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Please regard the terms of service and be good.

TeamSpeak is about recruiting large groups and managing them easily.
Permissions and Channels let you run voice channels like an office building.
Ensure your groups pay you for rooms to form sub-groups and new channels!

Teamspeak is a proven voice chat for first person games. Unlike Skype and Discord, nothing you say in Teamspeak is analyzed by the central business servers of the company. So your conversations remain private and anonymous. Files can be stored in TeamSpeak, and users can talk in real time without the really irritating facebook / newsgroup / meme aspects of other tools that allow for irritating abuse, censorship, and rigid mod behavior which angers most adult users in a real time community setting.

Have a conversation.

Don't make a 'wall' out of your community. Get personal. Talk to each other like adults!

I have been in community building for 25 years, and I know that chat forums fail because moderators feel the urge to guide every conversation to monetize it. This means any dissent or opinion other than the for-profit goal gets deleted on most community forums. Fascism anyone? Enjoy actual real-time communication again with TeamSpeak Voice.

Communication is about trust. Trust is about listening skills, not just posting. This is why social media walls and passive *friending* failed. Because that really isn't a community - it is just a website designed by a business to serve you content and give notices - not meet people. Try something human instead.

A clean non-Java Interface makes Teamspeak far more responsive than other products.

Security through mobile database instances across a large cloud with daily backups of your server channels.

How Does it Work?

Each Teamspeak Server is an instance, with a senior owner/operator, who can grant permissions to users over most abilities of the server. You can make rooms, assign people to groups, groups to room permissions, or set old style passwords on rooms if you prefer. Users can place files in rooms, which users in other rooms do not see, and you can talk with voice using encryption to protect your conversation in a room or send broadcast text messages or local text messages in the room context only.

You can be in multiple TeamSpeak Servers at one time, hearing all while talking in one. While the User rating is the maximum number of users online at one time per server, any number of users can register, and you can have your server size changed by talking to the provider without recreating the rooms and permissions. Servers are identified by their IP address, or by a TeamSpeak DNS name registered at the parent company.

A single server can have multiple IP addresses and alternate access if you want to add proxy gateways. Denial of Service abuse affects ALL voice systems, despite claims to the contrary, and TeamSpeak hosts have mitigation options that are effective if customers will follow instructions (do not keep giving out your new IP during an attack, or all IP gateways, publicly). High end mitigation can be costly, and some providers trade your privacy for this service, which is never good.

Server Admin/owner pays for the server. Clients do not. Client software is free. For the cost of a meal you can entertain your friends all year round with privacy and security. Groups over 32+ must buy a commercial license (see below). File storage of up to 10 GB/server. Terms and conditions apply.

Rates far cheaper than hosting a Linux VM

Monthly term Rate - fixed for 12-month term - cancel anytime

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