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Beyond War - AM24 Standard

Adult Mature 24 (AM24) is our requirement to ensure our community is established upon a literate and mature basis required to understand the context of our products and to act with the power afforded our players. This excludes all persons under 24 years of age chronologically from access, use, or distribution of our network products.

Failure of US Education As Cause
Due to the maturity demonstrated by numerous United States college graduates and undergraduates, to include criminal felony stalking and organized defamation in online multiuser environments, it has been determined that persons under the age of 24 in the North American hemisphere and other countries of the European Union, Great Britain, and Canadian region are incapable of holding professional or academic dialog. Combined with Asian cultural intolerance of free speech, lawful dissent, and protected rights detailed in the Constitution of the State of Oklahoma defined in 1907, to include Article II-3, II-22, and Title 76 Section 76-1.

Pursuant to Article XXIII-8, the firms of the IP7A elect to vacate foreign agreements and contracts which may suspend or infringe upon these rights - and establish a new standard by which authority and privilege of access shall be restricted from those persons based on collective standards and cultural norms of which the majority do not meet the minimum requirements of communication.

Persons undertaking participation in AM24 products are expected to uphold a standard of behavior required in the IP7A, and to conduct themselves according to the values and code of conduct published by the IP7A. Use of the passive-aggressive ad hominem assault by the Democratic National Party and socialist 'progressive' language of violence in the 21st Century, to include kidnapping, stalking, and criminal racketeering damaging the academic and professional basis of mature society. Efforts to exterminate male role models, family bonds, and create a unity based on unionized racketeering - force us to separate ourselves from the criminal movement that is presuming to assert professional exclusive rights to our technology industry.

AM24 games are expressly not sexually themed, while focusing on adult relationships and content in a civil society, and the context of preserving that society against elements which would normalize child sex trafficking, the sexualization of minors, celebration of violence without context to war or immediate threat, or other pornographic or inappropriate material to glorify gang activity and criminal activity as normal, in contradiction of the articles of war.

War becomes necessary when the bonds between generations are subject to disruption based on the prevailing theology of a society, to deny adults the right to seek and counsel their children, for fear of reducing their submission and utility to the collective society. AM24 upholds the right of individuals and the provisions of family and culture to resist this utilitarian focus of modern socialist theology in the denigration of protected bonds, peoples, and rights - and to ensure their protection continues contrary economic terrorism and narcotrafficking cartel activity under color of law.

The purpose of AM24 is to minimize player abuse, by eliminating the immature members of societies who are not adequately trained to function in an adult American society. It also ensures our authors the ability to pursue topics and subject matter that would otherwise involve hostility from immature and sexually deviant audiences. In dealing with irrational utiltarian socialism is seeking to co-opt our science fiction community, riding radical extremist feminism as a cooperative concealment of previously failed ideas responsible for genocide and the Holocaust. AM24 affirms that these values will not replace our moral and ethical values based on the purchase of media and the use of media to influence immature minds and reduce the value of male role models with eugenic bonds to their children.

The demonization of male role models in science fiction as portrayed through feminist persecution stereotypes will not be found in AM24 products and services, nor of the portrayal of weak or inferior female characters to fit a radical socialist dialectic of gender dominance at the expense of valued traits in the role of biological father and rule-based figures, individual rights, and the inferior place of society to the dignity and integrity of individual people.