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Consultation Rates:

Consultation costs far less than a full-time-employee (FTE) or part-time-employee (PTE), firstly by gross labor hours and secondly in the health care and tax burden of either W2 employee status.

As a Business to Business (B2B) agreement by registered real companies, your firm may obtain services and assistance with a high degree of professionalism that does not disclose your operational deficits and concerns or seek to compete with you directly.

The same is not true of entry-level labor and academic (PhD) candidates operating in the industry seeking full time placement and security without business framework and history of operations with very large enterprise clients, due to the nature of intellectual rights.

Rates reflect staging and legal service fees which may be required for contract draft or answer to legal questions, research, and products subject testing and evaluation tools. The difference between an opinion and a measure is the use of proper instruments to quantify the results and assess risk or performance versus adjustment costs.

Consulation is not a pass/fail or quantifiable ownership-of-client-process and does not afford underwriting of success or outcomes as implementation is outside the scope of work for guidance and evaluation reporting. Larger projects with liability underwriting are in excess of $150,000 USD per year, and available for qualified candidates with liquidity. Equity is not accepted as payment.


Prior Service Clients

  • Sykes Enterprises Inc.
  • Interactive Response Technologies
  • Toshiba America
  • PeoplePC
  • Nortel Networks
  • Best Buy USA
  • BankONE
  • T-Mobile Business Services
  • AT&T Business Services
  • Trio Brands
  • Mach Speed Technologies LLC
  • Apollo Brands

Products Worked

  • Newtek LLC - Lightwave3D
  • Luxology LLC - Modo
  • Pixologic LLC - ZBrush
  • NextLimit LLC - Maxwell
  • Sony Media - Sound Forge
  • Adobe - Audition
  • PGI - Mechwarrior Online
  • Sony - Planetside 2
  • Tribe / Tribes Ascend
  • Planetary Annihilation