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Beyond War - Massive Multiplayer Operating System (M2OS)

Fundamental confusion among critics of the development time for Beyond War ultimately boils down to incompetence in the scope and complexity of the class of software platform under development, in contrast to turn-key engines based on older Windows XP to Windows 8 operating system designs.

A firm reading of Welcome Back to Modern C++ covers the substantial C 17 standards in Visual Studio 15.7.5 (2018 June), and evolution of coding over 1997-2017 incorporated into the Universal Windows Platform (Windows 10 / XBox One) software and hardware support model.

At times, Microsoft as a company has destroyed the utility of products through failure to support audio drivers (Windows Vista Driver Signing Conflict), changes destroying Wave Division Multiplexing for older drivers (Windows 10), and discontinuing the support of multiple parallel threading for video card peripherals in versions of DirectX 6-12 (now released in 12.1).

This means that alternative libraries like MESA, OpenGL, and other Opensource alternatives prior to Vulkan API severely crippled low-level developers with abstraction and fee schedules for code deployment necessary to operate visualization applications that employed more than one physical hardware card, older sound multiplexor technology as found on the ProTools ASIC chipset and RealTek, and repeatedly damaged in context to forced upgrades, major security flaws (Specter / Meltdown pre-emptive multitasking), and interfered with normal competition among discreet 3D coprocessor companies (Nvidia vs ATI bankruptcy, Intel versus AMD price fixing).

Beyond War is a multi-application network enabled scalar product, allowing dynamic allocation of servers and resources in load balancing and diverse network adaptive architecture (DNAA), which companies like Microsoft and others have repeatedly and shamelessly impersonated and sought to take credit for developments originating in smaller business organizations outside the Microsoft and Amazon family. Corrupt developers, many with socialist democratic party leanings and ideas on intellectual property to include the 'unrealized idea' argument of theft and deployment in industrial espionage and overt surveillance incorporating duress and economic sabotage activity as documented in the 2001-2018 Beyond War network security files and records of threats - underline why the group continues to support Linux, Redhat Fedora, gcc server counterparts for scalar economic support, and promote a very strict C++ core language selection for maximized performance of atomic network services in a distributed integrated and extensible operating system reliant upon IPv6 dynamic address space in a private cloud environment and peering between multiple well organized private clouds.

M2OS represents a substantial a leap forward from the monolithic desktop graphic operating system as Microsoft Windows, Macintosh System 7, or Amiga DOS were from Minix and Microsoft Disk Operating System. To confuse this with the development of a 'game' on the framework of simple windows compiled binaries and windows library dependencies, Microsoft SDK dependency, and reliance on a driver model support for communication with basic equipment in a competitor model is naive.

Beyond War also represents a new way to handle information security and privacy across optical networks owned and operated by hostile foreign governments, including voice telephony and data transmission, which are complicated by ongoing laws and criminal conduct of nation-state actors documented by Wikileaks, both in Five Eyes intelligence gathering and exploitation research groups, as well as insider criminal networks benefitting from lax security at US and foreign nation-state owned firms operating in the employment of national security in Interstate telecommunications optical data transport under Five Eyes incompetence.

Developers including John McAfee, Peter Norton, Phil Zimmerman, and others have been threatened and deterred from their work in this area, due to the benefits gained by illegal surveillance and network access which security technology in the Beyond War (M2OS) cloud system actively monitor, document, correlate, and verify are non-civilian abuse of computer networks today.

For low level developers monitoring and screening computer systems at the memory level, packet level, and signal level, these actions merit substantially more attention in our cloud security work than a convenetional TCP/IP (v4) socket and buffer model, having kernel experience with Linux and fraud experience with hostility from Berkeley University (BSD) and piracy groups (FreeBSD) criminal supporters openly attacking our community, team, and their families from 2001-2018.

In context, our developer has been working with computer systems since Tektroniks and Texas Instruments 1 MHz processors, including Apple II and IIe, Commodore 64, and some PDP-11 experience. In terms of command usage, malloc() and peek and poke statements, along with the arguments over replacement of C and C+ with C++ using polymorphism and inheritance occurred in the 40 years of experience the team brings to this problem. Early versions of Beyond War were tested on 33 MHz and 66 MHz 4086 chips, and major initial development undertaken during the Pentium Pro (200 MHz) era, with focus on early 3D Labs Oxygen graphics cards - the first parallel 3D pipeline technology following VRAM implementation for video cards like the Number Nine prior their acquisition by Silicon Graphics Incorporated (SGI) and the later liquidation of SGI (2009) and Sun Microsystems (2010).

Some of you may recognize acquisitions of Sun prior to their collapse, including Cray for $1 billion USD (2008), and MySQL AB (2008) - prior to the bankruptcy filing of 2010 and acquisition by Oracle Corporation. Our developer was a contributor for PHP, mSQL, and MySQL prior development work of the platform later known as LAMP stack at Nortel Networks in 2000-2002, including SNORT - an Intrusion Prevention System aquirred in 2013 by Cisco Systems. Harassment by proponents for Juniper Network products and interference by the State of Oklahoma and State of Texas in 2017 and 2018 forcibly terminated the Cisco Channel Partner agreements between our firm and Cisco Systems, citing illegal seizure of funds violating Federal Law (15 USC 1673) in February and July 2018.

Legal Conventions

Names in CAPITAL LETTERS are incorporated legal entities under law, acting as 'persons' under Black's Law, meaning they are subject to being named defendant in civil suit or criminal complaint, and distinctly separate from the concept of physical places, property, regions, or national identity. Use of City Names, counties in members states, incorporated 'State of' names, and the all-capital-letter form of the United States, are express to the legal party subject liability. Use of this format for individuals including lower-case names for human beings, and CAPITAL LETTERS to refer to 'accounts held by the Social Security' account system commonly referred to as CITIZENSHIP or UNITED STATES CITIZENSHIP, are the instrument by which property (title assigning ownership) is attached instead of being considered 'private property' of human beings. Under this theory, known as 'asset forfeiture', the true owner of most job income, business ownership in the incorporated States, and almost all legal court activity - is the 'account' owned by the UNITED STATES, not the human being in whose name the account has been established as a 'sound-alike' licensed use of their 'trademark' under law.

This mechanism allows the United States to claim legal authority over most property, income, and to maintain the right to seize without violation of the United States Constitution any bank account or other asset entering their Interstate Commerce system, including the assignment of fines and issue of license. 'Unincorporated' communities are challenging this, invoking their rights similar to the Amish and Quaker communities, as abuses like the account which follow increasingly fail to find remedy as guaranteed under Constitutional, State, and Federal Statutory law. Failure to address and teach this material content, and to excuse and emulate the understanding to appeal to juries when called, means most U.S. residents are not aware of the difference.

IDENTITY THEFT, per definition, is not the theft of a name - but the infringement upon the account known by the CAPITAL LETTERS and SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER (roll number) assigned to it by the UNITED STATES SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION. Impersonation of a person, in Federal and State Statutory Law, is therefore rarely pursued unless a credit card, loan, or other act of debt is created in attachment to the account roll number. This is one such case, where an INCORPORATED STATE and UNITED STATES did steal and use one such identity, with no due process, to seize control over critical information and technology.

It is hard to understand, until you realize that this is the reason 'undocumented persons', illegal immigration, and 'undocumented aliens' are used to misdirect the public from the concept of human rights and territorial claims which conflict with the present activity and civil rights policies and practices of the UNITED STATES. A topic that seems common sense, until natural born persons entitled to Citizenship are suspended in their rights and lose control over the 'legal fiction' of a virtual legal person assigned to their name, for use in debt assignment, indentured service, and sale of rights and protection as a 'privilege' by State and Federal agencies. Up to and including the separation of families and removal of children of persons born in the United States without legal cause, relief, or right to due process - violating 28 USC 1738A paragraph e.

They might have gotten away with it too, if not for you pesky kids.

In Federal and State Criminal Law
These actions, in tortious interference, false civil contract and suspension of rights without due process of any kind, false State and Federal legal instruments filed to commit over $150,000 USD in fraud against the limited liability company holding the technology for Beyond War, and suspension of human rights in violation of State (76 O.S. 76-8) and Federal (18 USC 241, 1091, 1201, 1951, 1961) criminal law, under the Bush, Clinton, and Obama administrations - underline the company position to dismiss the claims under the Berne Convention and International Law citing registration or filing of patents and trademarks prior in use by the company and its developers, citing seizure of assets under color of law in identity theft and fraud to benefit franchises of the United States and foreign governments contradicting the Oklahoma Trade Secrets Act.

As permitted in Oklahoma Constitution Article I-1, II-1, II-3, II-22, and XXIII-8, and in the terms of 'all necessary force' permitted in protection of Title 76 Section 76-1 (initial protection contrary any hearing or court review, obligation to respect the rights herein), 76-8 (right to contact with a chlid and all due process afforded under Federal Law 28 USC 1738A subsection e), and by protection afforded 'all necessary force' in 76-9 in these rights; to include the Article II-1 protections from false acts under-color-of-law to suspend human rights in Federal claims known to be a fraud or false proceeding (18 USC 241) and so reported in sworn written deposition to the officers of the State of Oklahoma, State of Texas, and United States from 2001-2018 in this matter, the technology of the Beyond War product and M2OS related materials remain separate from the United States and State of Okalahoma, State of Texas, and any other party named in the complaint as exercising unlawful force and duress, threat, and fraud in false claims to obtain or deny use and benefit of this technology by the developer and parties financially obligated to the project prior the abduction August 11th 2001 of a newborn child, then 74 days of age - for purpose then stated of 'perpetual concealment' conditional temproary relief upon payment of monies and ransom in excess of earnings and income of the father, to include claims of unlawful title of ownership of Beyond War and its public advertised sale and impersonation of the father in public global forums to imply falsely a mental health defect by which control of the property might be arrested and enforcement of recovery of the abducted child as ordered in 2002 by Dallas County obstructed indefinitely.

The firm stands by this 2001 August 11th to 2018 ongoing claim, in criminal activity by the agents and offices of the State of Texas, State of Oklahoma, and United States - to the benefit of companies registered as their franchises in Texas, Michigan, Oklahoma, California, Washington State, Kansas, and Arkansas - to include also NTT America, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone of Japan, Cogent Communications (a division of NTT), and various firms acting to exploit and leverage the loss of the child and injury in context to claims of discovery and innovation during the duress and concealment in combination with $160,000 USD or more of funds from the Oklahoma parent of the child and the corporations and companies in which the parent held interest as an officer from 2001 to present.

