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Beyond War™ is a software product using advances in distributed computing and deep learning technology by SDP Multimedia Group, based on tabletop wargames written in 1996 by James Allen.

The technology behind Beyond War™ employs proprietary libraries to carry out game engine functions distinct from other major open world engines, utilizing "manifold space" similar to raytracing technology later employed by NVIDA for 20xx series RTX products. These technologies are protected by Title 21 Oklahoma Law under trade secrets, which are enforcable under common law and Supreme Law. Effort to reverse engineer and impersonate this technology have been the center of a fraud from 2001-2019 in context to a fraudulent claim of ownerhsip in extortion as of 1998-2019 themed espionage and sabotage actiity linked to sustained violent threats.

The technology is to 3D game systems similar to what 2D games once were. Hardware development and market fabrication of components and public access have been difficult for this project, due to the advent of cryptocurrency industries adoption of older 3D discreet graphics procesors for quasi-legal securities activities.

Beyond War™ is a registred mark, which means its use in fraud is a felony by other parties. Stryx™ is a registered mark, and its use to extort is a felony activity. Sanguine™ and other names used in the product are registered marks, and their use to defame the same project is a felony in extortion and blackmail activity to block Beyond War™ from entering the public market.

This is because Beyond War™ is a simulation, not a 'war game' or 'sport' based on balance, which has a core narrative of the dignity of individuals against collective will and benefit for which the progressive sectarian movement of the United States themes "evil" and oppositional to their religious claims made under color of mental health and political authority - known generallys as "G.W.F. Hegel style Progressive theory themed the Hegelian Dialectic Model".

The Hegelian Dialectic Model, often called "Progressive" theology or "Democratic Socialism", is actually "Hegelian Sectarian Socialism" based entirely on the 1820 book "The Elements of the Philosophy of Right", which inspired Hitler, Mao, and Stalin to murder millions of people.

The adoption of Hegelian Socialism by common core and both Asian and Brussels Prussian European Union, which has promoted a radical agenda against the United States since 2001 popularly termed in modern media 'a culture war', citing abuse in narcissistic triangulation of critical thinkers and whistleblowers who act against collective fraud and corruption in the United States.

The Hegelian Dialetic Myth is that collective authority is superior to individual judgment, and collaboration and pooling of labor will overcome skilled opposition in a classic 99% ANTIFA call-to-action against the alleged "1%" elite who hold wealth. Acting in this capacity to deflect the sale of private property to major equity and state ownership of medical services and an effort to impose unlawfully a monopoly on the United States through false regulations.

This is prohibited in Article II of the Constitution of the State of Oklahoma, and a fraud against the United States prohibited under 18 USC section 2383 and 2384.

Elements we see in these claims and letters, which our office has collected over 2001-2019, include a fraudulent belief that State Education and Regents issue commissions to obtain employment that bar non-members from enjoyment of trades; imposing upon all persons in professional trades a code of conduct that is complicit with the Radical Democratic Socialist platform and policies on transgender persnos, parental rights, and inferior role of gender in child custody and education to refuse parents civil honors who are not members of the Democratic National Party or their state affiliates groups by intimidation themed violation of suffrage (right of equity stakeholders to exercise their vote without dillution or condition or fear of retaliation).

This conduct including threats of murder and child taking, refusal to acknowledge tradespeople the right to do business, and attacks upon infrastructure and communications across state lines, affirm to our company that this is terrorism and unlawful activity - and has been the exclusive activity of state board of regeants commission of unskilled and unqualified workers being granted commission in exchange for very large debt loads against estates in the United States.

Beyond War™ examines this fraud with a new form of knowledge and technology for learning of advanced skills which suggest that traditional schoosl and colleges including Masters and PhD programs are obsolete and will be done away with. Senior Chinese business people already acknowledge and lecture on this matter, with the West trailing behind similar to serf-based economies in Europe and slavery in the United States - with similar "collective welfare" and resort to "mental health" and "sexual orientation" stereotypes as resorts similar to blackface defamation of the American Civil War.

