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Beyond War - Roadmap

Technical Elements of the Beyond War Game Engine
From 1996-2018, the company has been developing the game engine of Beyond War. Unlike many AAA titles, who use Unreal, CryEngine, Lumberyard, or Godot - Beyond War has been based on a low-level C++ engine since early 1997.

Major changes in 1998 with the advent of DirectX in Windows 98, and Windows 2000 failure to support 3D initially; combined with Windows Vista driver conflicts adversely affecting most of our studio sound equipment (who refused to pay fees to Microsoft for their products already in market) combined with the changes in DirectX under Windows Vista and 7 to remove multi-card support and parallel 3D viewport blitting (multi-tasking shared image display) led to serious barriers in development of Beyond War. DirectX 12.1 and Vulkan API have restored many of the features needed for this work, as of 2018. Plans to release the update upon March 2018 hardware launch of Tesla chipset technology to mainstream consumer markets was again cancelled due to announcements by NVidia Corporation, and failure of ATI / AMD discreet chipsets to perform in the Vega release of 2017.

Ultimately based on the multi-core parallel architecture promised by AMD in 2000, and never delivered in 2006 with the AMD FX-74 socket F product line, stalled work amid legal harassment by the State of Texas and State of Oklahoma in the unlawful taking, concealment, and ransom of a minor child conditional surrender of the rights to the trademark 'Beyond War' and disruption of investor funds in the project using intimidation, letters of commercial threat, fraud, false claims to discredit the company and its products, and defamation to infringe upon the trademark of the author, known since the early 1990s online in community and gaming events as 'Stryx'. At present the States seek $80,000 USD in false debt violating 15 USC 1673 and Oklahoma Constitution Article XXIII-8 on no due process linked to threats of extortion in this matter, ongoing as of July 2018 letters of false demand conditional the concealment of a child violating 76 O.S. 76-8 and a 2002 court order for return of the child, used as a hostage since 2001 August 11th.

This harassment peaked in 2010, when regional Justice Departments sought to indict the father of the child for reporting the kidnapping and false trail without due process or right to admit any evidence in the planned premeditated concealment of a newborn child since 2001 August and false filing of a court order in knowing fraud by the State of Texas.

While the private investigation showed Interstate organized gang activity with public solicitation of murder and Interference in Interstate Commerce (18 USC 1951) to suspend the rights of an Oklahoma Citizen (18 USC 241) illegally, The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation refused to act, claiming falsely this was a civil matter contrary the XXIII-8 Constitutional Law of the State of Oklahoma voiding any such claim or allegation of a contract suspending the rights of the Oklahoma parent.

Intense organized 16 Gigabit per second DDoS for hire originating in Italy, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, California, Michigan, and Texas followed - underlining the criminal nature of Interstate fraud in this matter paired with radical socialist claims backed by NPR Affiliate employees (Enid, OK) and Texas, Michigan, and Japanese technology companies who did not support the right of unwed parents to see or have contact with their children - alleging conservative Constitutional views constituted mental illness and acting to carry out corruption of blood through perpetual concealment and deprivation of the 'right to work' against the Oklahoma parent on those grounds - in criminal racketeering (18 USC 1961).

The general public could not believe these abuses were real, or based in fact due premeditated fraud by the State of Texas and DALLAS COUNTY, until the election of President Donald Trump in 2016, where major news agencies financially supported by the same Democratic National (Socialist) Party began an identical intense campaign of defamation and fraud against the United States President and any person who voted or voiced support for the elected executive. Since that time, we have seen the worst bias in United States History, in criminal fraud against human rights under color of law - and an overt war against the individual American through propaganda unprecedented since the rise of Nazi Germany.

It is the adamant position of this firm that the development of this radical element and use of propaganda is the result of hostile foreign investors sympathetic to the Nazi ideology who have sustained their position despite the defeat of Germany and the Axis powers, and maintain their views on human rights in extreme socialist narcissistic abuse - for which only the use of force is an effective deterrent, and traditional civil and democratic process unable to operate due to an atmosphere of open and violent economic and social interference.

