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"Beyond War"™ and the "Beyond War Universe"™ are trademarks of SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP, and represent a comprehensive science fiction property described in the documents and filed short story in the Library of Congress.

Leftist extremists have had quite of bit of negative things to say about the project, due in part to the science described which makes their way of thinking both obsolete and criminal conduct on par with open racketeering and monopoly protectionism.

Beyond War is an answer to the Prussian 1820 model of education known as the "Hegelian Dialectic", more commonly referred to as "Progressive" values, a religion similar to Islam, which has sought to affirm false claims over the American public through purchase of the Western Media and use of false journalism similar to the medical frauds of Adolph Hitler and the National Socialist Party.

Beyond War undercuts the claims and argumetns of the 1820 Prussian teaching which aimed to imply all persons who are not subordinates of the State are mentally ill and unfit to enjoy or deserve the civil honors of society and protection by the state and its agents, often portrayed as Ad Hominem abuse and imposition of personal pronouns to quantify judgment reliant on "magical thinking" which attested to a 'criminal or malicious state of mind' in all persons it sought to disenfranchise through rheotric and artificial pretext of title and rank bestowing honors otherwise reserved by the People, including dignity and the integrity of familial bonds. The role of such a system is to replace the authority of the father in the family with the state, and to subjugate the family and the children to the purpose and utility of the state in all legal acts.

This conduct,, known as genocide, is the termination of the integrity of the People in obligation to retain their children or lose all normal contact and instruction, while forcing the parents to convey as just and lawful the policy of the state to their children as superior to any other moral or ethical or religious theory of self-determination. Such claims, in the early industrial society under the Keiser, and later under National Socialism and Communism, exposed the "Old Hegelian" and "Young Hegelian" (Hitler, Mao, Stalin) theology of state will and mental health as a pseudoscience to substitute for the older concepts of fealty to the King or later to the 'collective' - themed often in the intangible emperical term 'greater good'.

How does Beyond War shatter the delusion of human value based only on utility?

Is opposition to utilitarian socialism a delusion, or practical realism, in a world that largely relies on force of 'blood and iron', arms, and collective industry to carry out meaningful national competition in markets and military power?

BEYOND WAR answers these questions with several principles and background to explain the foundation in factual human trafficking and child abduction under color of law, styled in principles which follow:

1. Knowledge is not proven by subordination and submission to authority.

In the Hegelian Model, knowledge is a resource that is imbued by a superior authority to an inferior party and retained by title granted through that office created by the State over them and their use of professional trade skills, conditional their obedience.

In the Beyond War Model, knowledge including first-hand experience, understanding, theory, memories, terms, formulas, and complex information can be installed in a person using a gentle touch on the exposed skin, creating an installed database complete with emotions, thoughts, and feelings of all who contributed to this archive and handed down from one person to another without limit or degradation of records over time and divisions. This technology, which occurred after the Internet era, is not available to all civilizations. Hence many civilizations are still trapped in the prior Hegelian Model despite the power to instantly and perfectly preserve the lifetime experience of billions of people in the volume and duration of a single raindrop landing on the face of a woman in a storm.

Where entire worlds are wiped out in an instant, the ability of a culture and civilization to survive its destruction and be conveyed to survivors is critical to the survival of the identity and character of that population as a people. It is also a factor in the sustained endurance of the conflict as the death of billions does not degrade the integrity of the self-identity of populations, even when reduced in number or reduced to even one individual.

The information may also be encoded on non-living objects as it is a quantum tunnel conduit point in space affixed to physical point, and in doing so survive even the extermination of the entire living species. It is a weapon designed to thwart utter genocide.

2. Identity is not defined by heredity or genetic origins.

In the Hegelian Model, identity based on physical and social norms is the common archtype from which the 'greater good' and values and arguments of collective gains overshadowing individual and minority injury are reliant.

In Beyond War, the genetic weapon systems of the Sanguine and other races designed to wage endless interstellar war against planetary populations and hostile environments created other unintended effects. Among them is the ability to read DNA and RNA data with a touch, rewrite DNA in real-time preserving the consciousness of the living organism while changing the body dramatically, cure (or cause) any number of diseases simply by observing them at any time in history, and to create a vehicle of this technology to encompass entire planets and environments rapidly as an invasive weaponized technology.

The Sanguine can, therefore, alter the species of those they encounter as they wish, tailor their racial and ethnic characteristics to suit their whims and likes, alter or reverse the physical gender of others in the same way on a global scale simply by thinking and exhaling once; as well as decimate or subjugate their enemies and supporting populations through erosion of their fundamental biology. This can range from turnign them into fieldmice, to castrating the reproductive cycle of every male or female on the planet with a signel word.

In coming to understand this powerful weapon system is just one of many the Sanguine and other species wield, the wisdom in glassing entire solar systems to stop even one of their kind who has ceased to show restraint becomes practical and tactically rational. The Sanguine are a middle-tier species in Beyond War, and the Tyec, Genosect, and Kai'gi are far more dangerous than simply 'meddling' in genetics as the Sanguine often do. They can move planets, alter stars, create moons, tear apart gravity, part oceans, and burn entire worlds with a word. In the shadow of this, ethnic differences mean nothing.

To tell a being like this that your 'gender identity' revolves around a stereotype of behaviors and pronouns that you prefer to be used associated with your own ideas of what a 'male' or 'female' behavior and garments indicate, is possibly the funniest delusion any species has ever imagined, as well as meaningless and child-like in contrast to their world view. Neither 'male' nor 'female' grant any privilege or special honors in light of a being who can hurl black holes and stars casually, or tear your physical form down to your very mind.

3. Sounds Progressive (woke), how does it differ?

When Hegelians first hear about Beyond War, they tend to be very excited for all the wrong reasons. For many, it is the ability to play outside their physical boundaries, and confused with other similar fan-fic and ideas popular in adult-culture.

The idea of a word without gender or race seems exciting to those who want to escape what they are and those who have insecurities (hang ups) based on appearance, race, and sexuality.

The reality is that Beyond War exists in our present day, and human culture as we are now aware of it is 'primitive' in contrast - as well as defined by thousands of years of civilizations built on very defined ideas of roles and behavior, family, and identity which were created by the prior weapons. Earth, and human beings, are a classic example of a battlefield in the Beyond War Universe. One where conflicts take seconds and the long pauses between conflict allow for species like the human race to develop. Gender, and family, for the majority of those centuries, was someone's idea of stable.

In some species (Leupos), family is so central that it checks the obligations to all other values, and the members of that family may extend to other warriors and allies regardless of species. These bonds are also engineered to make the Leupos ideal long term occupation and garrison forces, accepted by the populations they oversee while being segregated to their own people and so divided from integrating with the places they are stationed.

Other automated weapon systems like the Tyec recognize warrior values and ethos styled in cultures as masculine or femine, and can emulate these behavior both in the warrior and parent role to an unnerving degree that shames organic life. To their credit, their memory may include generations of children they raised and watched over on planets - including exact details of every name and face, year, and image from birth to death. This makes them - in contrast to organic life - extremely emotional at moments and willing to sacrifice themselves regardless of the likely ability to be reloaded in other bodies. In essence, most of the high-tier species have lived many lives, and ordinary humans - even adults and the elderly - seem to be immature if not infantile around them. This patience and silence, concealing an expanse of life experience beyond the immediate moment, often showing more awareness in the moment than ordinary people.

4. Hegelian Storytelling is Absent

In the Hegelian Dialectic, character drama is created by omitting major facts and information in an emotional rush to act as a collective group or in defense of an identity or stereotype.

In Beyond War, you will never encounter the trope plot device,

"We don't have time to explain."

This trope justifies characters act on emotional bonds and ignore their own reason in favor of codependence and implied family or collective faith.

This is a tool for limited timeslot programming, and a staple in all Hegelian fiction to carry on plot action while keeping characters separated by the invisible wall of limited intimacy, operating instead on the 'Schooby Gang' principle that the group always knows best and individual dissent is a betrayal of that collective identity in the property of the franchise.

These omissions of important information, bonding, and conveyance of a cause beyond superficial 'greater good' and 'classic themes' of archtypes like the oppressive abusive male and justified but violent female resistance to these myths, constant in Hollywood and television drama, just don't hold up to experience and tradecraft required to survive the espionage activity of Beyond War.

Beyond War characters are not readily identified by their appearance, name, or other characteristics - leaving the players to try to decide who (or what) they are dealing with in every experience. Characters can impersonate other races, species, and are extremely good at this when they can change their bodies physically to match the target on a cellular level without losing the ability of their native species.

In Beyond War, you can never be certain you are dealing with a human, a Leupos, a Tyec, Genosect, Dracos, Kai'Gi, or other creature. Asking questions when the enemy can walk into a room and talk to you face to face is extremely important. Especially when players can impersonate other players physical appearance. Sanguine ships are living organisms, and can also duplicate the appearance and signal of other vessels before raising the flag of a terror vessel in close proximity with your flagship. Details matter, and knowing your friends is as important as recognizing them or their 'archtype' character features.

5. Stellar Weapons of Mass Destruction Scare Hegelians

To Hegelian Culture, which is based on practical surroundings and terrestrial life, the idea of having your planet blown up and everything on it destroyed along with 99.999% of the population usually tends to enrage them. After all, for persons with ego disorders including narcissism and sociopath disorders common to the sectarian beliefs of this order, material wealth is part of their identity, as well as reputation and influence. Destroy that, and you destroy what they consider to be their 'self'.

In Beyond War, weapons exist in player character hands that can destroy both planets with full global populations - including non-combatants - as well as stars. Stars are moving through space dragging planets, and when weapons disrupt gravity on the scale of a galactic core mass, some people who don't have a background in astrophysics freak out.

