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Made false statements to the public using a variety of false profiles and in direct presentation designed to intimidate, threaten, and defame RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED, "SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP", "JAMES ALLEN", and persons named as witnesses in a formal criminal complaint;

Acting in a coordinated fashion with BRIAN YOUNG and other associates, by direct endorsement of such acts, and in creation of images using the property of SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP and RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED to cause substantial commercial and economic damage themed a criminal industrial sabotage act, on the basis of taking for perpetual concealment and control of a child and the estate MAGNUS VINCENT PETERSEN in such action contrary Federal Law and without legal basis; from 2001-2020 in ongoing written scheme so delivered to the parties in INTERSTATE COMMERCE to extort and to blackmail.

Part of this activity included physical intimidation of written plant to trespass, commit felony stalking so described in 18 USC 2261A predicated on the presumption an explicit order of the court must be made record prior 76 O.S. 76-1 rule disbarring this conduct, and to suspend civil rights in XXIII-1A rule made law per Constitution of the State of Oklahoma; and to style all report of this "gaslighting" activity before the public as mental health issues of the accused Oklahoma business owner and registered agent of the UNITED STATES in State of Oklahoma; to compel a false incarceration and detainment of such person.

This physical attack intensified in September 2019 during a false enforcement action instigated by false claims made barratry of RECORD in November 2018, contrary 45 CFR Federal Law; so prohibited explicitly in 45 CFR 303.6 rule a duty of the STATE OF OKLAHOMA to comply per 45 CFR 302.0 and 303.0 rule.

Explicit to this abuse is digital electronic network fraud in switched data packet networks, themed the "INTERNET" as used in abuse requiring a professional access and education made through ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES and NTT AMERICA, to DONALD BEAL, whereby attacks upon the network of the Oklahoma business exceeded 8 million messages in a seven-day period, and sustained 300,000 messages per day in September 2019 to March 2020. Such communication was punctuated by contact with the Oklahoma parties, showing a clear relationship and pattern of design not consistent with ordinary use or traffic, and to disable the SERVERS and INTERSTATE VOICE PHONE AND CONFERENCE SYSTEMS THEMED A PRODUCT OF THE STATE OF OKLAHOMA.

This abuse is evident in the record of such activity retained at EXPENSE TO THE OKLAHOMA BUSINESS not an ordinary expense, and costs imposed to include damage to networks and computers of the same in inordinate load placed upon those systems including required additional security devices and appliances to mitigate the activity themed a COMMERCIAL INDUSTRIAL ACT OF SABOTAGE and coinciding with acts prescribed under the OKLAHOMA ANTI TERRORISM ACT against the business by name.

A sample of this activity is shown:

Hour 06 -        0    10322       53      102        0        2        0        0        0       19        0        0        0    10498    10498

Whereby in one hour 10322 malformed requests were recieved and recorded, at a maximum of 3 per second, excluding requests over that rate to mitigate damage to physical devices making record of the attack.

Whereby 53 requests showing false address themed a 'local network' were received from the foreign side of the device in an effort to "spoof" (fraud, deceive) the network into admitting access to a foreign host as if a local host computer on the network and thereby obtain 'protected information' or access to the local services not made to the public.

Whereby 102 requests were also made having no business use or solicitation and being unrelated to any legitimate commuincation session of the business network, seeking then to locate undocumented services and exploit applications not a factual public service and without consent or solicitation by the POTOTOC COUNTY, STATE OF OKLAHOMA registered business or UNITED STATES CORPORATION resident in State of Oklahoma and Pontotoc County area.

Whereby 2 requests themed INTERNET MESSAGE CONTROL PROTOCOL (ICMP) were recorded, themed ordinary in infrequent use, and so observed in other periods over 300 per hour and 24 sustained hours of such activity during attacks, whereby these messages are used to measure impact upon the targeted network in latency and loss of performance resultant from the high-volume fragment attack (themed 10322 messages) and to check on the service continuity during disablement of access by automated response to such attacks also;

Whereby normal network traffic consists of hundreds of messages in short bursts, intermixed with pauses while human users consume this traffic and process information, were these requests not only sustained in repetition over individual seconds for hours - but also for days consistently having no lawful or real use in archival or other copying prohibited by terms of service and Federal Law against his activity during taking and concealment of a child; and withholding of a child to compel the manner in which a business is conducted and to unlawfully influence its performance (21 O.S. 21-837 and 21-838).

