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Beyond War - A Primer

In 1991 the company formed a project to develop a next-generation warfighter system, recruiting talent in the Americas. Boardgame simulation of the product was produced in 1996. At the end of the late 1990s, criminal elements began to attend the science fiction and tabletop wargaming, literature, and film events, and purposefully stated their intent to copy and sell the product they observed illegally in imitation of the Beyond War Project.

A series of violent confrontations including check fraud, theft of records, kidnapping for extortion, fraud before the United States Federal court and Texas and Oklahoma State courts using purchase of office in the United States to deny due process (28 USC 1738A e) in extortion fraud, and purposeful circulation of the trademarks and claims of Beyond War and the author of that work by several companies in the United States, Italy, Japan, and the United Kingdom.

This abuse continued for 17 years (2001-2018), without protection or action of the United States, under color of law and color of official right - to extort the ownership of the property from the developer. This action was financed by foreign government employees operating in private business against American firms and resulted in over sixteen billion Dollars in damages, eighty thousand jobs lost, the triggering of the Telecom Recession of 2002-2004, and suppressed reports related the planning and execution of the attack upon the World Trade Center in New York City in 2001 August 11th.

As a direct result of this fraud, interception of 80-400% of income and illegal use of United States Citizenship by the offending parties and complicit States, the full faith and credit of the nation of Japan, United States, and other countries supporting this fraud was terminated by the officers of the project under Federal and State Law voiding all such contracts used to suspend human rights (OK Const, Article XXIII-8).

Tactics and techniques of criminal racketeering and electronic warfare used in 2001-2018 against the Oklahoma based firm became evident in the organized criminal sedition and treason against the United States in 2016-2018, supporting the 'progressive' radical socialist movement.

Concepts in the 1996 Beyond War Project were a direct criticism of the socialist dialectic - the platform and talking points of radical socialist unity movements and their public appeal to young persons in populist movements to erode the Constitutional form of government of the United States by fraud, force, and threat of murder paired with foreign investment and takeover of United States electronic media, broadcasting, and academic institutions socialist indoctrination policies and practices in making a workforce and overturning the Republican form of government authorized by the People of the Americas.

This process, by child concealment, indoctrination, fraud to suppress communication and block the transfer of culture and cultural identity between one generation and the next, and to demonize those resistors as mentally ill under false claims identical to the national socialist tactics of the 1930s in a genocide eroding the nationalist movement in favor of global investor interests and base utility to the society as State.

With this context, involving the concealment in violation of court orders and State law of American children to damage the release of this product, the developers have endured violent disruption and felony stalking (18 USC 2261A) seeking to alienate and damage the property in an effort to undermine United States cultural and legal integrity, confidence in government, and to influence the political process by public intimidation targeting the family and children, professional workers, and stealing from the United States Treasury over two million Dollars per case in over 200 thousand new cases each year since 2001.

The Premise

To understand the premise that created this conflict, and the threat that this project poses to the socialist dialectic and its adherents - one must first accept that a major part of the leadership of the opposing (progressive) party are exhibiting acute narcissistic personality disorder behavior suggesting the very real presence of abnormal psychology and criminal psychology as a root cause of the major response to what would otherwise have been a simple video game.

The response of a person with NPD is that criticism of their behavior is an attack upon their core person and right to exist, not their view or philosophy as an external and objective entity which is not in any way a personal attack or characterization of their worth or value. This is called 'narcissistic injury', and responds to the idea or expression that their way of thinking is not 'the right way, and just and superior', with direct allegation that the critic is an invalid person, unfit, and should be deprived of all rights as they are obviously a malicious and criminal threat as well as unstable and unable to control themselves posing a direct and imminent danger to the narcissist, and to all people who (justly) agree with or adhere to the (false, misleading) claims of the narcissist. In extreme cases the narcissist will insist that the critic is clinically mentally ill, usually to deny the opponent the preceived 'right' to engage in commerce, own property, or otherwise remain a part of society as long as they dissent or expose the behavior of the narcissist. This was the case in the abduction for concealment and fraud against the beyond war product by elements in the State of Texas, State of Oklahoma, and regional Federal officers refusal to regard this behavior in organized and Interstate suspension of rights with regard to the threats and extortion demands to damage or transfer Beyond War to the abductors of a newborn child taken from one of the developers at less than three months of age without a warrant, without lawful cause, and on no due process concealed 17 consecutive years illegally. In this case, on the basis of such concealment and a bill of attainder, the United States jointly sought to seize or dissolve Beyond War in the cause of Democratic Party members engaging in a fraud in 2001-2018.

