now under formal complaint.

Claims to defraud Oklahoma businesses and infer qualifications based on interference in Interstate Commerce themed tampering with Interstate data transport and family members of our company unlawfully are described above. Do not be mislead by such claims, made in context to extortion and retaliation for prior consulting performed to disclose fraud by several regional labor services in the State of Texas, State of Michigan, and State of Minnesota.

Our firm has been established since 1992, and efforts to discredit our company reliant on human trafficking and physical violence warrant your attention in false claims and fraudulent debt now dismissed in 2018-2019 legal action exposing a criminal conspiracy against the rights of the Oklahoma based business.

In the 9 months since the abuse began, our firm has begun analyzing the "United States Jurisprudence" in contrast to a private VPN network for professional audiences based on "American Jurisprudence" and the "American Dialectic Movement" - an agreement of values and elemental laws which shift the focus from rule oriented to dignity and integrity of process goals, whereby facts and discovery supercede cost-benefits and other arbitration since strongly relied upon by the United States and its member States wrongly. "Real Programming" introduces the concept of "The Individual Estate" and its role in this new formal arbitration and conditional participation in strongly typed private network services found in "Seven Alpha"™, a product similar to Google AWS or Microsoft Azure while extended in identity and governance systems.


Established in 1991, incorporated into a limited liability company (LLC) in 1998, and in operation since then to 2019 - SDP Multimedia Group is the City of Ada, Oklahoma's oldest PC manufacturer. Founded by the son of the engineer at a former Apple Computer retailer Computer Utility, SDP Multimedia Group began its work in the early Internet and BBS era of digital publications and related law.

Over 2001-2019, civil rights law and criminal racketeering in computer networking and foreign investment in United States utilities for data long-haul optical services led the firm into conflict with State governments engaging in Title IV fraud, described under 18 USC section 666 Federal Law. Through lobbying and resistance to extortion, the firm promoted and supported Federal Law decisions such as 564 U.S. 431, 586 U.S. ____ 2019 Docket No 17-1091, and 588 U.S. ____ 2019 Docket No 17-467.

These decisions restored Constitutional Law to its rightful place over State and Federal Law, removed catch 22 rules that prohibited appeal to the United States Court for civil rights infringements where State property tax and asset forfeiture regulations were being abused to take land, intangible property, and children from American Citizens, and asserted the rights of Constitutional Law over United States Citizens in the social security registry equal to that of natural born persons - eliminating the loophole claims that permitted forfeiture of property and body by pecuniary fines deemed 'excessive' in a 9-0 SCOTUS decision February 20 2019, and opened the door to civil litigation of states by victims in a 5-4 SCOTUS decision.

The firm further brought light to the admitted use of 'coercion' in the dissenting opinion of "TURNER v ROGERS et al", whereby federal felony confession barred by 22 USC Chapter 78 was made in dissenting opinion of the Supreme Court of the United States, confessing wrongdoing by the UNITED STATES in 2011 which led to reform in Federal Register Volume 81 Number 244 and changes to 45 CFR in 2017. This decriminalized poverty and employment manipulation in custody disputes, affecting nearly 200,000 new victims each year otherwise subjected to unlawful perpetual loss of contct with one parent over economic factors themed moral defect and criminal wrongdoing unlawfully by the state and Federal courts of the United States (source: American Bar Association, 2001-2010 study).

While the firm continues its civil rights mission, the company also manufactures high-end computers and provides International and Interstate communications with encryption and private ownership of nodes protecting customers from information scraping and data mining of conversations in free voice, email, and social media services.

The company became an affiliate with in 2018, and provides programs for mature audiences in software evaluation and talkshow formats which suit a 7pm to 11pm broadcast standard, dealing with the sciences in a caustic and humorous way with military perspective.

GUIDE: How Not To Buy A Toaster

SDP Multimedia Group manufactures computers systems designed for long life.