    'The Bug On the Pond' Example

    This is the equivalent of being a bug on the surface of small pond, and someone throwing a large rock into the pond near the bug. The bug may stay on the top of the water due to surface tension, but the bug will have a very bad day. If the bug was attached to a leaf on the surface and the leaf was under the rock that hit the water, the bug is having a very bad day. Once under the water, most bugs don't make it. The bug that threw the rock knows how it feels, and that's why they threw it.

    To the Hegelian mindset, that kind of destruction of 'self', of the 'ego' attachment to others, is contrary the 'greater good' in perspective of that leaf as the world. To the bug who threw the rock, that bug on the leaf was a terrible bug and would sink their leaf if it wasn't sunk first, without mercy or warning. The idea that the decision to sink the leaf was made without consideration, and contrary the self-interest of the bug on the leaf, invokes one of those "delusional stereotypes of pure criminal intent" that Hegelian sectarian world views use to explain concepts they don't want to work through.

    Beyond War explores a few ideas the bug on the leaf usually does not consider. The bug that got the leaf sunk, because it takes a rock to sink a bug, could have been anywhere but on that leaf. But that bug was lonely, and liked the leaf, and that's usually where the blame shifting starts. Bugs (in this case, Sanguine or Genosect) are so terrifying that most of their enemies prefer this degree of first-strike tactic, and so they could have camped out on the water somewhere else if they gave a damn about the leaf. The leaf, or more practically "the 12 billion human beings on the leaf" also could have gotten off the damn leaf before the rock fell, but that concept is both problematic at a logistics and social level the civilization on the leaf has not crossed yet.

To break it down, planets don't survive. A leaf on the pond will not remain on the surface the first time it rains hard, much less should someone throw a stone. These concepts are obvious to any 'old' being in the Universe, but jarring to a civilization that has not seen stars explode and planets burn over and over.

The possiblity that both bugs care anything for the leaf or the other living things on it, and to what degree, to conserve their use of force should be telling. If this were not true, your leaf nor many others would be here today. Life is proof that if such beings exist, they care.

Hegelian theology strives constantly for control, even in this tiny aspect, and to assert authority over everything and reject anything they do not understand. This is most evident in their claims that they are 'evolved' or 'evolving' beyond the people who disagree with their presumptions and "magical thinking", and reliance on words like "progress" to imply they are "moving forward" by ignoring reality and pushing others down who do not support or endorse their delusions and illogical claims. To realize - as the bug does - that it is standing on the surface of the water only by virtue of rules that can and will be broken by technology, as well as having eyes on the fish waiting for it under the surface - other beings far more dangerous than itself - helps it to remain humble even if it can jump off the leaf in a splash or swim for the surface if it goes under the water. In the end, nobody wants to get wet.

So the Hegelian take on this concept, notwithstanding the software mechanics that support this system (that they don't understand, and doubt exist), is that anyone who plays Beyond War must "like killing whole planets full of children". While the actual practical aspect of players is to not devastate the Universe and instigate unmitigated warfare with an elite cadre of interstellar super soldiers who can move entire solar systems, and hate it when people turn their penguins (a Misery reference).

To take the lake reference a necessary step further, it is unwise to pick a fight with a cadre of space wizards who can hit the water so hard it leaves a permanent dent in the surface of the lake that distorts space and time. (and yes, that is part of the game engine)

As a bug on the lake, picking a fight with a shotgun toting space wizard is unlikely to end well - but all part of game play in Beyond War.

Considering some weapons of stellar mass destruction are the size of a dime or fit in a western pistol holster, and can blow a hole in the Universe that kills both things in this dimension and in adjoining dimensions where you keep your socks in case of planetary obliteration, even the most vicious bug will look both ways before tossing a rock. The sound of a splash often attracts the attention of bigger fish, metaphorically speaking.

6. SEPARATION FROM ORDINARY: What is the point of ordinary life?

If you knew about a two-foot fish under your leaf, would your life be less important? Many Hegelians, reliant on the stability in their community and reputation as their only measure of self, are disturbed by the prospect of a larger scale of life. Everything is relative to that scale, in that mindset.

The most amazing and beautiful parts of life are also the most basic moments of the smallest living thing. When the gods wonder why they fight, they look to the people who are most powerless to understand. Power blinds you from the purpose of simply being, and experiencing life - even if you are not defined by it or limited by it, is still a center filled with value. The smile of a child, the tears of a woman, the moment of discovery - are trapped inside the experiences of the smallest of the small. The Minat, "The wee little people", know this better than most.

In Beyond War, some species practice life as we practice religion, and its living both as one's own doing and in others joys and struggles, affirm more than the constance of the entirity of all the waters in the Universe.

To the Hegelian Dialectic, these things are averaged, glossed over, and immaterial to the 'great works' of the identity of the collective. While in Beyond War, these instances in time itself, in the space of a heartbeat and a hand against another, are so immensely powerful that they dwarf and diminish the material Universe in its entirety.

This is not metaphorical, as the power of the weapons of stellar mass destruction are very much derived from a form of high technology that destroys the entire Universe in an instance of time (quanta) by incinerating all the potential futures that might occur from a moment. These weapons - Quantum Singularity Reactors - identify the point in causality in which a Universe branches into a quantum alternative and destroys that entire Universe before bridging the prior and subsequent timeline. When this happens, most sentient species perceive the instance in a phenomenon known as 'deja vu'. That energy is then directed into the material Universe and 'falls' back into the field adjoining space-time violently, destroying space-time where this event horizion and void appear.

Witnesses describe the effect as 'waterfalls into Heaven and Hell', or 'cold sunshine' - an effect where extreme energy transfer blinds the observers while the transfer of energy is completely arrested between matter. White light, darkness that hits like a huge wave rushing past, and suddenly absent every sound. Sanguine simulate the effect and neutralize sound around themselves using a variation of this technology and wave manipulation technology.

An entire Universe is literaly destroyed and concentrated into a moment and a point. That power is the result of a single point in the causality chain, and species like the Minat harvest that energy from people. The fragments that remain, remain only as dreams, sometimes recorded in prose and poetry of the Bard.

Any moment might create that power, but the power that is greatest in the Universe is that from the smallest moments - the least powerful - and the most simple lives. And though merely dreams - dreams that can kill the gods.

For a god to die, that can summon the power of causality to their defense, those moments must be precious beyond mere chance or will. Something beautiful must die to kill something that old. And for it to stay dead, the belief of an entire world would not suffice to bear more love than one person does for another who shares that moment too. More than one god worthy of a death was spared, for the tragedy of destroying that moment was too much to justify destroying the Universe. The rock, to use the metaphor, refused to fall.

At least, that's what it looked like from the 12th Species on down. Even if, somewhere, the 13th Species smiled.

7. TECHNICAL SABOTAGE OF BEYOND WAR: Political and Social Civil Unrest
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

All this metaphorical visualization sounds great, but - Hegelians believe video games are either UNREAL or CRYSIS based. If it doesn't fit the Battle Royal formula, it isn't real. Yeah... no. The designs and documents are real.

Zen is the name of the architecture AMD dropped after years (1996-2019) of demand for parallel processor deep-multi-core required for Beyond War, and Nvidia has finally implemented in 2018 the RTX (ray tracing) technology described in 1996 by Beyond War to create deep visuals and photoreal real-time effects. In the meantime, Beyond War developers worked with Newtek Lightwave3D, ZBrush, Modo, Maxwell Renderer by NextLimit, and other technologies now seeen in Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings. The hardware is only now becoming available to perform the work described in the engine and explored in software emulation of advanced and cloud network systems. Instancing and work with Slicehost and Rackspace as well as Redhad Labs Fedora Project, provided the next-generation technology of cloud operating system technology required for the engine built for Beyond War. We couldn't use an existing engine because the existing SDK tools and technologies in DirectX and OpenGL did not contain the capabilities and low-level control required to drive the technology.

Concepts in the Beyond War game engine rely on technology that single core personal computers and consoles could not afford to the general public. Since 3D Labs first parallel tasking tools, and shader layering technology defined in Luxology LLC technology and soft-body dynamic tools, were necessary to ship the client software for Beyond War.

Like the book, "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance", which was inspiration for other projects in that time span involving alternate worlds dimensional concepts necessary to build the data structures in Beyond War, the concepts involving intelligent abstraction in discreet linear calculations to inerpolate RTX ray tracing discovery was used in other aspects of logic and design elements for Beyond War. Claims to reserve these basic mathematics by the United States during the fraud against the Beyond War developers in 2001-2019 now under suit in the State of Oklahoma for malicious infringement to disrupt the investment and claims over this technology, disputes exist and will likely continue to exist until the details of violence used to force forfeiture claims against the company in the 19 year span of concealment of a child without lawful cause are afforded the minimum $4 billion qui tam award obligated at law. Beyond War is therefore not only a technical property, but inspired by the worst form of genocide - human trafficking - and fraud by the United States to create false records and falsify Federal Treasury records in the attempted unlawful forfeiture of this technology.

For this reason, United States jurisdiction is not granted control or sovereignty over this technology, and duplication to defraud the developers of their work has been documented in public writtings by ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES employees, hosted at NTT AMERICA, NTT GROUP, and attacks from Telia and other backbone providers sharing network facilities with NTT are documented in ongoing harassment to suppress this project. These attacks exceed 40,000 forged packets and 1700 ICMP per hour as of January 2nd 2020, seeking to intimidate and disrupt witnesses in an open civil counter-suit exceeding $54 billion USD.