This activity included defamation for testimony of prior (1997) knowledge of plans to attack the World Trade Center of New York City obtained from the defcon mailing list by use of two commercial airliners; blackmail claims to discredit security alerts regarding remote operating system embedding and server infrastructure and driver substitution in patch repository systems as detailed in the Wikileaks documents provided by Edward Snowden, and defamation of the developer for refusing to pay a ransom in excess of gross income and earnings of the United States Citizen named in the false civil order by DALLAS COUNTY, paired with use of the identity of that UNITED STATES CITIZENSHIP to create a lien against the developer for contact and rights to communicate in any way with his only biological child since 2001 August, including false filing in 2015 of a court agreement alleging consent to such terms as 'temporary' on guarantee of further negotiation and relief which was immediately suspended in context to $2000 USD demand and instruction the judge in DENTON COUNTY was bribed to rule against the father no matter the outcome by attorney services in DALLAS COUNTY. Followed then by refusal to modify such order to real income from 2001-2018, at any time, as required by law - and upon no enforcement or protection of law to include theft and refusal to return the $21,000 USD vehicle of the same in 2017 by the Ada City Police, during which time the developer was stricken with a hernia inflicted in 2017 March and unable to easily walk.

This abuse is further evident in the false claim to make fraudulent entry to the record of the STATE OF OKLAHOMA in mid 2017, during the theft of the vehicle, for failure to pay $60,000 USD to the STATE OF OKLAHOMA violating 15 USC 1673 conditional grant of a license to perform business in health and life insurance sales as an agent, following grant of a license number and work performed on solicitation by the State agency for this in the City of Ada and Pontotoc County under promise of such license having prior been approved and payment of monies to the STATE OF OKLAHOMA for such testing and evaluation, two months of time, travel over 90 miles twice each week for two months to training in this capacity, and other actions of false hire in the State preceding this 'threat of false mental health and moral credibility' on demand of a bribe violating Federal Law. During such time, the developer did discover the name upon contracts of a person resembling the threats of rape and murder sent to his partner and business address in 2010-2011 prompting court appearance before Judge Kilgore of Pontotoc County seeking a restraining order in similar abuse and defamation by the party holding his child - for which the court ruled the 'Internet was outside their jurisdiction' to deny issuance of a protective order against the author of the threats and identity theft in ongoing effort to discredit the Beyond War project, investors, and obtain over $2,000,000 USD in funds including retirement and social security benefits from the developer in cause of the child concealment.

In light of such conduct, and ongoing efforts on informing the State Attorney General and Assistant District Attorney of the nature of this fraud, with collection letters as of July continuing to seek $79,000 USD or more, following $50,000 USD in damages to AMERICAN EXPRESS CENTURION BANK and $9000 USD in damages to CAPITAL ONE and other creditors affected by this ongoing illegal activity - the firm is fully within its rights to invoke Article XXIII-8 and Title 76 O.S. 76-9 rights in self-defense against illegal activity, identity theft, and kidnapping in the United States, State of Texas, and State of Oklahoma - citing the defense in class action of MARK BITARA et al VS THE UNITED STATES entered by Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, alleging immunity in this fraud under '(State) Sovereign Immunity' and that no term 'parent' exists nor rights to a child prior a court ruling allowed to justify this ongoing extortion, ransom, kidnapping, blackmail, and criminal infringement upon the Beyond War product and right to engage in commerce without payment of bribery for the birth of a child in 2001 to the father (of record, at time of birth - and owner of the home where the child and mother were then resident), in the kidnapping out of the father's motor vehicle by two Texas residents of his child, then stating such removal was for concealment perpetually and conditional financial compensation of an arbitrary amount exclusive to earnings or income and despite no income on end of employment the day prior the abduction, in interest to interfere with and control the $50,000 USD line of credit held by the Oklahoma limited liability company SHADOWDANCERS LLC, and refusal of the regional State and Federal Justice Department to take this fraud seriously or investigate the claim of a FALSE TRIAL by JUDGE MILLER of DALLAS COUNTY in 2001 August to 2002 May, contrary complaint of such abuse and admission in writting of a kidnapping, spanning 2001-2018.

The targeting of a commercial business, established in 1998, by the taking of officers family members and their concealment in violation of a court order in context to claims of mental health defect or other invented threat, are expressly visible now in rhetoric favored by the national socialist party (formerly the Democratic National Party of the United States), and their propaganda outlets (MSNBC, CNN). Use of ad hominem (to character) abuse, defamation to invalidate the right to commerce and civil rights, and overt abuse of the courts to include a pattern of false claims with clear malice of forethought to extort, blackmail, and claim payment of funds EXPRESSLY PROHIBITED in the 2002 court order, definition of award, and in violation of FEDERAL LAW (15 USC 1673, 28 USC 1738A e), on concealment and deceit to cause irreparable injury and the mental health of a child to be used as leverage and alleged 'bad genes' (eugenics, anti-ethnic and hereditary blame assignment) for psychological trauma caused by child abduction, concealment, and trafficking of human beings and minor children - in context with the use of identity theft to cause commercial loss of right to market and right to intellectual property, trademark, and right to work in a prior established $120,000 USD/year $75/hourly employment - punctuates the degree of 'progresive' theology evident in the sabotage and corporate industrial espionage activity affecting release and delivery of key discoveries and trade secret use in Beyond War.

The Hobbs Act (18 USC 1951) - 2001 to 2018 Ongoing Violation by State Agencies
It is a classic violation of THE HOBBS ACT (18 USC 1951), in taking of a child from a vehicle bound for the STATE OF OKLAHOMA from THE STATE OF TEXAS to suspend the rights of an OKLAHOMA CITIZEN detailed in 76 O.S. 76-8, contrary the license of marriage granted by the STATE OF TEXAS and suspension of parental rights including the RIGHT TO WORK and REPUTATION of the parent (76 O.S. 76-1), conditional payment of an award in excess of income and without respect to loss of income directly related to sabotage and espionage by the parties taking the child from the parent in a premeditated plan.

Under Oklahoma State Law, such a claim is void on face value, and nullified (OK Const. Article XXIII-8), and such ruling without the right to ever face the accuser, hear evidence, and failure of the petitioner and their attorney to appear at two hearings prior the final (third) hearing as cause to dismiss the false suit followed by use of the detention of the respondent to appear at the May 2002 hearing because of security personnel employed by the court acting to hold him during the proceeding by which a failure to appear and immediate DEFAULT JUDGEMENT issued May 2002 was then filed and never served or afforded upon writ of habeas corpus to the respondent from 2002-2012, during which time threats and intimidation, stalking violating 18 USC 2261A Federal Law, and demands including violence and Interstate harassment to cause commercial loss of business carried out consistently leading to retainer at $2000 USD expense of private investigators in 2012 to dispell allegations of 'libel' brought by the abductors against the Oklahoma parent for reporting the kidnapping and circumstances of the ransom and blackmail activity publicly. A charge which was dismissed with no action taken by State of Oklahoma or United States Justice Department in response to sworn depositions and witnesses testimony of a kidnapping without trial carried out by the STATE OF TEXAS in the extortion for ransom and suspension of right to commerce in context to the theft of the UNITED STATES IDENTITY by the STATE OF TEXAS in violation of the rights of the OKLAHOMA parent, so protected in United States Constitution Article IV Paragraph 2 section 1, and 76 O.S. 76-1 and 76-8 prior such false hearing.

Consistent with this abuse, the developers of Beyond War have elected to dismiss the UNITED STATES PATENT AND TRADEMARK OFFICE, and their peer agencies in the EUROPEAN UNION, NATION OF JAPAN, NEW ZEALAND, ITALY, UNITED KINGDOM, and other countries whose members and businesses have participated in this fraud to suppress the development and discovery, design, and trade secrets of the Beyond War product over 2001-2018.

This right is reserved under Oklahoma Constitution Article II-1, and all such treaties, as civil contracts, are void pursuant Oklahoma Constitution Article XXIII-8, in reserved rights; suspending the jurisdiction of those nations over the technology and its use and distribution pursuant to unlawful acts consistent with 'THE CONVENTION FOR THE PREVENTION AND PUNISHMENT OF THE CRIME OF GENOCIDE', including the removal and transfer of children from one group to another group in context to efforts to make life unsustainable for the primary group and base such claims on ethnic and eugenics slurs related to philosophical and ethnic cultural norms of the STATE OF TEXAS and white nationalist movement, incorporating slurs to the mental fitness and competency, moral integrity, and right to parental influence over a child in the kidnapping of the newborn baby of our developer August 11 2001 - a mere 74 days after May 29 2001 birth of the child.

Pursuant to the Oklahoma Riot Act, the commission of a felony - prior any indictment or hearing - is immediately authorized lawful right of all persons to take all actions required in the arrest or termination of such activity on observation; where such order to disperse by law enforcement is not already granted, and such order lawful under 76 O.S. 76-8 and 76-9. Under the Oklahoma Anti Terrorism Act, the threat of such violence and loss of commercial right by public hoax is also a felony, and publications to counter such claim that the concealment or debt is lawful and real or part of a judgment resulting from 'substantial due process' (no due process, in this case), protected by Oklahoma State Law (OK Const. Article II-3 and II-22), obstruction of which is a Federal Criminal Felony (18 USC 241) and such laws domesticated as State Law for Oklahoma Department of Justice pursuant to Oklahoma Constitution Article I-1.

Only denial of the facts in this case, paired with pathological defamation and application of stereotypes in the pursuit and false claims to collect a lawful debt on prejudice and fear of discovery of widespread fraud violating Federal Law by the States named in this complaint and their officers, who are subject regardless Sovereign Immunity claims under 15 USC 1673 (c) Federal Law, maintains this dispute at present (2018 July) - as evident in letters of demand for $79,000 issued July 2018 again from the STATE OF OKLAHOMA contrary ongoing concealment and prior withdrawl of such claim as recently as February 2018 for $32,000 USD in context to the prior case and 17 year conealment on criminal fraud.

Technology Tainted by This Fraud
At the time of the kidnapping (August 11 2001), most of what we know today as The Android Operating System - including many patents held by Nortel Networks - were lost to Microsoft and other companies (franchises of the UNITED STATES). Nortel was the client of the Beyond War developer in 2001 August since August 10 2000, on a 12 month contract term. Prior to the abduction, and immediately thereafter, the father of the child alerted Nortel that it appeared someone had gained access to the email system based on bizarre letters sent to his account from his manager at the company. Fearing industrial espionage, the letter was reported but dismissed by the Director of the Richardson, Texas firm. Later analysis shows bids related to the optical transport for data contracts in the People's Republic of China were compromised in this attack, prior to cancellation of contracts by the regional client due competitor bidding below the Nortel agreement by Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT, Japan).

