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Present Fraud Case

We are aware of the following false claims in knowing fraud by convicted criminals and their associates in these states:

  • false claim of $60/hour income under oath in fraud to escape threat of murder and felony stalking complaint
  • false claim of abandonment during concealment in DENTON COUNTY from 2001-2015 concealed from a court
  • false claim of mental illness based on use of anti-depressants and injury to a child in Texas by accusers
  • false claim of abandonment during employment of a false protective order to conceal an abducted child
  • concealment demanding $1200 to release a child ordered to possession of a parent (2015-2018)
  • use of a controlled substance on a child under 8 for 3 years to cause neurological injury
  • false claim of employment and mass mailing of such fraud to intimidate public officers
  • false claim of conviction to collect a debt, violating 15 USC 1692g Federal Law
  • false claim of debt ruled paid in full and void on face by procedure at law
  • extortion in excess of $125,000 USD in formal demands, on fictional books
  • failure to report discharge of debt per contract from 2003-2019
  • animal cruelty to include starvation and torure (2002)
  • identity theft and impersonation to conceal a child
  • fraud to claim right to terms like "engineer"
  • fraud to allege a monopoly in Oklahoma
  • Title XXIII-1A violations 2001-2020
Secondary Component: Business Identity Fraud
  • Alica Scarbrough/McMahon has never been a member nor owned membership shares of SHADOWDANCERS LLC or its predicessor, and claims of such ownership are a known fraud by the party, who forged checks in PONTOTOC COUNTY prior 1999 before flight to allege some equity falsely in SHADOWDANCERS LLC using company contacts developed in STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA for her unregistered company SDC (SCARBROUGH DESIGNS C?), and related LLC in STATE OF ARKANSAS dba INFAMOUS PRODUCTIONS.

  • SCARBROUGH associates BRIAN YOUNG, SUSAN QUINCY, and their related unregistered businesses have made false claims in this cause to directly support child taking and concealment violating an alleged court order, and to seek payment of funds in excess of $2000 USD in charitable payments to Dr. JAMES CLARK DDS of ADA OK for emergency surgery performed in the county on LINDSAY TARVER, a resident of Norman, Oklahoma. These claims, recorded in 2011 by an alias used to send extortion letters, have re-appreared September 2019 in renewed threats of extortion on TWITCH.TV violating 15 USC 1692d Federal rule.

  • Other known associates include STEPHEN ECKER, BRIAN WOLFE, and members of a DALLAS TEXAS firm which made false books and false report against MICHAEL MARINO and SARAH MOORE to DUN & BRADSTREET, in knowing fraud so reported to the agency; and on complaint filed of criminal wrongdoing in false company record, stated to CHRISTOPHER MAIDT whose deposition has been filed as evidnce in VERONICA PETERSEN v JAMES ALLEN as counter-suit in the amount of $17 billion USD in damages (qui tam 45 CFR violations, $44 Billion Title IV alleged fraud in taking during concealment of a child to blackmail).

  • Claims that JAMES ALLEN or this firm or any firm related are banned at public events are the result of the prior formal criminal complaint, reported to ELIZABETH BOTELHO as false claims by the chair of the event named, and all participation with the event despite sponsorship of the relaunch by this firm suspended due to threats of sexual assault on the prior witness at WALMART store #0231 and harassment of a sexual nature in 2008-2012 reported in a formal complaint before JUDGE KILGORE October 31 2012, at which time nexus of the complaint was concealed by STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA disclaiming the child concealment and child custody order later produced NOVEMBER 21 2018 to the court exposing violation of possession prior denied a legal fact by STATE OF OKLAHOMA and STATE OF TEXAS on false claim of over $120,000 USD in demand without trial, violating the civil honors of JAMES ALLEN in denial of license and other allegations not proven and on an order never registered in the STATE OF OKLAHOMA against which charges were filed in alleged barratry and in extortion per letters sent by RENEE BANKS and CLAY B. PETTIS alleging forfeiture of assets and property themed UNCONSTITUTIONAL in 586 U.S. case #17-1091 and a right to sue both STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA in 588 U.S. case #17-647 Federal ruling by SCOTUS.

  • Allegation that a child snatching (21 O.S. 21-891) and federal kidnapping did not occur because the child was concealed by obstruction of justice and denial of standing to the parent from 2001-2019 are false, as writ of habeas corpus was served and TEXAS FAMILY CODE sec. 157.375 (immunity to contact) denied expressly by DALLAS COUNTY DISTRICT COURT and subsequently in 2015 DENTON COUNTY DISTRICT COURT, supported by STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA in letters by LAKESHIA MCMILLAN of the TEXAS ATTORNEY GENERALS OFFICE, and such actions taken prior May 2019 while the child was still a minor, during such extortion activity and debt-bondage activity described in 21 O.S. 21-748, a felony under Oklahoma State Law and UIFSA rule discharging the entire debt in such fixed instrument and order filed as indictment on no trial of 21 O.S. 21-566.1 State Law, prior registration and contest served answer December 2018 in timely accordance with Oklahoma Law, and not registered as of Sept 29 2019 pending trial set Feb 21 2019 and indictment then obtained to charge in PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT COURT by plea of "not guilty" there entered.

