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Is Islamic Support of this Sodomy and Pedophile Activity to Blame, or Athiesm in Countries with sexual access to Minors as Young as 13 (Japan)

Compare the products:

RTI response to this Abuse from Texas and Michigan Firms

"It appears to me that the lack of moral character has created in numerous State Regent of Higher Education programs a cluster of sociopath and psychopath personality in certain graduates and undergraduates;

Who by virtue of the complexity of IT service degrees and foreign financial influence - have enjoined themselves and their business partners and clients to a pattern of criminal child trafficking and extortion for market advantage which the United States and American People cannot permit to retain standing as lawful registred business organization.

The claims to dissolve copyright and patent rights of domestic firms in favor of foreign corporations, social and sexual norms, and a sort of 'highest bidder sale' of rights; precludes our obligation to grant these persons equal standing or recognition in our markets and society; and to wholly dissolve the BERNE CONVENTION with such countries whose employees and staff have acted in any way to support neo-nazi rheotirc and anti-semitic claims themed genocide activity - either overtly or under color of law a fraud and terrorist hoax."

To say this is solely due to Radical Islamic Terrorism in the countries, like Singapore and Turkey, is to ignore the broader support of anti-religious atheist elements who have found common ground in pedophilia and sex tourism as a component of the global Internet industry; and in the sale of aggregate (meta) data and private information gained from a financial takeover of majority share of switched data transport in the optical data long-haul fiber industry, and sale of this information.

This action, following the theft of mail server bids at NORTEL NETWORKS, granting NTT GROUP those contracts in CHINA, substantially further impose a burden of proof that the NATION OF JAPAN and PRC groups later established cannot answer sufficiently to meet the PETERSEN v ALLEN burden of injury.

We may never again have a common patent registry with NATION OF JAPAN, PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, SWEDEN, SINGAPORE, ICELAND, or AUSTRALIA because of this fraud; and the severity of injury brought about by foreign investors seeking rights or control over the UNITED STATES by aid to this form of organized active commercial espionage and sabotage on the grounds of socialist "benefits marginalizing rights" with the American People. Nor may the institutions of higher learning in the United States recover from such abuse to warrant a claim of credit or monopoly which is not afforded nor deserved their purpose in a free society (XXIII-1A)."


Attacks Continue in March 2020

Attacks continue as of March 19 2020, as these logs show in one source rotating IP sources with IP forgery:

  • Summary March 18 Single Source Attacker Rotation
  • LOG of flood, limited to 3 per second*
    * Where the TTL changes while the IP remains the same, indicates IP forgery to Frame OVH for this crime.
  • Attacks continued March 20 2020 including user names "im_outside_your_home123", "i_rayp_dogs_4fun", "usmc_bdsm_bbc", and "bdsm_kids" on TWITCH.TV, repeating claims of the child abductors. Screenshots and witness testimony to this abuse are available to Congressional Representatives and the U.S. Attorney's Office. In context to a child kidnapping and concealment, refused location and health information, this makes the activity INTERSTATE RACKETEERING prohibited by the CALIFORNIA PARENTAL KIDNAPPING PREVENTION ACT under jurisdiction of TWITCH Interactive of California.
  • March 24 2020 at 6:12 pm CDT, "bummhole_mofo" contacted the TWITCH.TV system to rebroadcast a product launch, seeking to disrupt the stream in repreated 18 USC 2261A felony contact.
  • The prior subsequent Friday March 20 2020 contact in which:
    1. Child Molester Fraud to Promote false cause for Child Abduction
      Creation of bdsm_kids as a channel to harass in fraud
      - 2020 Mar 20th, Twithc.TV DM by weazelboy1
    2. Passive Voice and Projection of Fault for Report of Child Abduction by suck_my_controller
      Threatening to report the performer as if this unsolicited hosting is voluntary in an assault, to disable employment prohibited in 21 O.S. 21-837 rule.
    3. Creation of "usmc_bdsm_bbc" and two other names, prior "i_rayp_dogs_4fun"
      and punctuated by "im_outside_your_home123" as threats prior made in 2013-2020
      endorsed by LOSTSERVER.NET and DONALD J BEAL of DALLAS TEXAS in 323 page site

      see also:

    4. March 20 and March 28 2020, persons contacted JAMES ALLEN via TWITCH.TV in public violation of the Terms of Service there to appropriate content in violation of copyright for the purpose of attacking the child recovery and supporting the extortion themed by the "myluv187" user, taking two steps March 28 2020:

      1. "herp_derp_jimmy is now hosting you" (unauthorized use of a stream to a new user, a copyright violation themed a crime under the Oklahoma ANTI-COUNTERFEITING ACT.