The graphic effects described prior are in fact part of the Beyond War design and those services are limited by strong cryptographic identity employing openSSL certificates and registry of users, disbarring members of the STATE OF TEXAS, STATE OF OKLAHOMA, STATE OF MICHIGAN, and other incorporated states who have made false claims in support of the concealment of a child for 19 years contrary the order of a court and aided by support for such fraud by the States issuing and enforcing the alleged order in violation of 586 U.S. case 17-1091 and other Federal Laws now cited in formal civil suit pursuant 588 U.S. case 17-647 rule.

Hegelian Dialectics in these frauds and claims are evident, and support the claims and observations made in resort prescribed under 22 O.S. 22-31 and 22-32 rule.

The fraud is themed a sectarian taking of private property, including intangible property, on kidnapping for premeditated concealment in perpetuity of a child, taken from the home of the writer behind Beyond War. Claims ranging from the incapability of understanding this technology in overt theft claims in direct unlawful competition themed violations of the SHERMAN ANTI TRUST ACT by NTT GROUP, and in the $11 billion USD bankruptcy of NORTHERN TELECOM of CANADA, the client of the developer at the time of the abduction of a newborn child from his home during employment for NORTEL NETWORKS and to disrupt relief and witness testimony of physical breach of security and websites calling for damage to the CANADIAN TELECOM company by the abducting party in ICANN forgery of records on three counts.

In light of this 'experience' in human trafficking, debt bondage, and fraud by nations - Beyond War brings the experience of genocide perpetrated by the UNITED STATES in violation of International and domestic Federal Law, so ruled UNCONSTITUTIONAL by 9-0 unanimous Supreme Court Decision, still refused relief as of 2020 January in total concealment of a child to extort and cause forfeiture of a Social Security Estate of the UNITED STATES and all property registered to it on false collateral contract, a violation of 18 USC 666 felony alleged.

Most Americans had never seen this kind of flagrant behavior themed Hegelian secular taking, prior the publicized Impeachment Hearings against DONALD JOHN TRUMP.

The same lack of procedure and violation of due process themed a trial in indictment and extortion existed in the prior 2001-2019 case, now before the District Court of Pontotoc County, STATE OF OKLAHOMA, and prior reproted to the FBI in 2001 and 2003, who did refuse to act in violation of Federal Law, voiding the UNITED STATES claims to Beyond War and all derived property as a result. Harassment to defame, damage, and dilute investment in this project is therefore a felony violating the Oklahoma Trade Secret regulations and Article II protected rights themed 18 USC 241 and 242 felonies.

It took the fraudulent impeachment of a sitting President of the United States to bring the reality of this gross incompetence of office and violation of process set forth in Hegelian Dialectic Extremism, to make the case real to many Americans.

By virtue of the same President, in Federal Register Volume 81 Number 244, and 45 CFR, issued on order by DONALD JOHN TRUMP, was this fraud exposed in December 2016 and made a crime on face February 17 2017, prior any legal action to wrongly enforce the claim in barratry (a crime) in November 2018 by STATE OF OKLAHOMA and STATE OF TEXAS wrongly and under UNIFORM INTERSTATE FAMILY SUPPORT ACT, violating the VICTIMS OF A SEVERE FORM OF VIOLENCE AND TRAFFICKING OF 2000, a felony.

As President DONALD JOHN TRUMP declared December 31 2019 that January 2020 would be the month to bring awareness to HUMAN TRAFFICKING, for the second year in a row, this abuse is now evident and the rights of the developers incontestible in their claims to the protection and return of their family members - now held in captivity since 74 days of age at the time of abduction August 11th 2001, in false trial and fraud to violate 18 USC 1981 and other Federal Law (28 USC 1738A e).

Zen, and Zen Bhuddism, have since 1992 strongly influenced our developers - as was our teaching in this area at regional industry events and tradeshows (1991-1999) wrongly adopted to impersonate and damage the persons and characters of Beyond War there presented and demonstrated in confidential preliminary hiring with select and limited parties, who did then seek to launch and seek investment for projects identical in their limited perceiption of concept and property in Iceland and limited by technology then present to deny credit for this project and its core technology. We have since seen the technology impersonated in Iceland, Russia, and numerous letters of extortion threatening unlicensed and purposeful infringing adaptation in STATE OF CALIFORNIA and the REPUBLIC OF GERMANY, in aid and support of child snatching and human trafficking.

The firm therefore reserves the right to limit release and access to licensed users including non-disclosure and prohibition on reverse engineering and derived works, for which the UNITED STATES and other nations under the BERNE CONVENTION are obligated to uphold and regard as binding contract law in INTERSTATE COMMERCE and INTERNATIONAL COMMERCE by the developers and any party designated their agent at law for this purpose solely. The technology used in Beyond War is not suitable to military export controls such as the Wassenaaar Agreement, despite conveying concepts that are consistent with other post-apocolyptic science fiction themed on Cold War Mutually Assured Destruction.

This technology is protected by copyright and trademark registration, and impersonation will result in legal action. Disclosure is limited, including views of content to platforms prohibited. Sectarian Hegelian views do not like being shut down or shut out, or told they cannot force an intellectual property owner into surrender of their property or responsibility for use of genocide and shame tactics associated with prior National Socialist movements in the Republic of Germany to force release of information or control over the Beyond War technology and intellectual property. The property both legally exists in REGISTERED TRADEMARK and first use in 1992, precluding claims of fraud widely circulated by companies involved in investor fraud over $100,000,000 USD now frozen by the ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND. In light of this and other forms of criminal intimidation including shooting at the property and employees of the business in September 2019 with resultant property damage and ongoing September 2019 to January 2020 sustained attacks from OVH Hosting, Amazon Web Services, Softlayer, Microsoft, and other IP addresses based out of the Stemmons Freeway "Infomart" data center and related offices of Equinix and Hetzner Telecom, in conjunction with NTT Group hosts and Network Operatings Centers in multiple countries, the staff firmly attest to a criminal action similar to Edison Electric versus Nickola Tesla in prior ANTI TRUST abuse in the UNITED STATES.

As a result, the NATION OF JAPAN and its affilate networks will not be given access to Beyond War and PROPRIETARY carrier capabilities requiring strong encrpytion and routing services developed to protect network traffic that the STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF MICHIGAN employees of NTT GROUP have engaged in disruption of to damage development of this technology.

As the NATION OF JAPAN is a substantial shareholder (25%) in Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT), they are held responsible for this abuse of utlity services against the developers and their families; and for the deaths related to this violation of the OKLAHOMA ANTI-TERRORISM ACT cited in complaint now before the court in formal filing. The company is under no obligation to therefore cooperate or disclose any information which the NTT group or its clients might benefit from, and to vacate any claims in intelletual property or patents arising against the content not filed prior 1991, when this action corrupted the registration of the UNITED STATES PATENT AND TRADEMARK OFFICE through coersion in kidnapping of a United States Citizen violating a presumed court order and prior sole possession in taking of the child from the legal residence of the developer for purpose of perpetual concealment in extortion themed a crime to damage Beyond War and other properties named in letters of extortion and blackmail collected over 2001-2019 now filed in digital record with the court.

In hiring persons not suited or qualified, with a high school education, and placing them in positions of responsibility over the Internet in context to a child taking, seeking then to discredit a reporting party in sabotage of a backbone Internet carrier then a registered client of the same, did the NATION OF JAPAN forfeit their claims at law to the technology and invention which may be employed pursuant to 76 O.S. 76-9 rule, and in context to attacks from Shenzen China supporting these acts also the People's Republic of China, Republic of France, United Kingdom, Australia, and other parties including Singapore where attacks exceeding 16 gigabit per second against Level 3 Communications, AT&T Internet Services, and other providers to SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP during 2001-2020 concealment of a child.

This fraud against the People of the State of Oklahoma will have permanent and lasting impact on intellectual property rights and registration by the Berne Convention parties, citing influence to damage and obtain unlawfully a market share in the United States and other countries long-haul optical data transport and security utilities themed national communciation and commerce, protected systems, and related technologies from Cisco Systems and fraud by Juniper Networks in direct relationship to this abuse and unlawful competition against the developers at SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP, prior a CISCO CHANNEL PARTNER, and RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED then a CISCO CHANNEL PARTNER), forcing both firms to abandon CISCO SYSTEMS through repeated and fraudulent barratry aiding in concealment of a child.

19 years of logs, threats, demands, and abuses - now shown a fraud by obtaining the record of the concealment not a loss of custody or possession nor cause for such termination of parental custody by any due process whatsoever afforded and so prohibited in 28 USC 1738A (e) violation of law, forever damages the relationship between our group and that of the NATION OF JAPAN, in a manner similar to war crimes against THE PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA in Nanking, and similar abuses documented as war crimes for which these acts show no evidence of remorse or consideration in their employment of violence against American developers, combined with a reliance on Singapore, Hetzner, Shenzen, and Canadian offices of the offending telecom corporation employing the abducting party.

That we stand patiently in development of our project, a defiance of such violence and abuse perpetrated by hostile foreign and domestic terrorism themed war crimes under THE CONVENTION FOR THE PREVENTION AND PUNISHMENT OF THE CRIME OF GENOCIDE, in the taking and injury to our children of record not a lawful kidnapping and concealment to extort, blackmail, and forfeit the civil honors, right to work, and discoveries of American engineers - including flagrant claims to deny the right to prior job titles such as "SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER" and "TELECOM ADMINISTRATOR" in favor of their designated employees and in direct criminal competition to obtain market share by fraud, force, and threat of murder - is the Beyond War project dedicated a memorial for victims of such criminal Hegelian Extremism wrongly concealed from public view by gross criminal negligence of the regime now evident a fraud in the UNITED STATES and STATE OF TEXAS on examination of the record related to this 19 year child snatching (21 O.S. 21-891) and concealment in felony conspiracy against rights (18 USC 241).