As Edward Snowden's report show, the Nation of Japan (a 25% shareholder in NTT, due national exemption to the prohibition upon holding of a private company) did engage in cooperation with the Five Eyes optical wiretapping program and receive preferential treatment during this time (2002-2016) for their role in international espionage activity as a collaborating optical carrier similar to the AT&T data collection center detailed in other reports. Nortel Networks, a Canadian company, was their largest competitor and forced into bankruptcy in 2011 due to the restatement of earnings following this cancellation of expected revenue secured in contract in 2001. Over 80,000 jobs were lost globally as a result of this cancellation and restatement of earnings. The developer making such report was deemed a 'vital employee', despite being on 1099m contract rather than W2 terms, as an independent agent - and excluded from such cuts for the duration of his contract at Richardson Texas campus, Nortel.

Nortel did not renew the contract, as they were then under a hiring freeze as of August 10 2001, preceding the kidnapping of the child August 11 2001. The father paid Trinity Medical Center $10,000 USD to settle medical bills resultant from the birth and previous prenatal care over 9 months of the child, who was then resident in his home at Swiss Avenue in Texas; a secondary home to his Oklahoma residency and Oklahoma Citizenship in the City of Ada (Pontotoc County).

Such payment was for the agreed relocation in permanent residence of the child in the City of Ada with James Allen on August 11th 2001 in conjunction with the sibling and mother of the children, in witness of Christopher Melton Maidt, a contractor from IBM then present at the kidnapping and who testified to such action - having undergone a similar removal without lawful relief of his own child in the State of Oklahoma and years of concealment of that child violating the court order on condition of non-payment during times of loss of employment and income, prohibiting the collection of funds under 15 USC 1673b. Local custom to ignore changes in income and force persons of high income to continue paying over five-times the normal support unless they filed suit at a cost of over $2000 USD to obtain their rights, is detailed in 15 USC 1673 and 18 USC 241 Federal Criminal Code as felony violation of law, denied report by regional officers upon the presumption of ready employment in security-related industries and equal opportunity despite loss of references and degree qualification (state license to practice a non-regulated technology role, often due sale of bond or insurance in healthcare and industries handling medical records) preventing job transition or equal pay in change of industry.

Regional wages of $7.25 per hour versus $60 to $75 per hour, without modification of such orders or respect to medical illness or loss of work due to disability or limitations in fields of employment, including blacklisting based on racial, ethnic, and religious affiliation - as well as narcotics use by groups involved in criminal racketeering under color of commercial business in Interstate commerce - severely limit the mobility and relief afforded to such persons displaced by public fraud, libel, defamation, or false report of debt as was the case in the child abduction and economic defamation through identity theft upon services including but not limited to '',,,, and search index which circulated false reports and false evidence constructed by the child abductors to damage and discredit our lead developer in the recovery of his child and protection of his intellectual property.

As a result of the forced liquidation of Nortel, Microsoft and its partners acquired a number of patents at bankruptcy which make their products and services possible - and have used elements from Beyond War in their product names including 'Azure' branding of cloud services (seen in the Beyond War fiction, "Tyec" - an abbreviation from Azure Technologies) to further dilute the value of distributed application operating system technology described in 1996 by the Beyond War documents and developers plan for a network-enabled scalar online game using virtualization and atomic process and thread isolation.

This abuse, in context to written threats by Cogent subcontractors registering the domain name '' (2002-2004) and '' (2011) promising the suspension of the right to commerce and use and sale of Beyond War technology obtained by the abductors during 2000 August to 2001 August in the home of the child's father as part of his company work, underline the invalidation of claims by the UNITED STATES, NATION OF JAPAN, and other partners under the Berne Convention or local laws and treaties which seek to deny use and right to innovation based on economic and emotional deprivation of the family of the child conditional their surrender of this technology and its application before the industry as an American discovery and innovation not licensed to the UNITED STATES or other country, nor subject to license or franchise for failure to pay fees or register the product during such cruel and unusual punishment as 'corruption of blood' rendered in the civil order and enforcement of PETERSEN VS ALLEN (2002).

Denial of Federal class action upon the acceptance of Texas 'Sovereign Immunity', alleging that Oklahoma civil rights and STATE OF NEW JERSEY civil rights afforded JAMES ALLEN and MARK BITARA (UNITED STATES CITIZENS) did not extend to the STATE OF TEXAS, nor any right to due process in the planned and premeditated taking for concealment of children in context to a false lien placed on those UNITED STATES IDENTITIES suspending their use and credit before the employer franchise of the UNITED STATES, constituting an unpaid debt in excess of earnings by the UNITED STATES CITIZEN accounts before the TREASURE OF THE UNITED STATES, and to obtain private property and unregistered intellectual property owned by both parties separately including the right to practice law (MARK BITARA) and the right to executive employment prior held by JAMES ALLEN at SYKES ENTERPRISES INCORPORATED and as a Senior Software Engineer for NORTEL NETWORKS of TEXAS (franchise), by concealment and termination of communication on threat of false arrest, murder, serious injury, and public defamation using Interstate electronic communication without protection of law, substantiates these claims.

Specifically, the FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION of the UNITED STATES did state that unless the loss of UNITED STATES INCOME exceeded $50,000 in value, by prior revenue decline of the limited liability company of the STATE OF OKLAHOMA or other corporation of the UNITED STATES; they would not act to investigate or indict the parties on any Federal felony in this matter. Specifically, in 2003 upon presentation of witnesses from the UNITED KINGDOM and PEOPLES REPUBLIC OF CHINA, who were directly contacted in this extortion - the regional office of the FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION declined to act claiming that they had no jurisdiction in the matter upon the 'civil' agreement issued by the DALLAS COUNTY COURT, contrary Oklahoma Constitution Article XXIII-8 and Federal Law 18 USC 241, and in context to threats and written confession of the 'taking' of the child by the abductors in the 'alleged abandonment' prompting the civil hearing. Report that at no time the respondents were permitted to submit any evidence, review any evidence, denied details of the claim including a false address of residency of the children in DALLAS COUNTY to deceive the court as to their taking from the home of record with the father upon prior medical bills paid entirely by the father, and $10,000 USD theft of funds from the retirement fund of the grandfather in Oklahoma and AMERICAN EXPRESS CENTURION BANK line of credit to an Oklahoma registered limited liability company - were dismissed in addition to the threats of violence, maiming (in written publication and organized group solicitation of murder) of the respondent during trial to prompt abandonment of witnesses during the proceeding, and burning of the apartment complex where the witness was resident with her pet inside - did prompt the Oklahoma office of the FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION to act on this complaint in 2003. Initial reports were filed in 2001 August, 2002 on demand for money without enforcement of rights or return of the child, 2003 upon threats to witnesses returned from Europe, nor with respect to assault at gunpoint in 2002 with injury to the father following such threats in writing; and statement of conspiracy ("he will pay you what he owes you and get what he deserves") witnessed by two additional Oklahoma residents in removal of the injured father from the STATE OF TEXAS following serious illness and assault at gunpoint with carjacking.

We sincerely implore the Presidential Administration of the 45th President of the UNITED STATES to address this issue, as it is a serious blow to the integrity of the JUSTICE DEPARTMENT OF THE UNITED STATES, represents a fraud against THE TREASURY OF THE UNITED STATES as alleged in MARK BITARA et al VS THE STATE OF TEXAS; and is evident of a conspiracy against rights which invalidates the claims of the UNITED STATES PATENT AND TRADEMARK OFFICE in foreign influence with extortion and blackmail by foreign firms (NTT) against domestic corporations and companies of the member States of the UNITED STATES, and a violation of human rights deemed a war crime under International Law - including war crime committed by the STATE OF TEXAS, STATE OF OKLAHOMA, and UNITED STATES in 'complicity with genocide' in the case of PETERSEN VS ALLEN (2002, TX).

Similar abuse, prior believed to be unprecedented, has been established in the FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION and in cases granted pardon by the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES (Bundy) involving similar conspiracy against rights. Motives in these cases continue to be 'radical progressive socialist' views, mixed with violence and eugenics themes assigning blame for fault in narcissistic personality disorder abuse and criminal conspiracy to commit child trafficking aided by public officers criminal negligence and abuse of office at the STATE and FEDERAL level of the JUSTICE SYSTEM. Destruction of reports to conceal these crimes, in the interest of collection of matching funds and interception of funds paid to the accounts of SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFICIARIES by the TREASURY OF THE UNITED STATES represents embezzlement upon human trafficking fraud and eugenic termination of parental rights based on membership in the DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL PARTY and its regional supporters in the STATE OF TEXAS, aided by abuse of not-for-profit license station affiliate in Enid OKLAHOMA NPR, and specific firms owned by foreign national governments who have used their resources (16 Gigabit per second sustained ICMP attacks, forgery of traffic, website scraping and archival to place U.S. Citizens and businesses under illegal Interstate surveillance for economic tampering and extortion), in partnership with (domain) use by Michigan based NTT AMERICA and Texas-based counterparts (Cogent) employing the abductor and hosting the defamation websites ( / me) in this 2001-2018 conspiracy against rights and economic interference in Interstate Commerce for foreign industrial espionage.

Language in the defamation letters is a mirror-image or rhetoric used by MSNBC, CNN, and other progressive hate-speech outlets, and appears to be organized, foreign-funded, and a direct attack by propaganda to steal trade secrets and seize control of intellectual property and investment tied to unfair trade practices with the PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA through foreign control of UNITED STATES CORPORATION franchise development in optical data transport and Interstate data optical transport industries valued at over $16 billion USD in total (bankruptcy) losses, jobs lost, and permanent irreparable and serious injury through the deprivation of children of key personnel of United States corporations and companies under criminal conspiracy and complicity by State and regional Federal Justice Department officers.

