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A comparison of who we are, what we do, and Do-It-Yourself responsibility many businesses choose to take on alone. DIY versus moderate payroll packages starting at $5000 per month create a very large difference of performance. Especially when companies confuse web services with HTML and PHP or other turn-key products in the marketplace designed to lock-in clients to cloud-services and prices.

We still create stand-alone OpenSource Database-Independent websites and applications, and this creates a stronger more heterogeneous security environment than one-size-fits-all platforms like WordPress and Adobe solutions.

25 Years in computer language and software design or a young person who wants a job for the Summer. Which one is going to be your front-end business manager for the Internet?

For many, it boils down to cost. And in that case, we do teach and assist small local well-known businesses at reduced rates themed a charity for our community. Mainly, you need to ask.

Our core business remains a payroll-driven labor intensive and multi-person contract structure based on traditional terms and scope of work. Things any "real" business would understand and respect. Not everyone agrees, and there is no "magic bullet" to Internet Success.

We recommend a 40% advertising budget outlay, as organic discovery and SEO competition do not equate to success. Traditional media buys and advertising in print and radio are still vital to reaching casual Internet users and building regional brand awareness, contrary all other techniques. Our agency does this sort of work as well, including outsourcing of specialized media work to fit the format of broadcasters in a national market.

Please remember, rates outside of our state are higher than in Oklahoma, so this may create price shock. Markets are very competitive and demand is high in other regions for the same media format reach.

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