AGS - NVidia "RTX SUPER" / AE-9 Systems
BGS - NVidia "GTX 1660" AE-5 Systems
TS3 - TeamSpeak Servers (Commercial)

The average operational lifespan of our systems is 10 years (120 months). This is because of part selection, support, and channel relationships established over 1992-2019 combined with XCORE™ technology.

XCORE™ allows our AGS and BGS platform to refit its CPU, memory, chipset, and remain current without repurchase of expensive electrical parts like $300 power supplies, FRAME, peripherals with extended standards (DVD, et al), display, and classic components (which we are really good at maintaining, as our working EMU 1010 series cards for Windows 10 professional are a testimony). No other system under Windows 10 has WDM support today except our AGS and BGS Creative Line. Lessons learned from maintaining American air force equipment support our computers.

We build computers like my father and his brothers built airplanes:
With a reliability for armed service operations one rivet at a time.

Anti-Bullying Policy

The firm also produces live video shows themed on classic roleplaying and video game experience. If you are not familiar with roleplaying or characters, please consult an attorney before making any comments which will result in our necesary legal action against your person or business/employer, as abuse will not be tolerated in our community or against the family of any of our performers and staff.

Harassment is a zero tolerance issue for our community and all access is conditional terms of service.


Omniserve Hosting

Single User Virtual Servers with Management by our SA-Op Desk.

Omniserve hosts are virtualized single-server instances, allowing the presentation of a virtualized server for full backup on dedicated physical hardware, affording upgrade and flexibility with single-tenant power not found in other virtual server instances.

Single-Tenant virtualized servers are a boutique industry for dedicated clients, affording power of dedicated hosting with security and future technology protection of virutalization, and full ownership of qemu images not often available from volume hosting solutions.

Pricing depends on market rate and availability.


Heavy Machine™ and AGS

Industrial Class Computers for Interactive Media and Online Game Content Developers like, built to support streaming and realtime Ray Tracing (RTX) game environments. Heavy Machines and AGS are not 'Office Computers', used for desktop document and Internet surfing. This is industrial computing.

Heavy Machines and AGS have merged with AMD 3900XE and 7742 chipset launch this September 2019. Affording 12-128 cores per workstation.

Learn More...


XCORE™ 10-year-service

Modular Computer Core Technology for Heavy Machine and AGS platforms offering a 10 year service plan. Each SDP workstation has a 10 year life plan, with upgrade options at 36 and 72 months to optimize their lifespan in production up to ten full years of business use.

Learn why some computers are so fast and others not.


Game Servers Group (GSG)™

Ada Oklahoma's private server list, whitelist access, and member support services. Exclusive assistance on event planning. Members receive promotion and community channel assistance. GSG is a private social community of high-end media users in the Pontotoc County area (Oklahoma, USA), who assist new members with streaming and online community development to monetize their time. As a business group, all members are expected to be 24 years of age or higher, and comply with conduct and ethics terms.


Seven Alpha and Beyond War™

Overview of the Manifold Space Engine RTX C++ project known as "Beyond War™" under exclusive development by SDP Multimedia Group of Ada, Oklahoma. Seven Alpha provides security and PKI authentication for users of our Beyond War simulation product. Overt industrial espionage by United States companies and Citizens led us to secure our offering to other nations after fraud in Texas, Oklahoma, and Michigan to force us to conceed our product in violation of Federal Law. Learn more...


Managed Cloud Hosting

Major companies offer virtual servers for free, so we do not host physical equipment in the City of Ada for the general public. We manage hosting and server infrastructure for clients who meet our criteria as legitimate businesses and organizations. Customers are protected from networks known to be hostile to our country like NTT Group, NPR affiliates Gebhart Broadcasting, and other radical progressive Hegelian movement NGOs. If you cannot see our site, it is because you are permanently BANNED.


