How (not) to buy a Toaster

"Those computers sold by SDP Multimedia Group are frakkin expensive! Why?
I just want to buy an XBox for my kid. What do you take me for?"

Hopefully, we don't take you for anything. Our firm is a boutique Computer Manufacturer.

That means we build computers for select customs, using extremely high quality sourced parts direct from original equipment manufacturers and aftermarket specialty parts fabricators. The grade is prosumer or industrial and scientific computing use only. You can play games on them, but usually customers need them for broadcasting purposes.

Boutique means "small and sophisticated". People who are trying to allege we are a large firm or acting fraudulently to promote that capacity tend to be narcissistic sociopaths with boundary issues who are projecting damaged self-image on our firm in combination with other acts of criminal violence and competition activity themed Rackteering in Interstate Criminal Organizations. The same parties often allege fraud to discredit our testimony in criminal complaints against their person due to our security industry analyst roles and negative determinations by our review. You would probably hear the same sort of person say "a business is just a sheet of paper" to defraud the public into buying from them or letting them go while engaging in commercial espionage and sabotage activity, fraud, and extortion activity. Don't let them involve you in their frauds. Unlike them, we are registered and have never been convicted of any crimes or part of any bankruptcy activity as a business. In fact, we've had the same name for 28 years.

Our workstations are built for content creators - people who make a living using their computer.

We do not produce toasters, small disposable non-durable goods and appliances found in rural homes and power grids. In fact, we strongly recommend you buy a $1500 uninterruptable power supply before you purchase the kind of tools we sell.

This is because rural power and metropolitan power in the North American hemisphere is not reliable enough to plug a $5000 appliance into direct-to-wall. We know this, because we live and work in rural Oklahoma - and that sort of thing happens twice a day here.

Our goal is to communicate to you that while you could buy ten (10) XBOX ONE S console units for the price of one workstation we manufacture - our device will work for 10+ years.

Our machine will operate 10 years in office conditions with renewable maintenance services and support unlike anything outside of high-end automobile services and support.

It should, if you are a producer rather than a consumer, pay for itself in 12-18 months. If not, you should re-examine your purchase purpose and align your spending accordingly.

Office computers cost less than $1000 USD. Laptops $300 to $2000 USD. For professional gamers making video and creating content, communicating, and operating complex software that requires 8 or more cores minimum to function - our systems are built-for-class.

Professional computing is not taught in U.S. schools at this time, and their industry continues to operate on the principle of slide-rules and manual data entry from the prior Century, while other modern nations move into telepresence and live video services now a part of most PC systems. Unless the United States modernizes, it will not compete with nations like Russia, China, and Japan in the near-term future for workers.

Due to Harassment

Use of violence, emotional appeals, and complaints, mirror the 1930s European political environment, attacking developers and manufacturers who are not pro-socialist in this period. SDP Multmedia Group remains, due to its American Military roots, a very pro-individual business. As a result, we endure a lot of fraud and terrorist activity by sectarian violence enamoured by G.W.F. Hegel and his ideas on national institutional socialism (NIS).

If you are unfamiliar with this, a brief reading of "The Elements of the Philosophy of Right", which is what "Mein Kampf" and other radical terror doctrines in Liebensraum and Volksverhetzung crimes were based, should explain why we do not disclose our technology, methods, and engineers to elements like Antifa and radical white supremacy groups in the State of Texas and Arkansas. Abuse of our staff limit our regional support in both territories, due to organized violence by competitors holding anti-American views, progressive claims, and similiar hate speech.

Know Your Budget

If you want to buy a toaster, and that is your budget, it is the right choice. If you need a sword on the other hand for your quest and it is important, and where your budget affords the services of a master manufacturer - SDP Multimedia Group and Militech.ORG are the right choice for your new computer "battlestation".

We theme our machines using naval designations for this reason, to ensure you understand the class and purpose of each fit, role, and duty. Not every worker needs an anvil. Some just need a hammer and lighting. All of our systems ship with the best security software we have identified and a 1 year license, so you will never get a "trial" of anything out of the box. Other proprietary network and member benefits including buy-back offers, wholesale upgrades, major overhauls without fees, and advice pre-release on market technology - are part of your decision to join our client-base with ownerhsip of an AGS (Advanced Gaming System) or other production platform.

Entertainment is a Bonus

Entertainment value is a bonus, but image and video fidelity, frame rate, and use of the latest titles while their performance value is extremely high are part of our work. For examples of this difference in quality, look at least and most popular streamers on for examples of how different types of graphics processors perform and create different image quality from the same games.

Having a workstation instead of a toaster matters, when you have to be the best in class at what you do and make it look easy and flawless at 60 frames per second.

Beat the toasters - or buy what works for your needs. Either way, we understand. Do you?