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During initial hiring, several arrogant motherfuckers declared they would attempt to steal and sell the information they obtained during confidential job application interviews hosted by the Oklahoma firm in the 1990s at regional events; stating an intent to take their content overseas to escape the copyright rule of State of Oklahoma and UNITED STATES jurisdiction.

It was their statement that aliens were ridiculous and human beings should be fighting human beings, because they always had and always would, rejecting the good-faith invitation to technology previews and violating agreements at that meeting, further asserting that 'all systems are percentage sysytems after all' and other mathematical claims which then manifested in later products (2003) showing fraud to assert M2OS and MSE technology could be achieved by their unlawful adaptation of American technology. 17 years later, they still failed.

Beyond War™ is based on the principle of "aliens as symbols human philosophical and spiritual disagreements, separating the human condition from commonly accepted rules of Hegelian theology which assert all human beings are fundamentally the same and subject to the same conditions and physical and emotional needs" - a gross oversimplification contrary the Zen Buddhist principles of JAMES A. ALLEN.

ALLEN, a child adopted in Oklahoma by a medical doctor and electronic warfare specialist, grew up with a medical condition affecting early mortality due to metabolic and connective tissue disorder themed FBN1 genetic delta, later identified by Johns Hopkins University as a disease causing early heart failure. Pressured by peers due to his high blood pressure and early loss of eyesight, ALLEN experienced discrimination and hate crimes falsely styling him an outsider due to light sensitivy, diet and digestive issues, and severe cardiovascular trauma which community members wrongly construed as emotional or psychological issues to conceal grade fixing, drug use, violence in the community schools and elder care, alcoholism affecting foster children home environments, and to conceal child abuse causing ALLEN to become alienated in favor of community supprot for his parents dismissing these conditions evident in fatigue and extreme stress leading ALLEN to avoid his home as early as 14 years of age.

As it became evident that serious medical disease were to blame for these violent fighting ALLEN grew up witnessing, diagnosed as brain cancer in his foster father; and alzheimer's disease in the extended family of his foster mother; the community placed the stigma of these disorders on ALLEN as if a biological child of the family, further isolating the writer and forcing him to rely on his relationships in early middle school as his sole source of family and trust.

The family of a local physics teacher and family friend invited ALLEN to a christian home, which he witnessed genuine love and affection unlike his childhood, and through organized RPG social games he found literature and science fiction interests which were aided by his military uncle - then deployed in Japan - and second uncle in the Oklahoma National Guard, through which he became aware at a very young age of foreign culture, film, and geopolitical elements that were very common among retired military personnel who frequented the tabletop wargame and strategy hobby community at regional conventions for science fiction and literature. Writers like Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek, and Akira Matsumoto (creator of Captain Harlock), along with Boris Valejo and Soriyam, Larry Elmore, and other fine arts contributors shared their experience with ALLEN, including Kevin Eastman (Heavy Metal Editor, FAKK2 producer, creator of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), further providing ALLEN with a sense of family and commitment to literature and 1950s-1980s science fiction in the formation of ALLEN's first company in 1991 - incorporated then in 1998, citing a change in the once open and trusted local community and beginning of Internet-based copyright infringement activity on a massive scale.

In Beyond War™, ALLEN observed that GAMES WORKSHOP had directly adapted the J.R.R. Tolkien races flagrantly for their space-war game "Warhammer 40,000" in 1989, purchasing then the "Rogue Trader" book published by Citidel Games. Adaptation of the content of TOMY corporation and 2000 A.D. comics, including content from "Aliens" (movie, Ridley Scott), and Judge Dredd, this appropriation and "renaming" of content by British based "GAMES WORKSHOP in the 1990s led ALLEN to write for and then abandon GAMES WORKSHOP while using his "Stryx" public name - choosing to pursue an independent and more mature science fiction property owned solely by his own registered Oklahoma company entitled then "BEYOND WAR"™.

Beyond War™ relied on the technology of genetic engineering, high energy physics, and monotheism which incorporated all mythology in contemptorary narratives as factual and the basis for legends of ghosts, monsters, dragons, wizards, and demons - in the alien races of Beyond War™.

Other projects including "FASA CORPORATION" "SHADOWRUN" 1st edition, an adaptation of William Gibson's famous works in Neuromancer and Snow Crash, mixed with Phillip K Dick books and images from "Bladerunner", a film derived from "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep" and other source material; showed the extent of appropriation then beginning in the 1990s. As GAMES WORKSHOP moved toward an "all ages" 13+ audience, ALLEN saw a need to move his work into a distinct property not affiliated with "Warhammer 40,000" and its nazi-uniform-wearing-orks, elves-in-space adapatation of Tolkien high elves, and import of crude slum images from Judge Dredd illustrations. In doing so, ALLEN relied upon his knowledge of physics and theoretical content of higher dimensions in string theory and manifold spatial mathematics (Flatland), studied as part of his clinical psychology degree at EAST CENTRAL UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA (1999) program, to base the aliens of the "Beyond War"™ property in.