Trade Secrets in Design Protected by Oklahoma State Law

The entire purpose of development of a new and distinct game engine was to overcome mathematical aspects of prior simulations dating back to the 1970s pen-and-paper era, in which numerical superiority correlated with greater 'damage per second' quantifiers - creating a bias that incorrectly assumes overwhelming force will be decisive in any engagement or exchange of fire. Modern warfighters under NATO doctrine understand this model of simplistic linear force is not practical in fourth-generation warfare and sophisticated conflicts, close quarters fighting, and the complexity of force training and provision in combat.

As a platform for signal warfare and armored superiority fighting, in 3D and with scalar elements of logistic support and co-processor data management, the class of engine we are producing is more familiar to artificial intelligence as a science than traditional mono-threaded game engine loops and multi-threaded single computer parallel processing of time-sliced events. Asynchronous multi-threading in a dynamic signal environment provides a mesh topology network environment which will scale with computer speeds, equipment expansion, network peering, and future hardware developments independent of traditional stand-alone client-server game engine technology.

This 'modular engine network' design remains a unique and ambitious core element of the Beyond War project. Later proponents of this stolen technology refer to it as 'cloud computing' without respect to the unlawful theft of technology on hostage-taking and extortion by the United States in support of its companies, false claims, and imitation to discredit early developers and innovators.

Further, elements of navigation, positional data structures, and database privilege access and abstraction in accuracy across extremely large distances make the Beyond War engine unique and capable of features not found in the traditional three-dimensional space model (Cartesian coordinates) of DirectX and OpenGL API.

The added API layer of abstraction interpreting data from the hypersphere and hypercube models to rendering in the traditional hardware card API afford the game a dimension of scalability not possible with traditional 'zone loading' and 'inter-zone-communication' hacks seen in other massively multiuser warfighting simulations. Because of this abstraction layer between visualization (3d) and signal data (presentation layer), Beyond War is technically classified as a 'space simulation', not a 'video game'.

Use of this simulation and presentation data layer in simultaneous abstraction to targeting and tracking systems allow Beyond War to create a learning response model for its supporting application technology on modern (8+ core 16 thread) systems, accessing much larger command and control elements hosted in the network to execute core logic offloading that processor time from the client PC, much like the later developed 'Cryptocurrency Blockchain' technology - which we feel was a direct offshoot of work done in the late 1990s and early 2000s by our team in Dallas Texas prior the child kidnapping. Summarized by the formula (N = n+1; where N is the state of relevant data in scope of the buffer and n represents new data combined with the constant abstraction coefficient to merge that data into a consistent presentation of data).

This 'environmental spooling' technology facilitates a mobile space with dynamic real-time entry and exit into multiple partitions which can be distributed over the data network dynamically on-demand and as resources are available or constrained, adjusted. Similar work performed by our team contributed to the Xen and VirtualPC technology, Slicehost virtualization, and later elements of virtual machine state management used in large-scale hosting like Amazon Cloud and Rackspace Virtualization.

Video game design has not, as of yet, fully embraced dynamic virtualization of server architecture due to the monolithic state of most client-server architecture and merger issues in persistent online games brought about by architecture issues in the early design and licensed game engine technology used by most AAA games.

Feature Description
Because of industrial espionage and public overt fraud by competitors claiming to be developing similar 'space war' games using traditional technology, acting on details of our descriptions to solicit funding and make false public claims ranging from unlimited scale to largest simultaneous user environment, collision detection in ship-to-ship warfare, and player-driven economies and politics - WE WILL NOT BE DISCLOSING DETAILS OF IMPLEMENTATION PUBLICLY. The following general features allow players to understand the expressed mechanic of game design, from which this new engine technology is required to fully deliver.

Alpha and beta test groups who are vetted and contracted in non-disclosure, such as those users of the IP7A secure network operating on IPv6 address space, are permitted disclosure under strict terms limiting the release of details.