As a result, the 'full faith and credit' of the UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE and UNITED STATES PATENT AND TRADEMARK OFFICE are invalidated, upon cursory review of the tactics and violations of the Geneva Convention and International Treaty held to be SUPREME LAW by the signing of the CONVENTION ON THE PREVENTION AND PUNISHMENT OF THE CRIME OF GENOCIDE (CPPCG), which is 'abridged' omitting key elements of law by the UNITED STATES CONGRESS in statutory law 18 USC 1091; declining to provide protection to individuals reporting these crimes or lesser enforcement of 18 USC 241 in related case law via the OKLAHOMA BAR ASSOCIATION and TEXAS BAR ASSOCIATION and also UNITED STATES ATTORNEY GENERAL'S OFFICE in the STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA. Such persons making claims of no obligation to aid or provide relief for less than $5000 to $100,000 USD in fees; and destroying such reports, complaints, and records of violations systematically upon report to protract civil cases brought without due process from 2001-2017, the duration in full of a minor child's development prior the age of majority (2020) - including the issuance of a 'temporary order' binding the OKLAHOMA PARENT over without any rights prior afforded on NO LEGAL CAUSE of a duration of FOUR YEARS (2016-2020) on threat of false arrest and false incarceration in violation of 15 USC 1673 and all right to any due process in these proceedings, amid quid pro quo threats to turn over technology and trademarks or force their sale to obtain payment in excess of income as attached property (evident in letters Feb 2018, State of Oklahoma) against a UNITED STATES CORPORATION and in deprivation of the shareholders and investors owed over $150,000 USD for their work on such project (Beyond War).

Evidence in this case discloses in sworn deposition the use of 'transgender' allegations by NORTEL NETWORKS employees to discredit previous 1099m contractors work for SPRINT wireless services, ownership through development of websites promoting transgender lifestyles by two employees of NTT AMERICA in the STATE OF MICHIGAN and one employee of COGENT COMMUNICATIONS in the State of Texas to create false social media identities of an Oklahoma parent entitled to the return of his child, for purpose of extortion and blackmail and in the use in conjunction with registration at ICANN of the full legal name of the victim to damage commercial income and career earnings as a UNITED STATES CITIZEN in obstruction of recovery of a child abducted from his motor vehicle against his will August 11th 2001.

More Details on the Perjury
In hearings before PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT COURT, the party who did this in 2002 and 2011 again (using the .me extension) did file a legal document signing his legal name with an email address rather than a UNITED STATES IDENTITY or other recognized entity, thereby forging the ICANN record in contract to obtain the use and worldwide publicity of the respondent in the civil award paid to his family member on their behalf and in benefit to a daughter born to him and the mother of the concealed child after the abduction, and commit perjury before JUDGE MARTHA KILGORE to attest to a mental health condition in the alienated parent as cause to deflect responsibility for these actions in premeditated commercial Interference in Interstate Commerce and 18 USC 1201 kidnapping; citing therein immunity (not suspension of relief or restoration of rights obligated) granted to family members including the biological mother who did aid and support this economic extortion and total deprivation of contact constructively terminating parental rights in violation of the powers granted to the STATE OF TEXAS and invoked in the 2002-2015 court order; which the STATE OF TEXAS did deny enforcement of and all relief conditional payment of their claimed award via Interstate Compact on no due process 'as legal fact' - with no finding or evidence to support this claim - and complaint of mistrial refused by DALLAS COUNTY after protracted (8 month) delay with concealment of the child at all times. Such pleading of false medical fact is found also in testimony to the PLANO, TEXAS psychological healthcare physician treating the child in 2015 - made by the mother of the child in defense of her claims to the doctor isolating the child, and upon notice of child abduction and concealment such physician did then demand $1200 USD from the father CONDITIONAL TO COMMUNICATION WITH THE CHILD prior any change in the 2002 court order.

Upon dispute with the testimony, a complaint of perjury was filed with the PONTOTOC COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE, and no action taken. The abductor later claimed he was not obligated to give factual testimony because "It was not a court of record", showing substantial premeditation and forethought in planning and researching a legal defense for perjury in the ongoing case to evade liability for child trafficking and concealment in connection to extortion and blackmail activity, to include criminal defense consultation prior this appearance, from which Judge Miller ruled the State has 'no jurisdiction over the Internet' to include protection orders of the public targeted in 18 USC 2261A felony stalking, and deny the father any protection of law from this pattern of abuse, use of disguise to invoke fear and provoke a security and public response to attacks including violent letters and threats of injury and sexual assault, incite other people to act by proxy to carry out such criminal trespass and intimidation, and such actions taken in context to concealment of a minor child - who was and is led to believe they were abandoned by their father and their mother and stepfather are 'owed' $70,000 USD or more for this act.

The grandmother, Iva Petersen, did in this case upon a second attempt to recover the child prior negotiated with the Oklahoma Parent prior to the filing of the 'abandonment' claim, wield a large kitchen knife before the father and demand he surrender the newborn baby immediately and leave - without provocation - and then picking up a telephone and threatening to dial 911 and report the father attacked her, elaborating to him that if he did not comply with this demand she would cut herself and accuse him of felony assault in the custody of the child. This occurred in direct and subsequent response to the agreed handover of the child after the initial abduction, upon observing the child was not resident where they were allegedly concealed in 2001 September (prior September 11th) in DENTON COUNTY TEXAS, and statements substantiated by cell phone billing records that the registrant of the later domain names in DENTON COUNTY had given a key to and allowed the child and mother to move in to his apartment - where the initial abduction occurred.

This underlines the perjury by family members in the STATE OF TEXAS, failure of the STATE OF TEXAS to afford at any time any statements in their investigations to the Oklahoma parties to dispute or disprove either in court or subsequent investigation and complaints on behalf of the child; and refusal of the court to provide any assurance of safety or security in appearance in the STATE OF TEXAS nor to hold a hearing elsewhere after such abuse and physical assault before and after the abduction, which JUDGE MILLER and attorneys for the petitioner and respondent did knowingly conceal and make false statements before the court alleging to the father 'if you do not sign this you will not see your child for a very long time'. Seventeen years later, and upon such threat of arrest and loss of business and property, the courts and agencies (OKDHS, Texas CPS) have still failed to 'produce the child'; despite NO FINDING OF MENTAL HEALTH DEFECT against the father, and criminal conduct of such claims under Oklahoma State Law Title 43A.

In 2015 a private investigator located the child resident in DENTON COUNTY, TEXAS - where it is believed the child was detained since 2001 August contrary false claims to DALLAS COUNTY to deceive JUDGE MILLER or the DALLAS COUNTY COURT CLERK that the father had left the home instead of the mother. In this matter, because the father was driven by assault at gunpoint and public threat of murder prior with destruction of his temporary residency by fire during the previous trial proceeding, compounded by closure of his bank accounts in Oklahoma and abandonment of his case without notice by his attorney at that time during the disruption of UNITED STATES MAIL to his address after the fire, and theft of SUMMONS BY SEAN CARMICHAEL at 722 SOUTH HASKELL AVENUE, who did conceal the summons for the hearing in May 2002 until 24 hours prior to the actual hearing - posing then before the DALLAS COUNTY PROCESS SERVICE AS JAMES ARNOLD ALLEN or receiving such correspondence by error of the court, and then in service of BRIAN YOUNG in contract dispute with the respondent and later conspiracy with the abductor ("He will pay you what he owes you, and get what he deserves." - Brian Young) so witnessed by MARK DEAVER and LINDSAY TARVER, and such claims as contract breach before review of written terms witnessed by ELIZABETH PETA MAY BOTELHO - knowingly interfere with the proceedings in 2002 May and use services, licenses belonging to the Oklahoma company owned by JAMES ALLEN for commercial work without consent or compensation, and force the removal by rescue of the same aided by MARK DEAVER and LINDSAY TARVER from the STATE OF TEXAS that year (2002) the property and equipment needed for Beyond War and other related projects owned by SHADOWDANCERS LLC. Removal of which was obstructed physically by multiple persons who did attempt to kidnap the parties, forcing DEAVER to drive his motor vehicle through them to escape with TARVER and ALLEN.

Upon return for vital property, including pets (2) belonging to BOTELHO and ALLEN, Allen was led into an ambush at gunpoint and his vehicle taken. All property was taken from the vehicle and photos of BOTELHO left on the front and back seats set out on the flat to intimidate officers of the DALLAS POLICE DEPARTMENT. Such content was taken from the private property of BOTELHO in the glovebox, and a copy retained and a copy placed in view. The front-left wheel of the vehicle was tampered with, removing four of five lugnuts, causing failure at highway speed in the STATE OF OKLAHOMA upon recovery and return after release of the abandoned stolen vehicle from impound in DALLAS TEXAS. The resulting vehicular mechanical failure at highway speed nearly killed ALLEN. One year later, ALLEN's research partner from EAST CENTRAL UNIVERSITY died in a similar incident on the CHICKASAW TURNPIKE, when his van lurched left in front of an oncoming semi-tractor truck. Allen would have been similarly killed had the road not been clear when his front-left wheel failed.

Local authorities ruled the death an accident, despite the similarities and death threats by a common party in the death threats who had lived with ALLEN from 1996-1999 in Ada OKLAHOMA, followed him to DALLAS TEXAS where he went to escape her abuse and defamation prior this event, and ongoing 'death threat' wishes published after the kidnapping and during the concealment of ALLEN'S child in conjunction with imitation of his Oklahoma company (Shadowdancers Digital Press - SDP) by the same party using the name "Scarbrough Design Corporation"(SDC) registered in the STATE OF ARKANSAS. SDC (a limited liability company, illegally using the term 'corporation' in publicity to deceive the public) went on to actively campaign against ALLEN at regional tradeshows in the CITY OF TULSA, OKLAHOMA; OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA; DALLAS, TEXAS; and other events (SOONERCON) where ALLEN had prior retreated to spend time with industry experts and artists commercially supporting the Beyond War product and his global contributions to the GAMES WORKSHOP LTD. product Warhammer 40,000 from 1991-1999.

This abuse continued in 2007-2011, culminating in the false 'libel' indictment sought to suppress the ongoing blackmail and extortion, concealment, and threats to discredit Beyond War in the regional Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas markets by the former roommate and abductors jointly. Board members of SOONERCON in 2010 stated they were seeking to ban ALLEN despite his sponsorship of the convention relaunch ('Friend of Soonercon') in benefit to the Texas party concealing his child, alleging then their right to steal and publish all content shared at the event as their own, and to use their license of an NPR affiliated Enid radio station to promote this fraud violating the court order for return of the child. So serious was this activity, that the ADA CITY POLICE and DISTRICT ATTORNEY (PETERSEN) of the CITY OF ADA did investigate ALLEN, halting all activity and prompting $2000 in private investigation to obtain the criminal record of the accuser in this matter - showing a pattern of lying to officers in a prior alcohol-related rear-end crash, judgment for 'emotional abuse', and other records related. During this time, the private investigator took it upon himself to force the DALLAS COUNTY COURT to deliver a copy of the court custody order, prior DENIED AND REFUSED TO THE OKLAHOMA PARENT, which finally fully disclosed the limitations of award and right to immediate return of the child since 2002 May.

