Because of the volume of information we are receiving, a Newsroom format is being prepared for areas of update.

Since 1991, our business has served a community of less than 18,000 in rural Oklahoma. Attempting to threaten, bully, intimidate, or deride our service for choices designed to serve our local market and small customer base in a sustainable fashion are racketeering activity prohibited in XXIII-1A rule, Oklahoma Constitution, and a fraud subject immediate II-3 and II-22 report publicly as a public danger.

All privacy is disclaimed in any harassment communication to our firm in context to these threats, as afforded under 21 O.S. 21-31 and 21-32 rule. Any action prohibited under 18 USC 2261A (felony stalking) is prohibited and will be publicly reviewed. Harassment of an employer or employee is a crime under Oklahoma Law (21 O.S. 21-837 and 21-838). Aid in the prior frauds will be regarded as felony racketeering, in light of a related child snatching to extort and blackmail.

This matter is COMMERCIAL and INTERSTATE COMMERCE because the parties have knowingly created and impersonated a UNITED STATES CORPORATION in the PETERSEN v ALLEN abduction; making the matter Federal. False accounts for RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED on TWITTER, and false accounts for SHADOWDANCERS LLC, designed to contact and impersonate the Oklahoma parent in a capacity as an officer of the State, make this a serious criminal fraud against Title IV Grant programs governed by 45 CFR 302.0 and 303.0 rule. Themed 18 USC 666 felony embezzelment of Federal Benefits in conspiracy against rights (18 USC 241) on 76 O.S. 76-8 rule. INTERFERENCE IN INTERSTATE COMMERCE is covered by Title 18 Chapter 95 and 96; and 22 USC Chapter 78.

The dispute is themed an assault on Christians by sexually deviant persons in Interstate racketeering activity conjoined with Dallas Texas, Enid Oklahoma, Tulsa Oklahoma, New York City (NY), Lansing (MI), and supporting financial and sales groups impersonating not-for-profit groups in Enid OK and California, acting on behalf of NATION OF JAPAN, KINGDOM OF SWEDEN, PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, SINGAPORE, SOUTH KOREA, and ICELAND; in joint commercial patent and trademark, trade secret, and copyright infringement themed industrial espionage and industial sabotage with kidnapping context. Effort to target heterosexual Oklahoma parents and conceal their children in organization support the following claims and findings, and ultimately target children in regard to 22 USC Chapter 78 section 7102 rule.

SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP has been an opponent of hate crimes and child abuse, human trafficking, and sexual violence for 29 years of operation in Oklahoma. Attacks upon the firm are due to the conservative views of the company contrary radical socialist claims to theme Christian and anti-communist parties as mentally ill.

This classic communist party tactic, used by National Democratic Committee groups in PETERSEN v ALLEN, represent a civil rights violation contrary law and to create a false record in human trafficking and child snatching with commercial interference against an already registered and established business.

Denial During Child Abudction And Extortion Are a War Crime

"How do you know this is not some kid playing a prank?" or "It was just a joke."

When people take your child, disobey a court order, call for your murder, falsely report the contents of a formal court of law proceding, make false claims regarding debt, call for your property to be taken by force, resort to sexual violence threats, come in disguise to your home or place of business in order to threaten you or your family (or animals thereupon), and do so in conjunction with other physical attacks that show 99.999% correlation with their actions in a like fashion - that's not just "some kid" or "casual talk".

During the 2020 March threats (described below), attacks upon network systems have been monitored including 300,000 requests per day from a single source, which indicate an "industrial and organized effort to disable a business network and point of sale, communication, and business phone systems". This attack is not "noise" on the Internet, and is quite unprecedented in design and incompetence - as well as coordinated against two of seven servers on the network, affording a "control group" for traffick comparison. Traffic is also not related to services running or outbound traffic, and has specific names associated with requests of a volume and frequency which disbar any possible lawful use of the Internet transmission control protocol, to include "SYN FLOOD" abuse spanning months, repeated systematic use of very large business networks (OVH, HETZNER, OpenNetworks of Japan) and include personally crafted packets signed by the attacker who is illegally holding a minor contrary an order of possession.