That we cannot face it, and name it, and explore its failure in the effort to sell to anyone their dignity, civil honors, and right to participate in a trade without illegal threat against the division of their families and households by force and false imprisonment, must not now or ever be forgotten, nor the States refusal of Federal Law in a crime wrongly themed a civil matter without due process afforded (15 USC 1673c, 1692d, 1692n). That is what Beyond War is about.

We hope you will, in light of the Human Trafficking rule so described also as debt-bondage in Title 22 Chapter 78 and 21 O.S. 21-748.1, join us and support the concepts, principles, and technology that we are about to disclose in Beyond War - a look beyond the Industrial age of collective utilitarian socialism and second age of slavery in the Industrial World.

For as technology progresses, it should not deny or minimize any person for lack of due process or right to face their accuser as set forth in KELLY v KELLY (P100, OK SUP COURT 2007) nor impose punishment of conviction without due process or trial afforded (21 O.S. 21-8) now evident in the BEYOND WAR development and deployment business history. To sell a person for the value of contact with their children, or to ransom contact against imaginary and imputed income based on intangible property sought and demanded in forfeiture, is ransom and kidnapping contrary any color of law and overt felony where no crime or evidence of such crime is made a thing of record, and the accuser themselves is recorded to be in forfeiture prior such penalty against the accused, and on the basis of sex and popular belief in a Hegelian fantasy of dividends in forced sale at fractional value to satisfy the imputed demands of a court ruled a frauld (45 CFR 303.6).

What Makes A Character - Beyond War Mechanics

In Hegelian Dialectic, the idea that any player has an unfair advantage over others is 'game breaking'. These ideas of 'fairness' and 'balance' without respect to organized play and large-scale environments are 'juvenile and childish', as well as a form of magical thinking which Beyond War does not support. Some characters are truly terrifying. Other characters are extremely powerless and weak. Not being able to tell which is which, is a fascinating expansion on the multi-user experience that cannot be quantified easily.

In traditional (Hegelian) games and game theory, statistics are quantified and mechanical to the development of character powers and abilities, to the extent that some players will map and analyze the data for others to consume - creating 'meta' builds and templates to maximize their path to specialized advantages. This makes the game more about research and networking for players, rather than experience and immersion.

Beyond War violates this principle by concealing the statistics and aptitudes of the character from the player, returning the player to a 'learning' environment and away from the 'character sheet' concept. This is common knowledge to traditional pen-and-paper games, but very rare in todays online multi-user enviornments. Games like VRChat, which have no character statistics, thrive because user interaction - not advancement - is central to character play styles. And play - not progression - become central to the value of the experience players invest in with these titles.

Regardless of player intent and aspiration (goals), the character may excel at skills and areas of play which are not in their plan. This is part of Beyond War, and allows players to experiment and develop areas that they would not normally attempt - sometimes with disasterous and funny results - sometimes with tragedy.

Aspects like permanent death, character regeneration and re-affiliation, and associative player character opportunities at character creation reliant on game environments and populations further afford a far more serious atmosphere than convnetional games. One which requires a more mature player appreciate than console audiences (ages 11-17). Most of Beyond War is written for ages 24 and up, themed "Adult Mature 24" (AM24).

The undisclosed values, benefits, perks, and boosts where players 'feel better' or 'perform worse' in certain aspects of game play without quantified disclosure to the buffs and debuffs affecting them are fundamental to the AM24 model. The goal is to ensure players focus on character, interactivity, and atmosphere over traditional grind and development. The system could best be defined as a classless and level-free system without archtypes, based on more substantial background and community events as themes.

To Hegelian thinking, the idea of playing a game where there is no 'goal' or the 'goal moves', or the entire environment can be disrupted by a single player, is utterly terrifying. To a Beyond War player, this is just the daily risk of play, and the power to make real changes - not just burning a planet full of players, but protecting a world or building a civilization, without having to haul a billion tons of wood to assemble a city, hoard resources, or fight for spawns and experience fountains - are fundamentally different.

The concept of space - and the scale of space afforded by the Manifold Space Engine (MSE) to "get lost" in unexplored territory and isolated star systems - among stars that are moving through space, and in space that is relative (quantum foam theory), is too complex for conventional mathematics and navigation systems.

Players must rely on the M2OS navigation system and technology which facilitates a unified space shared by all the players - where players may discover other players - and without any instanced or 'unique spawned player-group-only' dungeons and locations exist.

M2OS infrastructure fundamentally supports this technology, unlike all competitors and contrary their claims of a single unified space environment used in fraud for many years to excuse mainframe instanced star-systems and very small (200 user) solar systems based on late 1997 pre-visualization plates from Beyond War for signal abstraction over extreme distances in navigation of n-space.

In contrast, VRChat and similar programs still use instances with limited numbers of connections to prevent overpopulation and zerging of hit-point-stack based PvE npc fights. Understanding this technology is fundamental to the Manifold Space Engine client and M2OS server fabric as a foundation of character activity and interaction both while players are online and against their assets while they are offline, in a persistent unified universe, affords audiences a moderate understanding of complexity and physical challenges faced by the Beyond War team prior to SSD and M.2 drive technology, multi-core consumer processor technology, and under development since the launch of AMD Athlon technology, prior the FX-74 and other early-stage multi-core multi-threaded systems.

Many of the features now in the Manifold Space Engine and M2OS require auxillery process threads and mini-servers being instanced and shut down to perform tasks, act as consumers and connectors, and to create routing for networks of players through which a central server on a LAN of older machines may offload tasks for clients who are independent or collective actors in a WAN based ship or environment.

Diverse multiplexing of task engines and signal stream processors similar to H.264 streaming now popular on broadband was and is a central part of the underlying engine. The ability to offload components of M2OS to other machines, gaining advantage through compound PC systems and division of tasks over networks equalize low-end systems against high-core-density solutions some professional players may enjoy.

Balancing of these resources and signal communication based on in-game content are elements of unequal-but-fair network and resource management considered for PC platforms which are not found in console software by design. M2OS is therefore a hybrid of conventional local operating system and security services, similar to folding applications for scientific discreet problem solving in chemistry, and able to take advantage of technology like the Tensor core in modern RTX to accellerate basic functions.

With consideration that these capabilties were predicted, as in early hardware physics add-on cards, and general purpose in their interface for programmers, the use of this technology should not come as a surprise. The 20 years it took to reach this point due to the substantial interference in Beyond War development by the UNITED STATES, STATE OF TEXAS, STATE OF MICHIGAN, STATE OF CALIFORNIA, and other States engaged in fraud - is the real surprise, in what appears to be an effort to impose a monopoly on network standards and technology by violent genocide.

It is therefore evident in light of the abuse and defamation employed to discredit the technology that no standing or claims will be accepted from the UNITED STATES in this matter, citing their failure to afford relief to an UNCONSTITUTIONAL FINE sustained to suppress the credit and rights of the patent quality discoveries in the Beyond War product, and favored use and exploitation of NTT optical networks in activity detailed by Julian Assange and Wikileaks spying disclosures on backbone network traffic by nation-states in violation of U.S. and International Law - including subcontracted surveillance of Mr. Assange himself and refusal to release documents and supsension of habeas corpus in concealment of a child in the STATE OF TEXAS obligated possession and return to Residents of the State of Oklahoma.

Like Nazi Germany, the Nation of Japan and UNITED STATES may not be able to reconcile the damage to the intellectual property registry they have committed from 2001-2020, nor make lawful claims on violation of a collateral contract and allegations of 'engineer' monopoly ruled UNCONSTITUTIONAL to forfeit the discoveries of this project.

These concepts, including the concealment and transfer of technology in Beyond War, mirror these abuses in a way that even a child can understand is both beyond any legal right to withhold as well as vital to the survival of a culture and civilization, for which conventional laws to embargo the use or support false conveyance of title (credit) to later organized corporate entities having any role in the taking by force of such resources or land, property, or children of a people.

As NATION OF JAPAN seeks to suppress the justified use of the atomic bomb to end World War II and deny the crimes of Nanking, it is vital that people be reminded of the reasons that the nation surrendered and of its history of intellectual property theft and cultural terrorism which have been renewed in business practices of NTT AMERICA and their clients in STATE OF TEXAS during 2001-2020, affecting American business and industry again by unlawful and sustained abuse of switched packet data services to damage American industry supporting the same racist and eugenic claims found in letters of extortion sent to this office by their associate, DONALD JOHNATHAN BEAL, and so alleged as a cause in the concealment of a child to aid the firm and its client - COGENT COMMUNICAITONS - in DALLAS TEXAS.

Actions of this severity, and degree, remind our customers that the taking of life, of children, and of places we call home will not now nor ever justify the industrial or economic gains of a people, and are cause for remedy above and Beyond War. The effort to eradicate the heritage, bonds, and familial identity of a people repeated by their employees in 2001-2020, stand as a testament that the present Japanese public and their industrial presence and role as one of the top six Internet backbone networks worldwide following the sabotage of email servers in 2001 at Nortel Networks, denies any honor or credit to a people so committed to war crimes in our nation and against the American people.

It further serves as a warning to nations who would rely on population or majority to dictate what is mental health and mental disease along religious and theological values, that the few of us who remain independent and committed to the dignity of even one will forever outnumber and outclass the fraud that leads the many to follow them against the dignity and character of any individual for any cause not the consequence of their own actions.

