Frequently Asked Questions: AM24 League

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Serious Games are online games for mature audiences, which may contain history and other facts and content not suitable for very young or sheltered audiences.

AM24 is the "American Media 24" audience, themed "American Dialectic" culture and fashion.

Normally all professional players in team are 24 chronological years of age or older. AM24 requires certain conduct and etiquette among members, a basic knowledge of rule of order, and statutory rule.

Persons under 24 years of age are welcome to practice, but are not permitted to compete in events for the AM24 league, which focuses on high-value rewards and prizes. Due to the high value of equipment and unequal field of play, persons with older machines are welcome to participate in the minor league, but must conduct themselves according to the ethics guidelines of the AM24 at all times. Junior league affords persons age 18+ to play together without minors present.

League Play is therefore:

  • AM24 League Professional (24+ members)
  • Junior League (18+ members)
  • Minor League (13+ w consent of parent)

Serious Games

Serious Games are games built and authorized by the AM24 League, which include permanent character death, loss of in-game goods and permanent injury, and other consequences not common in made-for-children game media of other markets.

Serious Games do not include sport games and first-person-shooter round "death celebration" games, like Fortnite, PUBG, and Battlefield. Games that do not have consequences are not a part of the Serious Game genre. Serious Games typically do not enjoy 'fairness doctrine' themed 'game balance' elements of common 'game theory', whereby player participation is granted equal weight and team dynamics as if an athletic competition.

Serious Games are built and designed to optimize many-against-one encounters, special weapons and tactics, and other theories of asymetric warfare and total war, which are not consistent with or appropriate for child-like audiences.

Serious Games are distinct from adult-content games, and do not feature nudity or graphic violence not consistent with simulation of warfighter conditions; nor other 'fan service' elements found in foreign and Texas-Japanese import media.

Serious Games are designed for cooperative signal warfare and tactical elements for advanced warfighting.

No product on AM24 or "serious game" is permitted to accept pay-to-play advantage or to trade content from account to account, prohibiting the ability to transfer, sell, or lease any in-game content to any user other than the authorized user. This is designed to de-monetize the game to entertainment and skill only, and precludes also any gambling or betting or other commercial interaction against players to include prizes or awards for contests or events without express written permission of the game developer senior executive and written approval of the AM24 board as an official action.

The element of eSports themed metric competition or betting or other quasi-skill-game is not a component of Serious Games culture.

Fees for membership, play, group affiliation, and other in-game services are not regulated among players, affording members to be compensated for time, skill, and other labor or intellectual works and products, which are specific and enjoined to their character account, as tools and licensed services on leased software similar to art or business application models.

No employer-employee or agent/contractor relationship exists with the AM24 league or the Seven Alpha Network or game developer/publisher by virtue of use or access to a software product themed "serious game" or supporting tools and services via portals. The developers do not peresume to own the time, labor, or work of users nor are the in-game content or tokens, accoutns, credits or other digital goods themed intangible property their property at law or in any theory of law, and remain solely the property of the respective developer and/or publisher for license, use, adapatation, or other legal application at law exclusive of the host network, Seven Alpha, or any other channel or medium of communication to access, use, or otherwise interact with the software and services therein.

These rules are designed to prevent gambling by underage minors, preclude official or commercial "contests" popular among underage audiences in marketing by commercial firms in Oklahoma or across Oklahoma borders, and bar all International parties from engaging in gambling or other forms of exploitation of youth or persons of majority age enjoying our products and services.

Because permanent death and loss of unique gains are frequent in Serious Games, an age limit of 24 years of chronological age is required for most proudcts. Players must be old enough to accept the nature of loss includes consequences not common in games for ages 13 and up.