Efforts by Oklahoma law enforcement to disclaim the importance or relevance of this form of attack, style the activity as outside their jurisdiction to deny protection of law, and refuse the right of COMMERCIAL CIRCUIT BUSINESS USE to victims in an effort to susppress the nature of the Title IV fraud now clearly a crime under 45 CFR and 18 USC 241, so also 18 USC 2071, on the grounds of foreign jurisdiction or statutory limitations further affirm the 21 O.S. 21-891 felony nature of such contact and demands, communication, and threats during economic crisis and to deceive the public (76 O.S. 76-4) combined with false names; that no doubt may exist in the assessment of a compentent professional of a crime aginst a business, including written confession and a sustained publication of such design to injure from 2001-2020 contrary 28 USC 1738A(e) Federal Law.

Seeking to create plausible reasons for failure to afford relief is a WAR CRIME, per the Federal Law, known as complicity and such act a heinous crime in United States Treaty, for which public notice against such act is a lawful right of self-defense citing false claims themed "FRAUD" and injury sought upon a person defined in 18 USC 1589 "serious harm" - voiding privacy of any party engaging in these acts and their employer(s).

Where a business nexus (competitor standing, in a threat of violence) is evident, such companies are liable and subject report, as the general public are not fully competent in the advantage created by such organized commercial Intestate and International forms of racketeering at an industry and intellectual property level. Awareness of this industry aspect, paired with a support of these activitys to include only a 24 hour pause in the attack March 20 2020 upon report, show gross criminal negligence and RECKLESS DISREGARD by the Japanese owned firms and STATE OF TEXAS corporation acting in this abuse, themed illegal competitive practices in our State and County.

Per Federal Law, as explicitly cited in Federal Register Volume 81 Number 244, the sole liability rests on the Title IV Agency of the State to correct the improper demand, stop abuse and cease enforcement as cited in 45 CFR 302.56 on written complaint, and abandon all debt over sixty (60) days past due per the rule. Ongoing efforts to imply a lack of proof or action by the alienated parent to justify concealment and refusal to return a child paired with false claims of mental health to disparrage commercial and public civil honors are a crime after-the-fact, and ongoing fraud in $28.6 billion Federal Title IV grant program. This is express in 42 USC 666(a)(9) rule to apply operation of law; and in 42 USC 666(a)(10) to make automatic modification on change in income or report to comply with 15 USC 1673(b) rule of 'factual' income, disbarring all powers to act then in cases of 'implied' income, and disclaiming the 'average income' method as illegal child support demand not permitted at law - and a false debt - so ruled EXCESSIVE FINE and void per SCOTUS (586 U.S. ____ case 17-1091). Citing therein by Ginsburg the abuse evident in PETERSEN v ALLEN explicitly a form of forfeiture not allowed or permitted the power of the State or Federal Civil Court whatsoever.

As attacks suspended for hours March 2020 and then RESUMED after this report, we may affirm a criminal intent of a felony degree, and apply 76 O.S. 76-9 rule to this matter, on 76-8 and 76-1 intent to violate Oklahoma Statutory Law, and with impact upon 76-6 in commercial scope to 21 O.S. 21-837 and 21-837 criminal activity themed ongoing 18 USC 241 violation at this time. See the following for details, to degree, and understand self-defense includes II-3 and II-22 rule explicitly in the ongoing XXIII-1A violations by an organized labor activity in INTERFERENCE IN INTERSTATE COMMERCE, regardless of where a specific actor in a larger INTERSTATE GROUP may be resident, in context to a written plan to extort a business of the State of Oklahoma or workers therein to abandon a trade, product, or industrial activity.

See also: Network Felony Stalking

Dealing with Sodomite Competitors
...and their dog raping friend (see March 20th threats)

For the past week a group of sodomites (persons obsessed with anal sex) have been repatedly harassing our staff via AMAZON services in addition to a 13,000 per hour TCP SACK KERNEL PANIC ATTACK which began with a shooting in September 2019 at our office.

These persons, known to us as "The 187 Group", and consisting of claims made by Donald Beal (INFOMART / ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES), Brian Young (KEIF-LP), Dorian Kim (PCH.NET), Jared Mauch (NTT AMERICA), consistently and in like fashion to the 2013-2020 publication justifying the taking, concealment, and mental and physical abuse of a minor child then ordered to the possession of JAMES ALLEN; to compel loss of business and forfeiture of estate and loans in excess of $150,000 USD by kidnapping.

