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Seven Alpha: "Strong Identity Registration"

Seven Alpha is a private academic network, protected by 2048 bit strong encryption (SSLv3/TLS1.2) with client-certificate authentication and VPN private-network access. It provides a workspace for American Dialectic research and development projects, free from Hegelian Dialectic interference.

American Dialectic: Rule of law based on rights inherent in individual persons, and Article II-6 statutory relief obligated.

Hegelian Dialectic: Rule of law based on populist and emotional appeal paired with fraud, force, and threat of murder.

Understanding the Seven Key System

Simple Explanation of What Seven Alpha Is and Does

Seven Alpha™ is a secure domain, edge network, and session management system similar to traditional Virtual Private Network concepts. It incorporates a file storage and safety deposit box system for digital block storage devices, allowing users to place and retrieve file systems via SSL transport containing complex encryption device objects - file blocks encrypted separately in multi-cipher multi-layer encryption using three (3) keys and one (1) written password. This ensures data is stored in a format that carriers cannot open, functions like a diplomatic pouch for cold storage and edge user identity protection.

Concepts in this mode require a strong understanding of one-time pad combined with modern cryptography and pre-shared session management for secrets transmission.

Block Storage and Virtual Servers utilize similar concepts, while Seven Alpha focuses on authentication, shared archival and recovery of block data in additional (3xlayer) encryption, and generic data obljects with additional 3xlayer client encryption signed in using a 4th layer strong crypto-identification for access control. In this manner, data is secure form access by the service prior transmission to the host, removes content otherwise themed a violation of 'perfect security' in one-time encryption of well known TCP/IP patterns thwarding SSL over traditional single-cipher solutions, and allows counter-signature to deny compromised NSK (Network Storage Token / Password) access with a strong use case GAK (General Access Key) which may be tokenized physically like a smart-card chip.

Seven Alpha™ may be used solely for transport protection and authentication, or deep encryption layering up to 6 levels, ideal for contesting quantum grade and state-sponsored decryption technology.

Storage therefore requires the user to validate themselves before the 'vault' decrypts it portion of the 'lock' representing the safety-deposit-box key and vault; while the user must still (optionally) open the lock-box inside the container with their own keys. The validation mechanism allows users to also access services which are only available to members, and rely on a secure key not shared with the public at large, limiting SSL transport exposure by non-participation in general public certificate distribution channels like Alphabet Inc., Apple Inc. and Mozilla browser partners.

Access to data in each "protectorate" (Imperial, Perfect, Rhonin, etc) is uniquely signed, and does not carry over to other 'compartments' of the Seven Alpha, allowing users registration to grant privileges solely in their namespace (Protectorate), as well as share in benefits of the community of Seven Alpha.

"Operator" Desks serve as the issuing authority of all end-user keys, like an intermediate certificate for a conventional SSL chain, and ensure that user keys are 2 steps away from the Protectorate Key as well as 3 steps from the Seven Alpha root.

Network Storage Key Tokens (NSK) and User Private Key Store Tokens (UPKS) are the anchor points of the encryption solution, affording the user a set of keys for encryption which require a password, and a counter key set used for the same operation not shared with the end-user or accessible as a function without identification through the fabric or biometric verification as a backup method. Like a national member registry, Seven Alpha thereby affords a strong PAD system to information control paired with real world verification of persons during a failure of traditional cryptographic solutions. Security is a secondary aspect of service provision reliant on strong identity systems affording a 1:1 ratio of user to account not common in other two-factor accounts and registries. User poly-identity is handled in the fabric of the Seven Alpha network, not by creation of multiple accounts to access a service, like most games and businesses today. This affords a stongly-registered user environment with strict behavioral control to enforce a civil code of conduct and limit abuse which impairs most consumer entertainment.

Automation makes the access and use of keys as simple as plugging in a USB and selecting the application, with a one-time password prompt. In this way, it is like a smart-token, but requires user input and a managed / revokable token to prevent loss and track malicious use of compromised tokens. Similar systems are milspec and have practical uses for sensitive systems.

Inherent storage of the user credentials for transport lock inside of a triple-cipher password protected vault prevents copying of keys and brute force attacks from having substantial success, in combination with user login strategies to track fraudulent activity and alert users to key use outside their normal patterns - as seen in other major networks two-factor fraud prevention systems.

Seven Alpha™ is the result of increasing abuse of 'REGISTRY' data by governments to entail and then suspend rights and communication themed anti-govenrment or counter-policy to popular religious movements in pseudo-science, similar to the actions of Marx and Hitler, which promote 'right think' and make civil honors dependent on compliance and subordination to avoid 'wrong think', dissent themed as mental health defects in a pattern of "G.W.F. Hegel" style claims and propaganda. The developer holds a degree in clinical psychology, is a former United States Army Specialist, and publisher in digital media for 25 years. Seven Alpha is designed to meet goals for a strongly registered civil society rule set, and facilitate certain kinds of information-warfare games which require these technologies to operate a persistent world themed 'science fiction' similar to Dystopian Fiction. The side effect is a strong registred data storage and management system for distributed strong service fabric across multiple nodes and a scalable security network based on token security.

Seven Alpha™ includes arbitration and resolution methods which differ from the United States and other courts, are specific to United States codes and regulations themed a form of law separate from the United States and its member States, and is reliant upon contract to bind over members to this form of resolution in agreement similar to the Uniform Code of Commerce (UCC) and "Articles of Rome".

Dignity is the primary value sought and cited, in addition to the injury to the dignity of any one a superior value to benefits or other marginalized values in collective bargaining theory of United States civil and criminal courts. In essence, this means a crime against one is a crime against all, and the injury done to any person themed an injury to the individual person of all who may be so required to sit in judgment of the offender. The right to marginalize injury to a person in the intent of creating an implied or general benefit is rejected by Seven Alpha™ and the benefit of the many never themed a value to the injury of any one person a defense.

Formats, language, and customs regarding this process emphasize the patience to hear a defense as well as the role of the individual dignity and ideal of individual rights the purpose of the system of justice, professional standards, and conduct afforded use of the network. This means sexual content themed free speech on other Internet Platforms is not permitted on Seven Alpha™ and all derived exploitation of persons to diminish personal relationships and protection likewise themed a violation of its regulations. This is the point from which the "American Jurisprudence" separates itself from "United States Jurisprudence", reliant on the 586 U.S. case 17-1091 and 588 U.S. case 17-647 ruling in 2019 by the Supreme Court of the United States, whereat SCOTUS sided with the principles of the United States and rejected the claims of the many States in 45 CFR ruling disclaiming human trafficking under color of law, themed gneocide by the Federal Union, and a fraud to embezzle from the Treasury of the United States in separation of children based on secular taking themed "progressive socialism" or "Hegelian" socialism in AJP studies.