While consistently the same incorrect and false claim of 'justification for such illegal action' was made in March 2020 and prior contact to seek to compel JAMES ALLEN to alter his business and publish only claims themed suitable to a delusion of the child abductor and hostile foreign STATE OF TEXAS; whereby a personation of a felony would be accomplished.

This fraud is punctuated by "Personation fo a Crime" by DONALD BEAL and VERONICA PETERSEN, aided by ALICA SCARBROUGH, so described as:

    False personation is the crime of falsely assuming the personal identity of another person to gain a benefit or to cause harm to the other person. For example, an individual who pretends himself/herself to be another person in order to wrongfully cash such other person’s paycheck commits false personation. A false personation does not require a person to alter her/his voice, to wear a disguise, or otherwise to change her/his characteristics or appearance. Hence, the offense of false personation requires a deliberate effort to pass oneself off as another. It is also called as false impersonation. “False personation is punishable as either a felony or a misdemeanor.”[ People v. Chardon, 77 Cal. App. 4th 205 (Cal. Ct. App. 1999)].

    - Personation of a crime

In the March 2020 incident, did the parties appear as registered users of TWITCH.TV, there upon then approaching JAMES ALLEN in an unsolicited manner and claiming him to be a child molestor, creating for this purpose the channel and user "bdsm_kids" and "usmc_bdsm_bbc", and hosting the mature audience content for BETHESDA SOFTWORKS "FALLOUT 76" produced by JAMES ALLEN upon such created channel with intent to cause harm severing the CONTRACT WITH TWITCH INTERACTIVE OF CALIFORNIA HELD BY SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP OF OKLAHOMA.

Stating there in channel that such person as SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP or JAMES ALLEN did support the offensive content constructed by the parties, and doing so in a pattern of BDSM content consistent with website hosting performed by VERONICA PETERSEN in 2000-2001 prior and subsequent to her fraud to marry JAMES ALLEN and pregnancy created to extort in that period the same party during infidelity with DONALD BEAL and deceit to conceal this sexual contact during promise of marriage to JAMES ALLEN.

Sustaining then such claims in 2001-2020 to call for the murder of JAMES ALLEN, written statement that ALLEN "did nothing wrong" and was not in agreement with the forced removal from his car and property of the child themed "abandoned" in court record so sworn by VERONICA PETERSEN to the act of forced taking against the will of the parent; and such award in Title IV programs upon such fraud then alleged a "custody determination" omitting this perjury to obtain false benefits from the UNITED STATES and compel a surrender and forfeiture of equity in the business SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP and later also in RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED for which ALLEN did resist, and was subjected to criminal felony fraud in addition to incitement of murder for such resitance - his duty to shareholders and creditors during this time and lawful duty.

By creation of such public incitement to murder and 7102 violation of Title 22, a "public danger" was created which STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKALHOMA did refuse to acknowledge and did act to suppress in record, contrary 18 USC 2071, voiding the AMENDMENT V rule prohibiting public notice in context to this ongoing and organized taking themed UNCONSTITUTIONAL ACTS in 586 U.S. ____ case 17-1091 rule. These acts, felonies per 18 USC 241 and 242, were thereby afforded Oklahoma 21 O.S. 22-31 and 22-32 rule in response, vacating ordinary privacy rules on the basis of threat of murder and incitement to murder an officer of the UNITED STATES, and in threat to create detention and suspend civil honors conditinal payment of a FINE not lawful or a legal fine per 45 CFR rule; a felony crime and component of XXIII-1A misdemeanor repeated in each contact.

Parties making such incompetent claims contrary lawful notice do so criminally; seeking to deceive and defraud the public with claim that such 'criticism' or 'report of objective record' such as the METHAMPHETAMINE CONVICITON or SUBSTANCE ABUSE CONVICTION or other use of MENTAL HEALTH NARCOTICS SOLICITED CONDITIONAL AND PRIOR TAKING OF THE CHILD BY VERONICA PETERSEN for an alleged mental illness disclosed to ALLEN warranting immediate medical care of VERONICA PETERSEN, are not legal entitlements in answer to the public claims of false mental defect or false recollection of facts by JAMES ALLEN in a public claim to forfeit property or public office, and as such value over $100,000 USD a felony fraud.