By alleging that sexual identity is outwardly defined or defined by roles in society and relationships alone, seeking to deny the traditional gender labels once legally and biologically defined to suit a political agenda destroying critical thinking and male role models in the role of education and parental roles - by which the education system becomes a full-time job and subsidized employment of a subset of persons claiming to have control over the industry and labor market of the United States and other nations. This indoctrination has damaged the United States and substantially undermined civil duties including literacy and political competence, to the extent that employment and security as an implied contract not consistent with contractual employment is being proposed as a guarantee of an industrial society subsidizing false medical claims under subsidized insurance with unlimited scope of bond themed false contract, a felony under Title IV section 666 of the United States Code.

Beyond War™ as a deep learning system provides players with the ability to act and to be subject to consequences in a system that affords freedom of action and social organization not properly themed in prior open worlds.

The net effect is the ability to cause immense damage by individual players empowered by technology in a fictional Universe, a narrative of freedom that Hegelian narratives do not support and do not want to expose players to as it would upset their religous narrative and moral claims.

Beyond War™ is able to defeat HPS (Hit Point Stack) cumulative damage flaws evident in most open games, whereby the majority of players can overwhelm individuals and force them to leave the area in other open worlds by violence, or to rely on voluntary participation and peace-modes that prevent player-versus-player violence. Beyond War™ does away with that, and claims to the public that any system that does not utilize the system in the Beyond War™ game by SDP Multimedia Group is a false claim and damaging to the true benefit of the "manifold space" technology.

Without this system, Beyond War™ would be a space war game with very large ships and background, lacking the nuance of a very different type of game whereby multiple players have a valid reason to fear individual actors acting against their assets and person, for which there are consequences.

We will not be giving detail of the mechanics of this system, as all notifications have been subjected to false patent claims by the parties aiding in the abduction and concealment of a child against the law and alleged order upon which the States and UNITED STATES seek to rely now in November 21 2018.

There are many elements to this system, including the manifold space system, which make this possible. All are protected by trade secret and available only via license including non-disclosure agreement and limited performance and use of the network, software, services, and images as a private network.

We are VERY EXCITED about the technology, but major delays in release of stable central processors for concumsers (Ryzen 3rd generation) and affordable ray tracing discreet graphics cards for consumer personal computers, paired with delays in broadband Internet access and disruption by corporation employees who are NATION OF JAPAN unregistered agents in this matter in abuse of the developers and to damage investment and public confidence in United States economic securities and properties, that such deployment has been substantially impaired over 1996-2019.

Initial technology was made in 1991 for this project, with design finalized in 1996 documents and project overviews seeking 3D technology capable of performing the functions required over a network and operating system software which would be scalable. Substantial work was performed for Slicehost, PC Virtualization, free and OpenSource operating systems like Linux, and performance of security and disputes over sabotage to those projects in 2001-2019.

Despite this activity, several firms have broken contracts and sought to impersonate and seek funds in excess of $100,000,000 USD for this project unlawfully, terminated by legal action against their activity and false claims with Walmart and other retailers in the United States. Efforts to portray these games as "E for Everyone" and "T for Teen" in ESRB and similar ratings while knowingly defrauding customers to feature content similar to Beyond War"™ concept presentations at-hiring-events and there subject to confidentiality disclaimed by flight to foreign jurisdictions and attempted sale of property to buyers in The Republic of Germany unlawfully (fraudulent conveyance).

Elements like "carrying wounded" have recently been incorporated into Fortnite while legal action to obstruct recovery by STATE OF OKLAHOMA and STATE OF TEXAS continue to taint UNITED STATES patent and trademark registry with this abuse, disbarring UNITED STATES claims in future that may impact Beyond War™ and its development since 2001 kidnapping for perpetual concealment of family members of the developer at a cost of over $50,000 USD in damages to AMERICAN EXPRESS CENTURION BANK and other companies themed $2,000,000 USD in direct damages and $17 billion USD in punitive damages as of 2019.

This matter therefore tests the UNITED STATES legitimacy to claims against "United States" and other registered marks set forth in Oklahoma Constitution Article I section I-1 and II section II-1. Per 577 U.S. case 14-10078, 586 U.S. case 17-1091, and 588 U.S. case 17-647 affirming the waiver of all State and Federal immunity and statutory laws contrary or legislative acts of any legal body; and raises the question of disruption of lawful rights prohibited by AMENDMENT XIII in the United States against which the legal person UNITED STATES may not violate nor its States disclaim or refuse liability for suspension of rights in a 'civil death' or fines in excess of 'factual income' against which delay of Beyond War™ has been accomplished in 2001-2019.