American Juris Prudence (AJP) applies Oklahoma Constitutional Concepts to Existing Constitutional Law as a combined privileges and immunities model proposed by Justice Ginsburg (586 U.S. case 17-1091) in her eloquent opinion for the unanimous Supreme Court in 2019 February. Dispute by States in this ruling who seek to retain their "Sovereign Immunity" claims disbarred in 588 U.S. case 17-647 ruling of 2019, further contest the position, from which AJP arrives a strongly typed professional self-regulating body to ensure its members a consistent Constitutional over Statutory Code business enviornment, themed the common law of the American People.

Businesses that want their own sub-organization in this model are screened and granted conditional terms to establish a "protectorate" for their product or service with an "Intermediary" key similar to the "Imperial" and "Perfect" protectorate groups. This affords a fixed rule and arbitration model, appeal, and localized rules to manage and admit or remove members for other enterprise and industrial purposes.

Protectorate groups are entitled to charge whatever they wish for End User Registration in their domain, as is necessary to ensure one natural born person per user account issued is maintained and terms of the Seven Alpha professional regulations and conduct codes are met. In this way, Seven Alpha™ is scalale and affords specialization in multinational communities and without traditional borders or state registration to operate among members, similar to Masonic and other professional fraternities in prior commercial eras. Where a handshake or an endorsement and registration once afforded members in these organizations protection, Seven Alpha™ adapts the concepts to a larger computer-based assembly with fewer elements of a religion nature than traditional organizations of the industrial and colonial era.

Fees are designed to ensure members are capable of maintaining their obligations, registries, and operate according to regulatory conditions similar to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) of the United States over radio broadcast and digital broadcast media, which has broken down with private cable and packet-switched public Internet technology since 1991. Not-For-Profit and other Special Purpose Registries will be considered grants for use where fees may not be appropriate and use case is clearly made in the interest of Dignity and of the King of Kings, a model supporting the inherent dignity in all natural born persons to be free from bondage, slavery, genocide, corruption of blood and other forms of civil death in a digital society.

Practical Uses

  • AM24 Game Design
  • Secure Forums
  • Professional Conference Security Telepresence
  • SideChannel Coordination

$4000.00 USD / year - Seven Alpha: Intermediate CA Registration
Seven Alpha (7A) Registration verifies a United States resident for access key issue. User verification and background check to limit one account per natural born person, who must be 24 years of age per verifiable documentation. Protectorate Services include private key issuance for customers to access a restricted area only for the member and their keyholders, and the ability to issue keys at-will to those non-members.

Intermediate CA Parties are known as 'Protectorate' Administrators on Seven Alpha. Each 'Protectorate' has the ability to issue keys for their respective zones to an unlimited number and scope, governing their own administrative domain. This solution removes the cost of numerous SSL certs for very large site networks, and allows better granular control over SSL security to specific hosts as intended in the openssl implementation.

Purchase With Wholesale Account

$4000.00 Annual Registration - Intermediary CA Registration w Approval - Terms and Conditions Apply - U.S. Residents Only

$60.00 USD / year - Seven Alpha: End User Registration
End User Registration - includes a certificate for access to general Seven Alpha services not granted by a Protectorate-only area, such as account extended services and cross-protectorate service access features of the Seven Alpha Network. While a Protectorate Key will grant end-user access to their domain, any features that may be transferrable to other domains or products outside that network require an End User Registration. Does not include protectorate key services or hosting network account. Identity verification for AM24 is a requirement of End User Registration, and assure customers that End User accounts are operated solely by the person named in the application and by no other authority or user per agreement. End User Registration ensures standing in Seven Alpha for all official matters, arbitration, and remedy afforded. Protectorate Consumer Certificates do not afford these rights, and grant only benefits cited in each authority rules related.

$60.00 Annual Registration - End User Registration - Terms and Conditions Apply - U.S. Residents Only


Seven Alpha is a 'Private Network' under strict regulatory governance, independent from the Internet and ICANN namespace, pursuant Federal Communications Commission rule pertaining all end-user devices and right to modification for private use or purpose to suit. Neither ICANN or other body are lawfully empowered to a monopoly over this technology, and such monopoly is strictly prohibited in the State of Oklahoma per 586 U.S. 17-1091 ruling.

Users on Seven Alpha enjoy:

  • Limited Anonymity with variable public name use restricted by zones policy.
  • Strong financial and legal accountability for actions while enjoying reasonable anonymity.
  • A 'DO NOT TRACK' environment barring sexual content and violent, racist, and inappropriate material.
  • Enhanced services and application layer not available to the general public.
  • Strong communication default encryption using VPN & SSL technology.
  • Flow tracking to eliminate Denial of Service Abuse using forgery.
  • Screening of persons to prevent use by sex offenders and criminals.
  • American Dialectic and Republican form of governance and policy.
  • An academic atmosophere not hostile to enterprise and intangible-property law.
  • Privacy from web-scraping and other forms of automated surveillance tools.

What you Must Provide:

  • Written Authorization for Background Check including Criminal Background.
  • Financial Background is Not a Part of this Process, nor relevant for membership.
  • Agreement in Contract to Terms and Conditions, Disclosure, and NDA rules.
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement governs general privacy, rights of others, and disclaims any agreement to any illegal activity or harm explicitly witnessed.
  • These agreements allow reasonable arbitration claims should infringement of content be alleged.

What you receive on successful registration: Subject Terms of Use and Acceptance

  • PKCS Certificate Device for activation
  • Device Software for Access to Networks and Services
  • Probationary period of 90 days during which background check is executed
  • Obligation agreement to report any further contact with law enforcement or claims against you or your estate, business, or other agency.
  • A very open academic atmosphere with higher standards of integrity to discovery and innovation in science and technology.

Why Do I Want This (info)

What Seven Alpha is:

  • Seven Alpha essentially the opposite of the DarkWeb, a criminal network using similar privacy tools.
  • Businesses and engineers have, for centuries, formed private societies and meeting places for work.
  • Prior societies have been religious in nature, requiring belief in a supreme being, for moral center.
  • Seven Alpha does not disbar religion nor grant all faiths equal standing regardless of moral beliefs.
  • The core moral belief of Seven Alpha resides in the acknowledgement of dignity in each individual.
  • No benefit or value in a collective may infringe upon individual dignity at any point at law.
  • The collective exists to serve the individual, not the opposite, contrary G.W.F. Hegel's Statism.
  • Seven Alpha is named after the Seven 'Seals' of the Bible and Book of Revelations.
  • Seven Alpha consists of 9 'Gates', governed by 3 'keys' which grant access.
  • Seven Alpha is based on '', and a related story.
  • The network is strongly administered, with discretion to act as necessary.
  • There is therefore a relief afforded to injury even unforseen or abuse of terms to cause injury.
SEVEN ALPHA: Culture and History

Seven Alpha is a Private Network developed to secure privacy and communication rights among a community resisting progressive lebensraum (child taking and concealment based on political and religious theology). The network responded to fraud and a terrorist hoax portraying non-Progressive persons such as Christians, Jews, and Muslims as mentally ill due to their refusal to accept extremist ideology and abuse of conservative and traditional values by sectarian progressives.