In March 2020, this escalated to automated addition of 2600 "FOLLOWER" accounts created to the HMSTRYX account on the AMAZON SERVICE in an attempt to impersonate a purchase of false followers, deceiving the public to believe such services were and are a fraud in addition to intimidation of AMAZON employees to ban the commercial contracted account with SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP by AMAZON, themed an AFFILIATE AGREEMENT.

Further did this group in 2013 claim that the CISCO CHANNEL PARTNER status of RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED and SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP was ficticious, seeking to knowingly defraud the public to sell ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES services and goods into Oklahoma illegally. There claiming that the author of the claims was a CISCO CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL named "JOSIAH DEUTCH", an alleged EAST CENTRAL UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA student. Both the Ada City Police and EAST CENTRAL UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA denied that such person existed, and the language and phrasing including obsession with sexual sodomy themes toward JAMES ALLEN by Mr. DEUTCH appear to be consistent with the writing of letters to ATTORNEY MARY ROUNDS by DONALD J. BEAL, a ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES employee per court record.

On behalf of this commercial relationship, did DONALD BEAL in his letter also claim TEK SYSTEMS a co-conspirator in this fraud to abduct, conceal, and kidnap a child ordered to the possession of JAMES ALLEN; and such child taken by Veronica Petersen, Iva Petersen, and Donal Beal to a place of concealment in the letters and failing in 2002-2015 to notify the court of this place contrary law; then also did STATE OF TEXAS refuse to disclose this lack of information and payment of funds to the party during suspension of habeas corpus right of return and location; violating UNIFORM INTERSTATE FAMILY SUPPORT ACT "CHOICE OF LAW" clause, obligating both STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA to locate, communicate, and return the child as "satisfaction of all obligations"; falsely themed an unpaid debt contrary 42 U.S.C. section 666(a)(10) obligation to "modify" the support and CEASE AND DESIST any claim of obligation in excess of factual income; so defined also in 15 USC 1673(c) rule; whereby did the act to sustain this fraud and claim "owing and due" make the civil debt and all procedure and order null and void. Wrongly then themed as "no rights" to return or contact, contrary 76 O.S. 76-1 rule of 'inherent rights' and 76 O.S. 76-8 "right to return and reunificaiton" for both the Oklahoma father and the child; felony violations of 18 USC 241 Federal Law by operation of law.

By "operation of law", so defined in 42 U.S.C. section 666(a)(9) was this fraud not permitted, as described in "KELLY v KELLY" and "Malone v Malone", themed thereby "automatic mistrial", and the refusal to admit this in taking for concealment of children the felony crime 18 USC 1091 in statutory rule; or under the Oklahoma Supreme Law per U.S. Treaty there also binding superior law per 586 U.S. case 17-1091 ruling, a war crime upon the intent to disbar the suffrage right and right to own a business, operate, and to receive civil honors by the community in like fashion to similar 'ad hominem' and 'hereditary mental and emotional disorder' claims of neo-nazi genocide activity and anti-homosexual extermination practices used in the death camps of the National Socialist Party, in language and direction.

Such abuse, to theme the right to business based on the capital capacity, is a violation and crime of Oklahoma Article XXIII section XXIII-1A, and a felony. The use of the 'pink triangle' to mark for shame and violence homosexuals, was used by the MyLuv187 group to mark JAMES ALLEN in 2013-2020 publications in a fraud to take, conceal, and deny all commmunication with his child; by this group.

The use of the 'black triangle', also employed by the NAZI PARTY to mark 'asocial' (non-party dissidents and resistors to nazi eugencis and genocide claims) as mentally ill, theming these persons "anti-social" or "against soceity" and thus mentally defective or degenerate - were also and are also consitent with the threats by Brian Young, Donald Beal, Veronica Petersen, and their associates.

The disturbing aspect of having trained two of the associates now aiding in this fraud, who were for over a year instructed in the legal and criminal nature of soliciting death aginst persons and making such claims of mental health to defraud and compel as prohibited crimes; further affirms the premeditated intent to commit a felony by those parties in this matter as "organized labor" seeking to disable the company SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP and RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED.