Substantial evidence is not admitted public record due to the sexually explicit nature of VEORNICA PETERSEN including photos and images affirming the BDSM and for-profit commercial sex worker status of PETERSEN at the time of the abduction and to further incite emotional injury to JAMES ALLEN, inconsistent with a prior promise of marriage and concealment of a chld themed voluntary by BEAL and PETERSEN. Written confession of planned taking of the newborn at 78 days of age, paired with use of a DEADLY WEAPON to retain the child by IVA PETERSEN, in joint threat of false police report sustain an organized and criminal conspiracy against rights, for which such parties in aid by STATE OF TEXAS stand accused of the crime of child-snatching (21 O.S. 21-891) refused standing on false jurisdiction by STATE OF TEXAS during an INTERSTATE COMMERCE ACT; and such rule under UIFSA refused by STATE OF OKLAHOMA to suppress embezzlement of TITLE IV FUNDS in joint act by PETERSEN v ALLEN, a fraud prohibited by the Lincoln Law (qui tam civil suit) refused admittance by FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION officers contrary Title 22 Chapter 78 rule, obligating the FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION OF THE UNITED STATES to act or admit wrongdoing in formal record.

PETERSEN v ALLEN is therefore a case of STATE and FEDERAL worker embezzlement subject 588 U.S. ____ case 17-647 rule, falsely suppressed in UNCONSTITUTIONAL act by TEXAS GOVERNOR GREG ABBOTT during his tenure and representation as attorney for STATE OF TEXAS in "MARK BITARA et al vs STATE OF TEXAS" and on appeal "MARK BITARA et al vs UNITED STATES", exposing the 'customs' of the STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA contrary Constitutional rule and Federal LAw, to embezzle from Title IV grant programs themed a felony offense against the People, and embezzlement from the Treasury of the United States.

Any party who shall give aid or comfort, speak to oppose this claim, or offer false evidence shall be guilty of 18 USC 2384 "sedition" against the "Laws of the United States"; and in any official act there also of "rebellion and insurrection" so described in 18 USC 2383 rule, including the legal person UNITED STATES against the officer of the UNITED STATES acting in compliance or legal person acting on behalf of the People in such dispute as officer of record, so named in registry now of the STATE OF OKLAHOMA at the time of this dispute, "JAMES ARNOLD ALLEN".

In this capacity, the firm is entitled notice, and has no obligation to desist in this notice or be liable to retaliation themed criminal interstate racketeeering organization (RICO) violations to alter its position or notice (18 USC 1961), in a violation of the HOBBS ACT (18 USC Chapter 95) so evident in concealment of a child taken from the registered home of an Oklahoma Officer of the UNITED STATES for purpose of extortion and blackmail of INTERSTATE COMMERCE and for foreign influence named in this complaint.

Persons claiming to be "private persons" so named have, to the witness of JAMES ALLEN and his private investigator and other persons of record, so presented themselves as OFFICERS OF COMMERCIAL ORGANIZATIONS and reliant upon such FOREIGN REGISTERED BUSINESS AND OTHER ENTITIES as to be acting in their agnecy, and as such in this capacity are not "private persons" nor protected from report of their relationship or other benefit to be obtained by coercion of a UNITED STATES CORPORATION or COMPANY ORGANIZED UNDER THE STATE OF OKALHOMA charter, nor in the claims of "RIGHT TO WORK" made as basis in this fraud acting in compliance with law.

Effort to compel surrender of commercial commission, make false claims of copyright, engage in fasle transfer of title or appropriation, and dilution of securities in this activity themed a plan to engage in foreign sale of such property for $100,000 or less; property later valued at $423 million USD in factual sale and $2,000,000 in competitive sale in industry; are fraud by national foreign agency unregistered and concealed in the matter of Title IV grant fraud and racketeering interstate corrupt organizations (RICO) by STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA;

Whereby then has UNITED STATES in failure to act, affording an unlawful seizure or transfer or duplication of TRADE SECRETS and other property of James Allen not registered or obligated registry in the JAMES ARNOLD ALLEN estate named in equity, violated their charter and all obligations owed by and for the People to any treaty or agreement themed equal in registry as "THE CONVENTION ON THE PREVENTION AND PUNISHMENT OF THE CRIME OF GENOCIDE", and such States and there franchise rights void any benefit or protection afforded under similar agreement with the Poeple, such as THE BERNE CONVENTION or other rule.

