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SDP Multimedia Group and MILITECH.ORG jointly manufacture and support the AGS and BGS variant line of high-end prosumer media computers in the City of Ada, Oklahoma.

All systems are warrantied over a 10 year operational lifespan , unlike any similar business computer solution. Remaining warranty is transferrable among Seven Alpha Members.

Consultation Rates:

James Allen of Ada Oklahoma has been consulting for digital media in scientific computing and intellectual property development for 30 years.

His work includes Tektronics, MS DOS, Microsoft Windows, Linux, BeOS, and other operating systems and network technology for business computing and security. Consultation provides insight into hardware and software theory and market trends in sustainable durable computing.

Most services are 1-2 hours per month, with implementation staging for lower skilled hourly workers at tiers I-IV (entry-level to PhD) and are architect/engineer design level questions or regulatory strategy planning.

$200 per hour

Genuine registered not-for-profit and consumer (not-for-business) clients are always welcome, and pro bono work in this area to assist community and youth programs are accepted for qualified candidates in good standing with the State of Oklahoma. Restrictions apply to people on the Rick Sanchez list of capital class weiners and rat-bastard socialist affiliates.


Omniserve Hosting

Single User Virtual Servers with Management by a SA-Op Desk.
Start your server today for $30 USD monthly.


Heavy Machine™ and AGS

Industrial Class Computers for Interactive Media and Online Game Content Developers like twitch.tv, built to support streaming and realtime Ray Tracing (RTX) game environments. Heavy Machines and AGS are not 'Office Computers', used for desktop document and Internet surfing. This is industrial computing:

AGS are Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) based.

Heavy Machines are Intel based Workstations.

Learn More...


XCORE™ 10-year-service

Modular Computer Core Technology for Heavy Machine and AGS platforms offering a 10 year service plan. Each SDP workstation has a 10 year life plan, with upgrade options at 36 and 72 months to optimize their lifespan in production up to ten full years of business use.

Learn why some computers are so fast and others not, and never will be.


Game Servers Group (GSG)™

Ada Oklahoma's private server list, whitelist access, and member support services. Exclusive assistance on Twitch.tv event planning. Members receive promotion and community channel assistance. GSG is a private social community of high-end media users in the Pontotoc County area (Oklahoma, USA), who assist new members with streaming and online community development to monetize their time. As a business group, all members are expected to be 18 years of age or higher, and comply with conduct and ethics terms.


Seven Alpha and Beyond War™

Overview of the Manifold Space Engine RTX C++ project known as "Beyond War™" under exclusive development by SDP Multimedia Group of Ada, Oklahoma. Seven Alpha provides security and PKI authentication for users of our Beyond War simulation product. Overt industrial espionage by United States companies and Citizens led us to secure our offering to other nations after fraud in Texas, Oklahoma, and Michigan to force us to conceed our product in violation of Federal Law. Learn more...


Managed Cloud Hosting

Major companies offer virtual servers for free, so we do not host physical equipment in the City of Ada for the general public. We manage hosting and server infrastructure for clients who meet our criteria as legitimate businesses and organizations. Customers are protected from networks known to be hostile to our country like NTT Group, NPR affiliates Gebhart Broadcasting, and other radical progressive Hegelian movement NGOs. If you cannot see our site, it is because you are permanently BANNED.


Business-Class TeamSpeak3™

Servers over 32 users and for any commercial activity by any unregistered not-for-profit group, a commercial license is required. Commercial users can charge, sublet, etc. We also offer gamer license for non-commercial use on request, for groups over 10 members, who are willing to contract for services per year.



Mr. Allen and his associates in Norman Oklahoma accept limited contracted projects related infrastructure and media applications of packet-switched network technology starting at $35,000 USD per quarter. Projects are term limited and defined by written scope, subject exclusive enumerated deliverables, and are not open-ended subcontractor labor roles suited for junior I-IV positions. The cadre represent 25 years of computer science practicum per member, and do not accept PhD or industry candidates credentials for this scope of work (tier V+).


Charitable Work

The firm has performed charitable work for disabled persons in Blanchard and Norman Oklahoma, and support free voice conferencing commercial software services for members of the Oklahoma community who are legally disabled or unemployed due to disability or injury. Efforts to misrepresent these grants or programs as money to any event, such as Soonercon did in 2010, in false claims, will be met with legal action and criminal complaint. Members of any charity which wishes to apply must be registered and their officers identified in the formal registry prior preliminary review. We thank James Clark, DDS, for his substantial work for our patients dental needs in Ada OK.



Frequently Asked Questions


Blackmail affecting Consulting Services

James Allen, our senior manager, has worked with Nortel Networks, Sykes Enterprises, Toshiba America, and other major firms for 25 years. He was a prior $75-$200 hourly (1999-2001) consultant, prior to being victimized by asset forfeiture by DALLAS COUNTY in 2001 October to remove and conceal his only child from the child's legal residence with James Allen.

