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AM24 - American Media, ages 24 and up, is a content category themed on hard science similar to Aliens and the early terminator films, which affords a style of casual writing only mature audiences will understand.

Content for AM24 is written above the level of high school audiences, for adults who have an interest in 1940-1980s science fiction.

Format and sponsorship for science fiction in 1980-2020 changed the content to suit 16 - 22 year old audiences, omitting concepts mature viewers understand. Like the Comic Book Code, the serialized cable television and high-budget film industry created a very specific interest blow many comic book readers and audiences level of appreciation.

AM24 is a movement to bring serious fiction back without confusion with sexually oriented exploitation themes common in 'cheesecake' and 'snuff horror', focusing on human interest and human values. Alas Babylon, A Boy and His Dog, 1984, and Flatland are good examples of the AM24 style.

Modern versions of similar work like "Snowpiercer" are also very good examples of this genre. Japanese Animation briefly touched on this genre with post-apocalyptic content prior a strong green-movement and Gaia cultism which overtook budget and production to exclude more serious content. Increased digital marketing then made further incentives to dumb down and sexualize content in the 1990s thanks to Texas based "AD Vision", and similar licensing companies goals in sales and content selection.

AM24 is a movement in traditional literature to create serious environments and stories like the work and illustration of Larry Elmore and early TSR, into modern digital media and film.

Avoiding in this work the usual tropes of teen angst and boy-meets-girl now a reliant aspect of most "light novel" animation and Disney reboots for Star Wars and other properties.

Standards in Special Effects

As anyone with an Amazon Prime subscription has noticed, special effects in made-for-online contnent have digressed to the point of high school theater. The urge to appeal to online audiences and real-life imitation of popular game tropes since Sword Art Online have become exceedingly painful exercises in avoiding copyright and tapping into other creative elements. AM24 focuses on a very serious environment simulation, persistent outcomes, sustained environments that are player influenced, and represent a break from the Gygax formula of 'perpetual quests' and 'advancement' popular with progressive simplification, infringement, and abuse of creative content developers. When contnet is produced by committees, theft of intellectual property is a serious and global threat precluding independent developers and artists from working in the union-oriented environment of traditional media.

Procedural worlds and technology afford developers a new environment to working, new storytelling elements, and a lack of censorship in a product that persists based on strong user models with low overhead like online games.

AM24 is a formal professional organization which defines the COPPA model to exclude children and young adults (less than 24 years of age) from bringing behavioral issues into these interactive envrionments and acting with traditional immunity due to court systems failure to regard intangible losses and intellectual property intangible tampering as 'real crimes' with 'real victims'.

Seven Alpha™ affords the ability to lock out unverified users and limit play to those persons who are verified users only. It also affords methods of player interaction with persistent worlds that conceal identity for complex play.

The level of work that is required for these environments, including data mining and player collaberation against game development companies, have created a substantial barrier to commitment for major firms. Seven Alpha™ restores this protection in context to strong user services and a degree of commitment to the environment that early Roleplaying Game writers and artists appeciate. Like your left leg. When you lose it, and you need a new one, it isn't a commodity you can buy. Those sort of topics are not possible when player assets are traded via anonymous accounts and gold farming. Developers who want their art to be seen and appreciated, not commoditized, are more intrested in this "mature" and "persistent" form of media than traditional 'splash' arts.

Violence against game developers raised this concern as well, as many communities actively engaged in harassment and fraud to include attempted murder to stop project owners from proceeding with their work, as in the United States and State of Texas. Where national state and law enforcement do not act to stop this sort of abuse, developers need stronger tools to work within than the United States and its allies provide. The reliance on law enforcement to act in the interest of the State against very large employers in the state like Microsoft and Equinix, prohibit conventional software development from proceeding in State of Texas, State of Oklahoma, State of New York, State of Washington, and State of California.

Seven Alpha™ is the response to one such case, where $11 billion in damage were the result of abuse similar to Enron and MCI Worldcom securities fraud, and a reason Seven Alpha™ chose to work outside the jurisdiction of the United States in development of the AM24 format. Agencies who do not participate in the Berne Convention or defraud other Berne Convention nations are not permitted access to the Seven Alpha™ network.

The conduct by the United States in this medium has been similar to the national socialists destruction of non-Aryan art in the 1930s and 40s, using the children as a cause to suppress material deemed politically and morally offensive to progressive socialistm in the United States. AM24 stroongly opposes this abuse, discussing topics what may be inappropriate for young socialists development and pose questions of critical thinking as non-dysfunctional thought not classed as mental illness in the collective 'game theory' popularized by Western media to market collective gambling activity in the guise of online games to minors.

