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Omniserve Hosting

Single User Virtual Servers with Management by a SA-Op Desk.
Start your server today for $30 USD monthly.


Heavy Machine™ and AGS

Professional Class Workstations for Interactive Media and Online Game Content Developers, built to support streaming and high-end 3D Ray Tracing environments with NVidia RTX technology. Credit available for well qualified candidats via PayPal credit services. Learn More...


XCORE™ 10-year-service

Modular Computer Core Technology for Heavy Machine and AGS platforms offering a 10 year service plan. Learn why some computers are so fast and others not, and never will be.


Game Servers Group (GSG)™

Ada Oklahoma's private server list, whitelist access, and member support services. Exclusive assistance on Twitch.tv event planning. Members receive promotion and community channel assistance.


Seven Alpha and Beyond War™

Overview of the Manifold Space Engine RTX C++ project known as "Beyond War™" under exclusive development by SDP Multimedia Group of Ada, Oklahoma. Learn more...


Managed Cloud Hosting

Major companies offer virtual servers for free, so we do not host physical equipment in the City of Ada for the general public. We manage hosting and server infrastructure for clients who meet our criteria as legitimate businesses and organizations.


Business-Class TeamSpeak3™

Servers over 32 users and for any commercial activity by any unregistered not-for-profit group, a commercial license is required.



Frequently Asked Questions


A company dealing in global markets since 1991, with products from Japan and Germany focused on high-end visual computing

Creator of the Beyond War Universe, a game engine built for next-generation RTX coprocessors and virtualized cloud game-servers

Locally owned and operated customer service based in the City of Ada, Oklahoma. Incorporated in 1998 with several firms spun off since 2009.