Motive for such extreme behavior, themed terrorism under the Oklahoma Anti-Terrorism Act, where directed toward a business or place of business to include the broadcast services of a PONTOTOC COUNTY, STATE OF OKLAHOMA worker or company; are not clear until the competitor standing of NTT GROUP, PCH.NET, WHITE WOLF PUBLISHING, CCP hf (now CCP GAMES, a subsidiary of) PARADOX INTERACTIVE, and 5% market stock ownership of PARADOX INTERACTIVE by TENCENT HOLDINGS of China.

TENCENT also holds "TENCENT SHENZEN TECHNOLOGY CO LTD", a patent company seeking advantage in such forfeiture. Use of the trademark "STRYX" owned by SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP, both by contract writers in GAMES WORKSHOP PLLC subsidiary license holder FANTASY FLIGHT GAMES - and by WHITE WOLF PUBLISHING (CCP GAMES / PARADOX INTERACTIVE) to damage the well known "pen name" used by JAMES ALLEN in credit and work from 1991-2020 for GAMES WORKSHOP PRODUCTS and charcter design used at public events where WHITE WOLF PUBLISHING sold their "minds eye theater / Vampire: The Requiem" product, a part of the WORLD OF DARKNESS; utterly enjoins those parties to the claim of employment by WHITE WOLF PUBLISHING and JOSIAH DEUTCH in 2003-2006 made by his own admission during written threat to extort, blackmail, and claim of $95,500 USD sle of SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP property to aid in the kidnapping, concealment, and ransom of the child from the ALLEN FAMILY.

WHITE WOLF PRESS has since entered into similar anti-gay defamation, using genocide against gay persons in a real life series of murders, for which PARADOX INTERACTIVE has declared they have changed management due to the implied "ability to play neo-nazi characters" actively involved in the torture and murder of gays, jews, and other anti-semite targets.

WHITE WOLF PRESS has escaped notice in this 2013 December to 2020 publication of the STRYX brand as a major character themed inhuman and evil, supernatural, and identical to the portrayal of in-game characters for theater created and owned by JAMES ALLEN, by use of an unregistered company ONYX PATH PUBLISHING use of electronic direct-to-customer or direct-to-print-on-demand services; Books by GAMES WORKSHOP containing the similar derogatory character did appear in PONTOTOC COUNTY, and receipt of such book and sale shown in distribution as part of a nationwide infringement upon the party similar to the degree of HARMONY GOLD vs FASA CORPORATION in MOSPEDA images and machine designs.

Flagrant copyright and trademark infringement in this nature, driven by wholly incorrect claims that "copyright only exists for registered works" to justify theft of intangible intellectual property and content from physical and registered property, appear consistent in statements of "COPYRIGHTS, PATENT & TRADEMARKS WORLDWIDE" (1990) by Hoyt L. Barber (ISBN 0-8306-0233-X).

Brian Young and other members of the "MyLuv187" group; contrary the common law and Supreme Law of the United States governing such rights and the existence of intangible property as a right existing prior to statutory rule; as affirmed repeatedly and well known among competent commercial professionals and industry experts in intellectual property management.

In this manner, and to destroy the claim of the original author and owner of the mark, have the parties engaged in a pattern of sexual and offensive, harassing, and sustained activity paired with child abduction and concealment, child abuse, parental alienation, and leveraged such claims against very large foreign investment from countries like CHINA and JAPAN, where the age of consent for sex is only 13 years old, to support a total loss of paternal contact conditional payment of a random inconsistent with income and unlawful in the UNITED STATES per 45 CFR and 1991 rule (per FEDERAL REGISTER VOLUME 81 NO 244). Compeling by knowing fraud, design, and use of physical violence while in an INTERSTATE COMMERCE ACTIVITY and to INTERFERE IN INTERSTATE COMMERCE (18 USC 1951) with the operation of a registered agent of the UNITED STATES and UNITED STATES CORPOATION.

Examination of the relationships, locations, ownership, and community standards themed in this abuse appear to enjoin the low age of sexual maturity and consent in the OCEANIC foreign companies against UNITED STATES businesses and industry professionals who are dissenting against misuse of technology and monopoly and anti-trust violations by these firms activity in the continental United States; in clear racketeering activity prohibited under 18 USC Chapter 96 (section 1961). These themes are evident in the use of similar media like "MUSICAL.LY" - now known publicly as TIKTOK, or "ByteDance" (native name: 字节跳动), a CHINESE based company that sources images and video of minor children in the UNITED STATES.

