Frequently Asked Questions: WARLOCK / ISOMER

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Customers familiar with "personal" computers commonly used in public schools and small businesses often mistake "Business" computers for equivalent products.

Business computers are microcomputers used for intensive business applications like software building, visual graphic design, video construction in high definition and 8K special effects, and similar projects - including content production in real-time of online eSports live broadcasting.

These applications require immense parallel computing capability which consumer products do not and cannot provide. Over ten cores, twenty threads, high speed data architecture, high quality audio subsystems, and optical audio I/O capability are just a few of the "prosumer" features combined to make a media workstation.

Camera equipment and other products cost over $10,000 USD per unit, as well as software ranging from $2,000 to $15,000 per seat (user), for these projects. Hardware is equally priced because it does not fit the definition of "consumer" goods and require high-end limited-run high-capacity memory modules of exceptional grade and quality to perform at that level efficiently - where time is literally money at $200 USD per hour or more.

Time savings translate to money savings or more itenerations increasing quality of product during development versus competitors systems. In this way, costs are recoupted by the business user in scale of industrial production labor and time, reducing intensive tasks that took days to hours or less. Automation is important, but these machines are not designed to be used as word processors or media end-points, similar to cell phones and other portable computers. Most systems are built in industrial cases for large storage and high capacity cooling, and kept in secure locations - secluded from the public and customers.

Due to the investment, dedicated power systems such as advanced power conditioning and high capacity battery systems to protect against unstable power are also very common in these solutions, with similar prices over $1000 per machine. If you are unfamiilar with this level of business computing, feel free to talk to a professional or contract your work via SDP or other media group.