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Beyond War - Support

Support Beyond War
You can help support the ongoing development of Beyond War.

Tool costs including licensing of software and art station products for our studio cost over $500 USD per seat. To raise these funds after multiple disruptive efforts including seizure of our company funds illegally by the United States on no lawful cause, during critical billing cycles, and with return of such funds after failure of our right to renew and maintain our products had expired over 2001-2018, mean we need your help to complete the project.

Many other pro-socialist progressive projects have sought to impersonate, defraud, and raise capital in the name of Beyond War and its content without license or consent, denied protection of law by the United States and State of Oklahoma against this open and criminal deceit of the public.

As a result, our ability to offer pre-sales and stock in our company and ticket outlet have been severely compromised over 2003-2015, and injury to our clients (2015) and owner (2017) left the firm unable to retain labor in the United States under illegal duress by the State of Texas and State of Oklahoma.

If you want to see this product made, and protect the rights of independent authors from organized criminal infringement, consider a donation or gift to the project below.

Sponsorship gifts and donations
All funds submitted to the project can be made to:

Donations of $5 or more will result in free access for one year to the final server of Beyond War.

Donations of $50 or more will result in free perpetual access for one user to the final server of Beyond War.

Donations of $300 or more will result in a special mention in the lore of the game, at the users request. Names subject to approval.

Donations of $500 or more will result in a character NPC in the final server designed by the donating party and approved by the design team cooperatively.

Donations of $2500 or more will result in the creation of a custom 'legendary' ship used by the players in Beyond War, named for the donating party - ensuring a prominent place in the War.

Donations of $5000 or more will result in a select mission designed around the ship or NPC central to the game and co-designed with the contributor and development team.

All donation levels are independent of the previous level rewards and represent a single benefit. All donations over $50 will receive a lifetime (perpetual) online game license. Some components will be free to play, while powerful alien races will require membership. Thus enforcing our belief that paying customers are elitist sons of bitches who deserve the power of Sanguine against masses of freeloading git. This seems fair, in a Keynesian point of view.