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Learning to read "Hegelian" - the language of the national socialist party in the 21st Century.

Nazi (National Socialist Party) language, once thought to resort of the mentally deficient and perpetually corrupt, has once more entered our public forums, in the classic style of its founder, the prussian philosopher George W. F. Hegel. Hegel, a writer and "professor" of nationalist theory in the 1800s, became famous for terms used to imply that a person is "mentally unsound" if they disagree with the king or fascist motherfucker who licks Hegel's asshole. This style of "populist medical practice" to justify violence against persons was crushed by United States and Russian forces in the mid-20th Century, but because of its influence on Karl Marx and others, survivied in the People's Republic of China and Soviet Union.

Hegelianism attempts, through 'platitudes' followed by 'invalidating statements', and resorts to 'magical knowledge' to state 'as fact' the 'state of mind' of persons as 'legal facts' to justify socialist taking of their property, family, and civil honors - a civil death - which most adults were once adept and reading and rejecting.

Due to the criminal union activity of United States schools and licensing, Hegel has once more entered the 21st Century language, and examples of "Hegelian" are evident in the writing of CNN and other major Islamic owned outlets. When foreign governments purchase equity in United States newspapers, this affords the ability to tamper with the public perception of events, and until bans are made against foreign ownership of such outlets, the United States remains a puppet government pretending their Republic is a 'democracy' due to propaganda created by their own corrupt journalists and communications companies.

Regard this example on February 7th 2020 at CNN:
Republication Rights Per Academic Review - Copyright Disclaimer under section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, education and research.


1. Use of the term 'fake, breathy voice' to imply a type of speech or accent is a sign of dishonesty and malicious intent, an old Nazi euphamism for racial profiling in the 1900s.

2. "That the President used whenever he is enraged" shows the 'magical thinking' that led to a shoot-on-sight tactic of American forces versus SS officers, in revulsion of the criminal 'emperical certainties' used to describe Jews, Gypsies, and non-Aryans, so shown in the use 'whenever'.

3. "he is enraged but wants us to think he's calm", again betrays national socialist rhetoric, implying 'magical knowledge' of the state of mind to imply deception and malicious intent, a classic nazi truism to justify pre-emptive use of violence against their vicitms. Use of words like 'enraged' and 'wants us to think' expose the grotesque level that this news outlet has become - similar PRAVDA during the PROGROM.

4. Use of the word 'diatribe', a connotation in extremist keywords themed an 'INVALIDATING' trigger, to signal 'wrong think', exposes the criminal use of fraud under color of journalism to libel.

5. To justify this 'knowledge' Michael D'Antonio writes, are the fact that President Donald Trump called the people who accused him of false things "evil and sick people", and to the person who lied on the stand "Adam Schiff is a vicous, horrible person," and "Nancy Pelosi is a horrible person." Calling the fraud and perjury without due process or legal rule "Bullshit".

Mr. D'Antonio betrays his mental health by failiing to perceive the English language in this as objective opinion of Donald Trump, wrongly construing the statements of the ACTIONS BY THE PERSONS as if they were the same claims of 'magical thinking' as to the motive and character of the persons internal mind at the time of any action a legal fact.

This is actually a line JOURNALISTS study and do not cross in professional writing, because it indicates 'boundary issues' - a mental illness where the ability to discern where external objective acts and behavior end, and the mental and psychological right to personal thoughts and motives to act begin.

This is a truism of all Hegelians, confusing this 'mental world' with 'external events', and seeks to apply a child-like emotionally arrested development to mature situations and professional medicine and literature.

6. Mr. D'Antonio continue, exposing his criminal ignorance in claim that the President remains 'impeached' despite the trial VOIDING that claim utterly at law, a rule that all journalists and attorneys of competency understand and the House committed itself further to, styling the HOUSE PROCEEDINGS as a "grand jury" while releasing the information in their star chamber trial for propaganda purpose in violation of Federal Law. Estoppel, the rule that binds over any statement of a legal body to any claim made, thus voids the evidence released during the HOUSE process styled a trial without due process, and in fact supports suspending the 116th Congress for misconduct by the House against the UNITED STATES, in violation of law and contrary the estoppel claim of such grand jury and binding attachment to a legal person without trial a felony (18 U.S.C. 241) against the rights of UNITED STATES CITIZEN 'Donald J. Trump'.