Ongoing United States War Crimes
Despite this, the STATE OF OKLAHOMA and STATE OF TEXAS have jointly refused to return the child or produce the child on a writ of habeas corpus presented to their officers and court officials, nor file charges for the $1200 demand for 'certification' the father submit to a medical psychologist in the STATE OF TEXAS for evaluation conditional to enforcement of his rights; and such portion of any evaluation to comply with the fraudulent story provided by the TEXAS family and court before the child, on the allegation that such disclosure of the true nature of the loss of contact will cause 'permanent and irreparable emotional and psychological injury to the child', and violate the mother's rights to be respected and regarded equally by the child - even where such concealment is a knowing fraud on no LEGAL FACT, and a violation of the OKLAHOMA STATE CONSTITUTION ARTICLE II-3 and II-22.

This case requires immediate FEDERAL DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA or INTERNATIONAL ATTENTION, as the local and regional JUSTICE DEPARTMENT and STATE AGENTS have undertaken an extensive effort to conceal the facts of this case, ramifications, and obtain by fraud benefits from the TREASURY DEPARTMENT OF THE UNITED STATES as alleged by MARK BITARA in State and Federal civil suit - refused hearing or appeal on grounds of 'SOVEREIGN IMMUNITY'.

Development under this duress, in threat to the lives of family members of the developers and their bond with their children suspended and income and earnings intercepted prohibiting the right to work and to retain 35% of their gross income after taxes, as required by Federal Law (15 USC 1763) which all States (regardless of claim of Sovereign Immunity, and all officers as individuals immune from protection by office) are bound pursuant to subsection c of that statute. The crime is detailed under 18 USC 241, 1201, 1951, 1961, 1091, and the statues related to human trafficking and the 'trafficking of persons', in this case the legal IDENTITY of the father awarded by the UNITED STATES SOCIAL SECURITY DEPARTMENT, in fraudulent use and as hostage by the STATE OF TEXAS in FOREIGN COMMERCE to its home State (STATE OF OKLAHOMA) and to carry out industrial espionage against the UNITED STATES in context to discrediting and undermining the UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE in criminal conspiracy for benefit to a foreign national telecommunications carrier, corporations native to the STATE OF TEXAS involved in extensive 3D software design and applications as a service, and major International Corporations who have benefitted from the suppression of the unlawful assignment and sale of patents and technology in the sabotage and disruption of NORTEL NETWORKS, including kidnapping of the family members of 'vital personnel' known prior as the WIRELESS ENGINEERING TOOLS DIVISION for RICHARDSON TEXAS campus of NORTEL NETWORKS.

Key themes in this crime include the 'suspension of the right to work and access to a trade' conditional the non-payment of 'expected projected future earnings' in excess of real income and excessive bond or fine to the crime of 'abandonment' from a violent and physically abusive relationship, escape from a State or territory where a foreign citizen of the STATE OF OKLAHOMA was being involuntarily held in bondage for service without pay to a TEXAS CORPORATION conditional promised reunification with a newborn child taken without consent or lawful cause; and support of this abuse to include violation of all contact and communication (including electronic voice and text) for no less than 17 years in aggravated circumstances and threat of false arrest on false cause, despite loss of major income, and to the purpose of wresting control over an Oklahoma limited liability company and UNITED STATES CORPORATION from the STATE OF OKLAHOMA for use and liquidation by persons in the STATE OF TEXAS and to the benefit of competitors in the STATE OF TEXAS, STATE OF ARKANSAS, STATE OF WASHINGTON, STATE OF MICHIGAN, and NATION OF JAPAN.

Events to follow include the April 1 2015 arrest of KYLE HIBBS, with serious injury during police custody to disable use of his right arm in BLANCHARD OKLAHOMA; denial of right to sue the county for this injury after members of the OKLAHOMA BAR ASSOCIATION convinced him to enter a plea of GUILTY to a single felony count of concealing stolen property (discarded computers provided by his father, an employee of the school), on promise of free representation in such civil suit for injury subsequently costing the STATE OF OKLAHOMA insurance provider for the disabled over $300,000 USD in 2015-2018; and effecting the arrest of this disabled person to conceal the distribution of academic-discounted computer equipment given to employees of Blanchard school over the years in addition to fire damage in an insurance claim in which HIBBS was ordered to participate in the disposal and alteration of evidence on the scene to win the school claim damages for undamaged equipment. During this time computer equipment in excess of $2000 sold to HIBBS by the firm was confiscated and parts destroyed, photographs of such private property taken and circulated in local papers to allege it was stolen from the school system, and blame for all missing equipment placed on the (prior certified) disabled young man (early 20s) which were obtained by his father (a school employee, with a key) which police granted immunity in this malicious prosecution and conviction. Mr. Hibbs has since witnessed the fraud, destruction of US Mail and interdiction of US MAIL at the Beyond War office in Ada Oklahoma over 2015-2018; threats and solicitation to 'sneak onto the property when ALLEN is not present; false allegations as a pattern of public abuse; impact upon the developer due to dead animals left on his doorstep and theft of packages; vandalism of his motor vehicle in 2017 including refusal to return at appointed times for purpose of grand theft; and failure of the City of Ada Police Department to seek charges in these cases causing recovery efforts and substantial additional injury to KYLE HIBBS and ALLEN.

Levies by STATE OF OKLAHOMA agencies in 2017 and 2018 did deprive ALLEN of contact and communication with the child in his care and terminate his role as a CISCO CHANNEL PARTNER involuntarily, due to economic deprivation in the confiscation of funds paid to the UNITED STATES CITIZENSHIP ACCOUNT in cause for this concealment, loss of income and employment from secondary sources; attempted suicide and control exerted over ALLEN conditional to this ongoing abuse and economic deprivation to include $30,000 debits to bank accounts on NO INCOME SUBJECT TO THE COURT ORDER by the STATE OF OKLAHOMA, and efforts to ultimately deprive under color of law the right to participate in commerce by use of the false civil award and in violation of all limits set upon such 'support' to disenfranchise the OKLAHOMA parent of any means to obtain attorney services or recover his child and protect his business from looting and threats of prior arson, assault, battery, and unlawful surveillance described in letters of threat supporting perpetual child concealment.

Motive for the Kidnapping
Motives in this action appear to coincide with the presumption that ALLEN is obligated to pay his son's abductor for the privilege of enjoying a relationship with his child, and to concede to their version of events and political claims, including allegations he is stupid and incompetent, unfit, and undeserving of the right to own a business or enjoy the wages paid to him as a Senior Software Engineer for Nortel Networks, telecommunications administrator (department head) of Sykes Enterprises, and prior wages of $75 USD and $200 USD per hour thereat.

These claims are in line with radical socialist doctrine, assessment of fitness based on his 'STATE ACADEMIC AWARDED DEGREE' and vocational major at EAST CENTRAL UNIVERSITY; and to discredit such degree or right to use in conspiracy as that BACHELORS OF SCIENCE awarded in 1999 is in the field of clinical PSYCHOLOGY - whereupon ALLEN was the understudy of several PhDs in Clinical and BEHAVIORAL PSYCHOLOGY, and found fit by such work to practice clinical psychology prior to changes in OKLAHOMA STATE LAW in 1999 requiring he undertake 2 or more years of ADDITIONAL MASTERS DEGREE COURSES having prior spent 5 years pursuing the previous qualifications for clinical practitioner and enrolling in the program originally as a COMPUTER SCIENCE MAJOR. Instead, ALLEN chose to pursue practical computer science and telecommunications (Enterprise Voice Call Routing and Programming using a $500,000 USD Lucent Definity PBX system in Ada); where his work was praised and valued at $200 / hour billing to client TOSHIBA AMERICA, PEOPLE PC, and BEST BUY USA. Briefly, ALLEN was the voice of People PC prior to the hiring of a child actor; and left work only after educational benefits in his contract valued at over $5000 USD were not honored by the company (SYKES ENTERPRISES) despite 40-60 hour work weeks the prior year.

ALLEN went on to work at NORTEL NETWORKS where he was the last member of his department overseeing SPRINT workflow nationwide, in a short-term high-compensation ($60/hr initially, $75/hr final) contract. It was at this time ALLEN was targeted for extortion and blackmail in the kidnapping of his child, whom he reported had been taken by the mother twice prior to the final abduction and held conditional obtaining money and property from ALLEN, as reported to DOUGLAS MINNICK and KENNETH SNOOK, coworkers in the Richardson Office and superiors granting ALLEN leave to address these 'psychological post-partum depression' and 'domestic violence' events against ALLEN (by PETERSEN), including striking ALLEN with a metal thrown candlestick, physically punching him without warning while behind the wheel of a car on an OKLAHOMA INTERSTATE (I-35) at highway speed causing loss of consciousness, striking ALLEN upon entering an apartment in early 2000, and injuries including black eyes and contusions witnessed by WILLIAM WARNER (DALLAS SOCIAL WORKER), MATTHEW WARNER, and CHRISTOPHER MELTON MAIDT.

ALLEN became so concerned due to physical assault by VERONICA PETERSEN and IVA PETERSEN, that he enlisted KARA METZGER of LAND O LAKES, FLORIDA; then a resident of DALLAS TEXAS and employee of the local UNION office for AT&T; to accompany him to the place of detention where the child was being held after September 11th 2001. There Metzger witnessed the anxiety and hostile environment in which ALLEN was afraid to even hold his own child, and upon waiting for him in the car she witnessed the result of his confrontation with IVA PETERSEN and overheard VERONICA MARIE PETERSEN threaten murder upon ALLEN after he terminated the cell phone number belonging to his OKLAHOMA company which she refused to return to him or pay for use upon in excess of $300. None of this evidence was permitted by JUDGE MILLER and suppressed by the attorney appearing for ALLEN in a fraud to obtain legal fees for return of the child and subsequent abandonment of the case on loss of the banking privileges by VISION BANK (then FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF ADA, OKLAHOMA) during the proceedings.