  • Aliases used in this fraud are on file in a formal 18 USC 2261A felony stalking complaint with the ADA CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT, and are withheld citing ongoing employment of harassment (15 USC 1692d) in a matter of criminal trial to extort, intimidate witnesses, and deny due process guaranteed to the accused in excess of $100,000 USD sought wrongly under color of law, so described in 22 USC Chapter 78 section 7102.

Claims Paired with Property Damage and Suspicious Deaths

  • September 2019 - Window show out at PONTOTOC COUNTY office of the company prior renewed contact in the prior themes via TWITCH.TV in directed harassment toward the party, so witnessed by KYLE HIBBS for the defense.
  • Two break-ins with a solid wooden door kicked in at property of family members named in 2002 threats by ALICA SCARBROUGH.
  • Multiple instances of dead animals placed on the property door, and photos of the animals posted on the 213 page website created by the abducting parties to allege these physical events were staged by the PONTOTOC COUNTY parent, in addition to the prior claims in commercial INTERFERENCE IN INTERSTATE COMMERCE alleged a fraud on false concealment of a child now disclosed ordered to their possesion in an alleged court order and prior resident upon forced taking in the home of JAMES ALLEN so confessed in written statements by VERONICA PETERSEN, filed in PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT COURT.
  • Vehicular sabotage involving the removal of four of five lug-nuts from the front-left wheel of JAMES ALLEN prior return to Oklahoma after carjacking and assault at gunpoint, resulting in loss of control at highway speed in the CHICKASAW TURNPIKE area northbound near the CITY OF ADA.
  • Death of witnesses in 2005 on the same area due to sudden veering of vehicle into oncoming traffic, resulting in fatality of a business partner of JAMES ALLEN, in similar fashion to the prior attempted murder.
  • Programmer alleged to have "walked into highway traffic" in DALLAS TEXAS, resulting in fatality.
  • Artist under contract with the firm "suffocated on a pillow" in apartment in DALLAS TEXAS.
  • Child was threatened with being carried into "highway traffic" as coercion to obtain control over JAMES ALLEN during INTERSTATE TRAVEL by VERONICA PETERSEN, following attempted murder in State of Oklahoma on Interstate 35 northbound by the Capitol Building, involving striking the driver without warning while a child was a passenger in the car and to cause loss of consciousness of the driver at highway speed.

Core Fraud Evident

If the state (of concealment) is illegal, it should have no legal bearing on the right of return. Unless injury to the child by illegal detention is considered a constructive merit against which damage by ending the fraud were misclassified as injury (18 USC 1589, "Serious Injury" defined at law).


Notice voiding the plaintif resort to fifth Amendment is therefore obligated per the "public danger" in prior events against witnesses, persons affiliated, and ongoing use of disguise to deliver letters of extortion to JAMES ALLEN via business channels of SHADOWDANCERS LLC, as formal warning to difuse and disclaim these frauds expressly made in violation of 76 O.S. 76-1 (right to custody of a child prior signed into the possession and home of the parent), 76 O.S. 76-6 (reputation of JAMES ALLEN et al), and 76-3 and 76-4 rule prohibiting deceit of the public by fraud in repeated false claims made to the attention of customers, select audiences, and the public to damage commerce and INTERSTATE COMMERCE on collateral concealment to disable the rights of a party in fraud of sole possession not afforded trial (KELLY v KELLY, P100 2007 OK Sup Court; Petersen wholly in default Dec 14 2001 and summary judgment refused to ALLEN on grounds of sex of the petitioner and violation of 18 USC 1981 rule, voiding such order and trial then without waiver of right to recovery of a child set forth in 76 O.S. 76-8 rule and 76 O.S. 76-9 immunity; so also applied in section 157.375 of TEXAS FAMILY CODE upon UIFSA claim and invoked defense obligated per UIFSA filing by CLAY B. PETTIS, attorney acting as VERONICA PETERSEN while employed by STATE OF OKLAHOMA in wrongful suit.

We therefore consider any aid in this matter to be of a felony Federal criminal violation of Title 18 section 2261A and 7102 fraud themed objective section 666 "benefits fraud" by STATE OF TEXAS, STATE OF MICHIGAN, and other parties engaged in false claims contrary the evidence and "automatic mistrial" rule of P100 Oklahoma Supreme Court, "KELLY v KELLY" (2007) ruling, voiding all obligations and demands without relief of claim in 21 O.S. 21-891 felony violation and obstruction of justice to effect stated UNCONSTITUTIONAL in 586 U.S. Case #17-1091 and subject civil suit in 588 U.S. Case #17-647 remedy plus all state and Federal relief options at law per 15 U.S.C. 1692k and 21 O.S. 21-748.2.