Business-Class TeamSpeak3™

Servers over 32 users and for any commercial activity by any unregistered not-for-profit group, a commercial license is required. Commercial users can charge, sublet, etc. We also offer gamer license for non-commercial use on request, for groups over 10 members, who are willing to contract for services per year.


Computer Network Systems Consulting

Mr. Allen and his associates in Norman Oklahoma accept limited contracted projects related infrastructure and media applications of packet-switched network technology starting at $35,000 USD per quarter. Projects are term limited and defined by written scope, subject exclusive enumerated deliverables, and are not open-ended subcontractor labor roles suited for junior I-IV positions. The cadre represent 25 years of computer science practicum per member, and do not accept PhD or industry candidates credentials for this scope of work (tier V+).


Charitable Work

The firm has performed charitable work for disabled persons in Blanchard and Norman Oklahoma, and support free voice conferencing commercial software services for members of the Oklahoma community who are legally disabled or unemployed due to disability or injury. Efforts to misrepresent these grants or programs as money to any event, such as Soonercon did in 2010, in false claims, will be met with legal action and criminal complaint. Members of any charity which wishes to apply must be registered and their officers identified in the formal registry prior preliminary review. We thank James Clark, DDS, for his substantial work for our patients dental needs in Ada OK.

Policy Statement

After 45 years of software development, the criticism and harassment of regional companies to infringe upon our work, marks, and efforts in overt blackmail have left our confidence in the United States very low.

Acts of child kidnapping to extort and blackmail our company are facts documented in confession and record of fraudulent order requiring the return of the child not performed or honored in any way over 2001-2019 contrary demand of a writ of habaes corpus and unlawful false claims in fraudulent "final judgment" in excess of $100,000 USD through criminal conspiracy against State and Federal Law so alleged in formal complaint in this matter now before the District Court.

Recent United States Supreme Court Decisions in 588 U.S. Case #17-647, 586 U.S. Case #17-1091, and prior 564 U.S. 431 rulings in combination with Federal Register Vol 81 Number 244 changes in policy to 45 CFR and other rules, are the sole reason we are still supportive.

Acts against these rulings are 18 USC § 2383 "rebellion and insurrenction" against the laws of the United States, and their suppression and denial as decided law are 18 USC § 2384 "sedition" against the laws of the United States. We take these matters by the States against the United States and American People very seriously, and do not tolerate fraud or terrorist hoax (21 O.S. § 21-1268) abuse in this business or its community.

Likewise, claims that we will not honor our warranties or provide service due to: 1.) unlawful interference; 2.) intimidation by publications in fraud and terrorist hoax activity; 3.) arrest or other form of criminal intimidation on no legal cause; 4.) capitalization of firm in market compared to other channels; 5.) claims of fault in competency or character derived from the taking and concealment of a child illegally by custom or fraud; are violations of 21 O.S. § 21-1200, § 21-836, and/or § 21-837. These are crimes in the State of Oklahoma, and will be regarded as criminal activity on observation, discovery, or utterance before any agent or officer of the firm as coercion described in 22 U.S.C. § 7102 and/or 21 O.S. § 21-748(A)(1).

As such, do not engage in this behavior without accepting our prior disclaimer that your name and affiliation will be recorded and disclosed for your conduct in perpetuity and before a federal and state criminal felony complaint in organized racketeering activity prohibited by 18 USC § 1951 and/or § 1961; or other clauses in Title 15 Chapter 41 Subschapter V of the United States Code or other powers (76 O.S. § 76-9) related.

Claims of mental health defect to justify this condict either in your person or against the parties you are defaming by slander and libel are also criminal activity and subject to this 22 O.S. § 22-31 right of resistance by public notice and citation, should you violate on face 43A O.S. § 43A-5-104 or any section subject to the riot act of the State of Oklahoma or other criminal code.

If you are unaware of the laws of the State of Oklahoma, you are obligated to contact an attorney and conduct yourself accordingly to our "privileges and immunitiies" per the recent 586 U.S. ____ 2019 case #17-1091 ruling against this fraud in the Supreme Court.

