Payment Terms

Payment by PayPal, for USD and other countries still using those forms of currency. Bitcoin (mBTC / BTC) and ZCash (ZEC) are accepted for other nations. All taxes will be due and calculated in the contract currency or token, for remission in USD by the firm.

For Those new to crytocurrency accounts: mBTC are traded at about $3.50 USD. BTC is approximately $3500 USD; ZEC is presently $50 USD; per Binance.com.

Cryptocurrency is a fast non-refundable form of payment for large purchases backed by coinbase.com in the United States. Cryptocurrency product prices may be lower due to the reduced risk of chargeback without consent by the merchant to refunds / disputes.

Orders may be placed exclusively via PayPal or our authorized application. All orders are subject to approval by the IP7A review.

What is IP7A

Imperial Protectorate Seven Alpha - A private secure virtual American Network, Established under Article II-1, II-3, II-6, II-22, XXIII-8, and XXIII-9 enumerated rights under The Constitution of the State of Oklahoma (1907 ratification by the United States Congress, as Supreme Law).


For security purposes, all communication is restricted to the IP7A encrypted private network. SSL and RSA/DES encryption are not secure methods of communication with the advent of Tensor Core technology.