      2. "stop this nonsense" then posted into chat before other users, in demand of action conditional termination of a criminal act in pattern 18 USC 2261A felony stalking, so themed "extortion" on face, and coercion of 21 O.S. 21-748 rule, a felony in context to 22 USC section 7102 concealment of a child.

      3. This demand followed prior claims by "bummhole_mofo" on friday, March 20 2020, coinciding with such colorful accounts created for this purpose including "im_outside_your_home123" and "i_rayp_dogs_4fun", comments aimed at MODERATOR "dog" who considered this a threat of sexual violence by the offending party similar to prior private (Direct) messages sent to him in stalking of associates based on his patronage of the channel and TWITCH.TV in regard to PETERSEN v ALLEN threats.

      4. Attacks continue March 29 2020 in 6000 ICMP in 120 minutes, 5000 in less than 60 minutes.

      5. These attacks continued as of 1700 CDT March 30 2020 from SOFTBANK, BTT (Beiing Telecom / NTT) and NTT core networks supporting the claim of NTT / JP activity targeting the U.S. Network in conjunction with attacks on 28,000 per hour flooding and port scanning of the listening system. see DNS Report 1700 DCT 2020 30 - OCN, as featured in the resume of JARED MAUCH used on LOSTSERVER.NET DNS host, shows nexus with the prior Open Computer Network of Japan in the final entry recorded 2020 Mar 30.

      6. Attacks exceed 30,000 in a direct spike of activity in 2am to 3am March 31 2020 against broadcast servers, targeting broadcasters: Broadcast Office Attack 20200331_0200_Rate_Abuse.txt

      7. ICMP attacks continue, in individual strikes, as of 4pm - 5pm March 31 2020, indicating a single source attacker in: 20200331_ICMP_10k_1hr.txt against network assets during broadcasting.

      8. DNS attacks show identitical spikes during March 31 2020 to attacks on vital network services by the single source, not a part of the coordinated acts by time-date-stamp: 20200331_DNS_attack_2am.ns1.txt DNS and web server traffick on bunny (prior) are not correlated, indicating DNS spikes are not ordinary traffic related to ordinary services of the company or legitimate website name lookups (Domain) service.

      9. User "jimmybom" appeared again at 2:00 pm CDT on TWITCH.TV channels during broadcast April 1 2020 to continue 18 USC 2261A felony harassment, and was banned immediately. This conduct appears pathological criminal activity in context to prior 3 reports.

      10. Attacks that claim M1 and A0 metric "Bad Traffic" are normal, are disproven in April 2nd and 3rd 2020 logs for SERVER 2 'diana'. The lack of traffic April 2nd 5am to 10 am shows the attacker cease, and April 3rd 12:00 am to 11am 2020 shows the attacker change IP sources moving 13500 attacks per hour move from M1 to A0 column in match traffic - a ban evasion technique. Efforts to dismiss this metric data as "delusion" is a fraud before the County Court by STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA, in defense of violation of 45 CFR and unlawful taking to perpetual concealment of a newborn child in Title IV grant fraud, a felony under 18 USC 666 rule.

      No prior contact, communication, or consent for rebroadcast of content prior the DEMAND was made, nor reply made, and such user BANNED on presentation, as a felony extortion demand related INTERSTATE COMMERCE in contract sought to be invalidated affecting the business of the firm, so set forth in 21 O.S. 21-837 and 21-838 rule, a crime.

      The Oklahoma ANTI-COUNTERFEITING ACT makes rebroadcast of content without consent in live video a crime, punishable by criminal prosecution and civil action not-respective of any aspect in 18 USC 2261 felony the act may also represent.

Threats Evident to an Ordinary Person

As any ordinary person can see, the language, themes, and claims of these persons appear to be the same party evading a ban already issued; consist without legal provocation to direct threats oriented to PONTOTOC COUNTY, STATE OF OKLAHOMA, and are consistent with the CISCO SYSTEMS representative prior claimed in 2013-2020 false business sites created to impersonate the registered company SHADOWDANCERS LLC and corporation RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED there in PONTOTOC COUNTY.

