Real Programmers - A hard talk about the industry in 2001-2019

Real Programming: The Individual Estate


Established in 1991, incorporated into a limited liability company (LLC) in 1998, and in operation since then to 2019 - SDP Multimedia Group is the City of Ada, Oklahoma's oldest PC manufacturer. Founded by the son of the engineer at a former Apple Computer retailer Computer Utility, SDP Multimedia Group began its work in the early Internet and BBS era of digital publications and related law.

Over 2001-2019, civil rights law and criminal racketeering in computer networking and foreign investment in United States utilities for data long-haul optical services led the firm into conflict with State governments engaging in Title IV fraud, described under 18 USC section 666 Federal Law. Through lobbying and resistance to extortion, the firm promoted and supported Federal Law decisions such as 564 U.S. 431, 586 U.S. ____ 2019 Docket No 17-1091, and 588 U.S. ____ 2019 Docket No 17-467.

These decisions restored Constitutional Law to its rightful place over State and Federal Law, removed catch 22 rules that prohibited appeal to the United States Court for civil rights infringements where State property tax and asset forfeiture regulations were being abused to take land, intangible property, and children from American Citizens, and asserted the rights of Constitutional Law over United States Citizens in the social security registry equal to that of natural born persons - eliminating the loophole claims that permitted forfeiture of property and body by pecuniary fines deemed 'excessive' in a 9-0 SCOTUS decision February 20 2019, and opened the door to civil litigation of states by victims in a 5-4 SCOTUS decision.

The firm further brought light to the admitted use of 'coercion' in the dissenting opinion of "TURNER v ROGERS et al", whereby federal felony confession barred by 22 USC Chapter 78 was made in dissenting opinion of the Supreme Court of the United States, confessing wrongdoing by the UNITED STATES in 2011 which led to reform in Federal Register Volume 81 Number 244 and changes to 45 CFR in 2017. This decriminalized poverty and employment manipulation in custody disputes, affecting nearly 200,000 new victims each year otherwise subjected to unlawful perpetual loss of contct with one parent over economic factors themed moral defect and criminal wrongdoing unlawfully by the state and Federal courts of the United States (source: American Bar Association, 2001-2010 study).

While the firm continues its civil rights mission, the company also manufactures high-end computers and provides International and Interstate communications with encryption and private ownership of nodes protecting customers from information scraping and data mining of conversations in free voice, email, and social media services.

The company became an affiliate with in 2018, and provides programs for mature audiences in software evaluation and talkshow formats which suit a 7pm to 11pm broadcast standard, dealing with the sciences in a caustic and humorous way with military perspective.

GUIDE: How Not To Buy A Toaster

SDP Multimedia Group manufactures computers systems designed for long life.

AGS - NVidia "RTX SUPER" / AE-9 Systems
BGS - NVidia "GTX 1660" AE-5 Systems
TS3 - TeamSpeak Servers (Commercial)

The average operational lifespan of our systems is 10 years (120 months). This is because of part selection, support, and channel relationships established over 1992-2019 combined with XCORE™ technology.

XCORE™ allows our AGS and BGS platform to refit its CPU, memory, chipset, and remain current without repurchase of expensive electrical parts like $300 power supplies, FRAME, peripherals with extended standards (DVD, et al), display, and classic components (which we are really good at maintaining, as our working EMU 1010 series cards for Windows 10 professional are a testimony). No other system under Windows 10 has WDM support today except our AGS and BGS Creative Line. Lessons learned from maintaining American air force equipment support our computers.

We build computers like my father and his brothers built airplanes:
With a reliability for armed service operations one rivet at a time.

SDP Multimedia Group will ship SUPER RTX in July 2019.

As of July 2019, new RTX SUPER cards are scheduled for release. New buyers will receive an option to delay shipment until the RTX SUPER units are available.

SUPER RTX are NVidia RTX graphics Processors with PCI-Express 4.0 capability. This is twice the speed (32 GT/s) of PCI-E 3.0 cards (16 GT/s) shipped in February 2019, and are new distinct GPU chips unlike the prior production run, built for the Socket AM4 X570 chipset due out in July 2019 with Zen 2 Ryzen 3000 series central processor units (CPUs). This move advances our core platform of NVME drive technology with PCI-E 4.0 speeds never seen before.

Customers with XCORE technology will be able to UPGRADE their AGS and BGS systems to this new platform, while everyone else is buying entirely new PCs and workstations for no good reason. To be fair, we tried to tell you, "XCORE™ is the future of Computing."