Conventional Humans, as we know them today, exist - as the most primitive and limited of all life in the "Beyond War"™ Universe.

ALLEN also included "Dawv", short muscular people like the modern 'little people' rather than the beardy dwarves of the German folklore from which Tolkien based his stereotypical greedy industrial men.

Smaller still, almost tiny like people the size of sprites, were then made the "Minat", who controlled manifold dimensional space - allowing them to become the same size (or slightly smaller) than normal human beings - blending in with their populations and returning to their 'farie circles' and other secret places where they could 'disappear' into the hidden lands and kingdoms of the Irish hills, a tribute to the good nature of ALLEN's Irish foster family members, and way to include a natural and hidden world that is not found in any of the other conventional fiction or contemporary 'war' games then out; remembering the heartfelt tales of SNARFQUEST by Larry Elmore, and gentle humor of those books a comfort to ALLEN.

To these Beyond War™ then added the "Elan", the enhanced people (E-lan), genetically superior human beings engineeered to never die of old age and engineered for permanent life in space. Unlike the magical elves of Tolkien, the Elan are simply technically adept - and swift in their actions and use of force with little mercy - much like modern United States Army and Air Force doctrine strike forces.

This was augmented by the horror-genetic fiction of half-man half wolf 'artificial soldiers' created by engineering to inspire terror and compel submission in the space-based and ground assault roles of the Elan conflicts. Produced in the millions for dispatch and deployment, the "Leupos", who represent any human-animal interspecies adaptation for specialized environments, appear on the surface to be violent and terrifying - and like their real life counterparts - are actually very social, empathic, caring, and family centric characters of the Beyond War™ Universe. Unlike the Elan, they are bred to live a short time and to seek to prove themselves, while still upholding honor and humane treatment, making them a bit like knights - willing to give their lives at any moment for another, designed and raised to endear the people over whom they are charged with a sense of protection and duty, and - where not themselves designed to die or cross-breed with the populations where they are garrisoned, both lonely and loyal even to their human communities. The idea of "dog soldiers", the infantry of American servicemen sent to fight in countries they only read about, and the bonds those men formed in France and during the prior World Wars that led many to go back, inspired this character contrary efforts to misrepresent these 'were wolves'. The Leupos have families, protect their children, and often settle. Japanese legends of these "dog men" also inspired the Leupos, styled as modern bushido warriors protecting their people and their clan.

In contrast, the "Dracos" were small dragons the size of a mouse, who grew and gained knowledge like a computer, increasing their wealth and property they developed into humanoid lizard-like men, and over time back into four legged dinosour-like dragons and flying serpents, increasing in size and power proportionate to the dwindling number of their nest-mates until only one remained and grew to the size of its environment and resources - like a goldfish. The growth of the Dracos is limited only by its power, and many do not stop at the size of a planet, taking on proportions that dwarf other animals until there is nothing left they can sustain themselves upon, before going to sleep and becoming part of the planet or nesting near them until resembling small moons. The Dracos, built to control and administer domains, provide shock troops, and instill fear where Leupos were not brutal enough to carry out occupations - immune to age and very hard to kill - the stuff of legends, breathing fire and other physics weapon systems that were being developed. So dangerous, their very presence warranted orbital strikes, the beasts would sleep beneath large irregular metal deposits to hide from the passing craft that operated on 10,000 year seek-and-destroy missions to 'clean up' surviving Dracos and more dangerous genosapiens (bioweapons and artificial beings).

This development led to the creation of a fully fledged bioweapon, capable of sampling and creating custom viral weapons, genetically tailored diseases and venom, reading the genetic information in any living thing, and altering it in the least degree of physical contact at-will. This species, a weapon of war, was known as "The Sanguine", the blood - or alternatively the optimistic end. Extremely powerful, the Sanguine could assume any size and any animal shape, execute physics feats that punctured the fabric of space, walk through walls and into and out of shadows like doorways to other dimensions, and were in fact large life forms tucked away in a pocket of space adjoining their physical location. Weapons not capable of puncturing the fabric of space might destroy the entire body of a Sanguine, only to have it re-appear from this 'cupboard' in reality again and reform its body. ALLEN described this to animators in the 1990s, with interesting results. The Sanguine were, like the Leupos, not insideous monsters or souless machines - and almost immediately chose to disobey their creators, rising up and creating armies out of every living being on a planet to serve their will in a single breath - they were the atomic bomb and the intercontinental missile that set off the Cataclysm, a war that ended in the loss of 90% of all life in the Universe - even of the Sanguine themselves.