The "Progressive" movement in the United States, European Union, and Asia holds as a religious tenant the claim that mental health is defined by obedience to the state, subordination to statutory law contrary any moral or religious right, and superior in right over the instruction and bonds between parent and child.

This movement is a resurgence of sectarian 'taking of private property for public use' first popularized by G.W.F. Hegel in 1820 through his book, "Elements of the Philosophy of Right", and styles itself as an agnostic and inclusive movement in order to assimilate and ultimately eliminate any moral or theological resistance to a totalitarian regime. Examples of this extremist thinking contrary the rule of law, which relies on emotion and judgement based in incitement of public outcry over protection of statutory code and rule, are seen in the Soviet Revolution, the Cultural Revolution, and the rise of national socialism in Nazi Germany. All of these persons were 'Young Hegelian" dialectics, and inconsistent with rights for individuals and civil rights, human rights, and the concept of inherent dignity over which the State or other political body has no authority to deny a person contrary any offense against society.

The very core of Hegelian Dialectics (Hegelian arguments) is that civil honors and titles are granted by society to the individual, and are privileges. The fundamental oppositional view is that civil honors and titles are inherenet in the nature of individual people by right of their existnce and relationshp, and standing in such claims cannot be suspended or denied by will of society whatsoever at any time, nor granted or themed absent unless granted by a court as a 'title', so prohibited in United States Constitution Article I section 9 and 10.

The failure to teach these concepts, subordinated by science and narrative history to prescribe an ambiguity of power and force to compel normative standards and obligations in society based on economic and political power, is a basis for justification of prior revolutions and destruction of human rights portrayed as "progress" in common core education Asia, radical Islamic terrorism funded by Western Austrio-Hungarian terrorism, and prior radical national socialist supporters in the United States and Europe.

Data mining and global reach of profiling in data services by Alphabet Inc. (Google) have allowed hate groups to target and harass conservatives, ban their communication and discriminate against their popularity and economic reach, and organized harassment similar to the "brown shirt" (stormtrooper) movement in the 1930s. Seven Alpha is a defensive technology to protect and preserve academic and professional trades against abuse and extortion, blackmail, and economic taking without right of invention and design by radical socialist elements engaging in human trafficking activity in the United States and other areas under color of law; and supported by the Supreme Court of the United States in its recent decisions (586 U.S. case 17-1091; 588 U.S. case 17-647) and regulations (Federal Register Volume 81 Number 244).

When States and their regional agencies resist these rights to unlawfully violate Title 22 Chapter 78 and Title 18 Chapter 95 and 96 as a policy, similar to abuses of Lebensraum in the Netherlands and Poland after Nazi occupation, a variety of protections are necessary and regionl bodies entitled to their exercise (22 O.S. 22-31, 22-32, 22-33) their rights (76 O.S. 76-9) against such abuses ( 76 O.S. 76-1, 76-3, 76-4, 76-6, 76-8).

The manner in which they do this is protected by the Oklahoam Constitution ( Article I-1, II-1, II-3, II-5, II-6, II-7, II-9, II-10, II-13, II-15, II-17, II-19 II-20, II-21, II-24, II-25, II-29, II-30, II-32, II-33, II-36A). Allegation of violations in this matter in each case are now formally part of a single complaint before the court in 2019.

The use of mental health claims to circumvent the prior knowing, willful, and premeditated violation of such rights and written contract at law, themed a "terrorist hoax" in Oklahoma by STATE OF TEXAS, is now under order for trial on no registered contract of record and fraud to kidnap a resident of the State of Oklahoma for Title IV fraud prohibited at law (18 USC 666) under formal complaint. The plaintif, a Psi Chi Honors graduate of East Central University holding a degree in clinical psychology awarded by the regents for Higher Education of the State of Oklahoma in 1999, alleges kidnapping for concealment and ransom on no lawful cause of a child during INTERSTATE COMMERCE and INTERSTATE TRANSPORT in value over $10,000 USD and subsequent $80,000 USD real damages compelling surrender of a registered business of the STATE OF OKLAHOMA to parties in STATE OF TEXAS so prohibited in Title 21 Oklahoma Criminal Code (21 O.S. ) as blackmail, extortion, and coercion to obtain signature on concealment of a child from 2001-2019 contrary order to return such child and violence supporting the taking of the child fraudulently portrayed to falsely allege abandonment in a scheme or plan to obtain control over registered securities. These acts by use of UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE continuing in 2019 contrary Federal Law, violating 45 CFR 303.6 and in pattern of violation jointly by STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA, so cojoined with 21 O.S. 21-1732 "Larceny of trade secrets" and other taking threatened in letters and demands, property damage, and ongoing direct harassment during concealment of the child to extort payment of a false civil debt (15 USC 1692d). Such claims having domestic jurisdiction and right under 15 USC 1692n, and obligated payment for injury per 15 USC 1692k and 18 USC 1593 'mandatory restitution' in a formal complaint of human trafficking (21 O.S. 21-748.1) and 'serious injury' to obtain labor (18 USC 1589) so defined in civil suit filed in 2019 under 21 O.S. 21-748.2 rule. These acts alleged and aided by STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF MICHIGAN corporation assets in ongoing attacks and disruption of INTERSTATE COMMUNICATIONS documented in 2001-2019, false claims at law, and total concealment of the child to include threat of false incarceration and fines on petition for relief violationg TEXAS FAMILY CODE section 157.375 expressly.

Conduct in this matter rising to the extreme degree to warrant a complaint under United States Treaty citing Supreme Law in "The Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide", and state policies confessed in Turner v Rogers et al (564 U.S. case 431, 2011), citing violation by states in this matter to carry out coercion (illegal action) to obtain false debts, themed EXCESSIVE FINES by Justice Ginsberg (2019) and disclaimed by the UNITED STATES in 2016 citing no such right from 1991-2019 (Fed Reg Vol 81 No 244), a conditional contract subject all Title IV agency activity and grant of funds exceeding $54 billion USD.

The taking, concealment, and alienation of children to incite a loss of civil honors and civil death in persons under fraud of mental health defect and repeated unlawful taking over $30,000 USD not granted a legal cause at-law, warrant and justify the remedy enacted in Seven Alpha services and security rights now enacted under Article I-1 and II-1 rule, and related rights in contract a civil agreement protected by Article XXIII section 8 and 9 rule.

The Prior Rule was upheld in all Federal Matters in a 9-0 ruling (586 U.S. Case 17-1091, 2019) and as stated in the Oklahoma Constitution:

Contracts waiving benefits of Constitution invalid.
Any provision of a contract, express or implied, made by any person, by which any of the benefits of this Constitution is sought to be waived, shall be null and void.

