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Understanding What You Are Buying

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The Firm is very concerned that you know what you are buying in service packages from us.

SDP Multimedia Group, established in 1991, is a small business in the City of Ada, Oklahoma, physically located in Pontotoc County, unlike other competitors who rent servers to claim local hosting capabilities.

Our website, server, and domain services include DNS support and network operating system administrator access with ownership, while other services are turn-key devices resold from outside the United States in many cases.

Fees reflect having actual people in Pontotoc County support your account, investigate your website service tickets, and monitor network activity to ensure quality of service at a level unavailable to turn-key offers.

As a result our fees include "Managed Hosting" costs and physical handling of data. IF you pay your bill, we will manage those services in an open-standards model. When clients do not pay they may lose access to data on our network for non-payment. The most frequent complaint we encounter is non-paying clients alleging they were entitled to services they did not order or pay for to sustain their claims against disruption of service. Pay your bill, and we can help you. Fail to pay, and we are not liable for termination of service or storage of your data. The rules are just that simple.

Fees include support and help with systems, but do not extend to configuration or management of specific applications or software not sold or available DIRECTLY from our firm. Client tools in OpenSource often have many features, and configuration may result in security issues if improperly installed. To ensure your services remain available and secure, we restrict certain types of applications and acocunts in our hosting, and all requests are directed through a service desk.

Our products afford telephone support, as well as direct ticket services. All ticket sytems and services are behind SSL and firewall access to minimize attack surfaces to non-clients.

Our engineers and their families value their privacy, just as our clients do, and as a result of unlawful practices including attacks in October 2019 exceeding 45,000 requests per hour in direct abuse of network services, threats, and injury to family members including minor children: we do not identify engineers or their availability as part of our service or before the public. Violence in network services to support vice and other forms of criminal activity are real threat to network providers who refuse to do business with organized gangs and drug and human traffickers. As a result, please restrict your claims and questions in context to this degree of law-enforcement related work and afford our staff the same respect other branches of public safety personnel must employ in keeping their location, family, image, vehicles, and times at work confidential.

Pricing for our services relate this increased cost and experience in dealing with coercion and illegal network abuse on a very high level, and require our clients register in contract prior purchase to ensure a relationship between 'registered persons' authorized to do business in the State of Oklahoma. If you have questions about this policy, please speak to our secops desk chief, who will explain how to look up businesses and persons to verify their legal identity and right to perform business in the State of Oklahoma, registration, and regulations.

We are not a "wholesale" or "reseller group" of independent contractor server owners acros half of Europe and Canada, nor a company interst in hosting any adult or drug related material on our servers. This has been our policy from 1991-2019. Groups which disagree with this or want to offer lower prices based on volume selling do not discriminate in this fashion.