Since this time, the family holding the child has continued to denigrate, defame, and circulate publicly the false claim that JAMES ALLEN abandoned his child in Texas, and to seek payment of $108,000 in award and $40,000 in interest for this fraud without due process or relief, contact between Allen and his child since the filing, nor any information or welfare or status upon the child in custody of the STATE OF TEXAS and beneficiaries assigned by the STATE OF TEXAS during the 2001-2002 DALLAS COUNTY TRIAL. The parties have contacted ALLEN, BOTELHO, TARVER, DEAVER, and published defamation to the effect of damaging ALLEN, his businesses, and his project (Beyond War) including threatening to use his name and pen name ('Stryx') in companies and projects to damage and dilute his reputation in this matter systematically from 2001-2018, in organized and commercial activity including recruiting of persons and businesses in the STATE OF OKLAHOMA to carry out these threats - as documented by OKLAHOMA PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR KRISTEN MACK.

The Witch Hunt And Racist Bias
The public has not seen this sort of 'witch hunt' until the 2016 election of Donald J. Trump, where identical abuse and ad hominem socialist radical violence surfaced - illustrating fully the gross criminal contempt of this organized Interstate activity, and members of various State and Federal governments including child protection services, courts, law enforcement in municipal and State and regional FEDERAL DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE roles, to support by active abuse of office and under color of law in complicity with the war crime genocide.

National Socialist white supremacist claims including allegations under oath before JUDGE KILGORE that ALLEN contributed only 'bad genes' to the child, and thereby allege his inheritance of 'autism' and need for the use of the drug 'PROZAC' since age 5 while in care of the abductors - was inherently ALLEN'S FAULT, and the mental health and behavior problems of the child evidence of a inherent hereditary 'defect' from JAMES ALLEN, for which the concealing parties justify no communication or contact whatsoever over 2001-2018.

ALLEN is, according to family testimony, a member of a Native American tribe whose mother was 16 years of age when her child was taken by Doctor Ann Klepper at VALLEY VIEW REGIONAL HOSPITAL in an illegal adoption; and all relevant cultural and ethnic heritage concealed from the child due to local policies against childbirth in the community at that time (mid 1970s). The matter of kidnapping and concealment of the child, therefore, is a very personal and SECOND GENERATION THEFT OF A CHILD breaking the generational continuity of culture in this family. ALLEN was adopted because the doctor knew of a history of serious mental illness in her family known now as ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE, and sought to avoid the inheritance of dementia common with this disease which the family has lived with since the 1970s - contributing to the death of many elderly relatives. ALLEN was in route to the CITY OF ADA on AUGUST 11th 2001 with his newborn son and mother of his child, then in agreement to marry him and having paid $10,000 USD to her medical costs because she REFUSED to permit him to cover her on his health insurance during the pregnancy - perhaps to prepare for abduction and extortion in fraud later. The purpose of this travel was permanent relocation, ending the $3000 monthly lease on his DALLAS office and temporary residence where the child was kept since conception to that day at ALLEN'S sole expense as the only income earner - with an older child less than 3 years of age whom ALLEN was raising as his daughter (ALEXIS MARIE PETERSEN). ALEXIS was allegedly the product of a workplace rape, as told by her mother to ALLEN and her family, whom she concealed from the biological father upon such false claim later disclosed to ALLEN as an invented story to keep the grandparents and siblings from contacting the father and alerting him to the child. PETERSEN sought to control the child of the prior union in this way, and exercised a similar control over ALLEN and his baby without any respect to the rights of the father.

This behavior indicates a sociopathic pattern of fraud, lack of empathy, and resort to instigating and soliciting violence against the male parent of her children, which ALLEN believes places the children in direct physical danger and conditions he described as willful neglect in prior instances - including the discovery of PETERSEN playing a 'bejeweled' game on the child's PC while ALEXIS was left unattended in a bathtub. ALLEN arrived home from work to find water running into the main room of the loft, overflowing from the tub where ALEXIS sat with her nose barely above the waterline and mouth underwater - unable to stand or escape. ALLEN rescued her, at which point he was met immediately with allegations he would try to accuse PETERSEN of child abuse for this event and 'take her children away' - a fear she reiterates as recently as 2015 despite 14 years of concealment of the child, testifying to her attorney and Allen's representative that he 'intended to possibly kidnap the child out of school' to solicit a proposed 'temporary' agreement to waive rights in the interest of her negotiating a return of the child as-prior-ordered and offering then a phone call with the child to lure ALLEN into this 'temporary' agreement. After the agreement, which was set to a 4 year term, PETERSEN AGAIN BROKE OFF ALL COMMUNICATION AND RESPONSE TO ALLEN AND HIS ATTORNEY THROUGH HER ATTORNEY IN DENTON COUNTY, using the 'temporary order' to further consolidate her hold and control over the child while pursuing $70,000 USD in unlawful award based on no INCOME SOURCE OR PORTION subject to such claim, and reporting despite this such award as unpaid debt to EQUIFAX and other credit agencies contrary the civil contract, fraud to obtain such contract, and Article XXIII-8 OKLAHOMA STATE LAW voiding the entire civil agreement as a knowing fraud to deprive ALLEN of his civil rights (76 O.S. 76-8).

Premeditation in child kidnapping, under the presumption the abducting parent is mentally fit and others around them are likewise mentally and morally fit, does not apply in this case - and is well documented in the sister-state laws of CALIFORNIA as PARENTAL KIDNAPPING. This case stands out because OKLAHOMA and TEXAS STATE and FEDERAL officers have aided in this concealment, collection, and public fraud; while denying all protection of law to ALLEN and his associates, witnesses, and businesses. One FBI agent stated, "Do whatever you have to in order to protect yourself." on behalf of the COUNTER TERRORISM DEPARTMENT of the UNITED STATES FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION in 2016. During that time, a party was sending photos of ALLEN's largest client's granddaughter playing in the front yard of the client's home, in demand for the use of ALLEN'S licensed TEAMSPEAK 3 voice conferencing server in Oklahoma to provide Remote-Access-Tool URL posts to break into users computers and extort them. This threat was originating from a man in the UNITED KINGDOM, targeting one of the largest RUNESCAPE guilds online hosted by ALLEN, and eventually won a conviction for 'improper use of publicity of a minor' in this matter.

Similar laws, prohibiting ALLEN from publicly reporting on the identities of the children by name, prevented ALLEN from disclosing the injuries and severity of the abuse and autistic behavior observed in PETERSEN prior to the false allegations that his son is autistic 'because of (Allen's) bad genes', as uttered under oath in Pontotoc County Court (2012). ALEXIS MARIE PETERSEN is now of the age of majority, and as an adult her right to privacy in this matter is void where such evidence has been suppressed in the improper medication of her younger brother at an age 3 years prior than the FDA requirements for use of PROZAC on no child under 8 years of age, disclosed only in 2015 to ALLEN. Similarly, report the baby fell 'into a table' face first while in care of the abductors, and was later diagnosed with other medical illnesses, have NEVER BEEN SHARED WITH ALLEN beyond one report obtained from the clinical psychologist in PLANO in 2015. Upon discovery ALLEN was being informed of injuries to the child, including 'playing in used cat litter' upon LIVEJOURNAL as witnessed by E BOTELHO, access to the reports were closed off to ALLEN and the public by PETERSEN. Despite this fraud, THE STATE OF TEXAS demands that ALLEN pay 100% of the child's medical insurance costs - contrary depriving the payor of the child's location, medical history, consent to medical treatment, input with physicians, or other choices in insurance and education, care, and influence over the child from 2001-2017. This amount, added to the 65% collection of all income by the UNITED STATES CITIZENSHIP IDENTITY; plus collection of 100% of all STATE AND FEDERAL INCOME TAX RETURNS; exceeds the FEDERAL LIMIT FOR SUCH COLLECTION UNDER 15 USC 1673 Federal Law. All report to the TREASURY OF THE UNITED STATES, as well as use of this fraud to obtain EARNED INCOME CHILD TAX CREDIT for the taking and sole possession of the child exclusive of a court order, have been refused action by the UNITED STATES INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE; and by all Federal and State DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE groups.

Losses and Damages - IDENTITY THEFT
Substantial loss, including domain names, right to solicit investment on securities issued to companies, right to the clear sale and ownership of title of the registered trademark 'Beyond War' and 'Stryx', and use in similar industries without opposition due to ongoing persistent economic duress forcing the team and contributors into poverty level conditions, denying employment upon the basis of false report of a large civil debt or failure to pay on no income subject to the debt, and deprivation of right to work including medical injury (US ARMY, 2005) and loss of hearing (2016) followed by hernia (2017) have left ALLEN in a position where operation and deployment of his property is impaired by the fraud and false claims against his UNITED STATES IDENTITY. Theft of his identity was reported by the OKLAHOMA DEPARTMENT OF MOTOR VEHICLES, stating that 17 persons including some in the STATE OF NEW JERSEY were using his identity upon his return to Oklahoma in 2003, following theft of his license and documents in carjacking (2002).

Ongoing concealment, in light of this abuse, theft, and sale of his IDENTITY, to include misuse by the STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA in deprivation of human rights, extortion, blackmail, and effort to obtain trade secrets and title to the liquidation or force sale of 'Beyond War' and deny him any credit to his use (1991-2018) of the modified spelling of the Latin term 'Strix' (Stryx, Owl - with a y) - underline the need to bring this matter before a FEDERAL OR INTERNATIONAL TRIBUNAL for relief, with award of no less than $2,000,000 USD for lost savings and deposits to the SOCIAL SECURITY ACCOUNT of the stolen identity; loss of career; and loss of civil right to the bond with a child spanning 17 years without due process. Damages are much more - in fact - in contrast to similar earnings for products like Eve Online, Fortnite, and No Man's Sky - which all made claims and used mechanisms described in the early (1996) Beyond War documents and product briefs written by James Allen.

What we are seeing here is the breakdown and selling off of the commercial 'right to commerce' in the seizure and stereotyping of gender identity in family and utility of products under a socialist collective and 'public welfare' argument, with immunity for wrongdoing and by title and office, which the Statutory and Constitutional law do not allow expressly - incorporating attacks which can only be regarded as genocide and eugenic hate crimes to break the generational bond between parents and children in pursuit of a monopoly upon the benefits of family earnings, insurance, healthcare costs, education, religious and political theology, and extremism which incites violence against the parents of children and businesses who refuse to comply with criminal racketeering and public prejudice to over-simplify extreme behavior and demonize one parent to the sole and exclusive benefit of another. Where this is aided by academic employees of the STATE OF OKLAHOMA or other States, to deny the right to work and endorse such schemes, the confidence in the entire academic and professional fabric of American society breaks down, creating a 'license to work' and 'illegal union' among graduates of State programs for which the general public may not have access without a fee or bribe, debt, or academic servitude.