With collective authority presumed in Hegelian values, comes collective responsibility and collective liability, and that model cannot be expressed in an artificial environment where numbers and balance make one side stronger than the other solely to increase membership or participation.

Those few - in the dark, waiting, between the stars, are the only thing we can honestly expect to stop that sort of insanity - the theology that anything that isn't like the majority is wrong or malicious or broken and without value other than its benefit to society - and we should be grateful for that.

Against many - one. And may it be one who understands and respects others, where there is no gain or value in doing so, that finds them.

May the Universe itself be outnumbered by One.

And may the player - possibly without knowing it at first - be that One.

That is Beyond War, character concepts, in a nutshell. "Be the One."

Beyond War - As a Mental Health Criticism of Progressive Extremism

Central to the Beyond War concept is the American political issue of gun rights and individual responsibility against disarmament platforms of the Democratic Party. Many of these elected officials see private gun ownership as the People's Republic of China and Nation of Japan do, as a mental health disorder and implied mental illness to not trust in civic authority or to resist civil servants actions. As absurd as this sounds, it is a recurring trope in Hegelian Extremism, and recurring issue with all wargame software to address this issue.

With respect, the lead editor for Beyond War holds a Bachelors in Science with Psi Chi Honors, the Greek Psychology Honor Association, and studied mental health from 1994-1999 at East Central University of Oklahoma.

Use of claims like the prior, or association of video games and fictional media as a trigger to prompt violent actions against the public or illegal use of firearms are absurd. It is an argument to limit free speech and freedom of expression in fiction, images, film, and computer software based on: 1.) an implied audience that is under the age of majority or mentally incompetent by legal disability (i.e. a child); 2.) allege that illustration or instruction in the handling, use, and properties of weapons should conform to a narrative similar to 'the comic code' prior ruled UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

This is relevant with respect to Beyond War because the series includes several topics of a 'horror' or 'war' genre of fiction that may disturb immature audiences. Among these are 'cannibalism' (eating of members of one's own species, or a similar intelligent species or race), and the contrary element of realistic versus 'television / film violence' which differs from realistic images of war and serious injury.

Beyond War includes the option to 'eat crew' and other terrible things that are part of the storyline, morale, and leadership among diverse and alien races. When a player race is a giant bug that literally 'eats people', that goes with the territory. After all, no one wants to get 'eaten' by another player, in a game that composes permadeath. However, it does drive home the point that it was a player choice to eat you, or your chief engineer, or fritz (Wizards reference). As prior stated, these actions have unintended consequences and influence crew and faction behavior on both sides, although the extent is revealed only to the players as the game progresses, similar to 'moral outcomes' in Metro Exodus and other modern games. At the time this was suggested, no other game had dared to cross this taboo. Since then, dozens of games from World of Warcraft to Fallout have used 'cannibalism' as a tongue and cheek to very serious plot element, as Beyond War intended.

Some critics point to this 'eat crew' option, and other 'planet killing' choices of players (who are affirmed to be 24 years of age or older) as 'morally deviant' if not 'mentally ill'. The point of a story in science fiction is to both explore elements as well as create a very real sense of terror and engagement with players, which when mixed with permanent consequences, create both player guided and faction-related changes impacting future options.

In the same sense, players who begin to understand some of the capabilities and tactics of the more powerful races may seem paranoid in their behavior - retreating to deep space (areas between solar systems) to hide from their enemies. To a player community that has not experienced this sort of tactic and discovery, this may seem extreme. On the contrary, to a seasoned player aware of the extent of alien infiltration and hostile player activity, even landing on a world may invite danger and hostility that would make them refuse to do so given any other choice or alternative - even sending another player in their place.

Horror games are designed to evoke these emotions and reactions, engage the player, and to immerse them in the enjoyable parts of the game with real consequences to their character.

There will be, no matter what precautions are taken, player killers (PKs) also - active in every player faction. Like other games, player versus player violence is permitted in Beyond War, and methods to manage and mitigate it against players who are 'trying to mind their own business' (i.e. involuntary PvP players) remain a very proprietary mechanism in the Beyond War system reliant on the M2OS and Manifold Space Engine technology. Our developers have 25 years of MMO and RPG experience, and this is not their first party fratricide. Mixed with permanent death, this scares inexperienced and immature players even more, but as prior stated the age limit is 24 years and up. Meaning that players are going to die and expected to be mature enough to understand the systems and tools to help prevent this by adjusting their playstyle accordingly. Permadeath impacts PKs also, and more so than their victims, but their behavior is encouraged and 'rated' by the victim to determine if it was 'a good kill' or 'a bad faith kill'. Good kills are rewarded. Bad kills are like points on your drivers license.

Is this a 'mental health' issue or dysfunctional behavior? To the contrary, it encourages players to fit a style that will be pleasant to both the killer and the victim. It also encourages a cooperative style of play, and mercy, which you don't see in any other game. When death has no consequence, sparing your victim isn't a conscession. While in Beyond War, once the player is crippled, death isn't certain - and help can be rendered, denied, or even a coup de grace delivered depending on the style. These elements add to a very well known issue in a positive way, and encourage humanizing enemy combatants in war, rather than 'counting kills' in all other games. And as we said, choices matter.

The idea that professional soldiers square off, fight viciously, and then act in a way that is ultimately humane toward their opponents at some point, is the abent element of all simulation wargames today. Beyond War takes us to the experience of death and of consequences, reduces actual violence in games to a very serious matter, and leaves all the parties very involved in the post-conflict and recovery phases of professional war - including bringing the enemy wounded to medical care and performing rescue and other operations with a variety of choices for both sides at each stage of capital ship warfare. The Motion Picture Association of America declared during and after World War II that American children should be exposed to violence so they have a competent understanding not only of the motivation to fight, but also of the reality of war and the human aspects that it inflicts on combatants on both sides. This MPAA ruling is what Beyond War abides, seeking to avoid distasteful elements like 'sexual violence', and instead include horror and tongue-in-cheek humor similar to Starship Troopers and other popular products. Beyond War carries on the tradition of the original Starship Troopers and John Steakly's "Armor" novel, in the expresson of war from a soldier's view, and in context to larger actions in strategic and planetary warfare that other games abstract, such as Masters of Orion or Pax Imperia.

There will always be people who are, mostly due to incompetence, totally morally opposed to strategic nuclear weapons and their use - just as there will always be people who are convinced that 'guns cause gun violence', not criminals committing criminal acts with guns. To these naive and incompetent souls, we must attend a gentle yet firm commitment that the use of violence in context to war and with regard to all the responsibilities of armed conflict should not be alien to our people nor the obligation to take up arms or use them in defense of the rights of themselves, their families, or others who are abused and violated regardless of any authority or color of law calling for the violation of human rights or the erosion of the equal right to dignity in all individual people.

A similar claim will not be found on any other video game or simulation made public to the present (January 2020). In this, Beyond War is a "Warfighting Simulation", not a "War Game".

10. About the Author
U.S. ARMY SPECIALIST / PSYCHOLOGY DEGREE / U.S. Air Force Cold War Weapons and Tactics

James Allen is a former United States Army Specialist (2005), and son of a medical doctor specializing in pediatrics and emergency medicine. His father was a cadet in the United States Air Force, and his uncle was the Chief Sergeant Major of the Oklahoma National Guard Lee Allen.

Another uncle served as a Specialist E-4 and re-enlisted attaining the rank of Specialist again after working for Texas Instruments as a contractor on a variety of United States projects in aviation technology.

James holds a bachelors degree of science, with Psi Chi Honors, and has held the title of Senior Software Engineer for Proceed Technical Resources and Telecommunications Administrator overseeing $500,000 USD in equipment for Sykes Enterprises Inc.

James has also performed business technical support for AT&T Internet Business Services, T-Mobile Business Services, and oversaw the Nortel Networks "Wireless Engineering Tools Division" where he assisted SPRINT in TDMA and CDMA conversion engineering to PCM digital technology, including restoration of cellular services in the City of New York through coordination of relief equipment and mobile cellular transmitter equipment after September 11th 2001.

Prior he was a member of the DEFCON Voice Bridge and newgroup, where FBI liasion shared prior plans and threats for technical assessment including the attack with a commercial jet aircraft against the World Trade Center in New York State obtained from law enforcement in the Phillipeans prior 1999.

James is best known for his appearance and promotion of GAMES WORKSHOP miniature tabletop wargames and tabletop products at 1992-1999 events in Oklahoma City, where his black leather trench coat and leather engineer boots were frequently seen in lectures and panels on science fiction and product demonstrations for various companies including: "STEVE JACKSON GAMES", "FASA", "TSR", and early testing of products including "MINDS EYE THEATER" and "TORG". During those events he was known as "Stryx" at conventions and events, in public written works, and adaptation of this information to discredit a criminal activity by certain firms in 2013 and later to conceal criticism of their plagiarism and source material of historical fact.

Allen was disabled in 2002 by assault at gunpoint after his home was destroyed by fire in 2002 prior legal procedings and amid written threats concerning the kidnapping for concealment of his child in DALLAS COUNTY, STATE OF TEXAS, and denied the opportunity and right to enter evidence in false trial by DALLAS COUNTY DISTRICT COURT, who did refuse then and from 2001-2020 to produce or return his child to his custody and possession on written demand and contrary his PONTOTOC COUNTY, STATE OF OKLAHOMA primary residence and sole Residence at law; violating his Article II OKLAHOMA CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS in 20 years of ongoing extortion and false civil claims.