The taking, concealment, and holding in perpetuity of hostages to accomplish intellectual and intangible goods claims is prohibited per GENERAL ORDER No 100 (the Leiber Code), and precludes any peace or state of end to hostilities between the beligerant party and the People in perpetuity; whereby the charter of such organization or entity is void by operation of law (15 USC 1673c; 42 USC 1994).

Fraud to allege no part in such actions, while attacks in disguise continue, constitute a violation of the articles of war, an act of war against the People not afforded authority of immunity by the legal person of STATE OF OKLAHOMA or UNITED STATES, and a breach of the duties and obligations of Oklahoma Constitution Article II section II-1 rule; which expressly apply per 586 U.S. ____ case 17-1091 to individuals notwithstanding any language to allude to or allege collective or groups.

At the core of PETERSEN v ALLEN is the false allegation that protection of rights are mitigated to a balance of benefits at the expense of individuals, contrary Oklahoma Constitution Article II section II-6, which disclaim inherent rights (76 O.S. 76-1) to collective groups and exclude individal persons.

This allegation is wholly false, a communist doctrine themed "progressive" secular religious extremism not afforded in a "guarantee of a Republican form of government", and an act of insurrection and open rebellion against the Laws of the United States and against the People; for which Article II section II-1 rule afford immediate and unconditional relief and protection on appearance of a representative on behalf of the People, contrary any invested authority at law alleged to the legal person of the UNITED STATES, a formal organization incorporated under legal person rights, or that of STATE OF OKLAHOMA or STATE OF TEXAS or other party alleged to be solely invested with this authority contrary Oklahoma Constitution Article I section I-1 rule.

Effort to expell and alienate any person so appearing from the franchise "United States" or its claim as sole licensee in franchise is void, per Article I section I-1 of the Constitution of the State of Oklahoma, and such contest envisioned by the Seqoya Convention in the language as is evident now in PETERSEN v ALLEN.

Therefore, the "United States", a territory and people entitled to its use, statements, and discourse of a public nature pertaining the truth of any matter in dispute not admitted full access to the court or any record of book or agency in fact and without omission (18 USC 2071), is authorized this forum and notice specifically in Oklahoma Constitution Article II section II-22 rule.

Claims of a fictional or fabricated nature, as proposed by PETERSEN, BEAL, SCARBROUGH and associates, are not admitted such equal right to publication - and their use in cause to call for insurrection, rebelion and forfeiture of estate lawful cause to affirm the notice and duties of an officer of the People or of the same franchise in earnest installed in limited capacity upon all officers of the UNITED STATES to act, set forth in law Title 22 chapter 78 rule; and in 21 O.S. 21-748 rule (State of Oklahoma) a duty of office.

Dissent and denial to these claims, in false cause or light of lack of record 5 USC 556(d), 557, and 706 rule; in any Administrative Hearing or process, or by such process to delay to spoliation (23 O.S. 23-9.1 subsection D class III) the equity in such goods obtained or taken by this fraud; are in context a violation of 18 USC Chapter 96 rule, and obligated immediate action without delay or other discussion; as is the activity prior cited in felony 18 USC 2261A violation to cause commercial harm and disrupt INTERSTATE COMMERCE on concealment of a child and records ordered to the possession of JAMES ALLEN a fraud now a felony act under 18 USC 2071 rule.

In absence of government consent, an officer is obligated to act, and such commission a matter of record and duty as a father also superior such organization of the Laws of Men, as shall the notice be mandatory and its omission or dissent on grounds not made factual claims at law in any format an attack upon the nation and the People in their rights, and an effort to forfeit the "Individual estate" in part to the legal parties (STATE OF TEXAS, STATE OF OKLAHOMA, UNITED STATES) not granted franchise by virtue of a "Republican form of govenrment" in express regard.