This behavior is often masked with absurd effort to make light of the injuries and damage caused, allege all such injury is a 'joke', and that no real injury has been or ever can be caused which is not justified and lawful by the narcissist. In this way, the narcissist and other persons with sociopath personality disorder are often able to help and enable each other, forming narcissist clusters via electronic communication and virtual meetings, activities, and community against common 'enemies', which they will share resources and provide alibi and proxy actions to injure in a cooperative fashion.

This pattern of abuse is evident in the national socialist and post-revolutionary periods of the Soviet Union and People's Republic of China, and still has widespread support in countries like Ukraine and the Nation of Japan, where resentment for the destruction of national pride at the end of World War Two has evolved into a culture of criminal complicity and cultural imperialism again as of the early 21st Century - evident in the Russian defense of Eastern Ukraine from national genocide, and similar conduct in support of a welfare state which emphasises labor and family along gender lines destroying reproduction and family bonds in that country along democratic national socialist values - misrepresenting all other theology and most religious cultural beliefs as "mental illness" to qualify false allegations of cultural invalidation (genocide activity).

The idea that national socialism has been outsourced to other countries and supports activities similar to the Islamic State of the Levant (ISIL) and promotes racial and ethnic identity-politics in the United States paired with radical immigration activity suspending the rule of law, are examples of the effort to 'dilute the vote' of native-born citizens and intimidate resistors against speaking out against the violence - using 'racism' and other slurs to defame and stereotype people fighting hostile assimilation and genocide activity by globalist financial warfighters. The same techniques used by the national socialists in the 1930s prior to the entry of the United States into World War II.

To a geopolitical military analyst, these elements were evident as early as 1994, and after the advent of the First Gulf War - the draft of Beyond War to address these issues revolved around one central premise in future military conflicts and fourth-generation warfare:

Numerical superiority and confidence in a civil resolution cannot determine the outcome of future conflicts, government, politics, or civil rights. Even the smallest nation must possess the tools to protect itself from larger aggression. Further, it must be affirmed that the right to act is not a democratic will, and the power to resist or protect a culture and its identity shall be invested in the individual, not the body politic, if a people are to survive. Otherwise the individual will be sacrificed in the name of public gains and security, to the degree that all rights and protections are suspect to privilege by the public trust.

The Ubermensch

The Beyond War Project set out to define a science fiction project in which nations realized the vast economy of Interplanetary conflict and developed a weapon system capable of not only deterring attack by even the largest population against an isolated civilization like Earth, but to wage war against entire planets and galaxies using an army that relied on technology rather than numerical superiority.

Its central theme is the deployment of such a weapon, which is self-sustaining, immortal, unyielding in its resolve, able to fight for hundreds of thousands of years without support of any kind from its home or people and inside enemy territory to such effect that a single soldier could destroy entire planetary populations, engage fleets in possession of weapons capable of destroying stars and disrupting gravity on the scale of a black hole, and surviving in the midst of a nuclear battlefield without the assistance of armor, vehicles, supplies, or communication - without losing fighting effectiveness.

A weapon system capable of surviving not only direct conflict with up to twenty billion enemy combatants without sleep, without rest, and without mercy - but do so with the face of a man and the reason of a diplomat, to force surrender through overwhelming application of psychological as well as physical and genetic weapons technology. To produce nerve gas, virus weapons, modify life on the alien planet to serve and operate as an advanced force and slave labor, assimilate enemy life forms and directly access their memories and nervous system, infecting and altering the enemy to serve the war effort with as little as a gentle touch, a breath, or a drop of blood in an ocean.

