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Serious Games (Simulation Warfighting)

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SDP Multimedia Group is the originating studio for "AM24 class Serious Games", computer based simulation warfighting and logistics featuring a mature audience level verified by IP7A User Identity ensuring age appropriate content and themes. AM24 is derived from "American Media age 24 chronological years and up", implying guidelines similar to the MPAA rule associated with 1950-1989 film and television rules for post-war content and themes.

AM24 ensures that all participatnes in joint media are not only not minors, but are of an age sufficient to conduct themselves according to professional obligations in formal business at-law, prohibiting conduct appealing to minors and immature persons still undergoing development and outside the workforce and formal ownership of business.

AM24 became necessary due to the terrorist tactics of radical sectarian elements using age 13 and up rules to excuse conduct designed to disrupt and damage professional network and business activity, including fraud and defense reliant on suppression of lawful notice considerate of possible public and minor exposure to allegations wrongly themed dangerous to children and childhood development, often portrayed wrongly as "political correctness" or "social justice" and generally as "sectarian Hegelian terrorism" in the Prussian model.

Serious Games (SG) are therefore simulations where "game theory" is rejected in favor of a simulated environment and rational availability, conseuqneces, and entropy-based systems of economic and industrial theory as would be consistent with real-world very large scale warfighting and social collapse.

Recent efforts to apply "socialist relative morality" including collective moral relativism prompted AM24 rating and Serious Game development in the early 1990s, citing the advent of media abuse by the radical socialist elements in the United States and other countries.

AM24 Serious Games are not designed for children, and are meant to serve players with a strong experience in other traditional pen-and-paper games which carried long term consequences for characters including permanent death, loss of property, and open worlds theory found in science fiction of the 1950s to 1980s American Literary view, with focus on indivudal latitude of choices and human dignity amid extremely serious outcomes such as global thermonuclear war and planetary destruction, in which the emphasis on society as a beneficiary is nullified to afford basic survival and human dignity in civil unrest scenarios.

This content was produced in response to cultural and religoius genocide being promoted by United States Socialists under Bush, Clinton, and Obama, which sought to destroy the bonds of family and human dignity in fraud against the United States Treasury and the American People, prior the 2016 election of Donald Trump and advent of reforms by the United States Supreme Court to terminate this abuse of civil process in asset and child forfeiture acts themed genocide against the American People and the human condition under Progressive socialism. The persecution of religious freedom under mental illness and the persecution of genetic and hereditary "delta" members of society under "mental illness and labour fitness rules to deny right to property, creative works, civil honors, and children throughy termination of parental rights based on socialist utilitarian values" ultimately led to the Serious Games genre, as a response citing the war crimes by the United States against the American People.

Serious Games are designed to permit and restore the right of individuals to question and contest fraud by soceity or in the name of future 'cult of the child' (collective benefit rationing) by which the Constitutional Government of the United States was almost overthrown in 2001-2019. All Serious Games are based on the 'dignity' of individual players, rather than collective identity, and a testament against such classification of people to dilute their rights into general or average duties and obligations not fit for service at-law or under American jurisprudence and due process guaranteed in civil procedure and against wrongful trial without cross-examination guaranteed more serious crimes now popular among the Terrorist media cartels in the United States and Democratic Party actions to undermine United States Law, so prohibited in 586 U.S. 17-1091 and 588 U.S. 17-647 affirmed 9-0 and 5-4 in ruling determined and settled limits upon the powers of the States, State and Federal civil courts, and Department of Justice at-law.

All "Serious Games" are an expression of the right to speak against injustice and to publicly denounce such abuse under the 1st and 2nd Amendment rule, as well as to do so where abuse rises to a "public danger" such as to void privacy afforded in the 5th Amendment in its "hue and cry" for opposition against tyranny and criminal fraud including human trafficking and child abuse. Ultimately, serious games are the express enumeration of the right of self-defense against genocide and similar abuses contrary any legislative act or statutory law, or other act, by all people and in opposition to violence suspending the rights of habeaus corpus and record.

This is possible through unique vehicles in the "Beyond War"™ universe, and systems of user identity and presentation in the "Manifold Space"™ engine developed by SDP Multimedia Group, for use in public presentation under Article II-3 and II-22 rule (Constitution, State of Oklahoma), and citing powers reserved in 1907 per Article I-1 and II-1 protecting the name and right of use of those terms from usurpation and alteration not authorized an incorporation of a legal body in the first decades of the 22nd Century, including perpetual right to remedy under Article II-6 without obstruction or delay.