In suit filed in 2018, JAMES ALLEN produced the FEDERAL LAW prohibiting this fraud, and was granted motion of trial January 17 2019, since such time he has been denied trial on the false record and fraud to deny him use of his SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFITS by way of extortion in context to a written plan of blackmail in concealment of his child made by the STATE OF OKLAHOMA and to the UNITED STATES in violation of KELLY v KELLY (P100, 2007 OK SUP COURT), themed a felony 18 USC 666 violation not afforded 18 USC 1981 protection by joint action of STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA.

Contrary locating his child in 2015, the STATE OF TEXAS admitted it had no knowledge of the location or welfare or health of the child, and did then refuse to return the child alleging no right to such protection and beyond the 18th year of the child's maturity in written order themed 2020 or later.

JAMES ALLEN has filed suit under 21 O.S. 21-748.2 as a litigant alleging 'debt-bondage' on false claim a 'civil debt' not afforded due process nor in excess of $500 paid already in 2003, by TEXAS FAMILY CODE section 157 procedure of law making sole and final judgment the JULY 2001 claim, while suspending all rights afforded to him in 28 USC 1738A (e) rule of Federal Law, in addition to violation of 15 USC 1692d and 1692n rule of Federal Law, to extorte $75,000 USD and an unlimited taking without disclosure form his SOCIAL SECURITY ESTATE in context also to conealment of physical injury and emergency room care, written confession of serious illness, and concealment of such early childhood injuries to incur an unlimited taking of funds themed immune to contest and any reasonable cause refuted by FEDERAL LAW, and to demand payment in excess of income prohibited by 586 U.S. case 17-1091 rule so confessed in writting a unconstitutional order also barred by 15 USC 1673(c) FEDERAL LAW and 45 CFR 303.6.

Use of mental health claims to disparage and damage JAMES ALLEN in testimony of criminal extortion and embezzlement activity against registered securities of the STATE OF OKLAHOMA in this matter, so affirmed in HTML META DATA use of CORPROATIONS OF THE UNITED STATES and STATE OF OKLAHOMA registered businesses at law are filed now to show direct extortion demands on the grounds of the child concealment, in cause to extort, and plan to perpetually conceal the OKLAHOMA CITIZEN from contact with his parents and family in the State of Oklahoma, violating 76 O.S. 76-1, 76-6, 76-8, and affording 76-9 rule to disclosure in addition to a formal criminal complaint of Title 43A violation of Oklahoma Law related to this extortion.

The purpose of such claims in writting was to extort or forfeit the real estate of the prior named corporations, body of the agent at law, and deny them the right to occupy the office of a UNITED STATES CORPORATION From 2010-2020, contrary registration of such office and UNITED STATES AGENT in the OKLAHOMA SECRETARY OF STATE registry at law.

Refusal to provide protection or relief in this fraud invoked Title 76 section 76-9, and legal complaint refused lawful filing or action obligated per TITLE IV rule in UNITED STATES REGISTER VOLUME 81 NUMBER 244, so also entered into UNITED STATES STATUTORY CODE per regulations described in 45 CFR 303.6 and related rule, disclaiming since 1991 the use of 'implied income' or any demand other than 'factual income' and dismissing any amount not collected in sixty (60) days of such complaint from claim under present TITLE IV rule governign the STATE OF OKLAHOMA and STATE OF TEXAS.

Both the STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA sustained this fraud as of FEBRUARY 2019, leading to a filing with the UNITED STATES SOCIAL SECURITY OFFICE of false claims including false conviction, a separate letter of demand to pay monies or be convicted without trial by STATE OF TEXAS, and a separate letter of demand to pay monies or be forfeit of property without trial or due process during such formal contest govenring the JULY 2001 to JANUARY 2020 debt and all future debt as filed by CLAY B. PETTIS in Barratry before PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT COURT, on prior notice of a writ of habeas corpus demanding return of the child and payment modification per FEDERAL LAW to a "false trial' or "automatic mistrial" as indicated in the "PETITIONER IS WHOLLY IN DEFAULT" record of December 4 2001 DALLAS COUNTY DISTRICT COURT, where the beneficiary named was then PETITIONER and JAMES ARNOLD ALLEN the RESPONDENT protected by 18 USC 1981 FEDERAL LAW.

This was not met, and retaliation executed by STATE OF OKLAHOMA for which JAMES ARNOLD ALLEN now seeks in damages $1.4 BILLION USD in TITLE IV FUNDS per year citing REFUSAL IN FORMAL LETTER BY THE INSPECTOR GENERAL OF THE FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION to execute a qui tam suit on notification of this fraud, returned in service by UNITED STATES MAIL to PONTOTOC COUNTY as were the prior letters of unlawful demand in claims due in FIVE (5) DAYS of receipt also by UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICES, violating 15 USC 1692d rule and 1692n jurisdiction then made to PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT COURT by virtue of address to the REAL ESTATE themed in PONTOTOC COUNTY, and such suit permitted per 21 O.S. 21-748.2 of the Oklahoma Criminal Code, in counter-claim filed December 31 2018 in PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT COURT.

This fraud has caused serious material injury through financial and cardiovascular trauma to the RESPONDENTS father, in a pattern of abuse sustained by shooting from the street into his home in SEPTEMBER 2019, criminal trespass in OCTOBER 2019, and sustained electronic attacks upon networks and company infrastructure there in SEPTEMBER 2019 to JANUARY 2020. Records and documents of these attacks, including daily metrics and hourly counts with copies of logs for analysis of malicious abuse of a network and targeted attacks specific to 2 of 7 listening servers are available for INTERNATIONAL COURT or 588 U.S. Casae 17-647 remedy.

Electronic harassment (DoS and High Volume Sustained Attacks Upon network Business Services and Telecom Equipment to impair and disable) in this case spans 2002-2019, including 213 pages of defamation and numerous impersonation acts of the victim by the abudctor of the child, in an effort to damage business and commercial right to market, while the employer of the party known to the victim as ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES according to DUI court records of the abductor did actively and directly seek to compete with the REPSONDENT for jobs and employment opportunities, contracts, and work in PONTOTOC COUNTY and within STATE OF OKLAHOMA despite no registration as a business in the STATE OF OKLAHOMA With the OKLAHOMA SECRETARY OF STATE, in unfair business practices themed blackmail under Title 21 Oklahoma Statutes. The District Attorney of Pontotoc County has been so informed, and refused to act in prosecution of the parties, theming this matter a FEDERAL JURISDICTION to deny relief or protection to JAMES ALLEN, and in 2010 did open an investigation of LIBEL for report of the CHILD KIDNAPPING AND CONCEALMENT without return or enforcement of the order of possession then in alleged effect to reunite JAMES ALLEN and his child, requiring the retainer of a PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR to verify "ORGANIZED GANG ACTIVITY" of an INTERSTATE NATURE was present and actively engaging JAMES ALLEN at a cost of $2000 USD and additional services thereafter from 2012-2020.

BOTH DALLAS COUNTY DISTIRCT COURT and DENTON COUNTY DISTRICT COURT refused the TEXAS FAMILY CODE SECTION 157.375 rights of JAMES ALLEN to recover or communicate with his child, and such writ of habeas corpus filed with PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT COURT under the UIFSA and GOVERNING LAW clause per revision 2008, affords JAMES ALLEN absolute immunity from all civil process until the motion for the return of the child is answered, and the agent for such motion per FEDERAL REGISTER VOLUME 81 NO 244 is OKLAHOMA DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES, prior their retalitaion at which time the motion was made to PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT COURT in compliance with UIFSA and effective against such matters a prior order of business DECEMBER 2018 to MAY 29 2019, at which time the child became 18 years of age, without satisfaction or production of the CHILD OR INFORMATION and on a written confession that the STATE OF OKLAHOMA and their employee, OKLAHOMA DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES, possessed no knowledge of the enrollment in any school or age or health or welfare of the child in report to JAMES ALLEN there stating $0 DUE and $0 PAST DUE and $0 DUE IN FUTURE PAYMENTS SCHEDULED, discharging all claims prior made before the court of a "PAST DUE" child support, and implying such claims were a false credit line created by STATE OF OKLAHOMA to the PETITIONER whom CLAY B. PETTIS did file as attorney in fact for, in impersonation of the STATE OF OKLAHOMA in a matter of 21 O.S. 21-566.1 violation of a court order, and such order NOT REGISTERED AND ANSWER OPPOSING REGISTRATION FILED IN RESPONSE TO SUCH CLAIM affirming the order UNCONSTITUTIONAL per 586 U.S. CASE 17-1091 later ruling by the SUPREME COURT OF THE UNTIED STATES in unanimous decision limiting the power of the civil court of the UNITED STATES and of all STATE COURTS under the authority of the XIV AMENDMENT expressly. So affirming the prior claim of 15 USC 1673(c) violation made in answer by JAMES ALLEN which would void such order on face and prohibit its registration in the STATE OF OKLAHOMA as a legal contract, citing also AMENDMENT XXIII-8 and XXIII-9 of the CONTITUTION OF THE STATE OF OKLAHOMA, and in cause of "KELLY v KELLY" prior ruling.

If you had to repeat that every time someone met you, or heard your son was missing, you'd be pretty irritated too.