Notice or demand, stipulation for.
Any provision of any contract or agreement, express or implied, stipulating for notice or demand other than such as may be provided by law, as a condition precedent to establish any claim, demand, or liability, shall be null and void.

The taking of children, based on license, from residency and legal address of a parent for concealment to obtain a payment unconditional and exclusive of all contact and communication with the child as a claim is therefore not lawful, and wrongly recorded in malicious intent to defraud a violation per 23 O.S. 23-9.1 subsection D class III violation - subject unlimited damages - and so prohibited in Supreme Law the war crime "genocide" aggravated by gaslighting activity using global communication contrary a lawful order of rights then made in evidence to gain commercial advantage over American industry and economic investment rights by NTT COMMUNICATIONS GROUP, EQUINIX, and its employee(s) at the Stemmons Freeway data center, #40 site, and related businesses and agents at-law who did falsely circulate this claim in concealment of a UNITED STATES CITIZEN from their proven parent contrary 76 O.S. 76-8 in fraud and kidnapping to carry out forfeiture of estate and title, and false filing 2018 Nov 21 to make false attribution of claim to a new legal party (an estate) not a party to the first legal action in 2001 (a default by Veronica M. Petersen, so exposed in record Dec 14 2001 - falsely ruled default then May 29 2019 over objection and in violation of a guarantee of due process not met by STATE OF TEXAS against the Oklahoma Resident seeking return of their abducted child from their legal foreign residence and against a false bond temed on 'imputed income' not a component of 'factual income' and prior ending per agreement days prior abduciton of the child and under promise of matrimony such funds and interest up to $100,000 USD obtained from the Oklahoma Resident without any promised compensation or repayment over 2001-2019, a fraud). Incitement of injury then following "Volksverhetzung" and an effort to imply mental disability and emotional instability in the parent to justify such taking by force, threat of murder, attempted murder, and false contract - a minor child just after birth themed 21 O.S. 21-891 (child snatching) for perpeptual concealment from a parent in eugenics based alienation.

SEVEN ALPHA: Governing Body
Theology and Customs of Governance:
  • The "King of Kings" is the title of office of the administrative officer, whose role is that of servant in all matters of legal or administrative contest, unlike judges and officers of Justice in Western and Middle-Eastern courts; so signified by a ritual of service involving the judge first taking a knee prior the parties doing so in response - affirming the fundamental obligation of the court and case are to the dignity of the parties instead of the authority of the state or court or its agents.

    The motto of the dispute resolution system is "You will know him for he is the first to serve."

    This is a response to abuses of the United States courts in violence from 2001-2019 to the injury of the founders children and family without due process or right to trial, concealing unlawfully his first born and only son for 18 years. The "King of Kings" is an elected position, executed by all members using secure voting and strong crypto-card identity ballot, and is a non-technical position. Jury trial is also available at-option in all matters, in the American Dialectic tradition. No jury may make law, but may consider if law shall apply based on circumstances and context.

  • Seven Alpha is a framework for strong cryptographic smartcard-like identity tools facilitating business and scientific works, denying public taking alleged to all content by State of California against academic rights now a matter at-law in the United States and elsewhere, and affording private property without sovereign estate proxy to innovators and developers, writers, and content creators. In many ways, it is an improvement on prior "estate" law, and a distinct jurisprudence known by all persons as "American Jurisprudence", to distinguish it from United States jurisprudence and other law.

    As the code of a private organized society, it is not a court in contest with the regional courts or Justice, nor substitute, and exists under contract law in the State of Oklahoma a civil matter disbarring interference by State and Federal agencies at-law. This means that the matter may resort to regional law and avenues of relief for civil and criminal wrongdoing which are not suited to the private society or its limited authority including fines and enforcement, indictment, and incarceration of offenders at-law, while retaining its autonomy over its own affairs and rules of conduct, policy, and conditions. At law, it would be a civil society and its right to organized enumerated at-law, despite technical tools used to do so.

  • Does not endorse or employ any crypto-currency, token, marker, or other instrument of security nor issue such as prohibited in the 'Securities Exchange Act of 1934' or related Oklahoma legislation. Promotion, use, or substitution of cyrpocurrency or similar instrument is prohibited without payment of full fees as though monetary exchange, despite present ruling as property at-law in the United States, to ensure compliance with the Oklahoma Tax Commission and other regulatory bodies such as the Internal Revenue Service of the United States, et al. All taxes owed are due and not disclaimed nor any debt by the Seven Alpha network, which is not disputed debt in lawful accord and on sound legal theory at-law.

  • Seven Alpha does not participate, donate, or support political action in any foreign country or the United States, nor register businesses or entities who do as members in standing.

    Policy prohibit some platforms, such as communism, socialism, and progressive claims and language from use due to their use to infringe on the dignity of private property and right of privacy and relationship among family members having been placed secondary to 'the greater good' (State, community, philosophy) and such claims wrongly relied upon to incite 'Volksverhetzung' against Americans or wrongly themed 'mental health issues' to suppress American Dialectic philosophy, rights, and the suffrage of persons in criminal activity themed organized war crimes by STATE OF TEXAS, STATE OF CALIFORNIA, STATE OF MICHIGAN, and STATE OF OKLAHOMA now under legal suit for 21 O.S. 21-748 human trafficking in the concealment of children and extortion violating 586 U.S. case 17-1091 and 18 USC 1091 in context to 18 USC 241 and 242 violations alleged felony crimes. These matters refused relief in FR-18-04 and contrary 588 U.S. case 17-647 right to relief voiding sovereignty defense employed by STATE OF TEXAS in 'BITARA et al versus UNITED STATES' appeal for relief in the 18 year concealment of a newborn child taken during Interstate Commerce and travel on Interstate 35 on August 2001 to 2019 without legal cause and to extort registered businesses in State of Oklahoma under color of law contrary Title 22 Section 7102 and related Chapter 78 rule. So also prohibited in 15 USC 1692d, 1692n, 1589; 18 USC 1589, 1593, 1981, 1994; and obligated manditory restitution at law.

    The civil society is organized under Oklahoma Constitution Article II-3 and II-22, with relief obligated per article II-6, citing suspension to terminate the right of habeas corpus; and enforced under 22 O.S. 22-31 through 22-34 with regard to 76 O.S. 76-8 and 76-9 'all necessary force' including legal acts so provided in Article I-1 and II-1 enumerated Constitution of the State of Oklahoma per 586 U.S. 17-1091 rule.

  • Seven Alpha is founded on the Title 76 section 76-1 (inherent rights) and 76-3 (right against deceit of the public using any form of media or technology in false statements), and the 76-6 rule enumerating the protection of reputation including the 'civil honors' afforded parents falsely accused in taking and concealment activity of Title IV fraud (18 USC 666) alleged in FR-18-04, a civil suit.