7. If a person is 'charged', and acquitted, it is illegal to rely upon the 'charge' in press or public record in future, and a felony on each count. The continued use of the claim is therefore a felony in progress to damage and disable the Executive Branch of the United States, and sedition (18 U.S.C. 2384) on face.

8. Mr. D'Antonio goes on to make a felony claim of a fixed trial, alleging "the trial was rigged", and expanding that "guaranteed by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnel before it even began" a statement of sedition and treason in public by CNN, concealing its role in this fraud alleging 'opinion' in the title to escape criminal liability as an organization in the United States.

9. Mr. D'Antonio goes on to make claims that "Boasting about it was akin to former North Korean dictator Kim Jong II bragging about the 11 holes-in-one he scored in a round of golf," an allegory to imply guilt and conviction and lying about the outcome of the trial, a felony in the UNITED STATES as this was a 'formal legal proceding' and not eligible for false reporting of the outcome or any claim of other cause for the decision that is on the record of the hearing.

10. Mr. D'Antonio goes on in classic Adolph Hitler fashion, to state then "Like Kim, Trump is not like most people." Hitler said the exact thing about the Jews. Same Tone.

11. Mr. D'Antonio then makes a classic Hegelian 'platitude', "We would expect any other president..." and leads into his delusional and imagined belief that Donald J. Trump must or should conduct himself to the wishes of some fraudulent outcome not consistent with the abuse and prior statements, in what legitimate journalists call a 'shit sandwich' argument. A kind word, a clear attack violating law, and a kind word to imply no fault in the writer after while distinguishing the shit in the middle of the argument from some other (imaginary, child-like-fantasy) of parental unconditional innocence in doing so a form of juvenile sense of immunity.

12. This is evident in the next paragraph, where D'Antonio then wrote, "Trump, true to his deviance,...", exposing another Nazi trope associating any conduct not consistent with this imaginary and delusional prior claim a form of defect to 'INVALIDATE' the person and mental character of 'Donald J. Trump'.

13. In Hegelian style, D'Antonio writes then "to babble on about" to further 'invalidate' the person in mental state by discarding all language not to his delusion, and the word substitution of 'babble' or 'word salad' or other term borrowed from early clinical psychology a form of malfeasance of office of the public trust as a journalist, in false reporting.

14. This is immediately followed by 'to curse his opponents and critics', in attribution to the context of such information - a summary consistent with delusional thinking and the imposition of an imaginary character of the delusion upon Donald J. Trump to justify the claims by 'invalidation' - ignoring and dismissing without answer such points in objective statements in classic 'sophistry' (lying, the art in argument of). This tactic is directly barred in forensic debate, and an automatic forfeit styled 'deflection to mischaracterize the argument of the other party by broad and unrelated terms to intimidate and appeal to the emotion of audiences in classic genocide activity'.

15. This abuse is punctuated with an allegory of shooting the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, comparing the failure to impeach 'dodged a bullet the size of a bunker-buster'. This use not only of a violent consequence suggested or elementary phrase is invalidated by the elaboration of the 'bunker-buster', a bomb type, which is to compare the impeachment to an act of terrorism by explosives and fire while at the same time justifying such allegory, in classic Hitler-esque style of Hegelian Rhetoric.

16. This abuse is then answered with "instead of taking even a small measure of responsibility", a phrase equally read by a scholar or attorney as "confessing guilt to a charge in a criminal trial themed high crimes and misdemeanors, for which the plea was innocent and so affirmed by legal process a legal fact", does the writer further attempt to bully and assault the legal process and defendant now acquitted for further retrial not permitted and in felony action.

