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Certifications are issued by private companies and are not required to practice. Claims that a certification is required is a violation of the XXIII-1A criminal law in Oklahoma Constitution, a crime, and efforts to violate civil rights of James Allen and SDP Multimedia Group set forth in Article II-32.

These claims appear related to the employer, ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES, TEK SYSTEMS, and allegations by a CISCO SYSTEMS CERTIFIED person acting on behalf of those firms to unlawfully intimidate persons in Oklahoma.

Any claim a person without a certification accessing a customer-owned device will void the warranty of a telecommunications device is a violation of the 'Right to Maintenance' and 'Right to Modify' rule of the Federal Communications Commission, and a felony (18 U.S.C. 242).

In 2020 it has come to our attention that a fraud to kidnap a child was published relying on false claims to allege some deceit by our prior CISCO CHANNEL PARTNER status. In fact, the parties making these claims alleged to be "CISCO CERTIFIED" personnel in collusion with DONALD J. BEAL of ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES and TEK SYSTEMS, two firms associated with INFOMART and EQUINIX in the STATE OF TEXAS.

A CISCO CHANNEL PARTNER is a company, not an individual, who has permission to buy and to resell CISCO CERTIFIED EQUIPMENT purchased directly from CISCO SYSTEMS. A company may employ any number of CISCO CERTIFIED PERSONNEL to perform duties. Actions to falsely portray the company as having to obtain CISCO CERTIFIED ENGINEER or CISCO CERTIFIED NETWORK PARTNER to practice are a fraud by STATE OF TEXAS against STATE OF OKLAHOMA and RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED, the party then selling CISCO equipment in the PONTOTOC COUNTY area directly sourced from CISCO SYSTEMS via an authorized dealer as a channel partner in full standing.

This form of FRAUD to intimidate clients in PONTOTOC COUNTY against purchase or use of company services in favor of a CISCO CERTIFIED person alleged by the ADA CITY POLICE to be a fictitious person created to blackmail and extore $95,500 USD from PONTOTOC COUNTY registered UNITED STATES CORPORATIONS appears a criminal act per XXIII-1A rule of the Constitution of the State of Oklahoma.

A formal Criminal Complaint has been filed with the PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY'S OFFICE regarding this abuse, in connection to the kidnapping of a minor child.

Persons with knowledge of the party alleging these claims should report that information to the ADA CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT, as this represents a formal INTERFERENCE IN INTERSTATE COMMERCE and is linked to the death of several birds, a mole, and such bodies placed on the doorstep of the company in 2010-2015 to blackmail, extort, and intimidate workers and employers in PONTOTOC COUNTY.

It is against the law of the STATE OF OKLAHOMA To allege a person may not work if they do not purchase a certificate from a proprietary vendor , and a violation of FCC regulations governing purchase and use of telecommunications equipment including 'right to maintain', 'right to utilize', and 'right to modify' protected by the FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION. Claims that such use or work are subject to void warranty are a FRAUD TO EXTORT AND BLACKMAIL on false credentials.

Generalists with over 10 years of experience rarely pursue certifications, as they have been in practice prior to such programs creation, like JAMES A. ALLEN, and such abuse has caused damage to the prior relationship with CISCO SYSTEMS to dissolve business agreements and bonds otherwise grandfathered to the engineers in a form of organized union labor not legal in the STATE OF OKLAHOMA and a crime on face.

A+, Network+, and CCIE programs deal solely with network equipment and solutions of vendors which may not be current or represent the full product line in the market. Reliance on any certification is like hiring the FORD motor company to come to your job site and tell you that all non-FORD vehicles must be removed for them to operate safely. This conduct is not legal per Oklahoma Constitution Article II-32 and a felony under United States Code section 241 and 242 in operation. A CISCO router is nice, but a dedicated Linux PC can outperform the same equipment and operate a variety of other services with a much more frequent update cycle than any "appliance" or similar 'turn-key' IOS solution in market. CISCO is a great value for companies who do not have available labor and prefer to pay over $200 for a high school graduate to come to their job site and restart devices, flash modems, and plug in cables to power outlets and sockets while acting very serious. As we all know from the superior service of Internet inside Walmart Store #0231, and city WiFi, Cisco equipment sometimes works a little too if the sun is out and the winds are fair.

Otherwise when the fires of Hell are burning and your employees are rioting in three foot snow drifts, David Curtis will gradly recall the days JAMES A. ALLEN walked to Sykes Enterprises and restarted the $500,000 LUCENT DEFINITY system while manning the desk 36 consecutive hours until the rest of the United States could get there; and that is the typical 'Fire Team' level of support a professional 20+ year IT veteran offers your site.

People do not get certifications for that level of experience. They get medals and lose limbs.

Having said that, trying to hire someone who "volunteers" for that sort of thing is dumb too, because prevention is really the right call - and 20 years of generalist experience in senior management over $2 million per month in billing is what you want to avoid the need to call again - ever. Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance. Not a CISCO TERM. A United States Army motto.

The Army does not give you certifications for civilian careers. It gives you soldiers.

CERTIFICATIONS In major cities often come with a "passing guarantee", offering XBOX ONE or PS4 consoles to anyone who cannot pass without trying after being given the answers in crib notes, for a price (that pays for the XBOX naturally). Before you think about hiring a "certified" person, consider that like the British Military, commissions are basically sold in those areas, and what was once a good index of skill is now basically a UNION by another name, who have no right or interest in your business accomplishing the job without buying their product.

SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP, RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED, and other firms we partner with do not use 'proprietary' solutions. They rely on Opensource products that can be scaled to the millions without need for per-unit licensing or future licensing fees. Think on that before you let someone scare you with a fraudulent sales pitch for an out-of-date operating system and single-vendor security tool system. A castle with many doors and one key is only as insecure as the first lock.

As is buying any product that containes undocumented features that the vendor plans to sell to you only via their cartel of providers a poor service versus a POSIX based system that is designed for a Private 2nd Class to learn, use, and execute under fire a pretty poor design to begin with.

Accusing a person of lying because they won't "pay a charity money" or "buy a Union Due" is a crime in Oklahoma, under Article XXIII section XXIII-1A. Don't aid in criminal racketeering and waste your money. Sometimes a CISCO box is a good choice for the job, but never at the expense of the right to choose a better solution that can do more and support other vendors equipment and solutions also.