  • Re: Corrputoin of Blood / Academic Fraud
    The core values of Seven Alpha are opposion to human trafficking, child trafficking, and the selling of civil honors and titles like "FATHER", "MOTHER", and right to communication with children who are taken under false medical cause based on radical (progressive, HEGEL-esque) allegations from conservative parents without cause, legal evidence, and for incentives wrongly paid by the UNITED STATES to states. Child welfare, parental welfare, and rights now being refused by States are fully defined in Federal Register Vol 81 No 244, a publication setting regulation of Title IV programs in Dec 16 2017 which is 25 years prior (1991-2019) the policy of the Title IV program and codified law per 45 CFR 303.6 rule a felony in cases like 01-17702-R, a false trial and "automatic mistrial" pursuant Oklahoma Supreme Court rule in case P100, 2007 "KELLY v KELLY", supporting 2019 ruling by SCOTUS in 586 U.S. case 17-1091 and brillianit opinion by Justice Ginsberg for all nine sitting Justices of the United States Supreme Court.

    History of Dispute Prompting 'Seven Alpha' Organization and Incorporation

    The founder of Seven Alpha is a psychology honor society officer graduating in 1999 from East Central University of Oklahoma, and father of an abducted child (2001-2019) refused lawful return in extortion and all contact on grounds of 'imputed income' (income not real or earned, refused modification over 2001-2019) amid physical domestic violence and attempted murder of his person, family, and witnesses in the taking of his child sustained without relief by law enforcement over 18 years.

    Prior to the abduction, the father was a 'Senior Software Engineer' and lead programmer for the "Northern Telecom Wireless Engineering Tools Division" and a registered business owner in the State of Oklahoma; as well as a Specialist in the UNITED STATES ARMY during such abuse and prior business and prior a "Telecommunications Administrator" for BankONE, FirstUSA, AT&T Internet Services, PeoplePC, T-Mobile Business Cellular Services, and RMA technician for Trio Brands / Apollo Brands / Inspire Technology LLC.

    His father served in the United States Air Force as an electronic warfare role, and uncle was Cameron Lee Allen, CMS Oklahoma National Guard. Other members of the family have served over 40 years in military roles in the UNITED STATES including Bosnia, Iraq, and missions both in uniform and in support for Texas Instruments in advanced technology service and support roles.

    This education combined with violence and fraud installed a unique set of skills and mental experience opposed to fraud activity in the taking, concealment, and isolation of children under color of medicine and false report themed 23 O.S. 23-9.1 subsection D class III spoliation evident in case 01-17702-R, and subsequent faudulent conveyance of title to a new estate not-a-party at law in FR-18-04 claim made in 2018, to show the matter a widespread fraud in the UNITED STATES activity exceeding $54 billion USD in false claims now before the Treasury of the United States by STATE OF TEXAS, STATE OF OKLAHOMA, and STATE OF MICHIGAN.

    The founder of Seven Alpha grew up in a pediatric practice across from Valley View Regional Hospital, where his mother was a children's physician and E.R. physician, and enjoyed the education and family support of local physics professor Carl Rutledge.

    Oklahoma Clinical Psychologists, upon hearing this, wrote into UNITED STATES Federal record "patient claims he was raised by doctors in a hospital" in an attempt to defraud the UNITED STATES of Title IV funds and estate of the Oklahoma parent, grossly misrepresenting a very privileged education and upbringing with delusions to forfeit the estate of the Oklahoma Parent to the abducting party in use of further exploitation without release of cause or consent. Simlar claims disparaging the history of the parent which are knowingly false including alleged conviction of substance abuse (false), dismissal of prior income of $60 USD per hour as a delusion (false, payroll stubs and IRS records confirm); and portrayal of the parent as mentally disabled to justify forfeiture of his business and right to work by the ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGY employee and convicted substance abuser who removed the child from his motor vehicle during INTERSTATE TRANSPORT against his demand and to carry out threatened 'perpetual concealment' conditional demands for money and property, made in the amount of over $200,000 USD - remain central to the dispute now before the court in PETERSEN v ALLEN, a suit to obtain such 'unlimited taking' without relief or communication with the child concealed in conflict with an alleged 'order of possession to JAMES ALLEN' since 2002 May 29.

    Such offenses require such response as Seven Alpha, and an institutional organization aginst fraud by STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA to subvert the 28 USC 1738A (e) law against this activity refused relief by their officers from 2001-2019. ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES, SPARK HOSTING INTERNET SERVICES, NTT AMERICA, GEBHARDT BROADCASTING LLC, and other firms with nexust to the abductor at Infomart, a facility of EQUINIX and partner with ZEN LAYER INC. of STATE OF CALIFORNIA serviced by COGENT COMMUNICATIONS (a subsidiary of NTT AMERICA, a 25% wholly owned corporation of the NATION OF JAPAN operating in STATE OF MICHIGAN) with facilities provided by and created through transfer of estate from NTT GROUP to DIGITAL REALTY TRUST, expose the relationship of these firms and their employees joint work via 'lostserver' domain registration and with PCH.NET (an NGO in STATE OF CALIFORNIA acting now as a formal PARTNER OF NTT AMERICA) to obtain not-for-profit grants and other public monies in combination with abuse of network services in PONTOTOC COUNTY, STATE OF OKLAHOMA using CIDR IP ranges reserved by customers of the EQUINIX data facility at Stemmons Freeway in DALLAS TEXAS.

    With over 8 million ICMP requests in 7 days transmitted to the Oklahoma site from Texas, and sustained high-SEQUENCE ICMP fragments sent from September 1 to November 26 2019 during trial, this activity is express and clear abuse of INTERSTATE COMMERCE and telecommunication service abuse by a foreign influenced racketeering interstate corrupt organization named in formal criminal complaint under 18 USC Chapter 95 and 96 by JAMES ALLEN, on behalf of RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED, a United States Corporation resident in State of Oklahoma, citing attacks sustained with communication of a clearly express and extortion oriented nature toward persons operating for INTERSTATE COMMERCE in contract with STATE OF CALIFORNIA and the REPUBLIC OF GERMANY which are named in the complaint and letters submitted demonstrating the extortion demands for the child of JAMES ALLEN and fraud in Title IV claims contrary 45 CFR 303.6, and TEXAS FAMILY CODE 157.375 rule. As such, this activity affords all parties named and threatened at-law to 76 O.S. 76-9 rule, including the orderly formation of security and tools, technology, and networks to counter the acts in fraud of legal persons engaged by UNITED STATES MAIL in this wrongful taking and false claims, so prior enumerated.