Many United States parents do not realize the use and other applications for this content in the context to the "age of consent of 14 years" in the People's Republic of China, or similar age of 15 in Singapore, and 16 in Australia, where these "Myluv187" members and their companies are based. Nor the very low (13 years) age of consent in the Nation of Japan, and how the presumption of the father as a source of income devoid of rights if he disputes his subordinate role in the working class of that nation as set by academic and government license.

These concepts are foreign, alien, and as offensive to the UNITED STATES and XXIII-1A rule as Islamic child marriage to children under 17 is in the West; but not as readily visible until the language, letters, and sexual overtones of rape and sodomy used to sustain the ongoing 2020 March 17 harassment in PETERSEN v ALLEN appear.

Community and State law enforcement are not designed to deal with national backing for harassment or efforts to compell States to fight for welfare Title IV grant (benefits) by fraud; where such fraud is a felony (18 USC 666) and false record (23 O.S. 23-9.1) a form of foreign commercial industrial espionage or sabotage; paired with domestic partners employed to execute and sustain this abuse for pay.

When the taking of UNITED STATES CITIZENS in violation of FEDERAL LAW (45 CFR) and to compel or cause the detainment of UNITED STATES REGISTERED AGENTS in disablement of UNITED STATES CORPORATIONS becomes evident, as they have in PETERSEN v ALLEN and the "187 Group" letters; paired with complicity to commit genocide and crime of genocide; it is the duty of the POTUS to act and no authority of Congress or the JUSTICE DEPARTMENT afforded a right to oppose such relief and remedy obligated (18 USC 1593) for human trafficking and peonage (22 USC Chapter 78 and 18 USC 1589), including "serious harm" by sustained acts of terrorism against UNITED STATES organizations and legal persons during the sustained concealment or removal of their chidlren from their "ordered possession".

An order that is to be relied upon for debt, but is disclaimed for duty to return hostages, is a fraud and theft of United States benefits (18 USC 666) not afforded the right of law, as express in Federal Law (15 USC 1692d, 15 USC 1673c, 28 USC 1738Ae, 42 USC 1994).

That any American be subjected to this form of abuse, in sustained failure to call to arms and remedy obligated at law and urgency of an immediate relief afforded 18 USC 3161 rule and Oklahoma Constitution Article II section II-6; gives cause to relieve that government or officer or other agency or State of its authority, registry, books, claims, and all power of attorney at law. Leaving commercial and business persons to decide, plainly - do you side with pedophiles, sodomites, and people who are engaged in violence and sexual threats against women and children to compel a "social justice" that is alien to the United States and the People; and to disbar any officer or agent of the UNITED STATES or any Member State who offense as obligated under 22 USC Chapter 78 rule (a law, already made); and to hold the same true of any corporation or patent granted to foreign parties also which was in any part obtained by such violation or agency at law in any degree, from such honor and standing at law in the jurisdiction of the United States - as is equal protection and the duty of 18 USC 241 contrary any 'custom' or 'rational balancing' of benefits to injuries inflicted?

This is the fundamental question of the 21st Century. Is the injury to even one person, justification to ignore that crime for benefit to the community, a collective, or other imagined social cause or self-image?

March 17th 2020, the "MyLuv 187" group claimed via TWITCH.TV (an AMAZON) affiliate, that it is not - by continuing in their harassment in contact contrary express notice to CEASE AND DESIST THIS ACTIVITY. Doing so on behalf of all the corporations stated in that notice - in criminal conspiracy against rights, and in the added capacity to create accounts "anaipounder' and "big_buutthol".

big_buuthol said:

    2:43 big_buutthol: Good work james
    2:44 big_buutthol: hope ur business is doing good
    2:44 big_buutthol: Good luck with website , I m sure ur getting a lot of sales
    2:45 big_buutthol: Much love
    2:45 big_buutthol: See ya
    2:45 big_buutthol: see ya jimmy

The name used is the same as the 232 pages of death threats and citation of three women in the PONTOTOC COUNTY area for violence, calling on the community to assault the father of the concealed child; as if a legal cause for concealment were a record of the court - despite there being NONE.

