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Sometimes someone says something so stupid, you simply don't reply - because it is literally a confession of mental illness on face to anyone with minimal business skills and experiecne. However, because the public is denied these skills in the public schools to loose this foolish criminal beahvior on PONTOTOC COUNTY, then the question is obligated an answer:


1. If the business IS REGISTERED then it is legally real, if it is ACTIVE at that time in the REGISTER.

A Real company is a registered company, found in the Oklahoma Secretary of State Registry, and its name therein a protected trademark which may not be used without legal cause in a specific notice per II-3 and II-22 rule by another commercial entity.

A FAKE company is a company not found in the registry which is not using the legal name of the proprietor in the public name, known as a dba (doing business as) name. Any lawful 'trade name' not the owner's name MUST be registered in the State registry if any employee works in the State of Oklahoma, or appears on-site to perform work.

The REGISTER is not the "Better Business Bureau" nor the "ADA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE", and such groups are 'private businesses' organized under specific charters having no rights or privileges not afforded to any other business. Trade Organizations like those are not proof of a business. Absence from such organization as cause to deny right to work is a crime in Oklahoma (Oklahoma Constitution Article XXII section XXIII-1A).

Those private groups members have no SPECIAL PRIVILEGE to assault, abuse, or defame a duly registered "REAL BUSINESS" nor force them to join on condition of threat or for membership dues or any Certification not a State license.

JAMES ARNOLD ALLEN can tell you in about 60 seconds if a business is REAL or FAKE.

This may be why the parties want to silence and discredit JAMES ARNOLD ALLEN so badly in Pontotoc County, as he is a witness to over $476 billion USD in Title IV fraud now a major concern before the UNITED STATES regarding child kidnapping and human trafficking.

2. Claims that a business is a fraud because it does not admit the PUBLIC to its place of manufacture, work, or research, is dumb. And it is illegal, themed extortion, to make any claim to that effect in an effort to force disclosure or claim facts about the contents or practices of the business in that place, themed LARCENY OF TRADE SECRETS, even in false report to defame, damage, or sabotage the business.

3. Efforts to use such claims in public to force disclosure or to identify employees or times of work or officers are felony stalking, 18 U.S.C. 2261A, and a crime in XXIII-1A rule of the Constitution of the State of Oklahoma. Anyone employing a person engaging in that conduct either as W2, 1099m, partner, et al - is accessory to the crime. Be aware.

4. Persons making claims to this effect are Usually Criminals seeking to play a confidence game against your business, to obtain entry, and to discover any relationships with the targeted person or business; and should be REPORTED TO POLICE when such actions are in context to the taking, concealment, or abuse of a minor child ordered to the possession of a person named in their claims and threats, frauds, and commercial arguments to deny work.

5. Many "fake businesses" are now operating in STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA, generally known as "unregistered businesses" because they lack standing as a real 'legal person' and are an alias of another real 'legal person' to defraud; or in an effort to impersonate 'legal persons' such as "SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C." (reg. "SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP"), "RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED", "DEEP LAYER INC.", or other persons in their public office such as "JAMES ARNOLD ALLEN".

6. Such groups may represent themselves as "Charities" or other socialist organizations or even formal "corporations" or "Co/Inc." groups, and this is illegal in Oklahoma and the United States without such ACTIVE and domestic STATE OF OKLAHOMA registration. Such enttites may not use any name as a "doing business as" (dba) where their own LEGAL NAME is not part of the title, such as "TIMMIES TOYS" or "JANES JUNK". Calling one's self "JediOKC" or other well known trademark or version of a "REGISTERED NAME OR PROPERTY" is a crime, where such name is not REGISTRED.

7. A legal person, such as "SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP", is not a "dba", as it has been registered with the STATE OF OKLAHOMA and as such is licensed to do business on commission of the STATE OF OKLAHOMA in the region. A company from OUTSIDE THE STATE OF OKLAHOMA who have employees or perform work inside the STATE OF OKLAHOMA may not represent themselves as a business and are in the State illegally performing work, especially where they refuse to give their ADDRESS OF LEGAL SERVICE where they are formally registered in FOREIGN AGENCY in another State.

8. A corporation, incorporated in the UNITED STATES jurisdiction, is a Federal Union licensed domestically registered and based entity of the UNITED STATES, and its "agent of record" is a commissioned officer thereof, on behalf of the UNITED STATES in the State or Territory. An attack upon a UNITED STATES agent commissioned in commerce is a crime against the UNITED STATES, and a Federal Matter relating to INTERFERENCE IN INTERSTATE COMMERCE (18 U.S.C. 1951) and a felony.

9. The Chief Officer of a corporation of the UNITED STATES of record, and other Directors, are themselves also commissioned officers of the UNITED STATES in that capacity, and the term "Chief Executive Officer" reserved solely for that person who is the senior executive officer of the company so defined in the bylaws, and a title of Office which a State 'company' or other 'partnership' may not hold at law. Efforts to confuse the public to this are a criminal fraud in INTERFERECE IN INTERSTATE COMMERCE and a Felony in the UNITED STATES CODE.

10. Officers of Record are recorded in the books of the corporation, and such books of a PRIVATELY HELD corporation not open to the public on demand. Only a court or other person so entitled to the right to access the books may do so, and effort to compel their entry to a public record or before an interested party through false legal action is "barratry" 21 O.S. 21-550, a crime (21 O.S. 21-551) in the State of Oklahoma, and a Felony where other demands or claims are made in context regardless of any civil debt (15 U.S.C. 1692d, 1692g, 1692n).

Any fraud to force payment of a debt on claims contrary these matters void a civil debt in full. A civil debt voided does not void the parties from execution or liability for the delivery of a collateral in the contract to the equity owner, only from payment by the equity owner to satisfy such criminal demands made public notice, as documented in our formal Criminal Complaint now before the District Attorney of PONTOTOC COUNTY.