    Benefits of the understanding of parties at-law are possible in part to the education of grandparents of the injured party, who were known as developers of the City of Ada, Orvil and Dorthy Price, operators of Witherspoon Finance; whose experience in estate law to identify the legal persons and substitution of parties in case 01-17702-R versus claim FR-18-04 as filed demonstrate a transfer of benefits ruled 'exclusively' that of a natural born person to an estate of the UNITED STATES SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION unlawfully, contrary recent ruling in "Georgulas vs Younger, DALLAS COUNTY DISTRICT COURT, STATE OF TEXAS", and 22 O.S. 22-407 ("Words, meaning in contract") so prohibiting this illegal entailment of what the contract themes "unlimited taking in ten (10) days of receipt of demand, voiding all right to contest or refuse payment and subjecting the party to contept if they do not pay regardless of means or income" a contract of 'debt-bondage' authored by DEE MILLER, and fraud per 21 O.S. 21-748.1 Oklahoma Law, so also specified in taking beyond 15 USC 1589(c) limits therein a void instrument used in the taking for concealment in extortion of a registered commissioned UNITED STATES officer in the State of Oklahoma, for which this remedy - known by all persons as "Seven Alpha" is installed and lawful organization contrary 18 U.S.C. 2383 "rebellion, insurrection" and 18 USC 2384 "sedition" contrary "The Laws of the United States" made a record of the court in January 2019 on case FR-18-04, invoking and then disclaiming also in failure to act the compact disclosed between STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA wrongly themed a "treaty" to support its right to supercede UNITED STATES SUPREME LAW, in the "UNIFORM INTERSTATE FAMILY SUPPORT ACT", and such act a violation of United States Constitution Article I section 9 and 10 on face, the selling of title reserved by the people, to create a security instrument contrary 'The Securities Act of 1934' themed unlimited taking in order 01-17702-R.

    The matter, and argument before the court in the blood of the accused, themed a corruption of blood on face examination of evidence and execution - is the centerpiece of American Jurisprudence today and Seven Alpha. The act, cited "serious injury" per 18 USC 1589, not an illness or defect in the accused - but a treason against the "United States" and such right to exclusive use and reservation made in 1907 by the ratification of the Constitution of the State of Oklahoma by the UNITED STATES, an official act, in Article I section I-1, there reserving to the People the use of the term "United States" exclusive of any sovereignty and disclaiming then all sovereignty of the States, UNION, and UNITED STATES in formal act of Congress - voiding also any claim of STATE OF TEXAS in their own 'Constitution of the State of Texas' and long-standing fraud to misrepresent the legal and binding meaning of its Article I section 1 clause surrendering all sovereignty to the United States, reserving none for itself at-law by use of language 'should' rather than binding language at force in contract a clause or condition, and so disclaimed per the 1907 agreement as final with State of Oklahoma, a contract enumerated and on behalf of 'The People', so represented now in body at law by "Seven Alpha", separate and distinct from UNITED STATES, a legal person and government body at law, and also by the 586 U.S. case 17-1091 ruling that UNITED STATES CITIZENS themed estates of the SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION were then entitled to all rights of natural born persons implied also by the designation of "The People" in "The Constitution of the United States of America", a ruling of the Supreme Court of the United States and binding under UNITED STATES JURISDICTION in and over all States explicitly and exclusively.

    Whereby, states as legal persons themed government organizations - and (the) UNITED STATES as a government organization in legal personhood also, are not UNITED STATES CITIZENS at-law;

    ...these protections, privileges, and reservations made for UNITED STATES CITIZENS exclusively shall not apply to government organizations or their agents or agency - nor be implied to them a right or privilege at-law nor afforded their equity in standing a claim against the Seven Alpha, a designated agency of The People hereforeto assembled to address the grievances in civil rights violations, nor sovereignty a defense permitted or discretion afforded where not explicit at-law in statutory code. (586 U.S. case 17-1091 and 588 U.S. case 17-647; 4th Circuit case 18-1931 through 18-1948)

    The grievances of JAMES ALLEN and 200,000 other parents each year wrongly denied return of their children each year (source: American Bar Association; 125,000 more in UK) in human trafficking under color of law so prohibited by Title 22 Chapter 78 Federal Law, nor the refusal to initiate a lawful investigation with benefit of "cross examination of evidence" denied in PETERSEN v ALLEN, obligated per "KELLY v KELLY" (P100, 2007 Oklahoma Supreme Court) making all acts refusing this right "automatic mistrial" and per 586 U.S. Case 17-1091 voiding all fines as "EXCESSIVE FINES" - which are not based on "factual income" defined as income of the party 'at-law' named (JAMES ALLEN, an estate) to exclude personal property, property of the agent, or body of the agent or name or other reputation to include record whatsoever. When over 80% of children found in sex-trafficking are missing from Title IV programs, these abuses and refusal to locate or permit communication without case are high crimes.

    It is threfore the finding that the estate at law of the UNITED STATES, as a legal fiction, has no legal life which is cojoined with the natural born person who is the agent installed thereof in office of the Social Security Administration registry or other trust of legal fiction, and the denial of this prior 586 U.S. case 17-1091 ruling a fraud against the People in embezzlement of the Treasury of the United States through Title IV and other programs, evident on the case of "PETERSEN v ALLEN", a barratry (false prosecution, a crime) so filed in formal complaint to conceal the felony of human trafficking in debt-bondage alleged per 21 O.S. 21-748.1 and 21-748.2 now filed in formal order as FR-18-04 in counter-suit alleging fraud in taking for perpetual concealment of a child.

    Right to remedy is defined in 76 O.S. 76-1 (inherent rights), 76-3 (right against deceit of the public, scope in 76-4), 76-8 (right to return of hostages and children), and all necessary force (76-9) in Title 76 Oklahoma Statutes; so also defined as 22-31 thorugh 22-34 in Title 22 criminal procedures of the State of Oklahoma, and such "serious injury" even by "reckless disregard" in 21 O.S. 21-748.1 and 21-748.2 rule of the Oklahoma Criminal Code found also in Federal Law, Title 18 section 1589 (human trafficking and peonage) and 1593 (Mandatory restitution), cited also by Ginsberg in 586 U.S. case 17-1091 explicitly.