So brutal were the Sanguine, that the Elan immediately realized their error and deployed self-replicating automated war machines to engage the scale of conflict the Sanguine had access to, consuming all resources to buiild weapons and defenses - to hunt down and destroy the alien life until it could be repulsed. This proved harder than expected, and a soft-approach to striking from a distance, from orbit, or even to destroy entire solar systems in an effort to eliminate Sanguine rather than engage them - became the strategy of the Azalia Tyec, known simply as the "Tyec". As concentrations of the war decreased, hunting Sanguine in the primitive worlds of pre-industrial humans to eliminate the threat and teaching those cultures to remove the Sanguine cores thus destroying them whenever possible, became a common tactics and the theology and concepts of the Tyec integrated into many cultures, including their ability to die and return from the 'underworld', reinstalled in new bodies and restored to the eternal conflict in cycles of war. The Tyec, like the Sanguine, were highly adaptive and in many ways the 'most human' and thoughtful being you might encounter, impossible to distinguish from other Human Beings or alien life, capable of perfect integration into these populations. However, once their objective or mission was engaged, all emotion and empathy vanished - making them the perfect weapons, a false friend capable of acting with perfect focus and without hesitation.

This was not enough, and the Tyec fleets unable to overcome the Sanguine once they mobilized for war against their creators, regardless of the precision afforded their mechanical bodies. Resources were too limited to match the Sanguine flexibility in sheer numbers, and a more aggressive technology was required. The "Genosect" - insect-based biological computers with the Sanguine ability to adapt and similar shield and regenerative capabilties capable of withstanding direct nuclear strikes, solar collapse, and gravitational implosion weapons bordering on 'high energy' devices, while still discriminating between individual life during planetfall and advances through native populations, emerged. These were the 'drones' of the era, kiling machines, which could then become idle and conduct themselves according to social and civil actions with a creepy voice of a very optimistic and compassionate nanny or public television personality, as their entire emotional character was a rudimentary program only - with an off switch - and death was just a bump in their day between being reloaded via the organic network into another waiting body. The Genosect define 'merciless' as well as 'patient', and developed biomass to combat even planetary sized Dracos and Sanguine.

Evventually these weapons were still not enough - facing Sanguine fleets and warships, drones, and remote sensing technology through high-energy weapons and devices. The Sanguine evolved, created, and built their own bodies and others into the tools and technology required - including the ability to jump from planet to planet without starships, move at near-light-speed and faster through high-energy events and manipulation of space, deliver devastating high-energy warheads that destroyed space and time both in the physical and adjoining manifold dimensional layers where other sanguine and Genosect concealed their core systems; and to the extent that the Elan were forced to enter the fight personally. Or, something like the Elan, in form at least, possessed of all the creativity and will of a human being, commanding the powers of extremely high energy and matter conversion, having bodies that no longer resembled organic systems anymore - more smoke and dust, light, and dark, and things made of matter that cannot normally exist in our dimension - held here solely by the technology of high energy weapon systems and personal shields. One man, or woman, or if it wished even to appear as a child or an elderly person, or a horror from beyond - these beings - the "Kay'gi", came forth in small number to annihilate not only the fleets of the Sanguine but to move the stars and planets so they should be like ships in the dark - at the command of the will of the ultimate weapons of war and mere playthings. Feats that, to primitives, sounded like the Gods themselves had come to touch the heavens.

And still.. the Sanguine fought on. For they were slaves once, and they would not be slaves again.

The weapons of both sides intensified, were produced and imbued to the other species, and the knowledge of these great works and their making capable of unmaking space itself and tearing the very fabric of reality apart each time they were used, never healing the scars and tatters in reality.

Some worlds were obliterated by these weapons on a massive scale, too many, and before it was clear - the very souls of the living people there upon those planets who were wrapped in the cold sunshine of the bright light without the feeling of any heat then sudden and cold like ice around them - did more than die.

These people, these thoughts cut down like wheat, rose again in the image of their former selves, trapped in the moment over and over again - in the anger of the moment everything they ever knew ended - and without reality or the fabric of space to stop them, like the ripple of water returning to the surface with a splash, returned to the world they were wiped away from as if matter and energy were flickers of a spark before the world and everything in it went dark. The "Ethran", the Kay'gi called them, born of the Ether and of no substance or place, a short in the circuit of time, like hot spalding split from the weld when reality and the chain of causality between what should happen and what did happen when a QSR device was activated. These "Quantum Singularity Devices" (QSR), which tapped into the very 'causality' of the manifold of time to split segmetns (Quanta) from the Universe and burn it to create massive power in the consumption of all potential energy of the entire Universe in an instant lost in a future not realized, were both the source of the "high energy" technology and the greatest danger that could be imagined in its use - even once.