A weapon that, no matter how powerful, remained quintessentially human - and able to idle and rest and wait, infiltrate, and pass for the present people of that world or any animal found on that planet, for eons.

A creature that gave rise to legends. A creature that proves that all the legends are true. At their heart - the Beast. The ultimate soldier. A witness to the death of worlds. Somber in the love of life as well. Sanguine in their nature - yet a living instrument of war.

Our story is the story of this breed of soldier, The Sanguine.

Technology And Transdimensional HyperManifold Quantum Engines

A monster, made of flesh and bone, can be defeated. A Demon, whose body can be destroyed only to rise again from the very darkness of the void and materialize its flesh again as though nothing happened - shielded from time and space and consuming entire worlds into the pocket of its coat and draw those restless dead and their forms from that place beyond Heaven or Hell, at will - requires more than mere steel to slay.

The heart of the Sanguine, the Beast, hide deep within a dimensional manifold, created by the ability to manipulate the quantum Universe to not only communicate instantly over any distance - even from one galaxy to another or other dimensions via quantum entanglement in computer communications systems built into their very cells and space far larger than their physical bodies in the material world - cannot die even if their physical form in this world is destroyed. This technology must seem like magic to the primitive people of a world who have no concept of actual hypersphere dimensions or quantum interactions in high gravity environments - like the edge of a black hole event horizon. The sheer power to create and manipulate these forces, in an area of physical space as small as a dime, and direct these forces and matter - would be like magic.

To fly, to raise the dead, to level mountains with a wave of their hand - to make the sky rain and thunder, or rip the atmosphere from a planet and bring its moon crashing down - enough cause to never take up arms again against such a world protected by the Sanguine. They are a living weapon of mass destruction on a scale few have ever seen and survived.

How does one such creature destroy another? What would any mortal do to possess this power, this technology, or even this understanding. The very awareness of its existence, a blasphemy against all life.

The War

Immortality is a reward that the entirety of creation would be traded for by some, and too much for all. And so it was the Sanguine were not the first shot in the War, nor the last. They were the advent of the use of weapons that destroyed entire solar systems, and ultimately devastated not only our space and time - but the adjoining dimensions of space and time through crude use of the quantum singularity weapons - devices capable of collapsing a causality bridge system and venting energy outside the capacity of normal space to withstand its presence. In this state, real-space collapses and the manifold dimensions that the Sanguine created are exposed to the destructive energy from outside quantum states - disrupting even quantum field defense systems in an obliteration process similar to the event horizon of a black hole. If the use of these weapons were limited, or restricted to very large (anti-planetary) installations, it would be a footnote in the history of war. Yet the nature of these weapons allows for their compression and use of manifold space to house their immense volume and mass, with limited effect upon the contact point in space and time - making them as small as.... a dime. And portable - in the form of personal handguns. Combined with a Sanguine hand, these weapons escalated the war. The power to put out the star that warms a planet, with a single shot, from the surface of a planet, in the hands of a man who can jump away hundreds of light years with a flick of a muscle - death made manifest for all life.

Prior to the Sanguine, invasions were carried out by genetically cultured armies in the billions, manufactured by remote platforms for offensives against worlds by sheer overwhelming numbers. Monsters - half man half animal, bearing arms and weapons of strange design, dragons flying through the skies - leaping from world to world - commanding and overseeing the culling and development of entire planets - growing larger with their collection of precious metals.

No matter how twisted, different, or pure - the men of the world before these conflicts were as children before the horror to follow. Some retreated into the quantum realm, into the world of the very small - to become legends of spirits and fortune - hidden in their kingdoms in the hills of beauty and moores. Others, to their mountains, deep in the stone. Some to water. Some to the skies, and the dark beyond lost between the stars. The Minat, the Dawv, the Elan... mere men, compared to the Sanguine and the Dracos, the Leupos, and the war machines produced to kill them when their own desire for life rivaled that of their masters.