Literacy is a factor int his dispute, and force majeure (superior force, law by sole possession of force to compel compliance) not admitted a legal standing for this obstruction of law; so themed a felony in criminal act "RECKLESS DISREGARD" per 18 USC 1589 rule, and "abandonment of office" by the same in false RECORD created as STATE OF TEXAS, STATE OF OKLAHOMA, and UNITED STATES - a treason against the franchise granted and act to dispel the established rights (II-1) and rule (586 U.S. ____ case 17-1091) not a basis at law to resist the authority made record in this writing and public notice.

Incompetence is no defense against the law, nor violence a resort of standing and forfeiture of such right where employed to deceive or defraud the People in a matter before the law, themed a crime, by any person or officer or legal agency of franchise, including UNITED STATES or its legislature as a political body.

The law makes no disparity between PHYSICAL and ELECTRONIC messages - nor by language between TCP packet data and English, that may afford 300,000 messages per day sent to violate 28 USC 1738A(e) rule; nor by any theory at law as to the ease or tools available at any cost or threshold a bar by which to discard or sort such use of a packet-switched data network for legitimate business use, whereby the actions of the parties paired with written explicit threats and false personation of a crime or incitement of public offense to breach a contract in INTERSTATE COMMERCE shall have standing;

Nor does any claim of privacy for a "sole proprietor" or "member or manager of a company" or "officer of any corporation or its employee speaking publicly in industrial capacity of performance of service" have any immunity to answer or contest; falsely themed by PETERSEN v ALLEN to be a form of "Stalking" in the notice of this abuse and facts concealed and fraudulently reported by BEAL, PETERSEN, SCARBROUGH, YOUNG and WOLF over 2001-2020. To the contrary, the duty of the public office of JAMES ALLEN is to make notice upon the public of the findings in such claims seeking equity in his estate, in any industry of his public registry, and to make such notice without duty of payment or sale or transfer then of equity or property a condition of those rights or threat upon his agent's freedom and protection at law themed by STATE OF TEXAS, STATE OF OKLAHOMA, and by false claims of employees of the UNITED STATES in spoliation of record in class D subsection III 23 O.S. 23-9.1 rule, so formally alleged in RECORD before the court, citing 45 CFR 302.56 rule and 303.6.

Non-compliance is the finding in determiantion of 45 CFR 302.0 and 303.0 in this matter, and $566 billion USD in fraud by UNITED STATES and its Member States evident on record of book, so shown, in PETERSEN v ALLEN claims and policies, with "serious injury" warranting forfeiture of the PATENT AND TAADEMARK REGISTRY to those persons injured, a broad immunity and central theme of the taking for concealment of children in the continental United States under color of law so prohibited by Title 22 chapter 78 section 7102 and 21 O.S. 21-748 rule, evident on record and abuse in consistent fraud not granted 18 USC 1981 rule or Oklahoma Constitution II-37 protection from "unlimited security or bond" created in TEXAS FAMILY CODE 157.008; made then $500.00 USD or one-month of unpaid support a "Final Judgment" per 157.261 statutory law so binding 42 USC 666(a)(9) rule sole award; a duty paid in full and law met, now falsely provided claim to embezzle from the industry and property of the People an act of UNITED STATES by its employees, in fraud themed qui tam offense, and duty of such injury ten percent (0.10) of the fraud in total ($586 billion) due to that estate (JAMES ARNOLD ALLEN) on report formally made to the FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION and letter in answer confessing destruction of report received in lawful registry, a felony (18 USC 2071) on face.

This matter is therefore a $58.6 billion fraud by UNITED STATES, and concealment to dispute this claim a felony paramount to open rebellion, insurrection, sedition, and overt treason in taking of hostages. A line item offense, in light of $23 Trillion USD in similar abuse; but noteworthy in context to resolution proposed a lawful right (SEVEN ALPHA, PRIVATE NETWORK AND ARBITRATION RULE - A PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATION AGAINST RACKETEERING AND ANTI-TRUST ACT VIOLATIONS) to establish relief and institutions for such relief in full use of the Oklahoma TRADE SECRET rule, separation from such estate a lawful right in property, and citation of personal property claims a formal act of criminal taking not afforded the civil courts or law.