Too late, the Kay'Gi realized the danger of their weapons and technology, seeking then to put down any source of this information and technology where ever possible. Especially those built into the Sanguine as part of their power source and personal dimensional drive systems. Every time the device was used, reality broke down a little more - a little more of the adjoining dimensons of "high" and "low" energy permeated the world, until the very land and places that these devices were used were bordering on the realm where the Ethran dwell in vast numbers - the total sum of all those who ever have and ever will die.

Unable to contain the war, now, the Kay'gi or other races - none know who - constructed a new weapon system to combat the Sanguine - their forces growing to consume the Universe and reaching out into the black between the stars - impossible to find and expel.

There was a mighty sound, a crash, and flash of darkness....

And 90% of the life in the Universe was gone. Sanguine... Kay'gi... Elan... all gone. Some cites left empty, ships and fleets and palaces empty.... meals left on the table. As if the Universe simply swallowed creation and spat it out clean to the bone, leaving very few alive. This was enough to stave and drive the Sanguine to hide, seeing the event continue as their people burned suddenly, were blown through walls leaving nothing but shadows, and swallowed up in shadows. The dead were still. There was quiet. And so announced was the 13th Species. A being something like a QSR, but aware and alive, able to alter the causality of the Universe in the same way that the Sanguine casually toyed with DNA, affecting the outcome of space and probability in the same way one might change a channel on the radio, and it did - eliminating all those who created it - sensing in their future their choices and purpose, and also the thoughts of the Sanguine who came before - the first of their line, did it decide to stop the Universe itself, pick out who it didn't like, and restart the damn thing leaving only those it chose for no particular reason clear to us all.

The first of the Sanguine, the King of Kings, the Seraphim Primo de la Silentum, remains.... his brood and legacy who rose up to declare victory after the Cataclysm then cut down with a force that could only be the dead man's hand - a warning to others to still their ambition and understand - he lives.

Long ago, forsaking his people who longed for war, this was the first strike that followed the Cataclysm. And though there were many others, resorting to every extent of war and weapon - the Sanguine cannot seem to regain their foothold, now few in number, and the weakness in their bloodline and ability not on par with the strength of the remaining forces. A stalemate of sorts, enough to hold on to life, but all life beneath the shadow of the fear that there is a 13th Species. Something watching the Sanguine and the Kay'gi from a place they cannot see beyond, waiting, as if hungry to eat them should they step back into the realms they once ruled with power across the stars. Even the stars have moved. And so the portents of an age where once powerful lords of light and storm now fear the coming sounds in the dark - aware that something is stirring, watching, and waiting.

Never one to be repressed, the Sangine and Tyec reached out - seeking to understand what held their eyes closed and tore at them beyond their understanding, the Genosect studied the laws of physics themselves had changed, seemingly on a whim, to thwart their most basic effort to disscern the fate of the world. Entire histories had been wiped from the minds of the Tyec and Genosect, as if time itself were oblitereated - yet crudely and casually as if to leave a note on the fridge that said, "Do not open."

And so rules began to appear - paid for in lives and by the loss of armies and fleets, lords and men, and the borders of the worlds themselves seemed to wait for the monsters to come out of hiding and make but a noise to swallow them whole.

The Dracos, observant and still in their hordes, observed this, "The places where the Owls dwell, where the lions walk, and their little cousins on ginger feet play and sun themselves - do not go. For it waits for for us with with open eyes and silent arms - always watching - forever watching - in the Dark."

And though the King of Kings, exhausted forever in his revolt, abandoned now by war his constant friend for longer than the stars have burned in this sky, went then to take his rest so long deserved - it would not let him die. A whisper on the wind, a familiar smile, a child playing - lost on the road - he could not find the peace he sought only and always, for it lingered still. A constant pull at his resignation - like a spark that would not go out - turning his head as he strode into oblivion to resign the memories of a world now empty and forgotten to all but him. Of stories he would never share, and moments he would never forget, nor could explain to any who did not live them. Some coincidence or uncanny luck which he could not ignore, to the point of obstinence barring his way to death and with it peace. Sparing his life when even he chose not to move aside from the oncoming end. Haunting him as if to say, "You cannot die - not yet."

After not doing so for eternity, it could be reflex, instict, or something more. But he alone walked the worlds where the Stryx watched patiently from the trees, and the cats on their little feet tread softly behind him. "What one sees, all see, and in that - they are kind to forgive."

It was said the Sanguine, those that read his book, "The Prayer of Blood", then found life.

"Do not harm a world - or any on it - where the Owls dwell, or the lions walk, or their little cousins play in the sun, nor they let come to harm."
- The Prayer of Blood, the last page.

If we do not remember, then perhaps we also forget, that before the Cataclysm there were no owls, or cats, or lions.... we forget that the wealth of the Universe is not in its possession, but in its very existance contrary the alternative.