  • Ability to change heading, pitch, and roll (Pitch/Yaw/Roll) orientation of battle, with aspects of signal visibility based on facing with separate inertia and momentum independent of ship facing.
  • Fixed and turreted weapon systems with computer-assisted real-time firing solution technology and path-to-target intercept control based on fly-by-wire interactive adjustment to pilot actions and ship orientation changes.
  • Dynamic entry and exit to all battlefields in a non-random non-spawn point relative estimate over light-second and light-minute distances, with targeting of hyperX (faster than light) weapons at these ranges against targets operating in a different temporal state than the presentation of (spooled) data interpreted by the observing craft over delay in visualization.
  • Signal transmission decay and buffering for non-quantum communication to include reception delays of several seconds, crosstalk, and environmental disruption of communication during electromagnetic pulse events including the use of nuclear weapons and detonation of high energy reactors nearby.
  • Sophisticated identifier friend-or-foe systems with spoofing and live disruption of IFF during battle similar to work performed for Sony Planetside 2 as a Founder on that project. Signal pulse detection similar to muzzle flash and engine flare detection along vectors to augment detection of targets.
  • Blind detection and movement similar to submarine warfare in which the vessel that ceases transmission and burn goes 'dark' - making it harder to detect and target outside of visual range until it maneuvers.
  • Sophisticated maneuvering system offering thrust, pivot, lateral burn, and braking maneuvers familiar to most space warfare pilots; in addition to inertia dampening and inertia-based drive technology and ESRFTL (Extremely Short Range Faster Than Light) maneuvers, swarming, minefields, chaff interdiction, and parallax drone deployment for target triangulation in extreme distance inter-ship targeting of artillery.
  • Planetary bombardment and genocide using genetic and radiological weapons, environmental destabilization and habitat targeting, and advanced interdiction of ground to space technology through linger weapon deployment with orbital and near-solar operation lifecylces of many thousands of years.
  • Boarding actions of enemy warships, collision and fragmentation of large vessels during combat, and salvage operations as a career specialization.
  • Cargo trade and ship manufacture, taxation of planets, and development of habitats and military installations in the solar system and interstellar dark between stars.
  • No defined 'travel path' or 'magic portals' to move between star systems or into the space between stars, with a borderless environment for escape from player population centers into unpopulated space beyond the player conflicts.
  • Persistent Universe with established zones and planets accessible to players, using a unique navigation system based on the Beyond War model of space in hypersphere technology and relative dimensions.
  • External API attachments for management and administrative console applications operating independent of the main game, to facilitate specialist roles in design and asset organization which do not require the full hardware of a combat capable PC client in order to work with game properties, for use on tablets and other devices.
  • Player crafting and manufacturing using the 1996 proprietary quality and resource system designed by Beyond War, which allows for skilled craftsmanship unlike other 'commodity' oriented games and traditional Gygax-rated equipment, using quirks and character values for products with similar details to player character development. Including signature of manufactured goods by the maker, to assure qualities which are not evident or obvious on examination - but impact the use and value of the item in actual game mechanics.
  • Permanent character death and re-incarnation or conversion of character assets based on the faction and formation of the civilization that the character chooses, as well as recruiting of other players 'upon death' or by conversion into new player administered 'trusts' for the security of their characters, achievements, and empire. Storage of assets in pooled player caches and the opportunity to destroy caches by other players - creating a high level of insecurity in assets which are not either carried on the ship or hidden in very dangerous and hard to navigate portions of space off the popular space lanes and battlefields.
  • Lottery system for paid membership to elite races who routinely wage war against the majority of the player community as 'scourge' races - capable of taking on multiple player empires at once through their ability to rally forces and direct AI-controlled armies at enemy positions through their 'elite' status as ancient evil overpowered bastards. Limitation of such positions using an overall population system, to ensure that players are not guaranteed a dangerous character and do not benefit from 're-rolling' a character, as well as to encourage all other players who want to try out that race to kill the rare alien threats on sight (to open up a slot on the roster and improve their own personal chances at the next re-roll regardless of paid status). In other words, free accounts can become paid quality accounts for a lifecycle if they kill a paid account character. Have fun, paying bastards. They are coming for ya. In hindsight of events, you could now call this the 'Occupy Sanguine' movement - and, good luck with that. Perhaps now you know why the Sanguine are so onry.
  • Character skills are not developed purely by play, and depend on traits that even the player do not have visible access to - including talents and aptitudes - which make some characters (rolled) better pilots, signal warfare experts, traders, scientists, or craftsmen than others. No matter your education or training, trying a new skill may be rewarded, and some of those rewards may not be obvious until your goods are sold AND USED by other players. This reflects Ayn Rand's concept of talented and gifted people having a place in society regardless of central planning, and the unique value that each person has to offer being one which is not defined by their birth or station, peers, or education level - in the end. Even among the common (mortal) people, there are natural heroes - many who don't even know what they can do. This is the core belief behind Beyond War.