17. D'Antonio then repeats the charge, "he (Trump) tried to enlist election help in exchange for congressionally approved military aid for an ally at war", a crime on statement to an educated reader - alleging the 'legal fact' of this TRIAL were invalid and the trial continuing as if this delusion were 'material and legal fact' not already subject a FINDING AT LAW. This is criminal on face, and a felony, subject the Oklahoma Riot Act (and Title 22 section 22-32 rule to lend aid and support to Donald J. Trump, the victim of the felony, by all able bodied persons at law).

18. D'Antonio then commits another crime, themed 43A O.S. 43A-5-104 in Oklahoma State Law, alleging as legal fact 'Trump demonstrates the pure essence of his narcissism and self-pity." This medical diagnosis of a clinical mental health disorder in the direct attribution toward Donald J. Trump is a crime on face and violation of 76 O.S. 76-6 rule of Oklahoma civil code, civil wrongdoing by D'Antonio made delivery into PONOTOTC COUNTY, STATE OF OKLAHOMA, and subject legal action there for the abuse of this false practice of medicine.

19. Another classic Hitler trope was the resort of D'Antonio to say, "he (Trump) played the victim as he complained", an attack upon a witness to invalidate witness testimony based on the same 'mental health implied intent' which competent officers regard as 'magical thinking' and a clear indicator of a 'delusion' in confession of false facts as if 'legal facts' in print, made both libel and criminal malpractice of medicine in this use, which is not objective to the behavior but rather attributed directly to "he", the man, "Donald J. Trump", diagnostic of a legal person not permitted at law or in minimum journalism.

20. Use of words "disconnect" to portray the mental state of D'Antonio with the "sicklysweet demeanor" D'Antonio attributes to Donald J. Trump further confess a perception of the real person and language used as good in nature contrary the mental health condition of an internalized world in D'Antonio's thinking which D'Antonio describes as "vile words made my skin crawl" referring to the claim found at-law between two FBI agents who were having an unregistered intimate affair disclosed during the investigation of the fraud, for which disciplinary action was obligated, and D'Antonio claiming this was not genuine and true of Donald J. Trump to call them "lovers", or suggest the act of violating their duty unjust to call the two "lowlifes".

21. D'Antonio continues in his delusional thinking to admit again 'magical thinking' in "Trump cound't help but make it also about himself". This belief that a person "couldn't help" doing something is classic Hegelian Dialectic Language showing a boundary issue, a mental health defect in the observer whereby they cannot recognize the limit of their own right to comment on a real person as if factual the mental process of that person imagined and attributed to legal fact not permitted a scholarly or journalistic or opinion piece at law. Simply slapping "opinion" on a piece of journalism does not make it immune to this, and the style is evident "Hegelian" reasoning.

22. D'Antonio then invades the mind of a child in his delusion, stating "she (Trump's daughter) had no choice but to give her father a big demonstrative embrace." The word "hug" must not be in the dialectic vocabulary, because "big demonstrative embrace" sounds so much more efficient and natural. The use of the term "had no choice" again implies some 'magical control' created in 'delusion' and 'magical thinking', and evidence of serious dysfunction in objective confession of Mr. D'Antonio.

23. D'Antonio then attacks the wife like the child, portraying them as 'victims' in classic Hegelian sophistry, stating his apology to his wife "for what she has endured of late", omitting that such abuse is the very evidence of injury in the prior 22 points the cause, deflecting in a degree sufficient to merit the word 'disassociative disorder' the claim that D'Antonio and CNN are not actively abusing and violating the rights of Donald J. Trump and the Trump family systematically.

24. D'Antonio punctuated this abuse, stating "he pointedly insisted it was not at all his fault", in passive voice Stalin and Mao would have approved to imply wrongly that the prior 23 points of abuse were somehow still the fault of Donald J. Trump, contrary the writer's criminal activity in felonies above and crimes in the United States by such statements against the Laws of the United States, known as sedition.

