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Beyond War - Metaphors

Technical Analysis
From a professional writer's point of view, the Sanguine are not a super monster despite the inability of certain narcissistic personality disorder critics incapacity to set the character or plot devices aside from personal identification and rejection on a linear scale of traditional progressive mythology in a highly anticipated power struggle brought on by delusion narcissism and the compensating behavior of damaged ego inherent in these worldviews.

Vampires Are Our Starship
In classic space opera, the ship is the vehicle that moves the plot along and place characters in new situations with minimal oversight from society, minimal accountability to others, and leadership positions in major actions with society as a backdrop.

Beyond War utilizes that 'ubermensch threat' of eugenic tampering and dissolution of gender identity and age identity, race and collective self-defined outward appearance to adhere to cultural claims of manifest destiny and right to privilege, as the same mechanic that the atomic bomb once represented in Cold War pulp fiction.

The presence of the weapon that ended the Cataclysm is as much to the Sanguine themselves as the Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) was to the Cold War idea of strategic bombers and submarine-based nuclear weapons - the advent of a threat far in excess of a single warhead, capable of reaching out to strike any place in the known world within an hour or less - with little or no warning.

Beyond War is, therefore, a gross metaphor of the classic Cold War drama in which the hardline communist (socialist) nations promote their agenda of unity over all self-worth and personal private property rights, in opposition to the capitalist model of private individually owned enterprise and limited government with no power to seize persons, property, or industry from individual citizens nor to violate the rights held and retained by 'The People'.

This harsh criticism of Lebensraum (scarcity economic models) in which the individual must submit to the interest of the State, or the people (Lenin, Stalin), lest they be a social 'enemy of the people' and acting to undermine the 'fairness' or 'manifest destiny of narcissistic personality in a self-identified culture or hereditary people or tribe' is at the heart of the Beyond War product.

Clear examples are seen in the unity under devastating harsh conditions in the post apocalyptic worldview of the 'Ogrey', survivors of planets that have fallen to stellar weapons and Sanguine conflict for which unity is the only value that survivors are offered in order to receive protection from the restored power base and a place in survival among civilizations that are rationing resources.

The Ogrey are not necessarily evil - yet their societies bear a striking resemblance to fascist Italy, Germany, The Soviet Union, and The People's Republic of China during the 'Cultural Revolution' in the 20th Century. Any society with resources would, in context of other modern games, consider these nomadic displaced tribes of militant refugees like the 'Raiders' of Fallout - including their acceptance due to life experiences of slavery and exploitation of subjugated people, use of force, and reverse-racism against non-members of their surviving societies. In the film 'Battle Beyond the Stars', these creatures would be most similar to the Malmori, who ravaged planets and moved on in an effort to fight a larger war in which the sacrifice of entire planetary populations and resources were essential to their long-term goal of combatting a much greater Interstellar threat (the Sanguine).

Fear of the Sanguine, as an organized army, including their ability to assimilate entire planetary populations into military service as living weapons, is a vital part of the backstory of these 'lesser' militant forces moving through the Beyond War Universe as threats to isolated non-combatant worlds.

It is the fear of the threat of economic and military dominance, not the fact, which drives civilizations aware of the scope of their power to act in ways that agitate the peace and cohesion of the Beyond War Universe. Much like the threat of nuclear war among the superpowers of the 20th Century drove politics and social theory in production and technology from 1950 to 2015.

Covert Operations and Mass Media As a Meta
Just as the actual nature of the losses in the submarine war against the United States East Coast was a secret for seventy-five years, as well as the nature of rocketry and missile technology carrying bombs toward London from Axis France, the nature of immortality and its very existence, basis, and transferable nature leads the superpowers of the Beyond War Universe to keep their planetary populations ignorance about space travel, resonance weapons, and the nature of monsters and dragons through every means of a modern digital society. The ability to control a slave population, enlisted in the industry of 'picking cotton' as it were, in the daily labor of a planetary population to create, support, and exercise license over authority and rights of regional trade, depend upon the lack of perspective in medicine, philosophy, and idle time afforded to the working society. Even where a society of elite or managers exist and their activities are obvious to the public, it is attributed to intelligence, hard work, and dedication - not possession of a knowledge of far more powerful technology and goals which exceed the day-to-day struggle to maintain and grow a labor force deeply entrenched in the social norms of a lifecycle that spans less than a Century.

Should the public ever learn that immortality is more than a myth, they would not accept their role to struggle, reproduce, and die having contributed to a larger society and future generations - from which further indoctrination can be carried out with little to no first-person cultural knowledge being passed down from one generation to another which is not direct and experiential.

In this way, the maximum productivity with the minimum philosophical and social resistance is obtained from a planetary population invested heavily in the worship of the child as central to their credit building in society, legacy, and protection of their assets and gains through overt influence over their development and prejudice. This concept is known by societies who possess immortality and shun reproduction for the sake of continued identity as 'The Cult of the Child', a religion practiced on worlds by mortal humans and aliens, who misconstrue death due to aging and disease as 'natural' - often because their whole ecosystem has been tainted by a Sanguine bioweapon virus that leaves a permanent unspooling of the DNA of its victims that lasts over successive generations, thereby concealing the vector of the viral attack.