This is not ordinary behavior on TWITCH.TV, as witnessed by RUNESCAPE moderator and legacy member, and construed as direct threats supporting the child taking for concealment and extortion prior discovered in 2015-2020 frauds. Paired with a variation of attacks upon network servers of RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED, these attacks represent an interest in the disruption of INTERSTATE COMMERCE during a NATIONAL HEALTH EMERGENCY contributing to UNITED STATES economic disablement and transfer of technology to foreign registration unlawfully, themed human trafficking and prohibited by 45 CFR, Federal Law. SEVEN ALPHA, a network created by RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED, is designed to identify and protect members from this form of felony stalking (18 USC 2261A). It does not resolve the obligation of 22 U.S.C. Chapter 78 to open a formal Federal Investigation in this matter, or the concealment of a child under false trial and false fines suspending 28 USC 1738A(e) rule; or false agreements under coercion of incarceration to alter such rule in 2015-2020 by STATE OF TEXAS, prohibited by 21 O.S. 21-748, a felony crime on commission by operation of law.

No charge, conviction, or claim of any contact of an inappropriate nature has EVER BEEN FILED against JAMES ALLEN on record, per the KELLY v KELLY and Malone v Malone rule (OK Sup Court); and as such this is FRAUD, themed 76 O.S. 76-3 'deceit of the public' in such claims, before a public audience in INTERSTATE COMMERCE between TWITCH INTERACTIVE and SHADOWDANCERS LLC, styled 21 O.S. 21-837 and 21-838 Interference in performance and deliver of work.

Disclosure of this information from a 21+ rated stream is lawful, and obligated per ongoing felony stalking falsely themed delusion to gaslight the parent of a missing and exploited child, intimidate the court and local law enforcement, and conceal a child under false cause in welfare fraud (18 USC 666) violating a demand to the TITLE IV agent of habeaus corpus refused by Clay B. Pettis, Pontotoc County District Attorney on behalf of STATE OF OKLAHOMA, or its Title IV agency a franchise goverend by 45 CFR 302.0 and 303.0 rule.

The prior abuse illustrates: 1.) the use of Bondage Dominance and Sado Masochism (BDSM) community themes popular in the forum administered by SEX KITTEN (Veronica Petersen) as a component of the abuse and claims of posting such content to defame Allen in deflection from her nude photography with other men (filed with the court); 2.) efforts to allege fraudulently a threat to the child not prior claimed to the court as it is baseless of sexual misconduct between the alienated parent and child, used to install a fear in the public and social workers so shown in psychology report used to obtain controlled substances for the child in fraud by Veronica Petersen (2015); 3.) organized targeting of business and commerce in this cause to damage the Oklahoma parent to block recovery and intimidate the public against return of a child ordered to their possession in an organized and sophisticated manner; 4.) creation of five accounts to do so themed criminal violations of twitch terms of service under 18 USC 2261A rule, felony acts in each count; 5.) use of threat of violence against animals (to rape dogs) and in claim of direct proximity to the real estate in PONTOTOC COUNTY in context to this threat of felony animal cruelty; 6.) claims in the chat to justify such actions upon the presence of the persons and report of incidents under II-22 rule in this website as justifying of felony crimes to compel or coerce JAMES ALLEN to alter his business - contrary 21 O.S. 21-837 rule - overtly.

These facts alone affirm the nature of the Petersen kidnapping of "baby boy Allen" and that it persists in terrorist activity in the PONTOTOC COUNTY area, after threats by DONALD BEAL in 2002 and 2011 directly against witnesses in PONTOTOC COUNTY. All such parties did enter into INTERSTATE COMMERCE and do so in disguise and in presentation of two or more legal persons so incorporated, as to constitute a lawful 'conspiracy against rights' without lawful cause, waiving all defense at law to the felony 18 USC 241 and 242 rule afforded 21 O.S. 22-31 rights of JAMES ALLEN in his response and answer to bar this act in notice citing 'public danger' created by terrorist fraud inciting violence against his person in knowing fraud, a heinous crime and attack upon the safety and rights of his child in conistent actions affirmed a taking by force without legal cause or writ falsely plead as "abandonment" in highway kidnapping 2001 August 11th.