These are not the conduct of a free society, nor a Constitutional Republican form of government guaranteed to the people by the CONSTITUTION OF THE STATE OF OKLAHOMA, nor enforcement when travelling in other States of their fundamental rights (76 O.S. 76-1 and 76-8); and all people whether directly affected or not are entitled to throw off such false civil agreements (OK Const. Article XXIII-8 and XXIII-9), and to come to govern themselves and choose the jurisdiction and form of government which honors these rights (OK Const. Article II-1), including the liberty of communication between parent and child (Article II-3), protection from criminal indictment for report of facts and evidence that are true to their witness (II-22), and immunity from the petty regional interests of the STATES where such laws are expressly domesticated as STATE LAW and thereby rights of other States enforceable under the UNITED STATES (US Const. Article IV Section II paragraph 1). That we must remind others our rights are not defined by their regional whim or strategy, or demand the return of American hostages and protection from unlawful seizure of goods without trial on the basis of 'registration of property in title to the UNITED STATES Social Security Account used to pursue such contracts illegally in suspension of our rights on false record of a voluntary consent without duress to contract, and in surrender of all our earnings and future earnings and despite no means of self support or subsistence) is indentured servitude and peonage - not support - under law.

It has therefore come to our attention that this is a great scam, upon violation as a custom of Federal Law to criminalize persons deprived of the right to work or income or reputation in 'social organization' and aggravated by electronic global media without protection of law or relief - and in complicity with violation by the member States of the UNITED STATES, to false incarceration of many men violating 18 USC 241, 15 USC 1673, 28 USC 1738A e - and in a pattern to extort and defraud THE TREASURY OF THE UNITED STATES of over $2 billion USD per year, and to jail and deprive from contact as many as 200,000 new cases per year - in ongoing criminal fraud by the UNITED STATES and for durations and terms (17 years, PETERSEN VS ALLEN) and similar injury (MAIDT vs MAIDT), and in commercial economic sabotage and espionage with benefit to foreign competitors to the commerce and title and priavate property of the American People; that its disclosure and discussion must be made central to the future grant of authority to the UNITED STATES and all its members conditional Oklahoma Constitution Article II-1.

This is not a case for 'arbitration' or 'settlement' nor can damages from corruption of blood or other high crime by the UNITED STATES ever be fully compensated financially - as genocide and treaty agreements with the Native American Governments of the UNITED STATES consistently show by efforts to limit award or benefit and reparations to percentage 'blood' tribal members. Nor can the tactics, business practices, and any benefit obtained from such abuse and violation be upheld or honored for UNITED STATES and NATION OF JAPAN corporations whose assets and employees took part in these crimes, with injury to the children of American business owners, scientists, and for the express purpose of exterminating the American culture as held by those people in favor of 'progressive' views of 'socialism', 'communism', and the denigration of the individual into a component who exists - and is allowed and tolerated to exist - solely based on the service and proceed to society.

Words of an American Father
That progressive society has taken my only son. I have paid in blood. I have applied remonstration lawful to my rights for 17 years with no relief.

For such acts, in refusal of relief guaranteed under Oklahoma Constitution Article II-6, as rights reserved and retained by the AMERICAN PEOPLE; we are entitled to our formal refute of the authority, integrity, and 'full faith and credit' claims of the UNITED STATES, its member States, and all officers and agencies thereof including those of the Berne Convention and other treaties governing or limiting or otherwise granting license in monopoly to any *thing* or *service*; as such protections in the most sacred bond of parent and child have not been honored by the UNITED STATES from 2001 August 11th to present. Under the Geneva Convention, as this matter in complicity is a war crime pursuant to THE CONVENTION ON THE PREVENTION AND PUNISHMENT OF THE CRIME OF GENOCIDE; we are entitled by law to equal and proportionate retaliation to the loss of all future legal standing of the UNITED STATES, its member States, agencies, and countries recognized by the same or organizations deemed their agent or ally, for the concealment of a child and fraud to discredit the work performed in service to the culture, character, and values of that child in which this conflict and design ultimately serve - demonstrating the non-interchangeable nature and unique property of people as a non-commodity in social and multi-user shared experience simulation.

Delays Caused to the Beyond War M2OS Project
Beyond War as a project has, therefore, sealed its jurisdiction under the Sovereign claim of rights afforded a people; without surrender of its claims or lawful and warranted relief guaranteed under Oklahoma Constitution Article II-6; to a grave and criminal injustice which the UNITED STATES nor its member States can fully compensate our injury nor restore our property destroyed in this fraud; and to assert that such claims where dismissed or diminished to less than a lifetime of work and effort in proposed settlement or averaging of the loss of any member of a society to justify any injury done with forethought and purpose; malice; and premeditation of genocide - serve only as an indictment of the society and nullification of the contract of all people with that institution.

It is the nature of the criminal felony statutory law that some punishment exist which is sufficient for the cause of permanent, serious, and irreparable injury. In times past where the life expectancy of a human being was a mere 40 to 60 years; and most crimes committed by persons in their mid-20s by sentence; a life sentence was only 20 years (18 USC 1201). In times of war, where persons are maimed or die as a result of engaging in hostilities in uniform in the name of their country; soldiers afford each other the rights of surrender, subsistence, care of the wounded, and bodily protection to include both physical and emotional protection. Where these rights frequently break down, and amnesty for combatants and civilians injured in war is still expected at the end of hostilities; we cannot expect nor afford that remedy to fully provide for the protection of those survivors, nor to refer to such hostilities as anything less than unlawful and total war. Only the limitation of the means of reprisal in the past, before the nuclear and biological warfare era, were such means effective to the continuation of a society.

Where persons, without uniform, engage in such acts of war - fraud - and deception to cause such injury and loss of life; even under color of commerce or color of law; we cannot excuse or deem their actions less harshly simply because they bore a title of an officer or due to the class or caste of the victim; whether by ethnic, religious, or gender - we must view these crimes as equal atrocities and acts of war. Where any such person has membership and acts against their own people to subvert their rights; which are by self-identification the same rights used to carry out the crime; we must recognize that act as treason against the society we live in, even if it is not treason against the nation, the crown, or the physical country - because our true obligation is to the individual in our society, not the people or the product of their combined effort and self-esteem.

It is, with a heavy heart, this principle that Beyond War brings now upon 17 years of violence and a previous 5 years of deep emotional fraud preceding the theft and concealment of an American child: the mission of our software development team and legal team; and counts itself separate and outside the jurisdiction of the UNITED STATES, STATE OF OKLAHOMA, or other incorporated agency of any Constitution or contract which the enumerated (OK Const Article XXIII-8) rights and (OK Const Article II-1) rights provide for those persons ascribed to our organization and cause, and recognized as our members.

The United States, under progressive leadership, has failed in its mission and is in breach of contract with us - who remain its sole source of Sovereign authority conditional these terms. It has tortured, drugged, raped, and murdered more people than we can permit its claims of oath, obligation, or trust; and in doing so conceded the title of Sovereign and arbiter of our disputes for lack of action and by complicity in acts for which deeds and restitution cannot fully restore or purchase in return. This is the story of Beyond War, today - as of 2018.

Expressing this in C++ and mechanisms, in light of the driving force behind this project, is impossible. No parent would take the entire United States debt as payment, nor any *thing* of value or title, in exchange for the love and admiration they have for their children. Those members of the 'progressive' socialist-leaning parties, who have raised this banner of collective value and 'fairness' in the taking of credit, property, and rights from others to include the very name and reputation of people that stood in the way of their mythology and religious zeal - come now to collect power they seek by force of numbers and even force of arms - do so without consideration. Without respect. That others have already paid for their 'new man' which would be created out of the stolen children of our society without apology, and consigned their contempt for this consumption of their purest love of their child in this - A Prayer of Blood.

The American Cataclysm and Holocaust
That every inch of red we see from this day forth remind us only of that child's blood shed in the name of collective benefit; and every stain of white be a reminder to the waste of words and paper used to excuse its taking; and every shade of blue a sky stolen from a parent holding their child beneath it. As is every faith of Earth and every God and monster of little import to a father seeking his stolen sons and daughters - the legacy of which every parent of good heart knows - written in the words of life before any prophet set pen to page - this crime of the United States and every nation of the Earth, in the 21st Century. And our sad duty, to explain just what that means - practically - in simulation of worlds and solar systems, entire civilizations, and even time and space itself - to a father seeking a stolen child. To understand total war, in a way you can survive the insight, and so the judgment not be lost upon you in the experience as your Universe burns.

Not because it could happen - the Holocaust or the orphans of so many wars - but rather because it did happen, here - in the United States, and this was the generation that thought to pay no mind to it - who smiled condescendingly toward the individual, and said without expectation - "make me."

King George and others held the same contempt, to the injuries forced upon the colonists of this country, as did the cavalry soldiers who rode down the women and children of the Native American tribes; promised them security; and marched them into captivity. And so, too, did the officers of this UNITED STATES, take up that rod in this Century - confident in their composure and the prestige of their office, the will of their subjects, and the violence of their lies - and in doing so destroy the United States, aided by enemies and financial brokers who hold no interest in the individual - for they cannot buy it, own it, or sell it - except by promises and trusts of collective wealth in which unity and conformity are the only qualification or merit. When a people, like the British, are so oppressed that their own identity is alien to the mother country, and they see in themselves a quality which the collective claims to honor but in fact does not represent or uphold with vulgar hypocrisy, only then are a people born.

The child in question was on his way to meet his grandfather, Orvil Price; and see the town that man had built - the addition Orvil named for his loving wife Dorthy Price; the streets named after his grandmother Ann, and Susan and Nancy; and to visit the house on the hill built by his family where his father lived as a child. To meet the community where his great aunt taught school (K-5) for 30 years; and the soldiers who served the Oklahoma National Guard for 20 years that would call him cousin. To walk in the lanes by the lake his father walked, and see the storms come in; and know his grandparents work for the F-111 and F-117 served their country well, as well as those who taught men how to fly the AH-64 Apache, taught chemistry, or made parts for the Space Shuttle at their business. To meet the man who stood behind enemy lines for three days during the Tet Offensive, protecting his comrade with nothing but a service pistol until the enemy receded. Good men and women, who died, waiting for him to come home. Orvil died in 2008, shortly after his wife passed in 2007. Each day he asked where she was, near the end, because he could not remember. Each day, it grieved him to learn the loss again - but he faced it, and built this lab around the day it could protect his great-grandson, should the boy from Texas ever come home.