The claims of such fraud are - in essence - an effort to pry open that private freehold door and seize its contents against the Laws of the United States, "sedition" in short, and criminal act of secular taking for the "progressive" movement - which characterizes any resistance to populist demands "illness" in false practice of medicine similar to the same tactics used by German national socialists in 1930-1944; and by Russian socialists in 1940-1999. Styling any claim of protection or rights not themed a public belief to be contrary "common law", a word used to represent customs of a region, which are prohibited in by the Supreme Law made by agreement prior a Constitutional Law so affirmed 586 U.S. ____ case 17-1091 rule.

As a bachelors of science (B.S., 1999) in clinical psychology focus, JAMES ALLEN holds the civil honors and rights to comment in academic context on the medical malpractice evident in PETERSEN v ALLEN and reltated public policy; and in reliance upon his 35 year established emergency medicine and pediatric practice of his family - who are victims also of this fraud - to comment on the criminal misuse of medical license and claims in PETERSEN v ALLEN as a party named; pursuant to "Malone v Malone" (1979) and "Kelly v Kelly" (2007) before the Oklahoma Supreme Court in like issue; citing the circulation of claims without a record to incite the public and incite violence against a person during taking of real property and family members, paired with perjury in a court of record and perjury to disclaim all testimony in an administrative court of PONTOTOC COUNTY, STATE OF OKALHOMA before Judge Kilgore by DONALD BEAL, in sustained abuse of this nature to conceal a child; afford substantial duty so described in 22 USC Chapter 78 Federal Law not made the performance of Languille Hoppe an other officers; to include admission of testimony of witnesses and in false entry of books which constitute a genuine act of embezzlement and sale of rights in equity and false bond to defraud the TITLE IV GRANT program of the UNITED STATES in 18 USC 666 violation.

Therefore, if you wish to avoid witness intimidation charges or welfare fraud, cease your disent against the testimony of JAMES ALLEN on any grounds not afforded physical evidence of fact not required in 45 CFR and terms set forth therein per section 302.56 rule; whereby such claims are aid and accessory after the fact to a felony in human trafficking and debt bondage not protected by State or Federal franchise.

Regard you now, the prior metric of 10s of thousands of messages and harassment, claims, and nature of such acts in sexual assault upon witnesses; and be aware such threats to provoke a violence first-response to any provocation are in design to entrap you into injury or public exposure for slight offense otherwise not due a full and formal response; and by any act or offense as if toward an officer of law enforcement or other public office you are solely at fault for doing so or raising such objection in duty of law, not afforded any parody or jest or "joke" under the OKLAHOMA ANTI TERRORISM ACT; in a missing person case themed criminal injury to a child and embezzlement of Federal funds in excess of $1.5 billion USD per year by STATE OF OKALHOMA during 2001-2020.

Persons who are falsely portraying themselves as "Stalking victims" of JAMES ALLEN are in fact OUTLAWS seeking to evade and incite retaliation against an OFFICER OF THE UNITED STATES duly pursuing property taken out of State of Oklahoma for concealment in State of Texas, and funds in exces of $500 billion USD in misappropriation of public monies on such cause a custom of those States in knowing fraud set forth a crime by the STATE OF TEXAS legislature contrary 45 CFR in Texas Family Code section 157.008 rule.

Persons alleging victimization are OFFICERS or professional employees in "Director" positions themed there liable for the acts of their office, so set forth in State Law 21 O.S 21-1641 "Directors presumed to have knowledge", and actions in this matter a criminal matter of kidnapping to extort a competitor in the same "Standard Industry Code" (SIC), for which all parties alleged competence and training and standing prior to their acts under oath and before the public to testify in false statements concealing a child from the legal possession of his parent.

§21-1640. Violation of duty by officer of corporation.
Any director of any moneyed corporation who willfully does any act, as such director, which is expressly forbidden by law, or willfully omits to perform any duty expressly imposed upon him as such director, by law, the punishment for which act or omission is not otherwise prescribed by this article, or by some of the acts which it specifies as continuing in force, is guilty of a misdemeanor.
R.L.1910, § 2730.

§21-1641. Director presumed to have knowledge.
Any director of a corporation or joint stock association is deemed to possess such a knowledge of the affairs of his corporation, as to enable him to determine whether any act, proceeding or omission of its directors, is a violation of this article.
R.L.1910, § 2731.