Anti-Bullying Policy

The firm also produces live video shows themed on classic roleplaying and video game experience. If you are not familiar with roleplaying or characters, please consult an attorney before making any comments which will result in our necesary legal action against your person or business/employer, as abuse will not be tolerated in our community or against the family of any of our performers and staff.

Harassment is a zero tolerance issue for our community and all access is conditional terms of service.

Now Streaming on as an Affiliate:
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Omniserve Hosting

Single User Virtual Servers with Management by our SA-Op Desk.

Omniserve hosts are virtualized single-server instances, allowing the presentation of a virtualized server for full backup on dedicated physical hardware, affording upgrade and flexibility with single-tenant power not found in other virtual server instances.

Single-Tenant virtualized servers are a boutique industry for dedicated clients, affording power of dedicated hosting with security and future technology protection of virutalization, and full ownership of qemu images not often available from volume hosting solutions.

Start your server today for $100 USD monthly.


Heavy Machine™ and AGS

Industrial Class Computers for Interactive Media and Online Game Content Developers like, built to support streaming and realtime Ray Tracing (RTX) game environments. Heavy Machines and AGS are not 'Office Computers', used for desktop document and Internet surfing. This is industrial computing:

AGS are Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) based.

Heavy Machines are Intel based Workstations.

Learn More...


XCORE™ 10-year-service

Modular Computer Core Technology for Heavy Machine and AGS platforms offering a 10 year service plan. Each SDP workstation has a 10 year life plan, with upgrade options at 36 and 72 months to optimize their lifespan in production up to ten full years of business use.

Learn why some computers are so fast and others not.


Game Servers Group (GSG)™

Ada Oklahoma's private server list, whitelist access, and member support services. Exclusive assistance on event planning. Members receive promotion and community channel assistance. GSG is a private social community of high-end media users in the Pontotoc County area (Oklahoma, USA), who assist new members with streaming and online community development to monetize their time. As a business group, all members are expected to be 18 years of age or higher, and comply with conduct and ethics terms.


Seven Alpha and Beyond War™

Overview of the Manifold Space Engine RTX C++ project known as "Beyond War™" under exclusive development by SDP Multimedia Group of Ada, Oklahoma. Seven Alpha provides security and PKI authentication for users of our Beyond War simulation product. Overt industrial espionage by United States companies and Citizens led us to secure our offering to other nations after fraud in Texas, Oklahoma, and Michigan to force us to conceed our product in violation of Federal Law. Learn more...


Managed Cloud Hosting

Major companies offer virtual servers for free, so we do not host physical equipment in the City of Ada for the general public. We manage hosting and server infrastructure for clients who meet our criteria as legitimate businesses and organizations. Customers are protected from networks known to be hostile to our country like NTT Group, NPR affiliates Gebhart Broadcasting, and other radical progressive Hegelian movement NGOs. If you cannot see our site, it is because you are permanently BANNED.


Business-Class TeamSpeak3™

Servers over 32 users and for any commercial activity by any unregistered not-for-profit group, a commercial license is required. Commercial users can charge, sublet, etc. We also offer gamer license for non-commercial use on request, for groups over 10 members, who are willing to contract for services per year.


Computer Network Systems Consulting

Mr. Allen and his associates in Norman Oklahoma accept limited contracted projects related infrastructure and media applications of packet-switched network technology starting at $35,000 USD per quarter. Projects are term limited and defined by written scope, subject exclusive enumerated deliverables, and are not open-ended subcontractor labor roles suited for junior I-IV positions. The cadre represent 25 years of computer science practicum per member, and do not accept PhD or industry candidates credentials for this scope of work (tier V+).


Charitable Work

The firm has performed charitable work for disabled persons in Blanchard and Norman Oklahoma, and support free voice conferencing commercial software services for members of the Oklahoma community who are legally disabled or unemployed due to disability or injury. Efforts to misrepresent these grants or programs as money to any event, such as Soonercon did in 2010, in false claims, will be met with legal action and criminal complaint. Members of any charity which wishes to apply must be registered and their officers identified in the formal registry prior preliminary review. We thank James Clark, DDS, for his substantial work for our patients dental needs in Ada OK.

Policy Statement

After 45 years of software development, the criticism and harassment of regional companies to infringe upon our work, marks, and efforts in overt blackmail have left our confidence in the United States very low.

Acts of child kidnapping to extort and blackmail our company are facts documented in confession and record of fraudulent order requiring the return of the child not performed or honored in any way over 2001-2019 contrary demand of a writ of habaes corpus and unlawful false claims in fraudulent "final judgment" in excess of $100,000 USD through criminal conspiracy against State and Federal Law so alleged in formal complaint in this matter now before the District Court.