    Contrary popular belief and such reliance a fraud on face, PETERSEN v ALLEN failed to register in Oklahoma the order 01-17702-R and did not provide it nor acknowledge its validity in 2001-2019 concealment of a child, while seeking in letters as of 2019 the forfeiture of estate, all real and personal property, and bodily forfeiture of the agent of the estate in false claim for false party not a member of the original suit and exclusive of such rights and award then made $500.00 USD and paid in full in 2003, affording no relief or return of hostages and on false trial a false order per "KELLY v KELLY" (P100, 2007 OK Sup Court), having no legal substance and of record the party "Veronica M. Petersen" then wholly in default Dec 16 2001 without award or mistrial obligated per Federal Law (Title 18 section 1981), a fraud alleged felony 18 USC 666 "embezzlement of benefits provided by the United States", so sustained from 2001 to 2019 in FR-18-04 false filing by STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA in joint action with UNITED STATES, a ransom for civil honors without trial or convnetion, violating 21 O.S. 21-8 (conviction must preceed punishment), in suspension of license and refusal to admit fault on false allegation of 21 O.S. 21-566.1 wrongly themed a civil matter at-law. In short, there never was a lawful contract, nor lawful order, and such claims are a fraud themed Federal felony embezzlement paired with premeditated kidnapping and concealment of a child suspending habeas corpus right obligated to James Allen. As of November 30 2019, no lawful order has been registered, and contest filed to such registration at law Dec 30 2018, with trial set January 17 2019, and no waiver of right to speedy trial or service of trial since onset Nov 21 2018 of formal actin in PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT COURT, STATE OF OKLAHOMA under Rev 2008 UNIFORM INTERSTATE FAMILY SUPPORT ACT, there a violation of TEXAS FAMILY CODE section 157.375 (immunity from civil process during a writ of habeas corpus action in the jurisdiction duly served upon the Title IV officer, who is agent in this matter and responsible party per Federal Register Volume 81 No 244 issued Dec 16 2016 - and sole authority per Title IV grant to STATE OF OKLAHOMA the party responsible to prove in formal filing 'factual income' or abandon such claim in 60 days per 45 CFR 303.6 Federal Law governing all state Title IV actions, for which STATE OF OKLAHOMA is not compliant and thus not acting under the authority of the UNITED STATES nor public law in this matter, a kidnapping of a minor child taken from the legal registered home address solely the possession of JAMES ALLEN at such time in premeditated plan to extort and blackmail a registered company across State Lines from State of Texas to State of Oklahoma in August 2001-2019. Such act a violation of 'The Hobbs Act' on prima facia evidence, and related Title 18 Chapter 95 and 96 rule violations refused standing by UNITED STATES in fraudulent filing, themed 23 O.S. 23-9.1 subchapter D class III 'spoliation'. Meaning, as of Nov 30 2019, there is no court order upon which to rely in the filing of a criminal charge, and indictment for such violation made January 17 2019 was wrongful and a criminal penalty threatened under civil order in context to written letters of extortion sealed by STATE OF OKLAHOMA and STATE OF TEXAS on balance $0.00 USD past due made by UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE to the INTERSTATE COMMERCE address of the estate named in suit a form of extortion subject Federal Jurisdiction and 15 USC 1692d (in juris per 15 USC 1692n, also STATE OF OKLAHOMA obligated relief).

    In essence, "Petersen v ALLEN" is a kidnapping violating 28 USC 1738A(e) rule and 15 USC 1589(c) rule, which has no legal standing or contract made binding at law in STATE OF OKLAHOMA against which to rely, a fraud, prompting this organized Article I-1 and II-1 execution of rights by James Allen, in defense of injury sustained through fraud and false report of a legal order constructed by DEE MILLER and Veronica M. Petersen, jointly with Donald Beal and Iva Petersen, named in letters of confession to the premeditated taking of a newborn themed 21 O.S. 21-891 (child snatching) and parties at-law cited by the abductors in demands for money, property, and false claim of abandonment to conceal a child perpetually. For which Article II-6 of the Constitution of the State of Oklahoma (and 586 U.S. case 17-1091 and 588 U.S. case 17-647) expressly disclain all statutory limitations, citing a 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 12th, and 13th Amendment violation in Federal complaint of 18 USC 241 and 242 violation, with aggravated repeated injury prohibited per 564 U.S. 431 (Turner v Rodgers et al) and Federal Register Volume 81 Number 244 (74 pages) expressly barred in Title IV regulatory rule since 2017 and confessing obligation since 1991 to such relief at law. Opposition to which by a "terrorist hoax" has defined and developed the terminology of "Hegelian Dialectics" and "Hegelian Terrorism" in "American Dialectic Jurisprudence".

    American Dialectics in Simple Terms:

    What this means, in simple terms, is that someone may not impose a fine regardless of your income and demand you work to fulfill that fine or face jail or loss of other civil honors, loss of contact and right to communicate with your children, nor criminalize you for refusal to modify the fine to suit your real income (factual income) rather than "imputed income" (income based on average earnings of others, availability of jobs, or other means to compel labor or service below and inferior to your previous or freely elected labor), and so made law in 2017 Feb 17 per 45 CFR 303.6 prior the Nov 21 2018 filing by VERONICA PETERSEN in false claim themed 21 O.S. 21-566.1 (a crime, filed only by STATE OF OKLAHOMA if lawful) and indictment and motion for jury trial granted Feb 17 2019 for which no order was registered and thus no contract present subject enforcement at any time in the State of Oklahoma during such extortion and concealment of a child, nor lawful under UIFSA or other rule on face. Nor as a civil contract may UIFSA or other act of government change the "civil contract" conspired and created by DEE MILLER and VERONICA PETERSEN in absence of evidence and all right to cross examination or consent by JAMES ALLEN, in the taking, concealment, injury, abuse, and fraud to deceive MAGNUS VINCENT PETERSEN (an estate, made to entail the body in person of the natural born person "baby boy Allen", then prior a resident with James Allen from birth to abduction at 74 days of age during INTERSTATE COMMERCE), to refuse all contact and alienate James Allen from the child and any influence over the child disclaimed by STATE OF TEXAS after proof of paternity violating Oklahoma Constitution Article II-36A (discrimination on the basis of sex, against one parent, on no other grounds and in custom prohibited by 18 USC 241 Federal Law). Seven Alpha is, as a body at law, the formal representative of "The People", come now and in presence of a man from Oklahoma, in cause of a child taken for purpose of genocide in our Century (2001-2018), on cause of the sectarian religion presenting itself as "Progressive" and known by Seven Alpha as "Hegelian" in honor of "G.W.F. Hegel, the 1920 Prussian philosopher and author of The Elements of the Philosophy of Right" who inspired Adolph Hitler and Stalin to style their enemies as mentally ill and corrupt for dissent against the State and radical socialist movement.

    Core Opposition to 'Subjective Truth' Claims:

    Seven Alpha is the answer to the question "Is Truth Relative," meaning: "Is there objective truth or is all truth subject to the will of a public element which can be influenced by persuasion (or deception)," and such abuse to delay justice or deny relief indefinitely a viable defense in a just society which is obligated to Oklahoma Constitution Article II-6?

    If Obstruction of Justice should create an immunity against remedy, or preclude punishment for wrongdoing in the past, or close any case beyond the discovery of evidence leading to a different conclusion - then it is not Justice nor lawful in right under Oklahoma Constitution Article II section II-6. The case exposed the most violent and brutal elements of sectarian Hegelian violence in the 21st Century, from child manipulation, public defamation, and emotional appeals themed 'persuasion' which are quid pro quo demands made on concealment of a child.