In context to the FAILURE of the STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA to bring this matter to a close in 2001 lawfully, and upon their acceptance of TITLE IV funds themed "EXCESSIVE AND UNCONSTITUTIONAL FINES NOT GRANTED THE POWERS OF THE CIVIL COURT" since 1991 per "25 year" policy written in December 2016 by the UNITED STATES OFFICE OF CHILD SUPPORT SERVICES over these mandatory changes to the State laws of all TITLE IV recipient States, and in light of the refusal of the INSPECTOR GENERAL OF THE FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION OF THE UNITED STATES in confession of destruction of reports and evidence in this matter in writting served on JAMES ALLEN by UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE in 2019, it is evident a $720 million per year STATE OF TEXAS award and $1,500 million per year STATE OF OKLAHOMA award from TITLE IV funds would pay 10% of such funds to JAMES ALLEN upon correct application of a QUI TAM claim filed lawfully with the FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION after escape from the STATE OF TEXAS subsequent to destruction of a residence in a legal case by fire and assault at gunpoint with injury against JAMES ALLEN amid threats to carry out such injury in writing by the abductors witnessed and delivered to PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT COURT and verified by KRISTEN MACK, P.I. and ELIZABETH BOTELHO, who were both subjected to substantial injury as a result of their role in aiding JAMES ALLEN over 2001-2020; does JAMES ALLEN now seek in formal 21 O.S. 21-748.2 HUMAN TRAFFICKING civil suit the 23 O.S. 23-9.1 subsection D CLASS III "unlimited jury pecuniary damages" for spoliation of record made by STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA in the taking of his child under false cause in TITLE IV program theft of benefits described a felony in 18 USC 666; assessed as $44,400,000 USD plus $2,000,000 in lost wages proven at $60 USD per hour prior the abduction ending AUG 10 2001, and $10,000 USD taken from retirement savings in payment to the parties conditional promise of settlemnt in PONTOTOC COUNTY where JAMES ALLEN had substantial family and a registered business there requiring his immediate return AUGUST 11 2001.

During such travel and in fraud of the prior agreement so affirmed by AMERICAN EXPRESS CENTURION BANK for the OKLAHOMA BUSINESS which paid the $10,000 amount, was he ambushed, the life of his child threatened, and the child taken in a confessed and written account made by the abducting parties then sent to ELIZABETH BOTELHO via public electronic forum in the context of threats and witness intimidation to not testify in defense of JAMES ALLEN.

These actions, so documented and provided to PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTIRCT COURT, and sworn as prior also provided to the ADA CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT in 2012 paid investigation of similar extoriton and blackmail activity by BRIAN YOUNG, DONALD J BEAL, VERONICA PETERSEN, and associates named in letters "IVA PETERSEN" and "REGINALD", known to James Allen as a male associate of IVA PETERSEN.

Qui Tam would pay 10% of the $44.4 Billion to JAMES ALLEN as reward for report of this abuse.

Fraud per GOVERNING LAW would pay treble the $44.4 Billion if wrongly taken in cause of false report, as evident in the filing by the STATE OF OKLAHOMA attesting to the UNITED STATES of a FALSE CONVICTION NOT A THING OF RECORD upon formal report concealed and created by the licensed contractor for the STATE OF OKLAHOMA and GOVERNING BOARD OF THE STATE OF OKLAHOMA over that license; in addition to other false claims themed a manufactured report created to defaud the UNITED STATES of benefits and bocking relief for a SERIOUS INJURY INCURRED in context to the good samaritan act Title 76 upon the body of JAMES ALLEN in 2017 February, diagnosed in June 2017, then ordered SURGERY which the actions of STATE OF OKLAHOMA have barred and denied relief to JAMES ALLEN from FEBRUARY 17 2017 to JANUARY 2 2020. without legal cause and in violation of TITLE 22 CHAPTER 78 Federal Law, refusing medical care and aid essential to the normal fucntion of the party invoking FEBRUARY 2019 on record and in written report the rights of THE VICTIMS OF A SEVERE FORM OF VIOLENCE AND TRAFFICKING ACT OF 2000.

Such refusal to provide relief denied on the BASIS OF SEX by STATE OF OKLAHOMA and UNITED STATES in this matter, and under color of law so prohibited per 22 USC section 7102, to the effect of MAIMING the body of James Allen; causing further disability, loss of income, and injury by delay in relief and protection obligated those FEDERAL LAWS in this matter and FEDERAL REGULATIONS and in contravention of TEXAS FAMILY CODE section 157.375, which the STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA by refusal to act have disclaimed in full, dibarring all means of enforcement and statutory law in TEXAS FAMILY CODE section 157 there also alleged in formal complaint UNCONSTITUTIONAL in 34 separate points at law by JAMES ALLEN, PRO SE for the 21 O.S. 21-748.2 civil suit filed.

This is the point a smart attorney would call their Federal Civil Rights Office in D.C. and ask for help, and any delay be constructively interpreted as obstruction of justice to further delay and suspend the rights of due process in a crime alleged wrongly a civil debt not then valid after 15 U.S.C. 1692d violation through demands for immediate payment on threat of prosecution to obtain funds not registered a lawful court order, to do so during the course of a registered civil trial and case filed and then open already prior such demands service by UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE, and thereby making void thereafter any claim under Federal Law governing civil debt contrary any retrial as per TURNER v ROGERS et al (2011).

That this action in effect BLOCKED RECOVERY OF A MISSING AND EXPLOITED CHILD alleged in court records to be medicated with PROZAC as young as age 5 to compel and instill a false narrative of voluntary abandonment in a criminal child abduction and concealment contrary a court order for return in JOINT MANAGED CONSERVATORSHIP should alert FEDERAL AUTHORITIES to the alleged 18 USC 666 fraud evident in this TEXAS and OKLAHOMA joint case.

The STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA, as two legal parties or persons at law, in context to 18 USC 241 and 242, on condition of the ALIEN status of the RESPONDENT, a UNITED STATES CITIZEN seeking relief guaranteed under 15 USC 1692n and 1692d, and for protection from CRUEL AND EXCESSIVE FINES in context to threats on his property, to murder him, to criminally enter his property to intimidate in written notices publicly posted by persons holding and concealing his child, and to do so contrary an order to return his sole heir on demands for concessions from his business and intellectual property, using assets at VIRTBIZ.COM, GEBHARDT BROADCASTING LLC, COGENT COMMUNICATIONS, NTT AMERICA, NTT GROUP, HETZNER, TELIA, OVH HOSTING, SHENZEN based offices, Australian offices of NTT GROUP, and other offices correlated with EQUINIX and ZEN LAYER INC, and in conjunction with persons alleged DIRECTORS at NTT AMERICA and PACKET CLEARING HOUSE (PCH.NET) who assisted and aided in this abuse via the LOSTSERVER.NET computer and network relationship as a 'backup DNS' for NTT AMERICA, so reported by DONALD BEAL in his creation of defamatory false claims of MENTAL HEALTH DEFECT and MENTAL ILLNESS to conceal the kidnapping and 20 year concealment of a minor child in the STATE OF TEXAS to extort and blackmail a registered business in the STATE OF OKLAHOMA, refuse repayment of $10,000 USD taken via AMERICAN EXPRESS CENTURION BANK, and other debts in excess of $40,000 USD in vehicle and loans then created a default by impact of child abduction and solicitation of violence in a pattern of violence with injury - sustained as of 2011 testimony under oath to this fraud before DISTRICT JUDGE MARTHA KILGORE, support the claim of maximum damages and spoliation damages sought by JAMES ALLEN against STATE OF TEXAS, STATE OF OKLAHOMA, UNITED STATES, and the parties named in specific threats. Use of disguises and false names to conceal the identity of such threats, including names extensively including "myluv" and "187" (california code for murder) further affirm the serious nature of this violence and human trafficking refused relief and falsely conveyed as a TITLE IV civil award after formal report and demand in writ of habeas corpus, so repeatedly destroyed by TITLE IV agents and law enforcement in STATE OF TEXAS, STATE OF OKLAHOMA, and UNITED STATES on the basis of sex - to defer custody contrary the court order to the mother without right to cross examination of claims or legal cause to this activity disclosed to the OKLAHOMA PARENT and in complete refusal of law enforcement protection supporting 76 O.S 76-9 and Article II-3 and II-22 public notice to this abuse on maturity of the child to 18 years, if still alive.

No State, Country, or Nation has the authority to remove a child for a monetary award in excess of real income, or to expect payment where such employment and commercial activity is subject false claims justifying the taking, concealment, and denial of contact between a parent and their child to compel surrender of intangible or real property, contrary any alleged value or sale price and prior such sale (18 USC 1951, 1961)

Beyond War is about many things since its first drafts in 1992, formal effort to develop software in 1996, active investment from AMERICAN EXPRESS CENTURION BANK, MBNA AMERICA and CAPITAL ONE in the interest of this project, and sabotage to those funds in 1999 and 2001 by persions named in court documents as a thief (theft by check), and later in kidnapping in coordination with the same thief themed an effort to forfeit and defraud the Oklahoma business owner of equity rights and lawful ownership of commercial activity so evident in the 213 page essay by the abductors published from 2013-2019 under the alias suggesting murder of the Oklahoma parent and supporting a fraud of mental health defect to intimidate and deceive the public (76 O.S. 76-3, 76-4). Actions in 2017 and 2018 coincinding with the release of RTX technology and Ryzen 3rd generation technology further obstructed the regular business of the companies and investments in excess of $15,000 made by PONTOTOC COUNTY residents in the Beyond War project, and escalated the matter to a FEDERAL CRIMINAL VIOLATION already settled law by the UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT (Feb 17 2019, 586 U.S. Case 17-1091) in eloquent opinion tendered by Justice Ginsberg for the unanimous Supreme Court of the United States. 11 months later, Justice is still denied, and speedy trial not granted or afforded on the ongoing refusal to make a finding of FALSE LEGAL FACT tendered with malicious intent to defraud the UNITED STATES of unlimited benefits in taking from the estate of JAMES ALLEN, a UNITED STATES SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION ACCOUNT, and to remove at law the agent of that account by conspiracy against the lawful protections afforded and due process refused in a style of medical malpractice and legal malpractice so serious it warrants reading "THE ELEMENTS OF THE PHILOSOPHY OF RIGHT" by "G.W.F. HEGEL" (1820) to put into context the criminal mafeasance now evident on record and in injury to UNITED STATES CITIZENS victimized by this fraud and baseless child snatching (21 O.S. 21-891, a felony).