Recent United States Supreme Court Decisions in 588 U.S. Case #17-467, 586 U.S. Case #17-1091, and prior 564 U.S. 431 rulings in combination with Federal Register Vol 81 Number 244 changes in policy to 45 CFR and other rules, are the sole reason we are still supportive.

Acts against these rulings are 18 USC § 2383 "rebellion and insurrenction" against the laws of the United States, and their suppression and denial as decided law are 18 USC § 2384 "sedition" against the laws of the United States. We take these matters by the States against the United States and American People very seriously, and do not tolerate fraud or terrorist hoax (21 O.S. § 21-1268) abuse in this business or its community.

Likewise, claims that we will not honor our warranties or provide service due to: 1.) unlawful interference; 2.) intimidation by publications in fraud and terrorist hoax activity; 3.) arrest or other form of criminal intimidation on no legal cause; 4.) capitalization of firm in market compared to other channels; 5.) claims of fault in competency or character derived from the taking and concealment of a child illegally by custom or fraud; are violations of 21 O.S. § 21-1200, § 21-836, and/or § 21-837. These are crimes in the State of Oklahoma, and will be regarded as criminal activity on observation, discovery, or utterance before any agent or officer of the firm as coercion described in 22 U.S.C. § 7102 and/or 21 O.S. § 21-748(A)(1).

As such, do not engage in this behavior without accepting our prior disclaimer that your name and affiliation will be recorded and disclosed for your conduct in perpetuity and before a federal and state criminal felony complaint in organized racketeering activity prohibited by 18 USC § 1951 and/or § 1961; or other clauses in Title 15 Chapter 41 Subschapter V of the United States Code or other powers (76 O.S. § 76-9) related.

Claims of mental health defect to justify this condict either in your person or against the parties you are defaming by slander and libel are also criminal activity and subject to this 22 O.S. § 22-31 right of resistance by public notice and citation, should you violate on face 43A O.S. § 43A-5-104 or any section subject to the riot act of the State of Oklahoma or other criminal code.

If you are unaware of the laws of the State of Oklahoma, you are obligated to contact an attorney and conduct yourself accordingly to our "privileges and immunitiies" per the recent 586 U.S. ____ 2019 case #17-1091 ruling against this fraud in the Supreme Court.

All communication with this firm falls under INTERSTATE COMMERCE code and is subject to United States Code (USC) and Oklahoma Statutes (O.S.) as well as the protections of the Article IV section 2 and 4 rule of the Constitution of the United States and Oklahoma Constitution Article I section I-1 domestication of those codes and language in full as prescribed in the prior United States Supreme Court ruling as superior to State and Federal law in matters of pecuniary fines, forfeiture, or other claims based upon such acts of the State or Federal Legislature, as made prior notice in 42 USC § 1981 and 1994; and also in 15 USC § 1673(c) rule against both State and Federal agents and courts and their legislatures explicitly barring the terrorist hoax known as alleged order 01-17702-R.

You have been duly notified and served, per your request of this page.




Frequently Asked Questions

Fraud Notice 2019

Please see ALERT 20190502-001

Conduct yourself accordingly. This will be your only warning.

Entertainment Streams

Disclaimer: Programs on are for entertainment purposes.

Like television, they do not represent real-life people or events. Efforts to portray such entertainment as factual characterization of performers will be viewed as a mental health issue and referred to law enforcement for state prosecution of harassment, stalking, or claims violating 43A Oklahoma State Statutory Code 43A-5-104 (a crime).

Our content is written from a military veteran perspective, has an age limit posted, and is unsuitable for minors without parental permission, like a RESTRICTED (R-Rating, MPAA) film due to subject matter including war, politics, and matters of Supreme Court determined law discussed.

The Acid Squirrel

Acid Squirrel is a deviant little bastard, killer of men, and hunter of the MMO-RPG Battle Royale, proving you don't have to be human to be humongous horn in the side of other players and teammates.

Acid Squirrel is "Jacks Angry Spirit Animal" from a movie about soap, seeking revenge on all that is progressive, narcissistic, and dumb. The Shwartz is with him, and a few hundred rounds of 7.62 AP.

H.M. Stryx

Game Testing in Alpha and Commentary from an acidic tone by our in-house developer.

Herr Magus Stryx literally means "Mister Mage Owl", and has been in gaming and events since 1992. He is cranky, vulgar, and to the point. If you don't like that, or have a mental illness that can't deal - GTFO.

Critical thinkers who don't have a narcissist or sociopath complex are welcome. Prior advice to others. Real talk.