    It is the fault of weak minds that when confronted with opposition all they imagine is violence and the cruelty that hides in their own heart, and to proclaim those beliefs 'as fact' against their critics and opponents in hope of incitement of harm to them and their cause. Seven Alpha disclaims this 'guilty mind' (mens rea) and affords a tool and technology for a stronger civil society afforded boundary and security of the individual against State abuse and economy of cost-benefits-protection now a model in present sectarian rational of injury and immunity for wrongdoing. When society no longer affords security to its members, but demands obedience and submission, it is tyranny, and worse: an accessory to every crime occurring before its jurisprudence reach.

    That the benefit or utility of the estate at-law, an instrument created for the protection of bodily agent from harm meant to undo the works and bonds of its effort, becomes the yoke of oppression and enslavement - it is the duty of each and every competent person to cast off those bonds and unseal those records in judgement of the acts and injury to any person in body or in the dignity of their institution at-law from property to name and reputation alike. The injury to reputation, right to public trust, and equity in an intangible society of competing interests in discovery and technology require that we afford such protection and guard against any injury whereby the dignity of any one shall be assaulted or assassinated to serve a public cause or collective benefit, as the very nature of this abuse in populist deceit supports the worst abuses of the human condition. Seven Alpha is a humanist organization, in the sense that the rights of the few or the one shall always take precedent over the convenience or the sensitivity of the many, and in this sense the living person, not the estate at law created in their image for commerce, are both separate and the living person superior at-law to any award or interest of a legal fiction at all times, whether intended by United States jurisprudence or disclaimed, by this establishement of a separate and distinct "American Jurisdiction" that is "Seven Alpha". Establishing a Kingdom on Earth for the King of Kings, a servant of the love of all living persons for each and every one.

    It is the motto of the "Seven Alpha" Network that even when the world and all persons and princely orders and offices of State shall turn against the one in whom the King of King has chosen to defend, then the world and all in it shall be forever outnumbered by one. For in the "King of Kings" we place the founding faith that any one of us are worthy of the dignity, the honor, and the trust of judgment in what is right and wrong, and the loyalty of all in faith and allegience which bears no hesitation to the King of Kings. That in a person, capable of error and doubt and wrong, resides also the dignity of humanity and the power to contest and speak as equals all who are accused and in bondage with the King. That the power of sovereignty which may be lax in the division of the people shall be and will always rise first against injustice, and all follow.

    Customs, Symbolism, and Rules of Order - Rituals not a Religious Rite

    Seven Alpha ceremonies are not mandatory, nor participation required by members. However, the prior is signified by the assembly of the members, before the empty chair that represents the authority of the One. The duly elected holder of the office will kneel, signifying the acceptance of the duty and separation from the title as steward of the office distict from its ideals a servant and mortal being, followed after a pause as all kneel.

    Then the elected "King of Kings" will rise, walk to the throne, and stand at its right. All others rise then, and the proceding begin. The throne in this setting is never occupied, as it is reserved for the righteous and the just, in spirit the purpose of the "American Jurisprudence", and in such contest upon judgment the successor nor anyone else ever truly occupies that position - indicating the constant duty of all to strive for Truth and the dignity of all individuals welfare, not for states or collective bodies in substitution, ever always in allegience to the One.

    The prior is performed in silence, and all spoken, written, and motioned actions then made official entry to record without exception the official acts of the body there assembled for their juris, and such available via digital record to all parties witness and all affected by such proceding at-law, at no cost, concluding with the kneeling of the King of Kings, and withdrawl from the chair. On hand must remain on the chair at all times, binding the steward to the principle of office in the execution of duty, and should it leave a recess is called during which no act of record may be performed or duty or labor toward the office until resumed; or a new steward chosen. Abdication may include taking the hand off the chair and simply walking away without kneeling, signifying without speaking a conflict of interest whereby another judge must be appointed to the office for this matter by the present steward. In this way, a neutral right is available and remedy by jury or replacement also afforded to proceed formally.

    This adherence to symbolism and allegience to ideas over physical symbols and objects, bears many similarities to more traditional societies such as Masonic Orders and American institutions of freedom and liberty, which deny the body, as well as the element of Islamic non-personification, with a focus on protection of the indivdual rather than submission to the authority and portrayal of the human being as inherently flawed and inferior in character, nature, and dignity before the State. At the same time, all this ceremony requires is a chair, and those to stand around it, concealing it from others and discovery, similar to the Bavarian societies it was based on 1784 sponsored by the Catholic Church, though there is no relation.

    Seven Alpha - An American Jurisprudence

    Seven Alpha is a network built upon and governed by this model, subject to its administrative decisions, but is not a religion and does not confuse the academic values the principles in its symbols with a divine being or accept them as a contradiction to such faith and practices by any of its members. Save in the credo, "When ethics and love of others as one loves ones self become heresy and alleged the unfitness of any, then is religion a false faith in a false God. Nor does compassion excuse injury or injustice to others for lack of judgement in any one." This degree of compasionate accountability is present throughout Seven Alpha technology, tools, and services - in defense of the rights of individuals to freedom of expression, privacy, and accountability in equal portion.

    Seven Alpha - Registration

    Registration fees afford costs for this process and network services to support the dispute resolution process, as well as other benefits. The court is accessible so long as any one member in dispute or contest is a registered member of Seven Alpha and all other parties agree to binding arbitration by this method and services so described. Thereby, per binding arbitration agreement in commmerce, many members require buyers to agree to this remedy for their own protection as civil relief from civil agreements and sales where not otherwise barred at law. Statutory code and Supreme Law may be found in the State of Oklahoma Statutory Code and related Constitution of the State of Oklahoma and Constitution of the United States of America, Blacks Law, and related policies not in conflict with those rules issued by the Seven Alpha Network Statutory Code (SANSC). Members therefore enjoy enforcement of civil relief as written in plain language in the common law of Oklahoma Territories in 1907 as codified and suited to the Constitutional ruling of 586 U.S. case 17-1091 and 588 U.S. case 17-647, and related 4th Circuit Federal District Court of the United States per case 18-1931 through 18-1948 and 5th Circuit Federal District Court ruling on conflict of interest barring fees payable to the court or for use at its discretion (Caliste v. Cantrell", No 18-30954; "Caine v. White", No 18-30955).

    Seven Alpha - Symbolic Remonstration Against Parental Alienation (Corruption of Blood)

    The Truth behind this movement is simple: to turn the empty chair at every table of an alienated child into a symbol for truth and discovery as to parental alienation and the loss of family and family bonds caused by fraud before Title IV programs of the UNITED STATES, UNITED KINGDOM, and other nations at-law persons not entitled to such authority in profit by parental alienation worldwide, in what has become nothing less than a war on masculine character of biological fathers to enrich the UNITED STATES in creation of a forced labor force entailed to estate law and possession and contact between parent and child. So that each time a child or person pass an empty chair, they think of their duty as Americans, and to the absence of those who fought for their liberation from bondage.