It was said the men of the Stars fled to protect the discovery of immortality. Keepers of starlight, in their dark fortresses beyond the light of any world.

Others say that all men once were born to never know death from time - but the Sanguine scourged their worlds and gave them Death as a punishment for their disobedience.

Whatever the cause, it was nothing compared to what was to come - the collapse of time and space itself as the use of weapons tore the very fabric between the stars to tattered canvas over and over again - plunging entire worlds into Hell beyond the material world in an instant - billions lost in a second of Cold Sunshine. Death so quick, the dead do not know.

The dead, lost in this way, often refuse to die.

Their very consciousness burned into the manifold shadow of time and space.

Those who live long enough - or gather enough information, as became the tool of the war through contact by the Sanguine and other high men and machines, to understand the scope of the War and the long-term threat it posed to the Universe - withdrew to become something else, something new. The Kaigi, guardians of knowledge sworn to its defense - engaged in the obfuscation of the secrets of the Universe to protect the very nature of space and time from becoming a battlefield ravaged like the trenches of Europe through the interference in and systematic destruction of all beings in possession of the capabilities of quantum hyper dimensional weapons and technologies. Ironically, and necessarily, employing the very same weapons and technologies themselves to combat the 'monsters' and 'forces' - entrenching the hatred of all combatants in a war that would never end in anything other than genocide of all mature species and the obliteration of all knowledge they had accumulated.

Including the knowledge that - no matter how perfect the information - no living thing can be reproduced or remade once destroyed at the quantum level. This one truth, that all life is precious and cannot be created - only destroyed - was not enough to stop the War.

It Took a Weapon

A new weapon, developed at the end of the war, in an effort to extend the causality manipulation and disruption technology to dynamically foresee and alter the outcome of time and space, either to repair the damage or target the probabilities destroyed by the quantum technology - which had been up to that point essentially random and violent - instead created new life.

In that instant, that life - ended the War. In an event known as The Cataclysm, that one being annihilated 80% of all life in the known Universe. A large part of it, sanguine. When you are capable of observing simultaneously millions of worlds in an instant, and you see the Universe emptied in an instant - it has an effect. The survivors, some at least, went mad. Others, enraged, lashed out. Some immediately reached to seize the power in that vacuum created by the first strike. And then, again, and again, and again - they watched those that moved out of their place destroyed. Fear gripped the most powerful species ever known - as a new alpha predator had revealed itself. One that was so devastating that entire worlds were emptied and their meals fell where they stood. Snatched and lost - in space and time. Destroyed with precision, leaving fleets and cities emptied of their builders, the old and the young, the animals and empires gone too... the books and computers - a mausoleum the size of a Universe.

A weapon so terrible, it gave even the Gods pause. Waiting to see who had possessed its power. There came no answer. Its creators, too, victims of its wrath.

A weapon of war greater than the Sanguine. An old face smiled, closed his eyes, and with a sigh softly said, "Finally".

The Sanguine King - Born of the Blood of the First a testament to Him alone, the first weapon - ashamed and angry with his children, alone aware of the limits of the power hidden from each generation of his kind by him, making some as weak as mortal men, was the only one to smile. For he was War, and this... this was peace. Of a kind.

To Walk With Gods

Beyond War is set in this Universe. Where the concept of 'overwhelming force' and even planetary genocide and racial diversity are, ultimately, as relevant as that of any common man or woman. Not to impress upon the players the concept of a sense of duty or belonging to the elite warriors and might of empires and nations. Rather, upon the importance of even a single child, to a single warrior, for whom that one life is the reason he might fight forever and will not yield even before God himself - for love of one, all are judged. In the name of even one, the King of Kings will choose his ground.

That the victor is not chosen by force - but by the power of their compassion, and the importance of even a single soul.

This is Beyond War.

- Stryx, author of Beyond War (1992, game 1996)