All communication with this firm falls under INTERSTATE COMMERCE code and is subject to United States Code (USC) and Oklahoma Statutes (O.S.) as well as the protections of the Article IV section 2 and 4 rule of the Constitution of the United States and Oklahoma Constitution Article I section I-1 domestication of those codes and language in full as prescribed in the prior United States Supreme Court ruling as superior to State and Federal law in matters of pecuniary fines, forfeiture, or other claims based upon such acts of the State or Federal Legislature, as made prior notice in 42 USC § 1981 and 1994; and also in 15 USC § 1673(c) rule against both State and Federal agents and courts and their legislatures explicitly barring the terrorist hoax known as alleged order 01-17702-R.

You have been duly notified and served, per your request of this page.




Frequently Asked Questions

Fraud Notice 2019

Please see ALERT 20190502-001

Conduct yourself accordingly. This will be your only warning.

Entertainment Streams

Disclaimer: Programs on are for entertainment purposes.

Like television, they do not represent real-life people or events. Efforts to portray such entertainment as factual characterization of performers will be viewed as a mental health issue and referred to law enforcement for state prosecution of harassment, stalking, or claims violating 43A Oklahoma State Statutory Code 43A-5-104 (a crime).

Our content is written from a military veteran perspective, has an age limit posted, and is unsuitable for minors without parental permission, like a RESTRICTED (R-Rating, MPAA) film due to subject matter including war, politics, and matters of Supreme Court determined law discussed.

The Acid Squirrel

Acid Squirrel is a deviant little bastard, killer of men, and hunter of the MMO-RPG Battle Royale, proving you don't have to be human to be humongous horn in the side of other players and teammates.

Acid Squirrel is "Jacks Angry Spirit Animal" from a movie about soap, seeking revenge on all that is progressive, narcissistic, and dumb. The Shwartz is with him, and a few hundred rounds of 7.62 AP.

Acid Squirrel (character) began playing Mechwarrior Online in beta, where small fast scout mechs weighing 20-35 tons are called 'squirrels' in tactics. The meme "Do Not Chase the Squirrel" became the basis for his callsign as a forward operator and scout - striking 75-100% of enemy players in first contact action employing fire-and-maneuver tactics.

Acid Squirrel also appears as a psychotic manager in Oxygen Not Included playthroughs - driving dupes (simulated workers) to their comic demise, and again in Fallout 76 as a kill-crazy little post apocolyptic "Insurance salesman" in the Wasteland, selling "Squirrel Insurance" before gunning down hordes of undead customers and robots who do not buy a policy.

Effort to confuse this comedy with real life is both tragic and sad delusion of a mentally ill person watching an online entertainment program - and evident in PETERSEN v ALLEN letters to ALLEN and his family by the Dallas family concealing the abducted Oklahoma child.

H.M. Stryx

Game Testing in Alpha and Commentary from an acidic tone by our in-house developer.

Herr Magus Stryx literally means "Mister Mage Owl", and has been in gaming and events since 1992. He is cranky, vulgar, and to the point. If you don't like that, or have a mental illness that can't deal - GTFO.

Critical thinkers who don't have a narcissist or sociopath complex are welcome. Prior advice to others. Real talk.

The Trademark

"STRYX" is a registered trademark of our firm in class 38 publications and literature, pertaining to science fiction and online electronic media, and has been in use since 1992. Efforts to resell or use the name during the 2001-2019 kidnapping for ransom of a newborn child are alleged felony 21 O.S. § 21-891 'child snatching' now under criminal complaint.

The Kidnapping

Infringement of which is designed to influence the legal right to voter sufferage in Oklahoma, cause forfeiture of estate, and damage trade secrets by employees of a Texas and Michigan corporation acting in Volksverhetzung (hate speech, promoting genocide) against American developers based on eugenics in the FBN1 genetic delta and effort to promote 'forced labor' to resolve pecuniry fines (18 USC 1589) ruled UNCONSTITUTIONAL as of Feb 20 2019 in 586 U.S. ____ 2019 case #17-1091 by 9-0 in the United States Supreme Court, barring the fraud from ever having legal life in 2019.