Resistance to concepts like permanent death, injury, and inequality in contact based on seniority or pay-to-win simply disguised as time theory, the duration of play required in paid periods, to quantify progress. Equality on induction is contrary this theory, as is talent in the individual not earned or conveyed by activity or study, elements to the AM24 model which make each account created as unique as the player and equally impossible to re-create based on a series of choices in character concept and design phases. This changes the nature of art and development of work for AM24 compliant universes. This fractures the traditional collective model, and makes each player in an environment a unique asset. Often an asset that does not know their value as well.

Special effects, in context to these concepts and designs, are therefore important and elementary to the perception of the environment unlike traditional HPS models. AM24 provides a different model of interaction where players cannot see their "life bar" and must make decisions based on other forms of feedback. The ability to determine your safety and others based on visual cues normally used in combat and triage make AM24 systems different than other games, and fundamentally more interesting. This level of simulation may be frustrating for children, and so children are not permitted to play.

Nowhere is this more clear than in the fighting styles and technologies of Beyond War, where high speed maneuvers and actions often negate the concept of traditional 'skilled' combat. Elements of Beyond War hand to hand techniques and motions are too realistic for underage audiences, and to prevent liablity from use or adapation of elements in these games. Similar concepts in abstraction versus expert knowledge among military players of tabletop roleplaying games. Because previous generations of developers were contacted by the FBI regarding cyber terrorism and organized crime, forcing a downplay in content and later a reduction in material to meet younger audiences. Some developers, like Tim Bradstreet, maintained a higher degree of mature content in their work, while others like Kevin Eastman sold content to sustain its use at cost of age requirements, reserving his time for more mature projects like Mobius style artwork and elemental film design. Ultimately, without a standard of use, these art works will not be themed sustained or able to reach previous levels during the era of Larry Elmore, Boris Valejo, and photorealistic oil masters of the period imbued in early tabletop and personal computer projects. AM24 seeks to reserve a service level for this content that makes it possible to provide a medium external to all-ages console audiences and general audiences caustic influence.

May stories cannot be told due to the model of general audiences, without being purely immoral. Realitst works, with content conventional to actual dialog, like that of Mike Mignola, are few and far between in the fantasy-literature genre. With characters like Constantine and similar dark fiction being eroded to suit gender 'social justice' roles, very little remains secure against this adoption of traditional values into new 'contemporary' derivatives supporting radical progressive socialist ideals. Conservative storytellers have finally had enough, and AM24 sets that standard to prohibit false presentation as inappropriate content contrary a goal of achieving the same protections of written publications in the American literary movement.

Radical progressive publishers have, as a group, organized to shut out this content from publication, attacking developers directly and their families. This form of abuse, paired with the injury of criminal fraud to deny access to business and networks, addresses the XXIII-1A rule prohibiting this conduct in regional business activity and monopoly activity. The use of threats and extortion in writting in this matter further support the "Seven Alpha"™ protected network for users who are tired of this harassment and abuse damaging their projects in unlawful business practices by U.S. based progressives. Hate groups and ethnic hate groups based in the United States are a major threat to modern game design and development, and their effort to injury and style gender orientations into roles excluding normal people and normal family relationships ultimatlely were the primary driving force behind the development of Seven Alpha™ technology. William Gibson once said, before he ever touched a computer, that the world would have to divide the virtual in order to protect it from the violence cultural imperialism of the physical world. Seven Alpha™ does this for AM24, dividing the children from the adults - and making a place were we can be ourselves among other adults, protected from a world made for children and those who would influence them not to think for themselves.

A world where all knowledge is not a privilege, all talent and skill an honor of rank which can be granted and revoked based on submission, and a world where the individual - not the collective - is elementary to the operation of all things. Where invention is not the poperty of the collective, but of the people who find it - and lost just as quickly when we forget the individual. The arrogance that a civilization can survive taking of the most fundamental human dignity and integirty - and the children of people - to compel them to silence and submission, is the lesson of Beyond War and the AM24 network content standard against which is relies.

To achieve that, the relevant use and application of special effects, traits, abilities, and the people who are participants in those games, must be precluded to the experience level of an adult user - excluding those persons who cannot distinguish between right and wrong or reality and fantasy - like so many students in the United States and American and European school systems under Progressive theology - the majority of which are under 24 years of age.