Like Nickola Tesla, the theft of invention by the UNITED STATES under agency of Thomas Edison in context to violence and false information of record themed spoliation (23 O.S. 23-9.1 subsection D class III violation subject unlimited punitive damages) is evident in Beyond War™ and creates a unique circumstance where national claims of intangible or intellectual property themed 'estate forfeiture' so barred by 586 U.S. case 17-1091 on suspension of contact and refusal of return or habeas corpus in the taking of children from the home of James Allen may invalidate any claims of a civil nature against James Allen or his estate (JAMES ALLEN, an estate of the United States Social Security Administration) per TEXAS FAMILY CODE section 157.375 and failure to honor this rule for 17 consecutive years under threat of murder, attempted murder, and sustained blackmail letters in extortion so prohibited in 21 O.S. 21-748 and 22 U.S.C. chapter 78 violations refused investigation.

The total collapse of the UNITED STATES education system to endorse and permit this abuse in the name of free speech to extort the rights of a person and to call for or claim as false legal fact a 'civil death' on no trial to forfeit the property or claims of a project of this value ($2.5 billion in peer product final sale of record), damaging the value of that property in context wrongly like in Tesla and Edison.

Rules have been broken and ignored to obstruct justice in alleged war crimes which "Beyond War"™ was originally written to combat - observing then the growing trend in Progressive Sectarian claims inspiring the background beyind the story in 1992-2019.

This political fraud culminated in 2019 February with a false investigation violating case P100 of the Oklahoma Supreme Court (2007) ruling such activity "automatic mistrial", and an effort to claim conviction without benefit of "cross examination" and regardless grant of motion for trial to theme a false trial after the motion was admitted January 17 2019, in false trial by STATE OF OKLAHOMA and ruling on "informal inquiry" denying appearance to any witnesses or examination of the claims made prior creation of a false SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION record, themed spoliation (23 O.S. 23-9.1).

It is evident in examination of the claims therein that a false process occurred to embezzle funds from the SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION in violation of 18 USC section 666 to carry out fraudulent conveyance of estate (JAMES ALLEN) to the abductor of the child in an unlimited taking similar to "GEORGULAS vs JEFFERY" in DALLAS COUNTY DISTRICT COURT, STATE OF TEXAS.

Any suggestion that such abuse and "suspension of habeas corpus" by STATE OF TEXAS would not be exercised based on 34 point complaint filed by JAMES ALLEN in UIFSA counter-claim, are proven true and evident an abuse of office precluding fair trial in the 17 year concealment and kidnapping of the child of the developer of Beyond War™, theming these developments and claims related to proven and released RTX technology and multi-core multi-node cloud computer virtualization to be true and correct design of James Allen, wrongly themed mental illness in extortion and child abuse commonly known as parental alienation with involvement of financial demands and extortion of a registered Oklahoma based business in context to this child taking and concealment with identity theft aspects.

The real-world politics, now evident in identical form and false propaganda activity by MSN and CNN, evident in the terrorism used to force surrender of Beyond War™ to STATE OF TEXAS or its appointed conservator, and in favor under false claims of false employment by TEK SYSTEMS and employees of ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES, who were then illegally doing business in the State of Oklahoma to compete with James Allen and SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP on the basis of these claims, vacate their work for numerous companies at which their employees were present during 2001-2019 in this fraud.

Beyond War™ is still protected by registration and in development and use as is Fortnite and APEX LEGENDS also unfinished but active products protected by both copyright and trademark at-law.

Despite this, threats of murder by users at GOOGLE INC. sustained from 2013-2019 with ongoing threats in 2019 and 40 day denial of service attack in September 1 2019 to Oct 10 2019 and again thereafter for sustained periods prior relief, strongly indicate organized human trafficking and network abuse by employees of a company owned partially by NATION OF JAPAN and doing business in STATE OF MICHIGAN and STATE OF TEXAS from which these attacks were launched and false identity documents provided on networks of NTT GROUP and NTT AMERICA / COGENTCO, its subsidiaries.

SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP is therefore entitled to protect itself by notice per 76 O.S. 76-1 (initial right prior such order), 76-6 (reputation), and 76-8 (right of return of a child) per 76-9 (all legal powers including public danger finding of a terrorist hoax prohibited and a felony, covered by the Oklahoma Riot Act), to give information to investors and consumers regarding the degree of abuse (12-16 Gbps) sustained attacks and disruption of INTERSTATE COMMERCE (New Jersey, Texas, Kansas, Missourri, and Oklahoma) and in ongoing disruption of contracts with State of California and the Republic of Germany, in addition to loss of business with the United Kingdom caused by this fraud.

Against "Volksverhetzung", themed ethnic and racial propaganda, SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP is entitled to a defense in the same context that 2002 public fraud claims were made and sustained using the trademarks and legal name of the estate targeted in this fraud and kidnapping under color of law and false abuse of office themed "human trafficking" and "forfeiture of estate and body of teh agent" on false (imputed income) barred by 45 CFR 303.6 and Federal Register Volume 81 No 244 (Dec 16 2016).

The sheer number of laws that this violates (18 USC 666, 1589, 1593, 1981, 1994; 15 USC 1673, 1692; 28 USC 1738A; 42 USC 666), warrant an immediate right to self-defense and report of threat to seize weapons from the parent to deprive them of the means of self defense, including records and papers explicitly cited in the Bill of Rights of the Constitution of the United States, and applicable under AMENDMENT XIII.

Rather than digest this information, or acknowledge the Supreme Court, the STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA in accessory with employees of the UNITED STATES, have chosen to dispose of and destroy these reports and evidence as confessed by the INSPECTOR GENERAL OF THE FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION in formal letter, a crime on confession filed in FR-18-04 as evidence of complicity so prohibited in "The Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide", a United States Treaty and also statutory law (18 USC 1091), which is inferior law to the Supreme Law of the full Treaty language.

We are in an era where religious bias has disclaimed the competent reading of the law or its application contrary to public benefit and self-interest in collective gains from government and the Justice Department of both the States and UNITED STATES, for which a remedy is evident only in the simulation and freedom of political right and association that "Beyond War"™ proposed as a "hypothetical simulation citing the potential of a breakdown in the guarantee of civil procedure" now evident in the actions of DALLAS COUNTY DISTRICT COURT and DENTON COUNTY DISTRICT COURT, THE OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL OF THE STATE OF TEXAS (GREG ABBOTT, LAKESHIA MCMILLAN), and dereliction of duty by the OFFICE OF THE COMMISSIONER OF INSURANCE OF THE STATE OF OKLAHOMA (2018) and Title IV agents charged with the exclusive and sole duty of returning the child without demand for "imputed funds" in STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA violating 586 U.S. case 17-1091, a unanimous ruling against the civil process employed to create a criminal penalty employed in extoriton so prohibited under 18 USC Chapter 95 and 96 (extortion and racketeering in Interstate Commerce).

If you believe in a world where human life is not measured in material possessions, financial wealth, or the potential resort of force majeur by social calls to action (collective force, influence); to uphold the value of inhernet dignity and inherent value in life regardless of those claims; you should explore the "Beyond War"™ Universe.

The Monsters (aliens) in this game are metaphors of the political and religious ideologies which then (later) became expressly manifest at-law in the prior fraud and abuse of a child over 17 years unlawfully, as well as the narrative that these individuals are not defined by their heredity or race and free to liberate themselves from that stereotype and can be so educated by a simple touch - by understanding - of their role and their power in this conflict to choose a side rather than be defined by one.

We welcome you... to "Beyond War"™.

In memory and ongoing struggle for those 10,000 who fell in Lebensborn, and over 200,000 lost each year in the United States to violations now ruled UNCONSTITUTIONAL in 2001-2010 study by the American Bar Association (ABA) under color of law and lack of representation (TURNER v ROGERS et al, 2011; Fed Reg Vol 18 No 244) due State misconduct in Title IV fraud.