In the course of this fraud, we have witnessed the ICELAND based company infringing upon the concept and principles disclosed change their alleged copyright to back-date each claim by the OKLAHOMA developer, flaunting the immunity that ICELAND provided their off-shore development and false claims in immitation to solicit $100 million USD in funding on illegal collateral of tax revenue from the citizens of ICELAND (later ruled unlawful, and termintated - having already intimidated investment in Beyond War away due to competitor use of national funds similar to NTT GROUP ownership by the NATION OF JAPAN in 25% equity holdings without registration as a foreign agent operating in the UNITED STATES and activity themed kidnapping, extortion, and blackmail of domestic United States registered officers during that time using those assets and utitlies in conjunction with MIGHIGAN based corporate resources and networks to host defamation sites in 2011. Then also portraying the father of the child as 'transgender' and other false claims of a hate crime to further incite violence against the parent preventing recovery and communication with the child. This activity continued by BRIAN YOUNG and other persons in coordination to extort over $100,000 in false sale of the brand and divert law enforcement to the REPUBLIC OF GERMANY and other foreign jurisdictions contrary domestic origin of these threats, 8 million ICMP flood, modified ICMP to include threat messages in each packet, and other acts which could not occur without premeditated malicious abuse of INTERSTATE COMMUNICATIONS AND WIRE services in fraud activity. Such activity also undertaken by registration of JAMESARNOLDALLEN.COM and JAMESARNOLDALLEN.ME using 'email addresses' to sign the legal name of legal person in ICANN forms concealing the creation of these documents from discovery by DONALD J BEAL, an employee of ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES and associate of NTT AMERICA employees sharing a common server and style of signatures used also in numerous registrations at ICANN, supporting activity reported to JAMES ALLEN to include creation of companies in SHENZEN CHINA to illegally import technology to the UNITED STATES and carry out other activity exploiting persons themed transgender, while also accessing these systems to create false profiles of the OKLAHOMA parent there in MICHIGAN without consent and in violation of the laws against abuse of publicity, and in a pattern of criminal behavior repeated on and whose purpose was the perpetual concealment of the minor child from the LAWFUL POSSESSION AND CUSTODY of the OKLAHOMA RESIDENT and legal father of the same, in PARENTAL ALIENATION and in partnership with PCH.NET in the STATE OF CALIFORNIA, where such activity is a violation of THE CALIFORNIA PARENTAL KIDNAPPING PREVENTION ACT and Federal Law 28 USC 1738A(e), voiding any claims of termination of custody not allowing the parent to appear and such appearance then prohibited civil prosecution per TEXAS FAMILY CODE 157.375 - denied at law by SALLY PRETORIOUS, attorney for the abducting parent in STATE OF TEXAS 2015.

SALLY PRETORIOUS did refuse to allow the OKLAHOMA PARENT to enter into record terms specified in OKLAHOMA CONSTITUTION ARTICLE XXIII-8 and XXIII-9, making her claims at law void to imply or construe a failure to meet conditions already refused and in false promise of telephonic communication then refused after such activity as to make erh an ACCESSORY AFTER THE FACT to the criminal complaint of 21 O.S. 21-891 filed in PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTICT COURT a formal notice to the Judge assigned to the case in answer of barratry filing Nov 21 2018 by VERONICA PETERSEN, a person at law not a legal party to the custody or case and not a party in the instrument filed there, alleging debt or obligation of any kind.

Attorneys in this matter seek to negotiate what is a criminal felony injury with maiming to the defendant, while alleging the attorney services are not participants in the counter-suit and are contracted solely for the DEFENSE of the initial claim; voiding any legal authority and subsequent to naming the RESPONDENT A LITIGANT in inquiry seeking clarification, to deny right to meet with the court until all parties are present. Such motion for trial then filed and accepted and indictment read before witness KYLE HIBBS, made JANUARY 2019, now over 12 months since initial filing and answer made DEC 31 2019, due to continued deliberation as to the merit or relief to dismiss the claims of mental health raised which disbar speedy trial and delay the releif obligated at law, including furthering the pain and suffering due to injury requiring SURGERY of the PRO SE party under threat of contempt contrary overwhelming evidence and refusal of the TITLE IV agency to produce the evidence of income which MUST BE ENTERED INTO THE FILE PRIOR A FILING OF CONTEMPT TO SHOW FACTUAL INCOME SUBJECT A MOTION FOR FAILURE TO COMPLY AND FAILURE TO REGISTER SUCH ORDER OR OBTAIN JUDGMENT OF REGISTRATION PRIOR TO THE GRANTING OF TRIAL AND INDICTUMENT OBSERVED AND OCCURRING THEN BEFORE WITNESS KYLE HIBBS.

If this was your typical day, every day, for 20 years, you'd be more than a little upset too, having to retell the story or any party from memory, like some ritual out of the movie "ENEMY MINE". That is why the final complaint remains a vioaltion of the UNITED STATES TREATY "THE CONVENTION ON THE PREVENTION AND PUNISHMENT OF THE CRIME OF GENOCIDE", and additional to the count of a formal complaint of 18 USC 1091 Federal Law violation alleged and filed, which as a statute only does omit portions of the TREATY contrary "Supreme Law" which makes binding both the statutory relief as well as the Treaty at law in resort to impose the penalties for "complicity with Genocide" by the STATE OF TEXAS, STATE OF OKLAHOMA, and UNITED STATES in the matter of JAMES ALLEN vs STATE OF TEXAS et al.

While Federal Laws (45 CFR) have changed to make the abuse in the prior case clearly 'human trafficking', the fraud continues to be evident in other areas of United States law. Despite this, the fear of acting outside of jurisdictions while aiding in fraud against the United States under abuse of legal process and color of law continue, just as prior genocide activity relied on the authority of compartmentalizing abuse of civil rights.

Beyond War reflects this in the planetary and national governments conduct toward people and in their own authority - while the audience and the player expose themselves to the broad concepts and abuses evident to other perspectives outside these constraints.

Delay in Trial as of Dec 31 2019 in ORDER STAYING CASE arises from the failure to meet 45 CFR 302.0 and 303.0 regulations by STATE OF OKLAHOMA, prohibiting this fraud; and effort to reject Federal Law and SCOTUS ruling disbarring the claims of civil debt as EXCESSIVE FINES and Oklahoma Supreme Court Ruling such case under UIFSA is "automatic mistrial", in defense of 2001-2020 concealment of a child from a parent ordered custody and entitled possession prior that claim in 76 O.S. 76-1 and 76 O.S. 76-8 rule against taking of newborn from their registred home in the household of JAMES A. ALLEN. Failure to address criminal wrongdoing by DIRECTORS OF TITLE IV agencies engaging in this fraud defined a felony in 18 U.S.C. section 666 while Federal Officers in the Obama and Bush FBI refused to act, underscore the qui tam and fraudulent taking activity of UNITED STATES and STATE OF TEXAS in the kidnapping, concealment, and blackmail to extort ALLEN in loss of a child and for the forfeiture of the dissent and criticism against secular violence and secular malpractice of medicine by Progressive extremists in STATE OF TEXAS, STATE OF OKLAHOMA, and other States supporting the insurrection, rebellion, and sedition against the Laws of the United States in 2001-2020, themed a kidnapping to extort and force forfeiture of estate in Oklahoma Article XXIII-1A crime against JAMES A. ALLEN and the firms supporting his UNITED STATES INTERSTATE COMMERCE activity prior and subsequent to the child kidnapping. Violations in this matter boil down to an Article II-6 and II-36A (equal protection on the basis of sex) used to create fraudulent Title IV-D cases nationally in the United States by the various member States, themed a genocide activity and overt human trafficking (21 O.S. 21-748; 22 USC Chapter 78) by ALLEN in formal counterclaim against the UNITED STATES in 2018.

Petersen vs ALLEN is a perfect example of "RED FLAG LAWS" misuse to take, conceal, and abuse children int he UNITED STATES through false claims of mental illness based on secular (religious) extremism in self-identified "atheist" communities, using citation of anti-communist anti-progressive individual-civil-rights as the basis for claims of mental illness and in concert with the publicity to defraud and exterminate Conservative families and intimidate by force and threat of murder the suffrage rights of conservative, Christian, and academic resistors to Progressive fascism and 'pre-crime' concepts of rights-suspension.

Beyond War as a geopolitical simulation tests players in these cultural and national identities, set against extreme technology like nuclear weapons and stealth technology, and the context of control over information to keep a subordinate people in a position of utility to small oligarchies. Resistance against this form of fraud and human slavery is central to the Beyond War project, and a fundamental element of horror fiction similar to John Steakley's futilism in 'Armour", regarding the incapacity of others to know war like soldiers who were fighting on the front lines.

Human Trafficking under color of law and "progressive" fraud to suppress this abuse is a direct threat to the United States and the effort to carry out corruption of blood by abuse based on utility and forced taking in excess of income themed EXCESSIVE FINES are a recurring abuse of prior national socialism. These abuses have become so acute in violence and blackmail activity to disbar the project, that the company now considers this abuse an organized labor threat under Oklahoma Constitution Article XXIII-1A, and fraud to embezzle from the United States benefits in forfeiture of estate to political fraud attacking the suffrage of UNITED STATES CITIZENS by criminal child taking in Title IV fraud.