So it is with confidence we disclose now the commercial relationships of these parties, who are acting as beneficiary to this sort of 'passive aggressive' harassment; where after making these claims following 2600 follows added to disrupt a contract in fraud and 300,000 unsolicited messages per day for six months with evasive IP forgery designed to disable the company servers; that the party felt then compelled to say "see ya jimmy".

Brian Young, Donald Beal, Veronica Petersen, Iva Petersen, Alica Scarbrough, Bobby Scarbrough, and the persons in their employment and clients known to be ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES, EQUINIX, PACKET CLEARING HOUSE, LOSTSERVER.NET, INFOMART, GEBHARDT BROADCASTING LLC, KEIF-LP public radio (now unregistered per fines not paid), SPARKHOSTING INTERNET SERVICES, TERRABOX.COM, TEK SYSTEMS, NTT GROUP, and representative resellers COGENT COMMUNICATIONS and ZENLAYER INC. appear by nexus with these persons then to be engaged in a sexual harassment themed child removal and concealment to extort and blackmail domestic UNITED STATES businesses, systematically using OVH HOSTING, HETZNER.DE, and other source IP addresses to block and disrupt the visibility of the Oklahoma company through attacks exceeding 1.8 million unsolicitated messages to SPARKLIGHT HOSTING BUSINESS SERVICS in ADA OKLAHOMA.

Brian Young styled this sort of "insincere and uncharacteristically false sentiment" seen above in "big_buutthol" approach and citation of derogatory names barred prior by felony 18 USC 2261A rule a form of coercion in context to forced taking of property and concealment of family members prohibited in 22 U.S. Chapter 7102 and 21 O.S. 21-748 felony crimes; as "friendly advice" in his deposition to the ADA CITY POLICE following written threat October 2010 to "ruin RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES" for disclosing his beating of an Ada High School student and classmate K.J.Chiles, who came to JAMES ALLEN for help in 2010. Then calling Chiles a "drunk" to excuse this abuse against a woman, shortly before Mr. Young's wife was hospitalized for similar injuries. It was discovered that ALICA SCARBROUGH and BRIAN YOUNG jointly then entered into a conspiracy with DONALD BEAL to seek charges for reporting this inforamtion in 2011, in execution of this threat and during ORDERED POSSESSION of the child named in PETERSEN v ALLEN, to block return of the child conditional payment of funds not lawful child support and in violation of 45 CFR and Federal Law governing Child Support and Civil fines.

This sort of "friendly persuasion" is known as EXTORTION, and as BLACKMAIL, and was further aggravated by the discovery of a drug conviction with incarceration of Brian Young's brother; and of his relationship with a student while a professor in Enid Oklahoma; similar to his relationship with Chiles during his marriage preceeding the domestic violence complaint to ALLEN.

Persons who are holding a child in violation of a court order, and write publicly about entering the property of a person to "leave them gifts so they know you were there, always watching", and to carve out the brain of the person with a "mellon baller" for their demand to have their child returned - as ORDERED and in concealment then after a TAKING BY FORCE AND SURPRISE FROM THE LEGAL RESIDENCE OF THE OKLAHOMA PARENT FOR PERPEPTUAL CONCEALMENT ON RANSOM, are not in any degree innocent or incompetent in their actions.

Which is to say, the prior statement by "big_buutthol" affirms a criminal premeditated plan to hold, extort, repeatedly contact for the purpose of felony (18 USC 2261A) harassment, and to intimidate those persons in the proximity and in direct communication with the business in real-time during such business activity, as to affirm the threats and enjoin the "jimmy" letters (323 pages, with $95,500 USD in false transerfer of title) a formal and organized criminal activity by all persons who have taken part in this matter and their respective employers, beneficiaries, and clients.

A Union, even if informally organized, is a criminal enterprise where it or any employee of such organization contrary direct registry of payroll or title, is engaged in such actions barred by XXIII-1A rule; or other felony linked to repeated approach, solicitation, and contact contrary the express prohibition of the targeted business or person.

In this way, PETERSEN v ALLEN exposes the very serious and criminal aspects of racketeering activity in STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA which warrant a Federal Investigation per 22 USC Chapter 78, a SPECIAL PROSECUTOR APPOINTMENT, and potential action under emergency powers to terminate and suspend the business license and shareholder activity of the firms so named in the direct relationship to those companies having any registered or contractual bond with this activity in nexus.