Beyond War™


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In the beginning, in the early 1990s, it seemed all the great horror and fiction literature would be lost when computer generated special effects failed to keep up with digital camera technology. Many properties were virtually abandoned. In an effort to save them, James Allen theorized and wrote about a new kind of monster to meet the demands of every legend and story ever told, as if they were all real. This monster was called "The Sanguine", literally "The Blood", in the sense of relationships.

Other properties tried to use a variation of this - such as White Wolf referring to their Vampire myth as "The Kindred" after citing explicitly their adaptation of films (Near Dark) shot in Oklahoma to base their artwork and characters on explicitly in the 1st edition bibliography and hijacking of Vampire stories, troupe play, and reinterpretation of history through their "World of Darkness" Universe.

Unlike the "Kindred", who were unapologetically literal "Vampires" with an ANTIFA tilt and meta, those monsters created by James Allen were genetic weapon factories and weaponized multi-dimensional (space folding) human-like organic tanks built to fight wars on a planetary and Interstellar scale, from which legends of Vampires and other monsters* (Nessie, T-Rex, Godzilla, Mothman, Werewolves, Dragons, and so on) all derived.

The Sanguine™ are capable of changing both shape and relative size, to blend in with the population and current life on a planet over billions of years of individual operational life, and do not age or die.

This means that Sanguine™ walked with the dinosours, saw the rise of mankind, watched Babylon and Soddom fall, were present at Troy and other battles, and over time faded into the fabric of industrial and information era societies in the course of their 'tour of duty', having a perspective that is difficult for ordinary human beings to comprehend which they refer to as "The Long View".

This gives the Sanguine™ a particularly odd non-authoritarian role which other 'immortal' characters like those of Anne Rice lack, as well as a relevance to the present and to the moment which human beings also lack in impulse and liberty derived from the confidence that neither age nor hunger or time will ever deny the Sanguine™ as a consequence of their choices.

Within Beyond War™, Sanguine™ are the ultimate special forces operator, having within their capacity the ability to transfer information and knowledge in excess of multiple Centuries by direct or indirect contact with a person, just as we might share a URL or give a book to another person. This includes expertise in skill and experience as though the information were being the person and knowing all they know, and comprising of billions of indexed individual lives and people which the Sanguine™ can query like we would a website or document from a database, with precision. This is part of the engineered weapon system that is the Sanguine™ mind.

Memories are not people, and cannot be installed or preserved, however - so all life, no matter how small, is precious in contrast - and like the real thing versus staring at a photograph for a Sanguine™ mind.

This contrast is why the Sanguine™ are frequently found protecting life despite their immese power to destroy it at the planetary and stellar level, because they so intimately know it and experience the feelings of those they interact with, both human and other life, through direct neural connection technology.

By virtue of this technology, the Sanguine can camoflauge themselves or create armies and viral weapons, chemical agents, and complex weapons to disorient their foes selectively - giving rise to legends of monsters and powerful magic that defies conventional explanation. And just as easily disappear and like a clock or a trigger reduce the evidence of their presence and their armies to dust that burns in the first touch of sunlight or die out in a generation. They are truly the apex of biological and genetic warfare, paired with Interstellar jump capability, the capability to leave planetary atmosphere and survive contact with military vessels in hard vacuum, maneuver using their own bodies, and reserve mass in substrata dimensions to consume in rapid transition of volume and energy - often becoming vast bodies outside of conventional space shielded from injury by weapons incapable of piercing the "manifold event horizion" of these "artificial space pockets" they retreat to.

For this reason, destroying the Sangine™ often requires legendary effort, or weapons so powerful that their very use destroy space and time permanently around the point of impact, and consume entire realities to create enough energy to kill even one Sanguine™.

Deja vu... is that moment when you feel like time is missing or events are repeating. That moment is a point in linear time where part of reality has been burned away, and bridged hastily, often with error, to create enough energy to kill a Sanguine™. Battlefields where these events occur are like nightmares, places where singularities and voids ripple through conventional three-dimensional space causing disturbances and bridging fields that cannot otherwise touch in an unstable fashion. Places where the dead and those that died by the same style of weapon are lost outside of the conventional Universe, like shadows burned into walls who don't believe they can die - trapped forever in a moment.

This is the danger of fighting the Sanguine™. Sometimes it isn't worth it. Those that have experience doing so rarely want to repeat the experience.

Sanguine™ are known for storing a lot of blood, and injury to one with a weapon that can disrupt this control often leads to a deluge or foutnain that is so awe inspiring and terrible it can stop entire battles. A deep wound can shoot over seventy feet away from the body, and while they will not bleed out - the effect is still enough to turn most mortal armies in the other direction at the sight. It would be funny, if it weren't so awful, thinking of where all that blood came from.

Fortunately most weapons only graze the idle Sanguine™ and the pressure of the main body is kept isolated from the human-form in this dimension, connected only by threads. In battle, on the other hand, even Bruce Campbell would wince and the volume of a solid hit - while the flow of the river inside the wound might compare to opening a portal to the bottom of the sea or into the heart of a star (fire has happened, though more rarely).

Damaging a Sanguine™ in war-mode is like striking a nuclear carrier, and whatever is stored inside it will often "come out" at that moment, making their going out devastating and unforgetable - even to a Frog Brother. In that respect, the Sanguine™ are also a little 'nod' to the epic works of other writers and film makers without directly mentioning Lone Wolf and Cub or the "perfect cut" in that 1970s duel between samurai.

Of greater concern is the animosity that any similar immortal creature has for the Sanguine™. It had no comparison until ANTIFA began their campaign of anti-white anti-rich slogans and claims, born of the same jealous narcissism and justified fear, from which Sanguine™ conceal their true nature and the extent of their activities at all times to prevent discovery by any of the other 11 'artificial' races in the Beyond War™ Universe.