Search Engine Optimization

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There is no such thing as "SEO". Strictly speaking, Search Engines use proprietary routines and offer information to suggest potential ways to offload their product overhead to web developers and content creators. These techniques do not offer a higher placement, and paying for SEO generally is a waste of money in any contested area of search engine ranking. Advertising and placed advertising at the industry standard agency fee of 12.5 percent of media buy will be far more successful than SEO in 90% of expenditures. A combination of good website design practices can be obtained from SEO tools, but do not correlate to success against content or brand awareness strategies and consumer engagement.

SDP Multimedia Group will therefore act as a buyer and account manager for media services and advertising, but makes no performance or ROI guarantees. These demands will be treated as fraudulent securities offerings on solicitation, and rejected as well as disclaimed in contract, citing realistic expectations in a market where media buys exceed two-million Dollars in capital expenditure for segment leaders.

Our rate is based on small capital plans, and will be as low as 5.9 percent for large purchases. Lesser fees or agreements may not be sound, and we strive for transparency in this contested sector of multimedia, including honest costs of content development.