The Trademark

"STRYX" is a registered trademark of our firm in class 38 publications and literature, pertaining to science fiction and online electronic media, and has been in use since 1992. Efforts to resell or use the name during the 2001-2019 kidnapping for ransom of a newborn child are alleged felony 21 O.S. § 21-891 'child snatching' now under criminal complaint.

The Kidnapping

Infringement of which is designed to influence the legal right to voter sufferage in Oklahoma, cause forfeiture of estate, and damage trade secrets by employees of a Texas and Michigan corporation acting in Volksverhetzung (hate speech, promoting genocide) against American developers based on eugenics in the FBN1 genetic delta and effort to promote 'forced labor' to resolve pecuniry fines (18 USC 1589) ruled UNCONSTITUTIONAL as of Feb 20 2019 in 586 U.S. ____ 2019 case #17-1091 by 9-0 in the United States Supreme Court, barring the fraud from ever having legal life in 2019.

Company Policy

We take these acts by the Progressive Democratic Party of the United States very seriously, and consider them war crimes as of 2019, in violation of 18 USC §1091 and 43A O.S. §43A-5-104 fraud aginst the laws of the United States. Acts to kidnap and conceal children of American Service members shall be themed as rebellion, insurrection, sedition, and treason by this office and its officers. A formal criminal complaint, made possible by P100 2007 Oklahoma Supreme Court ruling, followed by 586 U.S. ____ 2019 docket #17-1091 and 588 U.S. ____ 2019 case #17-647 made possible this notice after 17 years and 9 months of suppression under color of law and in violation of 22 U.S. Chapter 78, 18 USC Chapter 95 and 96, and 21 O.S. 21-748 State law in felony activity spanning 2001-2019.

Horror Hosting

Join our horror host to talk about monsters in science fiction and film every week in context to upcoming "Beyond War" titles and products.

Learn about modern horror in social fiction and the issues that new media have created which force political writers to hide their work.

See how horror - like the 1950s Twillight Zone - helps keep writers from being targeted by violence in Western socialism and progressive "hate speech" movements.

With collective identity politics, sometimes you have to wear the face of a monster to speak about the dignity and values of being a man and of family without overt reprisal. Our programs are based on the recognition of this fundamental "dignity" as expressed in Article II-6 of the Constitution of the State of Oklahoma and United States Executive Order 13563.

"Seven Alpha"

Discuss the liberty and security aspects of a dedicated network like that of The Russian Federation and other nations resisting social sabotage by terrorism under color of law in 2000-2019.

Seven Alpha™ is based on the concept of the "individual estate", a universal legal person in which rights are attributed and may be estimated in any injury against any "single individual" regardless of benefit to the community or other claims of "general welfare" notwithstanding.

This substittuion of person in pronoun has become the standard for Oklahoma Article II-36A discrimination tests, and is our baseline for all policy. An injury to "The One" is an injury to all. Any "One", in the objective sense of Ayn Rand, and without qualification to prove their "contribution" prior the affirmation of rights and protections. When you start seeing people resort to "mental health" to deflect from criminal wrongdoing, there's something there that obligates society to come to the defense of a person so accused and ask "why".

Pogo the Dog

Runescape Community Leader Pogo the Dog talks shop with the community after 10 years of online gaming and PvP servers.

Pogo was wrongfully injured at the hands of Oklahoma law enforcement and his injuries caused over $300,000 impact on the State due to limits in 23 O.S. § 23-9 ruled Unconstitutional after the statute of limitations of the assault on him by excessive force.

Pogo's injuries are a primary example of "self-dealing" by the member States incorporated governments and Legislature, to make immune their acts with injury to the public without regard for fraud against TITLE IV-D programs which cost the United States hundreds of thousands of Dollars in alleged 18 USC § 666 fraud each year, based on maintenance of injury rather than repair and healing of the injured, under threat of constant forced poverty should they resist the use of their legal person in this false activity before the United States.

During 2018 the State threatened to deny him insulin if he did not conform to their claims against his person, rendered in alleged fraud per findings of our own investigation. Abuse continued in a retaliation against our own agents then made in 2019 February 20 to damage investigators testimony. The fraud seeks to harm the investigating agent through their children to justify abuse of the disabled person futher by child concealment contrary an alleged court order. The order was refused enforcement enforcement of return of the child by the STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKALHOMA jointly over 2002-2019, and is now being used to make claims of over $60,000 USD in excess of real income and without regard to failure to modify for 17 years and 10 months of its existence as required by 45 CFR Federal Law and 42 USC section 666(a)(10) rule.