25. Resorting to classic Hitler and Stalin, did D'Antonio then resort to the anti-masculine vocabulary of genocide, alleging "In a display of dominance" the perception of his delusion to describe wrongly the citation of other persons "Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows", comparing this act to a June 2017 event in classic psychopathic behavior to draw upon a 32 month old grievance to distract from the objective facts of the conversation at the moment.

26. D'Antonio then perceived and conveyed his delusion that this language was to the purpose of "Trump asked that his top appointees offer hi mpraise, one by one, and they did." to invalidate the legal person and rights of all others who agree with the President in his actions as subordinate and effiminate as if beta-male members of a monkey troupe to a dominant male - a tactic of Adolph Hitler used to sell conspiracy theories against the Jews.

27. D'Antonio used the same language as Italian Dictator Benito Mussolini, as D'Antonio wrote "Rep. Mark Meadows accepted the toady role," styling those who support the president as animals in classic Hegelian sophestry.

28. D'Antonio this described this in medical terminology to intimidate the uneducated readers of CNN, calling it "emotional dissonance, the creepiness and the dominance", which an emotionally mature male does not find intimidating nor inappropriate and would be consistent with American male bonding, much like Jews at a Barmitzva, and equally alien to D'Antonio and his sponsor: CNN.

29. D'Antonio then makes an affirming statement in typical Hegelian platitude, "create a picture of a man who lacks the range of emotions the rest of us experience." - appealing to the audience to dehumanize Trump and all Americans from their perception of 'human', a crime themed "Genocide" under the International Law and "Treaty on the Prevention and Punishment of the War Crime Genocide" on face.

30. D'Antonio furthers his commitment to genocide rhetoric, stating "Trump, who always appears to be putting on an act,..." styles Trump as Hitler styled the Jews of Europe, alleging as a legal fact not his opinion or perception that the character of Donald J. Trump is malicious and false in all roles. This is what domestic violence looks like, and in the public stage is a war crime, including the publication of such content as journalism, and all agencies and media who aid in this form of publication guilty on face of 'genocide' in 2020.

31. D'Antonio explains further in his mental image of reality, "(Trump) doesn't seem to care that he hurts or humiliates others." This statement is the least offensive, as it says "doesn't seem", an admission that this one statement, but fails to pass the minimum standard of writers by appending this to the "who always appears" statement of an emperical certainty not permitted responsible journalism or writing of English beyond 5th Grade emotional development and regulatory standards of professional publishing.

32. In closing, D'Antonio cites "His joy seems to come not from winning,..., but from bending others to his will." This may be opinion, in closing, to disclaim the criminal activity of the article, and borrows from the language used to stop Adolph Hitler and Stalin from compelling millions, in classic reversal of the role D'Antonio and his associates play in this war crime.

33. Again, this is disclaimed by a passive voice statement immediately in classic "Hegelian platitude to introduce a false argument as if helping advice", in D'Antonio's statement "Perhaps he will find some happiness when he reads..." and introducing an actual extortion claim to support this organized criminal writing by Sherrod Brown in The New York Times, which she claims "many of his GOP colleagues supported Trump out of fear" - another statement of 'conspiracy against rights' (18 U.S.C. 241) to invalidate the suffrage right of other members of the Senate and House by claims of magical thinking and the false writing of claims to their state of mind to attack the lawful holding of a Public Office of the Public Trust, and in express intimidation of a public officer, a felony confessed by D'Antonio and not entitled 'opinion' status in this style of writing as if legal fact before the public.

Pure Propaganda

This style of writing, used in "Petersen v ALLEN" from 2001-2020 also, is typical of "Hegelian Dialectic" argument, and in context to the kidnapping and hostage taking of UNITED STATES CITIZENS without due process or right to face their accusers, as is required in "KELLY v KELLY" (2007 OK Supreme Court, P100) and "Malone v Malone" (1979 OK 21, 591 P.2d 2096, Supreme Court of Oklahoma), demonstrate the criminal conduct of CNN and Michael D'Antonio in their public electronic letters into the STATE OF OKLAHOMA and PONTOTOC COUNTY in this matter, a settled trial of impeachment of Donald J. Trump.