There is therefore no defense against such act or rule; and the claim of stalking or "doxxing" or other defense in possession and concealment of hostages a fraud which the public must not enter lest they become accessory and equally waive their right-to-privacy in all capacity by operation of law in doing any-act in regard to this subject or concealing any-fact related its resolution. Documents obtained from LOSTSERVER.NET show "JARED MAUCH", "DORIAN KIM", and others as DIRECTOR in title, and so subject this rule - and further in claims of commercial capacity in ARREST REPORT of DONALD BEAL for conviction of substance abuse, is the claim of income themed $60/hr before Judge Kilgore proven to be a fraud, with wages there reported $15 USD in swearing for fines and support, a part of ongoing impersonation of the bona fide wage of $75/hr and prior $60/hr paid to JAMES ALLEN, whom the parties have sought to impersonate in professional capacity and to defraud of contract.

Reliance upon the private for-profit corporation ICANN and not-for-profit IETF as if legal bodies at law and able to set law governing the FCC regulated computer equipment used by RACCOOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED to disclaim its use or fitness of purpose in TRADE SECRET work, supporting JUNIPER NETWORKS and NTT AMERICA, in competition with the client NORTEL NETWORKS of such technology developers; sustains a constistent industrial sabotage and espionage activity themed racketeering interstate commercial organizations (RICO) behavior, an illegal union in organization and activity, and foreign influenced commercial enterprise acting illegally in the United States against domestic competitors, in violation of "RIGHT TO REPAIR" and "RIGHT TO MODIFY" rule set by the Federal Communications Commission for all analog and digital transceiver equipment in the prior telephony era and governing personal microcomputers and other industrial computing and network technology hardware.

This form of INTERFRENCE IN INTERSTATE COMMERCE is a criminal activity, aided by influence over STATE REGENTS FOR HIGHER EDUCATION programs by purchase and bribery of employees to promote "no copyright for unregistered works" and similar organized intellectual property fraud under color of law.

Copyright is a protection afforded all intangible works "not derived from other privately owned properties", and appies to works in development and published works, as well as first-use as law and obligates due diligence which is being disclaimed in this fraud as an overall theme to violate the Sherman Anti-Trust Act.

Patent registration does not protect a work from prior discovery or use, as is evident in the TRADE SECRET statutory law of the State of Oklahoma, and is necessary where substantial advantage or dual-use of technology is a threat affording forfeiture or industrial espionage contrary protection of jurisdiction or reach of law. Such case include nuclear weapons, fusion devices, genetic engineering, and technology themed to have a substantial impact on competitive advantage as to warrant the theft and infringement under national charter by parties such as "The Nation of Iceland" or "People's Republic of Chiina", who view such damages as one might view "child support" - styling them as a partial earnings royalty at most for wilfull infringement upon the right of franchise by national sponsors.

For this cause, TRADE SECRETS and private personal property, copyright, and academic providence of work are still relative contrary the registries of PATENT AND TRADEMARK worldwide, and such registries no barrier to malicious or purposeful infringement, as cases against FORTNITE developer and prior engineer for "PLAYER UNKNOWN: BATTLE GROUDS" (PUBG) demonstrate are clear "embezzlement of content during otherwise trusted relationships due to economic advantage and markets beyond the scope of national courts and speed of the judicial process to grant equitable relief.

PETERSEN v ALLEN is such case, and fraud far in excess of the prior $5 million USD per month dispute by those firms, themed a license of rights and discoveries relevant to advanced visualization and network application software fabric, for which kidnapping to extort and blackmail are viable tactics in foreign industrial espionage and sabotage; and such failure of the juris to afford relief a premeditated scheme or plan in fraud to kidnap, conceal, and extort the civil honors of a competitor in principle and by a union of officers not entitled to the claims and powers asserted and for foreign state-owned corporations (NTT GROUP) and investment groups (DIGITAL REALTY TRUST) aiding in evasion of UNITED STATES restrictions set by the FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION (FTC) against NTT AMERICA. To include use of a proxy 501(c)3 firm to front services and similar pairing of "reseller" and "vendor" company spin-off organizations to shield the infrastructure and real-estate monopoly of such foreign-influenced-organizations as HETZNER.DE buyout of INFOMART and sale to EQUINIX for $800 million USD.