Company Policy

We take these acts by the Progressive Democratic Party of the United States very seriously, and consider them war crimes as of 2019, in violation of 18 USC §1091 and 43A O.S. §43A-5-104 fraud aginst the laws of the United States. Acts to kidnap and conceal children of American Service members shall be themed as rebellion, insurrection, sedition, and treason by this office and its officers. A formal criminal complaint, made possible by P100 2007 Oklahoma Supreme Court ruling, followed by 586 U.S. ____ 2019 docket #17-1091 and 588 U.S. ____ 2019 case #17-647 made possible this notice after 17 years and 9 months of suppression under color of law and in violation of 22 U.S. Chapter 78, 18 USC Chapter 95 and 96, and 21 O.S. 21-748 State law in felony activity spanning 2001-2019.

Horror Hosting

Join our horror host to talk about monsters in science fiction and film every week in context to upcoming "Beyond War" titles and products.

Learn about modern horror in social fiction and the issues that new media have created which force political writers to hide their work.

See how horror - like the 1950s Twilight Zone - helps keep writers from being targeted by violence in Western socialism and progressive "hate speech" movements.

With collective identity politics, sometimes you have to wear the face of a monster to speak about the dignity and values of being a man and of family without overt reprisal. Our programs are based on the recognition of this fundamental "dignity" as expressed in Article II-6 of the Constitution of the State of Oklahoma and United States Executive Order 13563.

Recent rulings by the Supreme Court in case 586 U.S. case 17-1091 and 588 U.S. 17-647 affirm this fraud, and illustrate how the use of monsters to portray human and humanist values in the science fiction of James Allen relate to prior 1950s works by Serling, Roddenberry, and Matsumoto - later made famous in film and art. Efforts to suppress or sell this body of work and rights are at the center of the child concealment and extortion activity, and such fraud to discredit the work as a property or patent exclusive of the content and themes expressed therein an express effort to cause 'civil death' and 'forfeiture of estate' in prior Lebensborn and Lebensraum claims of progressive terrorism against Jews and Poles in the 1930s and 1940s, repeated in PETERSEN v ALLEN in 2019.

The works discussed are themed to teach lessons against genocide, eugenics, and discrimination based on wealth and earnings which undermine the dignity of individuals in favor of the state or collective. As such, they have evoked extreme hatred from left-wing extremists themed terrorists in 2001-2019, and active threats to harm the business and family arising from this abuse affirm the hate speech and gender based violence which our horror hosting is designed to oppose and educate against.

Literary interpretation of man against nature and man against society are central to most of the works, and discussed while playing various games like Fallout 76 and social battle royale (death celebration contests), as those areas are the most frequent place to find candidates who need the ethical and social counselling. We consider this an outreach program to audiences that are under-served by public schools and family programs, and a civil rights project.

"Seven Alpha"

Discuss the liberty and security aspects of a dedicated network like that of The Russian Federation and other nations resisting social sabotage by terrorism under color of law in 2000-2019.

Seven Alpha™ is based on the concept of the "individual estate", a universal legal person in which rights are attributed and may be estimated in any injury against any "single individual" regardless of benefit to the community or other claims of "general welfare" notwithstanding.

This substitution of person in pronoun has become the standard for Oklahoma Article II-36A discrimination tests, and is our baseline for all policy. An injury to "The One" is an injury to all. Any "One", in the objective sense of Ayn Rand, and without qualification to prove their "contribution" prior the affirmation of rights and protections. When you start seeing people resort to "mental health" to deflect from criminal wrongdoing, there's something there that obligates society to come to the defense of a person so accused and ask "why".