When you want to know where the technology for Beyond War comes from, or how our developer grew up studying 'weather war' and plotting artillery on little green vector screens formerly used by the UNITED STATES AIR FORCE, programming on big cassette tapes with metal backs - playing with hard drive platters the size of banquet tables, and building body armor out of boxes and watching space ships roared off into the sky next to steam locomotives on Beta MAX tapes sent from Japan where his military family were stationed, you need to understand - you cannot buy this education. It is never for sale. It is the childhood of an electronic warfare specialist; a veteran's child; who listened to tales of his Papa Bob (Robert Klepper) speak about secret wars the Merchant Marines fought off of the shores of New York Harbor against Nazi subs and the Battle of the Atlantic on the shores of the United States. It is the story of the trenches that he hauled cannon shells to as a Merchant Marine barely 14 years of age in World War 1 as well. Of the witness of women who taught in the 'Indian Schools' of Oklahoma; of the covered wagon that was kept in the barn; and of the sadness of a German American family who had to go to war not once - but twice - against the Keiser and again against Adolf Hitler. Of men who heard the Russian cursing over Mig Alley in Korea, and knew the images of the Yellow River under the Cultural Revolution of Mao. Soldiers who served while Pol Pot was around; tightened the bolts at NORAD, and rode the buses out of Vegas to their Job in plain white.

Those men, and their families, were destroyed by the crimes - just like 400,000 Iraqi men, women, and children who died in the decade before this Century began. Or the 4,000 who died in the attacks early September 2001. And every woman and every child of the Yazidi who lost their life waiting for the West to help them against ISIL. This project is dedicated to them, and their love of their children, and the understanding that while we may wish to value life - we will not grant reprieve or forgive those persons who carried out the war crimes nor the nations that sheltered and protected them long endure - for we, as a people, are always more and the effort to deny it in favor of the collective good - in the sacrifice of even one child or one parent to accommodate that violation, will not now nor ever be forgotten. That the power of the people to a suitable and final answer - faced with that 'compromise' of oppression and injury - never be suspended or revoked. Nor the right of those so injured to accept the balance of the benefit to society or its sense of integrity at the cost of even a single life. These lessons, these values, are integral to Beyond War. The myth that people change, or that forgiveness is an obligation to the protection of a prosperous society, a fairy tale. There can be no prosperity where the rights of even one are sacrificed for the benefit of others. In this belief, in this conflict, we examine the socialist dialectic, and ultimately choose the value of the one over the value of all - because that is just and right, and the only answer we owe our child or any other. If some portion of the Universe or collective cannot reconcile with this - then it is their failure. The good of the many, does not outweigh the good of the few, or the one.

There can be no allegiance to a nation that believes otherwise, or a people or academic elite, faith, or conviction - that would sell into slavery the one to claim themselves greater before another. Nor to trade on the love of a child, the faith of our people, and with that innocent trust the integrity of our entire civilization. Societies based on slavery worship the destruction of self- of ego - of self-worth. Societies based on freedom would sacrifice every last single soul and all their material wealth to protect the life, the freedom, and the health of even one - and do so freely. This is what makes them greater. Where the law or the systems of justice sell or rationalize this, the rest of that civilization is doomed. Unity, is slavery, and with it a lie that what it does is good and noble - the greatest self-deception.

Even in 1996, we could see the outcomes ahead - the plans in 1997 to destroy the World Trade Center, the vulnerability of systems, and the danger posed by the proliferation of nuclear and radiological weapons to cultures and countries which carried out long term (Afghanistan) conflict planning over fifty years or more in fourth generation warfare. This is why Beyond War was drafted, even then, to try to avert the coming loss of life when Islamic culture and Western culture collided - and when Asian economic power rivaled that of the United States and Europe, removing cultural dominance of the 20th Century through expansion of media and collective moral values in public rhetoric. To a global strategist aware of geopolitical elements in advanced technology, this was obvious - as was and is the loss of life (Syria, Iraq, Iran).

Beyond War was supposed to help with this. Instead, due to sabotage and socialist extortion, blackmail, and kidnapping for ransom - it was forced to watch the deaths and attacks, loss of life, and total destruction of the culture of Great Britain, France, and Europe in the ensuing collapse and nuclear development of Korea and Pakistan, India, and Iran. Even now, in the midst of the Democratic National Party of the United States calls for socialism and violence across campuses and academic fraud to deflect from the value of public education, centralized capital accumulation in monopoly markets, and the aggressive abuse of network and technology theft without relief from national Justice Departments that destroyed manufacturing in the United States from 2002-2016, starting with the Great Telecom Recession.

The medium dictates the cost of deployment and scope of reach. Beyond War chose software because it may bypass traditional import-export rules, pass as art rather than literature, and reach audiences outside of the confines of the English speaking west. We have faced export restrictions, regulations to ban crypto strength, and the sexual exploitation of the industry paired with widespread drug legalization and narco-terrorism support of competing projects to include local community industry events, hosting, and the laundering of drug trafficking to push many competitive products making outrageous claims imitating our research and approach. After 20 years, no one is there yet - despite key developments in hardware application. Monopolies continue to limit and define the implementation, as financial limitations limit our ability to enter market in defined cycles complicated by cryptocurrency influence over key components needed by our audience.

Thinking Beyond Monetizing the Product
To an unsophisticated person, with only the existing market to compare to the project scope, complexity, and infrastructure requirements of real-time battle management - as well as those parties seeking to monetize and sell the product for implementations regardless of loss of guidance and balance - seeing no value beyond the economic gain, delay in release may as difficult to understand as Nikola Tesla's hesitancy to pass on his understanding of resonance and electromagnetic field theory upon his awareness it may be weaponized and misused like the work of Alfred Nobel.

In the meantime, US Patent and Trademark offices scramble to license the work we have chosen not to share, even where such applications are broad 'trademark trolls' and Chinese developers throw out the entire book of protections (as has New Zealand) to push ahead without fear of any consequences. A small studio must be dubious in its commitment to any party that does not understand and respect the ownership of such work, and like Tesla we find ourselves moving further and further away from the efforts of companies like Microsoft and Oracle, as evidence mounts (Wikileaks) that nothing is secure in our present world where enough money is at stake.

The most recent addition being the use of RTMP (Real Time Media Protocol) to integrate video and H.265 into modern video cards, bringing the multicasting elements described in 1996 into practical application for Beyond War limited only by the equipment market size of our audience. Like Picture-In-Picture (PiP), these features will only truly mature if they are brought together with content as well as delivery mechanisms, and with competitors like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu - video multiplexing for in-game play is as difficult as Voice Multiplexing (TeamSpeak 3) was once - and as easily disrupted (Discord) by a small investment of only $20 million Dollars (Discord) to give away the service in exchange for loss of all privacy and user rights to save less than a $1 every year (per user).

For Beyond War to survive in its mission statement, and to maintain the integrity of the core developers, prior to standardization, privacy on a secure network (IP7A) and extremely strict licensing is required at this phase. While the concept of private cloud virtual computing and on-demand server launch automation are now more readily understood since our work with Rackspace in Texas; following their acquisition of Slicehost in Kansas; the cost of implementation due to the failure of AMD Ryzen and Epyc processors to perform in 2017 and 2018 do not help our position under extreme financial duress and constant interference by the STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA. The tampering in fact grants direct economic advantage to other foreign very large publicly traded and privately held nationally backed firms in competition with our company. Combined with the disruption of confidence in public labor and sabotage at the regional academic and legal level - every day we ask why this product is still being developed in the region. The truth is, there is no other place to go where the values and ideals of the principle law are to be upheld. To quote Ronald Reagan, this is the last stand for a refuge for Freedom. Words so soon forgotten, 40 years later.

The Post Progressive Holocaust
We live now in a nation now where humor is a crime, threats of murder are humor - a joke, and we must pay a bribe to see our children or tell them who we are. Where we are told what our nation and our people are about - who we are - and should we reply, "No", then we are the enemy of all that is good. Why - because the myth is more important than the reality. And we are burning our people one good man at a time, on the cross of that myth. To ease the guilt of a nation that cannot and will not apologize or admit fault, for it would demonstrate that collective judgement in its rush to judgment is flawed - and that the rejection of the duty to judge some and protect others based on what we get in return, the whole of State and Federal Law.

Where any morsel of knowledge or discovery is to be seized and stolen and carried high back to the rat nest of humanity in pursuit of glory and self promotion - there can be no academic endeavor - no shared exploration, and no innovation whatsoever among mankind. Lessons that Beyond War teaches, in the discovery that all is simply rediscovery - and our names for all things simply the language of our own superstition and ignorance finding comfort in the dark of a much larger world, where no one owns anything or anyone - but their own soul and deepest purpose. Where persuasion fails. Where barter shows only the taking and not the giving. And above all, where love is no more a sacred or intimate thing to us than the pill on our shelf or the Dollar in our pocket, as are these lessons reflected in our children.

So when you ask what was stolen, so many years ago - it was this - the humanity of our task. The love of our children. The respect of our fellow living beings. And those that stole it would ask we forget, that we must forgive, for they will give nothing in return or compensation - even regret - for their crimes. And at that moment, you must ask, "Is 20 years enough?"

Is a lifetime enough, to pay for what was stolen - or to discourage it from being stolen again?

Or is there yet still a higher price to pay, in infamy and disgrace - of such deeds?

Can law provide remedy, or is this beyond even our expectation of evil, that a King is the only opinion in scope for the complexity of a crime so great we can speak only of it in the broadest terms, and deny its existence for the confirmation of the deed condemns all in a generation to rebuke and memory - as that last generation of a dead culture. Murders of childhood, killers of parents, and betrayers of nations - all who did nothing. This guilt, by admission of the role population plays, is central to the theme of Beyond War. The responsibility to act, to make the future rather than choose it or have it planned, and to change the world. Ambitions you won't see in games today, nor in the stories we tell our youth - for it is not heroic. It is hard. And those that try, ultimately and often, become the villains if they fail.

How Closely Are We Being Surveilled?
Withing 10 minutes of this publication, our network came under regional attack disrupting all Internet communications services to our facility. If the contents of the prior claims were not true, it would not merit interference affecting multiple customers to suppress our public notice of the conditions of this fraud and prior workplace and security analyst findings spanning 1997-2018.