September 19 2019, this fraud was again communcated in direct message to our employees claiming an EXCLUSIVE RIGHT to use the term "engineer", by persons transmitting these demands from the STATE OF TEXAS to STATE OF OKLAHOMA in extortion of business services and right to commercial market practice contrary Federal Law, so prohibited by the Sherman Anti Trust Act and Oklahoma Bill of Rights. This matter of "job title as exclusive right" to deceive a public in a field and prohibit practice - reserve such practice to the STATE BOARD OF REGENTS FOR HIGHER EDUCATION of a FOREIGN STATE, or other fraud to deny employment violate Title 21 criminal code of the State of Oklahoma, and are under present complaint before PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT COURT in connection to child taking and concealment fraud.

Increased Fee Structure Due to Legal Threat

Fees reflect legal costs due to obstruction of justice themed UNCONSTITUTIONAL and BARRED by THE UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT in 2011, 2019, and FEDERAL REGISTER ruling in $54 billion USD regulatory declaration DECEMBER 16 2016, violated by officers engaged in false claims to collect UNITED STATES SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFITS in fraud on child trafficking. Such costs are themed to exceed $1,000,000 USD per year since 1999 onset of this Interstate criminal enterprise activity seeking forfeiture of estate on child snatching and concealment with genetic and hereditary claims themed genocide and radical utilitarian socialism claims in child taking and deceit to influence a registered business and estates related and without due process or cross examination afforded this fraud at any time.

Family members who were former United States Air Force service members, as well as the father of the child who served in the United States Army, have been targeted in this fraud to deny them any right to commerce over injuries sustained in the course of service and physical injuries documented by the UNITED STATES ARMY MEDICAL REVIEW BOARD, in an ongoing scheme and plan to extort and deny access to commerce and credit in fraud confessed by TEXAS FAMILY CODE section 157 seeking forfeiture of all credit without trial or due process in violation of 28 USC section 1738A (e) and 15 U.S.C. section 1673 (c), in child removal on no lawful cause for purpose of stated perpetual concealment in writing, and to extort and create inferior rank in trade skills for INTERSTATE COMMERCE violationg Title 18 section 1981 and 1994, themed BLACK CODES by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in her February 2019 opinion for the 9-0 unanimous Supreme Court.

Use of Medical Fraud in Federal Complaint

The use of false medical labels to suspend and deny civil rights are a tactic of Hegelian Utilitarian Socialism first written about in 1820 by G.W.F. Hegel, in the Prussian education system, and a fraud representing a "public danger" so themed under the FIFTH AMENDMENT (5A) barred by Title 22 section 22-31 rule in lawful public notice under the Oklahoma Bill of Rights (Article II) section II-3 and II-22 in cause of II-6 rule and violation of 23 specific amendments cited in formal criminal complaint as of August 2019 in this matter. Such "red flag laws" use in child kidnapping for concealment constitute a clear case of "Genocide" barred by International Treaty as Supreme Law per Article I-1 of the Constitution of the State of Oklahoma, and Title 18 section 1091 violation under false use of civil procedure to make pecuniary fines into a forfeiture of estate, monopoly, and excessive fines denying reunification with a child of an Oklahoma resident, to influence an existing registered Oklahoma business, and to execute industrial espionage on behalf of the beneficial owner of a MIGHIGAN corporation in excess of $289 Billion USD in declared losses (2011) bankruptcy filing of NORTHERN TELECOM of Canada (NORTEL NETWORKS, NYSE: NT).

Actions in this fraud have tainted the UNITED STATES patent and trademark registry since 2001 August, voiding claims made on obstruction of remedy and normal business practices from 2001-2019. Evidence of collusion in including medical malpractice by the UNITED STATES and STATE OF OKLAHOMA further escalate this matter to Title 18 section 666 felony complaint in violation of Title 22 Chapter 78 and Title 18 chapter 95 and 96 on discovery May 2019.

Right to Privacy in Industrial Espionage Act

The firm will therefore invoke its right to privacy and Oklahoma Trade Secret Act, Oklahoma Anti-Terrorism Act, and Oklahoma Anti-Counterfeiting Act in addition to all remedies under Trademark and other related fraud and Title 76 rights as well as other remedies at-law. Only parties identitified in contract are admitted to services. Verbal agreements do not constitute a client-service or other agreement, and are expressly disclaimed per Title XXIII Oklahoma Constitution at this time, citing Title 18 section 2384 and 2383 violations alleged prior on policy of 45 CFR and other FEDERAL REGISTER and UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT determinations at law currently disputed by those states receiving portions of the $54 billion award conditional these regulatory obligations.