Unless you are prepared to play at this level, and discuss strategic intimidation of UNITED STATES OFFICERS in vital industrial communication areas, you should refrain from making statements to JAMES ALLEN of a nature consistent with the concealment or justification of his child's abduction and unlawful abuse.

No cause or fault was found in the record or other claims made to the court for this taking and concealment, and such act was and remains a commercial and industrial crime of the BUSH, CLINTON, and OBAMA administrations of the UNITED STATES themed a WAR CRIME in formal criminal complaint against the UNITED STATES.

Abuse of network services a specific duty, area of expert practice, and global inter-jurisdictional scope made by the abductors in their flight to avoid prosecution have made necessary the use of this medium to serve PUBLIC NOTICE of the offense, citing 18 USC 2071 violations by UNITED STATES and STATE OF OKALHOMA, and such rights are affirmed and protected, having no legal ramifications whatsoever, nor cause to act in retaliation without becoming a criminal accessory after the fact to kidnapping for industrial espionage by any party presenting in this manner, in person or electronically.

Fatigue or incapacity to execute the office of any person is no defense against this matter, per 21 O.S. 21-748 rule (and 18 USC 1589 "RECKLESS DISREGARD" a duty of office also in criminal liability); and failure to render aid is a failure of office (21 O.S. 21-748.2). The extent to which this fraud has impacted the UNITED STATES and economy of the regions is expressly subject review, per filing Nov 2018 and 45 CFR 302.56 rule, in full and without statutory limitations (II-6 rule).

The age of majority of the child does not void these claims, and makes these acts more heinous in the persistent fraud to deceive the party as an adult in a kidnapping, themed a "fraud" in commerce and violation of Oklahoma Constitution Article II rule against primogeniture rights not granted standing in State of Oklahoma, themed a war crime in formal complaint and determination on behalf of the the People, for which the UNITED STATES and STATE OF OKALHOMA have no right to dispute or contest at record without proof not afforded the registry of the books under 45 CFR rule.

Fraud to abduct persons in aid of their subordination to a State is equally offensive as is the taking of any member of a family by a legal person to control another (22 USC section 7102); and inconsistent with the franchise of the UNITED STATES as an authority, vacating its claims in this matter over persons who have invoked their UNITED STATES CITIZEN rights (586 U.S. ____ case 17-1091) or those retained by the People (OKLAHOMA CONSTITUTION, ARTICLE I, II, and XXIII).

Per 76 O.S. 76-8, a parent is entitled to seek the return of their child, without any regard to the legal age of such child, a relationship the court is not authorized to obstruct at any time - as was done in PETERSEN v ALLEN on threat of false debt and false obligations not afforded 45 CFR or prior rule; a false bond or security (TFC 157.008), and subject liability solely upon STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKALHOMA (45 CFR, solel liability of the States per 42 USC 666(a)(9) rule).

As such, the claim 'legal child' and 'child by relationship' and also 'child of the estate at law' are all raised as definitive questions in the obfuscation of the 'biological child' in taking for concealment under a legal process or procedure to extort over 100% of earnings and unlawful debt in forfeiture of an estate not granted authority at law, the matter before PETERSEN v ALLEN, and such harassment in communication of thousands (or hundreds of thousands, or millions) of derogatory or disruptive messages by design a clear proof of criminal activity in human trafficking in PETERSEN v ALLEN sustained in 2001-2020.

A parent who prohibits a child from speaking with another parent is the abuser, where the court has no proof and no complaint of abuse which has been made available to the accused. The appearance of such claim to justify the conealment, represents a group of persons acting in child abuse after the fact, and accessory after the fact, to aggravate a criminal fraud identical to the false claims in ALEXIS PETERSEN cause, used to conceal the sister of the child MAGNUS VINCENT PETERSEN from her biological father, and a pattern of welfare fraud and child human trafficking which STATE OF TEXAS has knowingly suppressed for VERONICA PETERSEN and DONALD BEAL jointly. The father of ALEXIS PETERSEN was likewise accused of "rape" falsely and knowingly to incite the public to harm him, in the concealment and control over the child, which injured the child and community by this violence suppressing a sexual contact between persons at a workplace confessed to be a totally consentual act before JAMES ALLEN by VERONICA PETERSEN; and secondary fraud preceding the kidnapping of MAGNUS VINCENT PETERSEN.