James Allen still provides consulting services, but clients are carefully screened for conflict issues with NTT AMERICA, ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES, GEBHARDT BROADCASTING LLC (VIRTBIZ.COM), and other businesses whose infrastructure have been used to molest and attack our firm on cause of the child abduction and illegal concealment in trafficking (22 USC Chapter 78) of James Allen by persons in the State of Texas, State of Oklahoma, State of Michigan, and their respective subsidiaries who are competitors with his former client(s).

While he was subjected to fraud by the State of Texas following report of organized criminal activity by Texas based consultants, he has never been permitted to face his accuser in violation of U.S. law prohibited by KELLY v KELLY (OK Sup Court, P100 2007), and refused appeal or modification on threat of $102,000 USD in false claim to conceal his minor child at 74 days of age from August 2001-2019, both State of Texas and State of Oklahoma have refused relief obligated under TIMBS v INDIANA (US Sup Court, 586 U. S. ____ (2019) , DOCKET # 17-1091), whereby the abductors of "baby boy Allen" have concealed his location and refused to provide any contact for 17 years violating the very court order awarding James Allen possession of the child taken from his motor vehicle in 2001 August on threat of violence against the child that the abductors claim support their demand to forfeit the property and bodily person of James Allen under the "Black Code" of the State of Texas and State of Oklahoma.

The State of Oklahoma has recently alleged they may charge fees based on wealth, lifestyle, and other factors in violation of Federal Law 45 CFR, suspending their right to Title IV funds in full. This law is updated as of 2016 December in Fed Reg Vol 81 No 244; making this a felony to defraud the United States without 'substantial due process' required in US Const Article IV Section 1, 28 USC 1738A (e), 15 USC 1673, and 42 USC 1994. These are violations of the Thirteenth Amendment, which the States are obligated per TIMBS v INDIANA, and unconstitutional State laws used in 22 USC Chapter 78 in 'a severe form of human trafficking'.

The TEXAS FAMILY CODE used to justify this matter denied James Allen the right to default judgement when his accuser failed to appear, denied him all right to enter evidence or testimony, and suppressed these facts in fraud December 14 2001, in violation of 42 USC 1981 after denying entry of any evidence in SPOLIATION of the record and alteration of the motion for return of a child to their Oklahoma parent.

TEXAS FAMILY CODE (Sec. 157.008) would forfeit the estate and body, and demand payment of $102,000 by forcing James Allen to take out credit and borrow or be jailed despite no income or ability to pay due to blackmail and public terrorist hoax to portray his child's concealment as abandonment falsely and thereby incite the public to hate him in a felony crime without right to jury trial in his home state in Oklahoma, contrary U.S. Supreme Court TURNER v RODGERS, et al 564 U.S. 431 (2011).

Further, TEXAS FAMILY CODE (Sec. 157.109) would demand conditional to any hearing or appearance a bond or security against the person of James Allen violationg Oklahoma Constitution Article II-6, and have been attempting to force him to self-extradite to Texas conditional to withholding his child for 17 years without communication, location, status, or updates over writ of habeas corpus refused by Greg Abbott and officers of the State of Texas and State of Oklahoma.

Fraud to support this criminal enterprise in racketeering has been sustained from 2001 to 2017 by elements of the State of Texas and State of Oklahoma in knowning state-sponsored kidnapping. The contempt charge in the State of Texas sought now requires payment, regardless of ability, in an action inconsistent with Oklahoma and United States definition of the word CONTEMPT at law.

Further, the contract sought would then enforce violation of Oklahoma Constitution Article II-37 and is derived from a judgement of $500.00 which the State of Texas has been voiding and re-issuing over 17 years without regard to Federal Law (15 USC 1673) to suppress recovery and deny on legal action the immunity for writ of habeaus corpus (OK Const article II-15) in concealment of a minor child.

The contract would also force James Allen to waive custodial parent status if he provided insurance for the child as required by law, creating an entailment to the possession of his son, prohibited by Oklahoma State Constitution (II-32), in a collateral contract; and is void under 15 USC Chapter 41 Subchapter V Federal Law as it allows only ten (10) days to make payments of debts issued without limit on James Allen on threat of jail or forfeiture of estate, without any necessary or reasonable limitations on these bills whatsoever and expressly inclusive of charges which a normal insurance policy will not be required to cover.

Do not attempt to threaten or blackmail our firm with claims related to this kidnapping and child snatching (21 O.S. 21-891). You will be engaging in felony criminal activity, and all necessary force is authorized including public notice and identification of your name and actions pursuant to Title 76 O.S. 76-9. Actions of your employees or contractors will be construed as actions in commercial sabotage by your corporation, firm, or NGO.

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